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Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson. Epic Rap Battles of History - Season 5 -
Published: 11 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 11 months ago

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▼ CAST ▼
Frederick Douglass: JB Smoove

Thomas Jefferson: Nice Peter

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Betette

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin , Dante Cimadamore & Samantha Kellie

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Mastered by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:
Epistra Beats

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton and Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman & Ryan Moulton

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant:
Catherine Charpentier

Department Make Up Head:
Tara Lang Shah

Make Up:
Brittany White, Hanny Tjan & Angie Peek

Art Department:
Remington Brimmer

Kurt Schmidt

Andrew Kurchinski

Music Supervisor/Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Atoki Ileka & Edrei Hutson

Matthew Ciampa

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


'KillerKev716' 2 hours ago
Jeffy got smoked.
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Kerry Hamill vs Pol Pot
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
F2 rocket league vs F2 football
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Miniminter vs KSIOlajidebt
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Anne Frank vs the home alone version of Macaulay Culkin
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Abel Tasman vs Christopher Columbus
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Iron man vs Cyborg
'Exceltiaawesome' 4 hours ago
I know next to nothing about US historical figures. Could someone explain?
'Nabbenator12321' 4 hours ago
Jesus Christ vs Lord Krishna
Joey Benavente
'Joey Benavente' 10 hours ago
Can you do Harry Potter Vs Samuel Adams
WintryDuke 7
'WintryDuke 7' 13 hours ago
Billy Bishop vs Red Baron
Reptile 25991
'Reptile 25991' 18 hours ago
douglass won no doubt about it
antony gian
'antony gian' 23 hours ago
Frederick Douglass WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crippling depression is here
I'm watching this is in my tidy Walter whities who else
Colby Scipio
'Colby Scipio' 2 days ago
damn Douglas
Fabian De La Rosa
'Fabian De La Rosa' 2 days ago
Lord Zedd v General Zod?
Cam Cam
'Cam Cam' 2 days ago
j.r.r tolkien and j.k rowling please! :0 I know you would ignore this but please conceder this !!!
Tony Lotus
'Tony Lotus' 2 days ago
neo from matrix vs. anakin skywalker
chosen one vs. chosen one
Pėrfëčt Špåćē
Alexander Hamilton Vs Lin Manuel Miranda.
Logan Gomes
'Logan Gomes' 2 days ago
Hey Thomas! Your only president because
Burr don't make sense of crap!
At least when Hamilton was
saying everything,
you kept on keeping slaves
that got you beat JEFF!!!!
that was akward
'HaleyPotter102' 2 days ago
Fredrick won though I loved it when Thomas called him Pepe Me Pew
'Graup' 2 days ago
What makes this ERB epic is that it started off as one of those I didn't really like, even though I didn't exactly hate them either and then went up to probably one of my favourites.
nica quioyo
'nica quioyo' 2 days ago
jacksepticeye vs. pewdiepie
'Quetzal00358' 2 days ago
This battle was pretty much Jefferson apologizing for his actions and Douglass saying "Fuck you cuz you had slaves."
Zap Gun
'Zap Gun' 3 days ago
R2-D2 vs. Bastion.
Ben White
'Ben White' 3 days ago
terry bradshaw vs ben roethlisberger
Crystal Jones
'Crystal Jones' 3 days ago
Eliza Schuyler vs. Maria Reynolds.
David Flores
'David Flores' 3 days ago
Fredrick Douglass wins hashtag slave 💎
Matthew Hazelett
'Matthew Hazelett' 3 days ago
so fredrick douglass
Marilyn Granger-Weasley
Of course Frederick Douglass won of course
Andrew Ellis
'Andrew Ellis' 3 days ago
tom Sawyer vs Huck Finn
Phoenix Chastaine
'Phoenix Chastaine' 3 days ago
Fd won

