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Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible - Epic Rap Battles of History Season 5 -
Published: 7 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 7 months ago

20, 137, 829 views

301, 370 Likes   9, 857 Dislikes

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▼ CAST ▼
Ivan the Terrible: Nice Peter

Frederick the Great: EpicLLOYD

Alexander the Great: Zach Sherwin
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Catherine the Great: Meghan Tonjes

Pompey the Great: Mike Betette

Catherine Backup Dancers: Illjaz Jusufi, Burim Jusufi

Special Thanks to Flipz Entertainment

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Betette

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso and Nice Peter

Mastered by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Music Supervisor:
Dante Cimadamore

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Javi Sánchez-Blanco

Catherine Palace Image By Aleks G (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Assistant Costume Designer:
Chad Evett

Costuming Assistant:
Catherine Charpentier

Department Make Up Head:
Ashlyn McIntyre

Make Up:
Brittany White, Hanny Tjan, Leanne Mucci, Jordana David

Art Department:
Remington Brimmer, Mike Dombeck

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Kurt Schmidt

Andrew Kurchinski

Dante Cimadamore

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Atoki Ileka & Edrei Hutson

Matthew Ciampa

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


potato_lover 123
'potato_lover 123' 1 hour ago
ivan won
Jane Molina
'Jane Molina' 3 hours ago
. . .
but isn't catherine german?
General Diaz
'General Diaz' 3 hours ago
Ivan won
'Enzo' 3 hours ago
2:57 Why is she holding 2 wooden penis ?
'Guma' 3 hours ago
These historic battles are the best ones
Desmond Bouvier
'Desmond Bouvier' 6 hours ago
Catherine should be in more ERBs
Omer Tafiloski
'Omer Tafiloski' 6 hours ago
oommmggg this princes is ugly as heeellll
Running Morishige
'Running Morishige' 7 hours ago
all glory to Hypno Toad.
Mario Poops
'Mario Poops' 7 hours ago
DX ShotgunMaster
'DX ShotgunMaster' 8 hours ago
Pompey vs. Catherine
'cottle777' 9 hours ago
Ivan because "try to serve Ivan, no survivin"
'Onionix' 10 hours ago
This is like an awesome history lesson.
nightmare shadow fredbear
ivan so terrible
Rick Quinlan
'Rick Quinlan' 12 hours ago
Catherine the great
Al DiPaola
'Al DiPaola' 12 hours ago
Not having using Cyrus the great was a waste
Reading Rachel
'Reading Rachel' 13 hours ago
Cat the great has a great voice
2 Idiots and A Communist
Fredrick was the best XD
Laura Hernández
'Laura Hernández' 14 hours ago
Sees old Fritz
Thinks of Prussia from Hetalia
'ScrtSolstice' 14 hours ago
Eff Yes, Meghan Tonjes.
Abigail Plizga
'Abigail Plizga' 16 hours ago
Princess Leia vs Princess Kate!!!
CindyLoo Whovian
'CindyLoo Whovian' 16 hours ago
Epic Lloyd, you cut a fine figure in 18th century style.
'xHAGASDAWOLFx' 16 hours ago
Katherine was famously remembered as being horrifyingly ugly which is why the story of her sleeping with a horse came about; it was the only thing anyone believe she could seduce.
'PortableWaffle' 16 hours ago
Wish there was a beat for some of the other Rap Battles too.. It would've been more appreciated by certain dreams..
Ungureanu Bogdan
'Ungureanu Bogdan' 16 hours ago
that saddle pun lol
'FLAEX KENDET' 18 hours ago
Chris Bacon
'Chris Bacon' 18 hours ago
Am I the only one that is giving Pompie the win
Stonersloth Hughes
'Stonersloth Hughes' 18 hours ago
cathrine actually met frick before she was cathrine
Gonçalo Fernandes #ConTV
Catherine the Great won.
Arno Brückner
'Arno Brückner' 19 hours ago
Frederick the great
'emeraldking' 19 hours ago
Alexzander won
Izaiah Sheedy
'Izaiah Sheedy' 19 hours ago
Alexander and da queen
Sid Venji
'Sid Venji' 1 day ago
Who did get chills by the Tsar Ivan the Terrible?
Frostghost 75_6
'Frostghost 75_6' 1 day ago
It's more like Ivan vs the Greats
'soSUBURBIA' 1 day ago
The Frederick part was great but that horse joke for Catherine....ooooh my god.
Pink Cutie
'Pink Cutie' 1 day ago
Fuck em both fuck monarchy but if i had a choice id say alexander the great
Elias Gibson
'Elias Gibson' 1 day ago
Best Bars: Alexander
Best Flow: Fredrick
Best disses: Catherine
Best Kill Streak: Ivan

