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Wolfdogs get hiccups too! -
Published: 2 years ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 2 years ago

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Nikki the wolfdog with a bad case of the hiccups

Sherlock Gonzalez
'Sherlock Gonzalez' 1 month ago
That happened to my dog when I first heard it i was like, " The fuaq."
'MDthornton83' 4 months ago
So cute!
what a cute dogo<3
I want to snuggle with dogo wo bad :3
Phoenix Blackheart
'Phoenix Blackheart' 6 months ago
Luna The Wolf
'Luna The Wolf' 7 months ago
This is funny!
Trooper Chick
'Trooper Chick' 8 months ago
<3 <3
Jadon Hobson
'Jadon Hobson' 9 months ago
so cute
Lg Marquez
'Lg Marquez' 9 months ago
so cute😍
Amber Doodles
'Amber Doodles' 9 months ago
Mormy wolf
'Mormy wolf' 10 months ago
I have a Rottweiler/Doberman ( she is a sweetheart and would be a horrible guard dog because she attacks them with kisses) so she has a very deep hiccup 'voice'.
Luis Adrego
'Luis Adrego' 10 months ago
:3 oh my god I love these creatures so damn much :3
Mockingbird Inc.
'Mockingbird Inc.' 10 months ago
Too CUTE!! Love it!
Jane Wu
'Jane Wu' 10 months ago
she tried to bite the camera! XD
Squid Spots
'Squid Spots' 10 months ago
Cutie I remembered that happened to my dog and she dis not enjoy it XD
Mr_maybe_or not
'Mr_maybe_or not' 10 months ago
Sooooooooooooo cute
Victoria  Powner
'Victoria Powner' 10 months ago
so so cute
Elchka The White Wolf
'Elchka The White Wolf' 10 months ago
aww, Jordyn~Chan loves this!
Chicken Permission
'Chicken Permission' 10 months ago
I'm gonna cry
'Pokeshorts' 10 months ago
'R.Diospyros' 10 months ago
they are so cute!!!! could you make a video introducing everyone?? 🙏
'WizardIsABunny' 10 months ago
All the dog videos by you are cuuuute
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