Vladimir Trump vs Samantha bee
Ayang Hortelano
'Ayang Hortelano' 3 days ago
let's not get political cuz the beat is too dope k? love it.
You Know Who I Am
'You Know Who I Am' 3 days ago
I feel so torn as to who is a better Jefferson: NicePeter, or Daveed Diggs
Meghan Gloeckner
'Meghan Gloeckner' 4 days ago
you go
James Madison
'James Madison' 4 days ago
Philip Hamilton vs George Eacker
Jacob Pleggenkuhle
Damn! This battle is making people who see it think Jefferson was a bad person! Everyone was racist at the time and he only had more slaves because he could afford more but that doesn't make him a bad person! And for god's sake it was never proven if it was either him or his BROTHER who had sexual intercourse with a slave since they have similar DNA. Randolph Jefferson could've been the dad for all we know. Also America is one of the last countries to even have slaves and one of the first to abolish it so Douglass needs to find something relevant to himself to rap about.
marquis Lafayette
'marquis Lafayette' 4 days ago
please do Thomas Jefferson vs Hamilton
Stanoje Zlatanovic
Jefferson won, it takes a big man to win, but an even bigger man to admit defeat.
I think they had Jefferson back down because they where afraid of PC people calling them racist. I also see those people like in 'Andrew Jackson and Harriet Tubman on 20 dollar bill' thing. They don't look into the facts that Jackson is a massive figure in history and why the Indian removal happened, and they glorify Tubman not because of what she did, but because she's a black woman.
Antonio Cruz
'Antonio Cruz' 4 days ago
Thomas won
Ronak Mehta
'Ronak Mehta' 4 days ago
For those of you who don't know Fredrick Douglass

