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Wolfdogs get hiccups too! -
Published: 2 years ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 2 years ago

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Nikki the wolfdog with a bad case of the hiccups

'MDthornton83' 2 months ago
So cute!
what a cute dogo<3
I want to snuggle with dogo wo bad :3
Phoenix Blackheart
'Phoenix Blackheart' 4 months ago
Wolfie Gamer
'Wolfie Gamer' 5 months ago
This is funny!
Aaron Donaldson
'Aaron Donaldson' 6 months ago
Trooper Chick
'Trooper Chick' 6 months ago
<3 <3
Jadon Hobson
'Jadon Hobson' 6 months ago
so cute
Lg Marquez
'Lg Marquez' 7 months ago
so cute😍
Amber Spaorkadoodle
'Amber Spaorkadoodle' 7 months ago
Mormy wolf
'Mormy wolf' 7 months ago
I have a Rottweiler/Doberman ( she is a sweetheart and would be a horrible guard dog because she attacks them with kisses) so she has a very deep hiccup 'voice'.
Luis “RetroGamer84” Adrego
:3 oh my god I love these creatures so damn much :3
Mockingbird Inc.
'Mockingbird Inc.' 8 months ago
Too CUTE!! Love it!
Jane Wu
'Jane Wu' 8 months ago
she tried to bite the camera! XD
Squid Spots
'Squid Spots' 8 months ago
Cutie I remembered that happened to my dog and she dis not enjoy it XD
Mr_maybe_or not
'Mr_maybe_or not' 8 months ago
Sooooooooooooo cute
Victoria Powner
'Victoria Powner' 8 months ago
so so cute
Elchka The White Wolf
aww, Jordyn~Chan loves this!
Chicken Permission
'Chicken Permission' 8 months ago
I'm gonna cry
'Pokeshorts' 8 months ago
'R.Diospyros' 8 months ago
they are so cute!!!! could you make a video introducing everyone?? 🙏
'WizardIsABunny' 8 months ago
All the dog videos by you are cuuuute
Break Editor
'Break Editor' 2 years ago
+Sarah and the Wolves Hello there, I'm an editor at Break and we are interested in your "Wolves growling at each other" video. It's a pretty intense! We would like to make a licensing offer for it. Email us at acquisitions(at)defymedia(dot)com. Thank you for your time, - Mark
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