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Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible - Epic Rap Battles of History Season 5 -
Published: 8 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 8 months ago

21, 012, 676 views

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▼ CAST ▼
Ivan the Terrible: Nice Peter

Frederick the Great: EpicLLOYD

Alexander the Great: Zach Sherwin
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Catherine the Great: Meghan Tonjes

Pompey the Great: Mike Betette

Catherine Backup Dancers: Illjaz Jusufi, Burim Jusufi

Special Thanks to Flipz Entertainment

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Betette

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Betette, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter

Mixed by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso and Nice Peter

Mastered by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Music Supervisor:
Dante Cimadamore

Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend Productions

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Javi Sánchez-Blanco

Catherine Palace Image By Aleks G (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Assistant Costume Designer:
Chad Evett

Costuming Assistant:
Catherine Charpentier

Department Make Up Head:
Ashlyn McIntyre

Make Up:
Brittany White, Hanny Tjan, Leanne Mucci, Jordana David

Art Department:
Remington Brimmer, Mike Dombeck

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Kurt Schmidt

Andrew Kurchinski

Dante Cimadamore

Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Atoki Ileka & Edrei Hutson

Matthew Ciampa

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


'ANONYMOUSE' 54 minutes ago
pompey won!
alan yamamura
'alan yamamura' 1 hour ago
woah technology
The Rap Odyssey
'The Rap Odyssey' 1 hour ago
This is definitely my favorite one

Check out my music and let me know what you think! I'm new, local, and hopefully you think my music is fire AF!
Dark Console
'Dark Console' 4 hours ago
Pompey won
logan davis
'logan davis' 4 hours ago
Michael younes nakhle
Ivan won XD
William Blankenship
'William Blankenship' 4 hours ago
Oh also I got one bill Cosby vs bill clinton
William Blankenship
'William Blankenship' 4 hours ago
Oh also I got one bill Cosby vs bill clinton
Ng Marcus
'Ng Marcus' 5 hours ago
0:23 Pewdiepie on the far left
TransformerFan Bryan
ALTES FRITZ ALTES FRITZ ALTES FRITZ ALTES FRITZ ALTES FROTZ OLD FRITZ ALTES FRITZ ALTES FRITZ Ich bin Frederick der Große, aus dem Tor erster Diener des Staates! Schräge Angriffstaktik ist nicht gerade gerade! Ich habe kreative Talente und kämpfe gegen Bosheit. Hart wie Stahl auf dem Feld vornehm im Palast! Rußland hat sich aber nicht verwundert, warum mit deinen Tundras und Taigas und Bären. Oh mein! Ich würde einen Kerl bezahlen, um meine Augen zu reißen, wenn ich jeden Abend auf dein Troll Gesicht schauen musste! Nun bring mir meinen Stuhl! Ich bin müde, dich von hier zum roten Platz zu reißen. Kämpfte ein Siebenjähriger Krieg Ich habe keine Angst vor einem Zaren, weil du dich nur zwölf Takte mitgenommen hast!
