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Bonus Footage: Hobbit Office (Martin Freeman) -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

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Check out behind the scenes footage of Martin Freeman, Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Kyle Mooney and Kate McKinnon filming "Hobbit Office" during Season 40 of Saturday Night Live.

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Murasaki Shikibu
'Murasaki Shikibu' 1 month ago
At first I thought "surely that can't be a real fish...."
I like sashimi and all, but that's too much =/
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 3 months ago
Kate's so elfin hot
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 3 months ago
Taran should eat raw fish in every sketch.
'DrFaustus' 3 months ago
I have no idea wth I'm watching but I couldn't stop laughing !
Alexandria Scott-Warren
Damn did Kate look good as an elf.
Josh Hammond
'Josh Hammond' 4 months ago
Golum was really Taran up that fish.

You're welcome.
Mladen Gochev
'Mladen Gochev' 4 months ago
this is actualy sad
Kate Harlow
'Kate Harlow' 4 months ago
Kate looks and sounds amazing 😍😍 great sketch
Gotta Luv YouTube
'Gotta Luv YouTube' 7 months ago
Martin is so done XD
Crazy Kitteh Collecter
Would be lots more fun with Orlando Bloom. Has he ever been on SNL?
Svetlana Andrášová
'Svetlana Andrášová' 11 months ago
dildo baggins, loved this sketch :D
'bellanoella' 1 year ago
I love Martin sm
You Make Me Sad
'You Make Me Sad' 1 year ago
my sideburns XD
Goliath Stone
'Goliath Stone' 1 year ago
3:28 Listen for the camera man holding in a laugh lol. It's at the very end, sounds like just letting out air.
Adam Nair
'Adam Nair' 1 year ago
What's with the country restrictions @SNL? That's no fun.
jasmyne contours
'jasmyne contours' 1 year ago
hmmmm...snl is just not funny anymore....I'd rather watch Tosh.0 and that is sad
'PillCosby' 1 year ago
Don't think the progressive American audience got this, not realizing the UK Office was the precursor to NBC Office. Oh well.
'SWalkerTTU' 1 year ago
I wonder if the writers had considered having Bilbo Baggins serve as chronicler to the revived Smaug who decides on a new career as an observant and analytical private detective. (The joke: Smaug was played in the "Hobbit" films through motion capture by Benedict Cumberbatch.)
Cory Sapienza
'Cory Sapienza' 1 year ago
Martin Freeman has one of the best "pissed off" faces ever
stevens johansson
'stevens johansson' 1 year ago
snl fell off hard.
'MasterofPuberty' 1 year ago
I thought that might be a real fish, but the clapping and coffee confirmed it.
'firewordsparkler' 1 year ago
This was amazing
Hannah Tarley
'Hannah Tarley' 1 year ago
No words...Thank you Taran Killam.
Jennifer Ytriago
'Jennifer Ytriago' 1 year ago
this is supposed to be funny??? worst sketch ever
Alex Da Lyen
'Alex Da Lyen' 1 year ago
Just like the office
'CJSchecter96' 1 year ago
This was literally one of my favorite skits ever. nailed it.
'austinisthaman' 1 year ago
pls make this a real thing
Benedict Jones
'Benedict Jones' 1 year ago
I actually really loved this one! Although I bet it was super weird for Martin Freeman to film.
'complexit' 1 year ago
whoa kudos to him for convincing acting while eating a raw fish
Amanda alonzo
'Amanda alonzo' 1 year ago
Martin Freeman is's face!!! Lol, like: 😐
'mikecantreed' 1 year ago
This sketch was not funny. Just standard present day SNL formula of just mimicking the source material without adding anything original or comedic into the mix.
'mikecantreed' 1 year ago
This sketch was not funny. Standard modern day SNL format of just mimicking the source material without adding any original comedy to the formula.
nicky williams
'nicky williams' 1 year ago
this was one of my most favorite skits
Nick Spaloss
'Nick Spaloss' 1 year ago
Taran is crazy haha
'RealityFPS' 1 year ago
part 2?
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