Frederick Douglass (originally named Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey) was born around 1818; he didn't know his date of birth so he chose to celebrate his birthday on February 14 as records of African Americans were not kept at the time (Fredrick Douglass Heritage). He was born on Holmes Hill in Talbot County, Maryland; his mother, Harriet Bailey was a slave and Frederick’s father was presumably a white man who was believed to be their master. After Harriet died in 1825 when he was 7 or 8, he was sent to live with his elderly grandmother Betty Bailey which also hosted 12 other kids which were his brothers, sisters, and cousins. A year later he was separated from his grandmother now becoming a servant to Hugh Auld. Hugh Auld’s wife Sophia started teaching Frederick the alphabet ignoring the law, but Auld came in and believed slaves should not be educated so he stopped the teachings Frederick though, learned it from his white friends( Fredrick Douglass Heritage). His grasp and hatred on slavery growed with reading, he sought any literature he could find and stated reading. He was soon put to a “slave breaker” named Edward Convey who broke Frederick mentally and physically with abuse and torture but over a fight with Edward, Fredrick won and Edward didn’t touch him for six months in which Frederick triumphed and felt accomplished( Britannica School). In 1835 Frederick and his four friends planned to go north to escape slavery. They were caught and arrested where he was freed by Hugh Auld, but Auld sent him to caulk ships in Baltimore. In 1838 Frederick plotted to escape again, He got a free pass from a black sailor who was his friend. On Monday September 3rd, 1838 was when he escaped, he was on a train carrying seamen, and passed inspection from his free papers and got to New York in a matter of 24 hours. He reunited with Ana Murray who helped him escape with a sailor uniform and some money. Frederick after his safe arrival, married her on September 15, 1838 as he was in love with her ( Biography). And they changed their married name to Douglass to avoid being recaptured in slavery. Frederick read the Liberator an antislavery newspaper, attended antislavery meetings, and held his own antislavery convention in 1843, where he gave a speech about life as a slave that started his career as a abolitionist. He worked for the Massachusetts Antislavery Society, gaining subscribers for the Liberator with his speeches; he also made his own newspaper called the North Star. He wrote 3 separate versions of his biography which dispelled any disagreements with his past. He did not stop being an abolitionist for slavery until Lincoln Emancipation proclamation declared slaves free. After that, his goal was women’s rights, and all African Americans to be equal. He went to Liverpool, Ireland, and Great Britain to escape capture of his former slaves. English Quakers funded Fredrick enough money to go to America a legally free man. He convinced Lincoln to use black troops in the army and for them to get equal pay. From 1871 to 1891 he held many offices, and he defended the 15th amendment to give blacks the right to vote; and he has also supported women’s rights which he attended many conventions for. When Ana Murray died in 1882, with five children to take care of, he remarried to Helen Pitts. Frederick sadly died on February 20, 1895 of an unexpected heart attack(Fredrick Douglass Heritage).
Bibliography   "Biography – Early Life.”  "Life in the Plantation. "From Slavery to Freedom." "Frederick Douglass, A Free Man." "Abolitionists Activities." "Later Years and Death." Frederick Douglass Heritage The Official Website, WordPress and The Clear Line Theme, Accessed 1 Feb. 2017 . 
"Frederick Douglass." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 19 Sep. 2016. Accessed 2 Feb. 2017. Editors."Frederick Douglass." A&E Networks Television, 01 Feb. 2016. Web. 02 Feb. 2017. <> Accessed 2 Feb. 2017 . Staff."Fredrick Douglass." A+E Networks, 2009. Accessed 28 Jan. 2017 .
Andrew Orum
'Andrew Orum' 4 days ago
Can someone please explain the asterisk line to me?
James Sparrow
'James Sparrow' 4 days ago
Lee Harvey Oswald vs John Wilkes Booth
Bryan McHugh
'Bryan McHugh' 5 days ago
COKE VS PEPSI!!! Make it happen!
Bryan McHugh
'Bryan McHugh' 5 days ago
the man playing Douglas nailed it to the wall...awesome
Astro The Sinner
'Astro The Sinner' 5 days ago
Alexander Hamilton vs Andrew Jackson
'Blood' 5 days ago
Thomas won for me. At least he actually mixed up his raps. Frederick basically reference slavery in every line and that's what killed it for me. His only one-up on Jefferson is his participation in a practice that Jefferson himself opposed. Weak base, so Jefferson took it IMO.
news from Laknaj
'news from Laknaj' 5 days ago
freckling his awesome broooo
'WhiteFang5285' 5 days ago
I think Jefferson won the rap battle.  Douglass had weak lyrics: "I can kick your ass for free".  "check my photos" And talking like a stereotypical black man of our century.  "You finished" "No we we ain't cool" "Fuck" "Just sayin" In fact, he was a great writer, a great orator.  Read his books!  Make better lyrics next time!
'HAM4HAM 4HAM' 5 days ago
Alexander Hamilton Vs Lin-Manuel Miranda
gummiisawesome XD
'gummiisawesome XD' 5 days ago
Douglass definitely won that xD
Joshua Ng
'Joshua Ng' 5 days ago
I use these lines to start school essays
Javier Ponce
'Javier Ponce' 5 days ago