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
George Washington vs. George Jefferson
Kevin Murry
'Kevin Murry' 10 hours ago
A lot going on in this one. Just look at how many views this video got.
Nepherion Draconian
'Nepherion Draconian' 14 hours ago
Catherine was a german
Koala Tea
'Koala Tea' 14 hours ago
Catherine the Great, she slayed Ivan. Especially since im partially Russian lolol.
Sabel Christensen
'Sabel Christensen' 16 hours ago
Catherine won big time.
Ian Holland
'Ian Holland' 17 hours ago
Otto von Bismarck vs Teddy Roosevelt
Gabriel Henrique
'Gabriel Henrique' 18 hours ago
Fridericus The Great Win!
'LINH CAO' 19 hours ago
What about Wilhelm the great??
Stefan Zlatkovic
'Stefan Zlatkovic' 20 hours ago
Alexander was great,Ivan was terrible tho
'PikachuGamer234' 21 hours ago
Catherine the great like if you agree
Thomas Lardinois
'Thomas Lardinois' 22 hours ago
Now who's voice is more epic? Catherine the Great or Stephen Hawking?
Tariq Cho
'Tariq Cho' 24 hours ago
why is ivans nails painted gold
Tsar Nicholas II
'Tsar Nicholas II' 1 day ago
Ivan looks so tired. I wonder how long his actor stayed awake to create that look...
Cernovschi Denis
'Cernovschi Denis' 1 day ago
chaterine are winer
will diamond
'will diamond' 1 day ago
Pompey definitely won in my books
'replayx0' 1 day ago
ez 1v5
Fxk 1905
'Fxk 1905' 1 day ago
Guy vergofstad vs kaczynski
'Tudeh' 1 day ago
Ivan won
Nikhil Krishnan
'Nikhil Krishnan' 1 day ago
Frederick the great won.
'DqrkExodus' 1 day ago
Isn't Alexander the Great the guy who acted as Batman in "Batman vs Sherlock Holmes"?
John Fragka
'John Fragka' 1 day ago
Alexander the Great/Catherine the Great Where my favorite.
'NathanLucas5' 1 day ago
Question: is Pompey ignored because he gave himself the title "the great" or just because he's not well known?
'Imperialism' 1 day ago
Benito Mussolini vs Francisco Franco
Supa Blank
'Supa Blank' 2 days ago
Meghan was amazing, bringing the Epic back you guys is
Poseidon D. Dreemurr
Lol When Catherine killed Pompey she was holding wooden penises XD
'TheRetreat' 2 days ago
I would have laughed if hitler stepped in
Will Allen
'Will Allen' 2 days ago
This is kinda like a Rasputin vs Stalin 2.183829389293018392839282
'DzonyDesperados' 2 days ago
2:56 dil*os?
'MaryChoppins' 2 days ago
0:23 pewds trying to stay up
Mr Smith
'Mr Smith' 2 days ago
do a rap battle between Britannia and the European union.
AX ᗰOTiᗝNᗪᗴSiǤᑎᔕ
Alexander The Great is Greek not macedonian..
Lindsey Julian
'Lindsey Julian' 2 days ago
It's another great dayyyy, and another great victoryyyyyy 😂
'Wrap01113' 2 days ago
Just a suggestion: Mary Pope Osborne (author of Magic Tree House) VS. Barbara Park (author of Junie B. Jones)