Overall Winner: Pompey
dorjee l namgyal
'dorjee l namgyal' 1 day ago
ivan won. he killed 2 rappers
Thomas Kirk
'Thomas Kirk' 1 day ago
Bitch at the end wasn't attractive at all
Thomas Kirk
'Thomas Kirk' 1 day ago
Bitch at the end wasn't attractive at all
'Caller's Card' 1 day ago
Alexander Hamilton VS John Adams
Alexander the greats last word: Holes
Frederick the greats last word: Head
Pompey's last word: YEAH
Holes n heads n holes. YEAH.
There's a secret song in this!
М. Дөлгөөн
Mother Russia vs Uncle Sam
Malachi Blake
'Malachi Blake' 2 days ago
ho lee the qween definetle won like yah.
Eliza Perry
'Eliza Perry' 2 days ago
Random Studios
'Random Studios' 2 days ago
Rhett V.S. Link!
Bryn Kanar
'Bryn Kanar' 2 days ago
Merida (brave) vs Robin Hood
Dimitrije Kostic
'Dimitrije Kostic' 2 days ago
they made this fat pork bitch greater than Ivan...what a mistake...
Sock Munches
'Sock Munches' 2 days ago
Captain Kirk vs Captain America
Jacob Powell
'Jacob Powell' 2 days ago
Best ERB ever made, in my opinion this even tops Bill vs Steve
Leafeon Boo
'Leafeon Boo' 2 days ago
You guys are great 😊😊😊
'Tonka1987' 2 days ago
Alexander The Great Macedonian :)
Mikayla Stewart
'Mikayla Stewart' 2 days ago
Stalin vs Hitler
'Carodot' 2 days ago
0:22 Pewds all the way left :3
Stormy Fuller-Smith
pomeiy wins
A1den PlayinAr0und
I'm speechless. This is simply amazing. Of course I don't know much about history, but then I did my research on all of these guys (and woman). And I was like "OOoOooooooh damn" xD
Jayson chandler
'Jayson chandler' 2 days ago
I could listen to Zach Sherwin all day.
Joe Jacker
'Joe Jacker' 2 days ago
Pompeii won xD
Tylin Evans
'Tylin Evans' 2 days ago
the queen
'ShowToddSomeLove' 2 days ago
The real winner was Zachs thighs
Marcel Zachary
'Marcel Zachary' 2 days ago
What happened to Cyrus the Great the guy who saved the Jews from Babylon?
Niko Huynh
'Niko Huynh' 2 days ago
Donald Trump versus Darth Vader
saijeet dogra
'saijeet dogra' 2 days ago
i think Pompey won
Higher Dimension Film Studios
What were they going to do to that horse??
BlueNike87 hunter
'BlueNike87 hunter' 2 days ago
why is there a grandpa in this😕😕😕
Ian Gallagher
'Ian Gallagher' 3 days ago
Honestly Ivan was doing really good in his first verse
RandomGamer &Christian
Everyone was thinking of Hetalia, weren't you...

Come on, nothing to be ashamed of 😂
william sinclair
'william sinclair' 3 days ago
queen Victoria vs queen Elizabeth ii
'1000Pokemonlover' 3 days ago
Basically kathrine the great won
Jessica Carroll
'Jessica Carroll' 3 days ago
Cathy the Great won that, I'm afraid.
Russian Beaver
'Russian Beaver' 3 days ago
the instrummental is amazing!
'DarthJosua' 3 days ago
It was Alexander the Great's fault that monarchy took over most of the planet.
'cluTch0' 3 days ago
come on guys
Pompey clearly won, that was too easy
'J4kub07' 3 days ago
I learned more from this than in my history class.
Aadil Fadil
'Aadil Fadil' 3 days ago
Catherine killed it
lps girl
'lps girl' 3 days ago
I saw PEWDIEPIE on 0:24
'Ekonomix' 3 days ago
Damn, words just flow out of Zachs mouth. It sounds like verbal silk...
peter doerksen
'peter doerksen' 3 days ago
pompey won
BigMacWith Soda
'BigMacWith Soda' 3 days ago
the girl at the end kinda ruined it
'AquaticAntics' 3 days ago
My favourite battle.
LD Burryanya!
'LD Burryanya!' 3 days ago
Alexander won that 1 for sure! Could you do Harry Potter vs golem/smegle?
Eedie Baker-thompson
Ivan:there's no great who can defeat this Russian

Fredrick: pst. What about a flute busting Prussian

Best line ever! Rap battle over!!
Anton Kagounkin Magdalina
Cringe... ERB is not what it used to be.
'Fuyumi-ちゃん' 3 days ago
Ivan the Terrible
'IDS' 3 days ago
Lui XVI vs Napoleon Bonaparta
'The2012west' 3 days ago
I have to say, I always thought skinny was the only way to be hot, Meghan changed all that.
'Ekonomix' 3 days ago
2 things:
The first 2 verses are really fire.
2:58 you can't tell me she's not holding a wooden dick...
'TheMoonHowlers' 3 days ago
which is a better name for a lizard Zeus,Ares or Poseidon
Duncan Mackenzie
'Duncan Mackenzie' 3 days ago
Darouge One
'Darouge One' 3 days ago
all the tsars vs all the greats
Grant C.
'Grant C.' 3 days ago
we need Lorenzo the magnificent vs Suleiman the magnificent
ichigo anime
'ichigo anime' 3 days ago
Frederick the Great
iOwn Squidz
'iOwn Squidz' 3 days ago
Vlad the impaler vs Pol Pot
Jay U
'Jay U' 3 days ago
Pompey had the best verse
Juels Garcia
'Juels Garcia' 3 days ago
how would you classify the music by Catherine?
Jason Rodriguez
'Jason Rodriguez' 4 days ago
That's supposed to be Alexander the Great he looks weak ass hell I thought he was strong and shit lol
Jade Cook
'Jade Cook' 4 days ago
The Fine Bros should have showed this to Ice Cube and the other guy instead of those crappy ones
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