Frederick Douglass rap was meh, good better but words and accomplishments were lame. Cop out "you owned slaves" all that he kept saying over and over.
Cally May
'Cally May' 5 days ago
John brown vs malcolm x
James Erickson
'James Erickson' 6 days ago
"Founding absentee Father" is the best mother fucking line EVER!
Jaytoons Gaming
'Jaytoons Gaming' 6 days ago
Lon C
'Lon C' 6 days ago
Harriet tubmen VS Rosa parks
Dspamula Alkamedes
Thomas Jefferson*
Shortia Callahan
'Shortia Callahan' 6 days ago
Hamilton and Burr
Adam Malyshev
'Adam Malyshev' 6 days ago
Fredrick Douglas
Missle tow Dive Clops
Fred dough last won
kristopher bailey
'kristopher bailey' 6 days ago
can ya'll do lee harvy oswald vs john wilks booth?
'DREAMY MEEMEE' 6 days ago
Thomas:!I'm important
Fredrick: You're racist
Thomas: I'm sorry
Fredrick: You're racist
Daniel Kerner
'Daniel Kerner' 6 days ago
Carlo slim vs Trump
'Tnecniw' 6 days ago
Kiiiinda one sided.
Joshua Barnhill
'Joshua Barnhill' 6 days ago
they really need to look up history before they do some of these. Thomas Jefferson own a plantation yes but his workers were all freemen and women they even have documentation proving that among his peers Jefferson and Washington were coincided strange because they freed their slaves and kept a lot of them on as paid workers on the plantations they owned but today when someone says plantation they automatically think slavery even though only 60% of the farms and plantations at the time owned slaves of any kind and there are documents to prove that
Ad Fortem
'Ad Fortem' 6 days ago
eminem vs m&ms
'Ivi's Cool Vids' 7 days ago
Fredrick Douglas
Pandarama Slocombe
Freddy d won by far
Tyler Anderson
'Tyler Anderson' 7 days ago
Robert E Lee Vs Ulysses S. Grant
Adam Bodford
'Adam Bodford' 7 days ago
I swear I'm going to get a tattoo of Thomas Jefferson watering an apple tree with an AR-15 just to make some liberals cry. If it weren't for the work of Jefferson, nothing Douglas ever did would have amounted to shit and the black community would have never gained their freedom. But nothing is ever good enough right? Jefferson should have just magically freed all the slaves right, with his magical powers? ERB that's a Founding Father, and not just any Founding Father the one that wrote the Declaration of Independence himself. Oh and he did free Sally Heming's children and there is no real evidence they were his to begin with you dishonest and disrespectful assholes. I guess pandering to the SJW crowd sells though doesn't it? And it's much easier to make Jefferson out as a villain than it is to be honest about the morally ambiguous situations he faced huh? You worthless bunch of sellouts disgust me.
up down
'up down' 7 days ago
Taylor Swift vs Harry Styles. thank you
Osman U
'Osman U' 7 days ago
The beat doe
Char Rar
'Char Rar' 7 days ago
"didn't come back from Paris to battle Pepe le Pew" I'm deceased
Lucy Reade
'Lucy Reade' 1 week ago
Yesss rip that macaroni fucker to shreds. Hamilton will be laughing in his grave
Kawwaii Pug
'Kawwaii Pug' 1 week ago
Alexander Hamilton VS Aaron Burr
'kadiezebra' 1 week ago
Not sure if this is historically correct, but I read that Jefferson wanted to stop the slave trade to prevent American slaves from hearing the revolutionary ideals coming from Haiti which created the first successful slave revolt. He was supposedly super afraid that American slaves would fight back. Which if you think about it, would've been freaking awesome
Tre Kelly
'Tre Kelly' 1 week ago
Fredrick won by far
Brandon McKay
'Brandon McKay' 1 week ago
Alexander Hamilton VS Aaron Burr, Lin-Manuel Miranda's got bars but so do you guys
Kevin Rojas
'Kevin Rojas' 1 week ago
erb should do youtubers for one wolfieraps vs davidparody
The halo warrior
'The halo warrior' 1 week ago
Freddy D
Brennan Merone
'Brennan Merone' 1 week ago
I know I'm in the minority here, but Jefferson won.
Zé Carteiro
'Zé Carteiro' 1 week ago
Just put in 1.5 speed and be amazed!!
Rockking9717 The King Of Youtube Rock n Roll
We all remember that year when the whites enslaved the blacks due to racism eastward to the year when Jefferson got his ass chewed out by Douglas in a rap battle
'NekroSide' 1 week ago
fredrick douglass won
Russell Saenz
'Russell Saenz' 1 week ago
Sally was freed in Paris, and she was free when he died. She chose to return to America when T.J. became president so check your acts
Asa D
'Asa D' 1 week ago
Alexander Hamilton vs Aaron Burr
'LaurenHasProblems' 1 week ago
that's what Jefferson missed
Panda Hatter
'Panda Hatter' 1 week ago
Also Philip Hamilton against George eaker
Panda Hatter
'Panda Hatter' 1 week ago
I want to see Alexander Hamilton against anyone
Caleb Spickelmier
'Caleb Spickelmier' 1 week ago
It should have been Jefferson vs Hamilton... missed opportunity
'TJBond' 1 week ago
haha raciaim
Shannon & Angela Polmateer
you should do president Truman vs captain america or iron man
squid bear
'squid bear' 1 week ago
Jefferson had only one diss rap verse because he got served so hard!!!!
'SPICY RAINBOWS' 1 week ago
Jefferson: looking at the rolling hills can't believe that we are free!
me: tell that to your slaves.
Cole Thompson
'Cole Thompson' 1 week ago
lincon vs jfk
Tom Bomb
'Tom Bomb' 1 week ago
Hamilton vs burr
This is such a great teaching tool for these sugar gremlin kids these days.
Bryan Dunn
'Bryan Dunn' 1 week ago
Irish where the first slaves. So f*ck off!
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