I just really wanna see these two battle, ok? Seeing authors of kid's chapter books will be exiting. Saying that they don't actually swear or act like the thing in the video in real life (if it ever comes out)
Catherine the great totally won!!!! It's takes a Russian to take down a Russian, and that's what she did.
Jani Nyman
'Jani Nyman' 2 days ago
Purple Sweaterz The Fangirl killer
Spit the best Bars: Alexander
Had the best Flow: Fredrick
Said the best disses: Catherine
Had the best killing streak: Ivan
Didn't do shit: Pompey

Overall Winner: Cathrine
Michael younes nakhle
Try to survive Ivan, No serviving. Ivan the terrible easily won that
'JascDark' 2 days ago
SOrry but I think the real great to take down Ivan would be Charlemagne.
enternal swaggie carrot
Fredrick won
Tyler Anderson
'Tyler Anderson' 2 days ago
alexander won you got vodka bars flavorless
shelby douglas
'shelby douglas' 2 days ago
Who won why question it  it was odviosley cathrine there is no dought

Amari King
'Amari King' 3 days ago
Flo from progressive vs Jake from state farm
NASA Ship 7
'NASA Ship 7' 3 days ago
Fredrick might have one of the best verses in ERB.
power gamer 31305
'power gamer 31305' 3 days ago
3:03 your not a Russian Catherine plus Catherine not your name
Person Unnamed
'Person Unnamed' 3 days ago
шо за хуйня? я из-за этой хуйни бабки проебал.
Popsicle 90
'Popsicle 90' 3 days ago
Hey Fred is my name
'NotTheBomb' 3 days ago
Cat ruined it. Went from a rap battle to a pop song 😷
Fr0liC 2.0
'Fr0liC 2.0' 3 days ago
Why am I only seeing this now?
Josiah Reynolds
'Josiah Reynolds' 3 days ago
I'd like to battle Catherine the Great in the sheets!!!
Ali DZ
'Ali DZ' 3 days ago
i think Catherine the great is the winner
uskrzydlony husarz
it's another great day and another great victory cause no great can beat me
Kik Stitch
'Kik Stitch' 3 days ago
Oliver Twist vs. Little Orphan Annie
'How2Nerd' 3 days ago
'zXDroNEXz' 3 days ago
You know what I find really cool and funny and after months of watching and listening to this battle is that at the end when Catherine does her "Checkmate" line with the pieces, they are placed in the fashion of how they should when you start a chess game, even the bishop on the far right of the screen. The rook, knight, and bishop are very useful pieces but I don't understand is that if she is playing white then she is losing by knocking down her king (Which, looking at Catherines long and white dress, how the pieces are arranged, it could be very possible she is playing white).
anastasia kara
'anastasia kara' 3 days ago
Alexander the great win
'Triggered' 3 days ago
1:49 what are the BG voices saying during Friedrick's intro?
Jan Hoppmann
'Jan Hoppmann' 3 days ago
"It takes a Russian to take down a Russian"? Catherine may have been Empress of Russia, but not, in fact, Russian herself.
'Linx' 3 days ago
learning this in social studies, hearing "phonecia" feels great
Dr. Goon
'Dr. Goon' 3 days ago
It's funny how when Ivan says "I'm the first Tsar of all of Russia"; Vladimir Putin walks out from behind him.
Creative  Otaku
'Creative Otaku' 3 days ago
Josef Mengele vs. Bill Nye..please?
bob cena
'bob cena' 3 days ago
I think that

Pompey won
See salmon idaho
'See salmon idaho' 3 days ago
HEil Ivan the terrible
'ITSDEADPOOL' 3 days ago
2:56 ha ha....dicks
amy mo
'amy mo' 4 days ago
Mongolia and russia
Samuel Knight
'Samuel Knight' 4 days ago
I must say, including Catherine was a good move. Though you shoulda made reference to the true name being "Katerina", instead of the Americanized Catherine.
'notablegoat' 4 days ago
This one had some fantastic wordplay and rhymes
Boba Fett 55
'Boba Fett 55' 4 days ago
Catherine won
David Mendoza
'David Mendoza' 4 days ago
Hershey VS. KitKat
Arctic Productions
i think Ivan overall had the best Rap, i learned his entire part and now it's stuck in my head, ty erb!
'F0rxaP1' 4 days ago
Pompey obviously one
Dallas Harvey
'Dallas Harvey' 4 days ago
i'm sorry is this pitch perfect 2 or erb?
The Butter Collector
Those break dancers were fucking ripped as fuck.
Caged Firey
'Caged Firey' 4 days ago
Pompey's death was a victory alone,

But in all seriousness Fredrick won. He really WAS right. Beating them did only take 12 bars
Chloé Paulin
'Chloé Paulin' 4 days ago
Peppa pig vs m'y Little pony
'KtheGAMER' 4 days ago
'niamaru2' 4 days ago
catherine gets on my nerve... sorry
William Hunt
'William Hunt' 4 days ago
Catherine the great won
Luna est un carlin même si son avatar est un poney
The morality is:
Russians are deceitful
Don't trust them
cobra 7
'cobra 7' 4 days ago
i like frederick the great^......^
'Dyloon' 4 days ago
why is pewdiepie in the back round 0:21....
'WeyTooBleu' 4 days ago
Catherine the Great, she definitely won.
Pikachu Coconut
'Pikachu Coconut' 4 days ago
0.23 The Rasputin vs. Stalin ERB makes an appearance!! Welcome back, PewDiePie!!
'Let 'Em Burn' 4 days ago
Does... does Zach not have arm pit hair?
Алексей Иванов
Catherine the Great win!
'CRÜDDY LÊÅÑ' 4 days ago
Ivan won
Reasons Sure
'Reasons Sure' 4 days ago
I learnt more in one episode than 12 days of history class
Ya boi Kyle
'Ya boi Kyle' 5 days ago
Doesn't Ivan win by default because he killed the most people in this video? I mean, by definition of "battle", he pretty much won because he eliminated the most opponents.
Unknown User
'Unknown User' 5 days ago
frederick easliy was the dopest of them all. seriously considering changing my alarm clock ringtone to his flute solo
'Reetae27' 5 days ago
King Henry VIII VS Richard Nixon
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