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Sister-Zoned | Foursome | Episode 1 -
Published: 10 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 10 months ago

6, 545, 050 views

94, 907 Likes   5, 761 Dislikes

Like every high school sophomore, all Andie wants is to have someone like her, date her, and possibly make out with her. When her brother makes it impossible for her to land a date, Andie's three best friends each come up with their own clever way to try and help get Andie out of the sister zone.

YouTube Red Original Series

Jana Gasser
'Jana Gasser' 27 minutes ago
what is the blue thing she was wearing called the blue cube
'christim' 8 hours ago
its funny cause homeschooled people are more social lmao what is this stereotypical bs
Kevin Park
'Kevin Park' 12 hours ago
Single by 30 is by far the best show on YouTube res
hailey bailey
'hailey bailey' 1 day ago
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 2 days ago
they're trying to make high school a "sex club" when it should be an educational place..
I'm sick of this shit!
'TheBookL0ver' 2 days ago
This is cliche but it's certainly entertaining! :)
Mia Raphaella Mallari
Awesomenesstv make an episode about kent getting jealous because andie and josh kissed
Ghala gha
'Ghala gha' 2 days ago
What's the name of the song in the beginning of the vid????!!!
Sisof Games
'Sisof Games' 2 days ago
I wish that i can watch this for free...
katie Lew
'katie Lew' 2 days ago
Don't look at my sister 😂
'priscilla' 2 days ago
Season 2 is so good!!!
Maguy Bofossa
'Maguy Bofossa' 3 days ago
I feel like the black guy is gay
Luna Knight
'Luna Knight' 3 days ago
Naughty Nookie
'Naughty Nookie' 3 days ago
not bad.... potential to improve
'RetroR0bbie' 3 days ago
ha isnt that dude on fuller house?
Phoebe Flowers
'Phoebe Flowers' 4 days ago
"its a pillow"
I should use that excuse when my parents find my on my computer at 1:30 am
Johann Gaming COC/BTD. And More
Why does Logan have to be the bad brother
Daily Jess
'Daily Jess' 4 days ago
I can't watch it! I don't live in America😒
Scott Hall
'Scott Hall' 4 days ago
That's a matter of opinion
Alisha Rock
'Alisha Rock' 4 days ago
Those Logan wannabe transitions at 17:00 😂😂😎
Crissy Cakes
'Crissy Cakes' 5 days ago
xD love it

Alek Lupo
'Alek Lupo' 5 days ago
Basically yes
Shivani Patel
'Shivani Patel' 5 days ago
Ok who is the guy in the teal/green shirt @ 9:06
Lord Black
'Lord Black' 5 days ago
this is fucking ugly disgusting shit cancer. who ever had this garbage "idea", you should just put a bullet in your empty head.
Kendra Gray
'Kendra Gray' 5 days ago
i wish all of the series was free
boris jaeggi
'boris jaeggi' 5 days ago
Song at 11:43?
'Happenstance' 5 days ago
Wtf is "sister-zoned" and why is this so damn cringey
'EnragedSephiroth' 6 days ago
Can't tell you how many times I'm enjoying something chill and serene on YouTube with my headphones in and a short 5 second YouTube Red commercial appears and nearly deafens me because it's REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS YOUTUBE RED FOR NEARLY DESTROYING MY EARDRUMS WITH YOUR UNNECESSARILY LOUD COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO BAD I HATE TO TAKE A MOMENT TO GET AWAY FROM WHAT I WAS DOING IN ORDER TO WRITE YOU ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP, SOON YOU'LL HAVE A LAWSUIT ON YOUR HANDS FROM YOUR PUBLIC FOR COCHLEAR TRAUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Ede
'Emily Ede' 6 days ago
logan is the best
Mike Carroll
'Mike Carroll' 6 days ago
Very PC! Not funny and not interested. Please stop spamming!
sofia joseph
'sofia joseph' 6 days ago
the gay guy is so funny
Abigail Mundhenk
'Abigail Mundhenk' 6 days ago
I just came because of
Logan Paul #LogangForLife
Patrick Burrows
'Patrick Burrows' 6 days ago
Omari Bruce
'Omari Bruce' 6 days ago
Watched this for the Logang
Sophie Cooper
'Sophie Cooper' 6 days ago
Who waching in 2017
Sophie Cooper
'Sophie Cooper' 6 days ago
Hey the guys who is her boyfriend is in fuller house
Alese Nolin
'Alese Nolin' 6 days ago
I am totally getting YT Red after watching episode 1 of Foursome
'Bissy' 6 days ago
Why can't there be a real and accurate high school show or movie. The only one I think is like this is Superbad, inbetweeners but they focus so much on sex, but I them not this shit.
Jacqueline Llanes
'Jacqueline Llanes' 6 days ago
o.m.g really Logan p.
'Swindle' 6 days ago
i have never watched something so awful in my life. the act of suicide seems more plausible than finishing this episode let alone paying to watch the whole season. the acting the bad, the story is bad, the stereotypes are cliche and BAD. my dream is to burn and kill every old white men that try to create garbage tv shows "geared" towards teenagers in high school. I WANT TO DIE. i cant finish more than 10 fucking minutes without wanting to hang myself with a noose.
Jon Stauffer
'Jon Stauffer' 7 days ago
this is such drivel i am literally stunned
ChloeAmyMac xo
'ChloeAmyMac xo' 7 days ago
Why isnt youtube red not availabe in the uk 😫
Tonia Stein
'Tonia Stein' 7 days ago
I don't know what to think about this
achanti palmer
'achanti palmer' 7 days ago
Am I the only one who finds it so weird to hear them calling Jenn, Andie
mia Stewart
'mia Stewart' 7 days ago
That's the high school set from the secret life of an American teenager
ᗷETᕼᗩᑎY Gᗩᗪᗪ
'FunkyZSimmer' 7 days ago
This is actually really good
Unknown Llama
'Unknown Llama' 7 days ago
1:39 ew kiss like you mean it not like your slurping soup
Itzy Acosta
'Itzy Acosta' 1 week ago
four some should go on netflix!
Bigpimpin Kevin
'Bigpimpin Kevin' 1 week ago
This is funny asf 😂😂👌🏾
Xavier Tejero
'Xavier Tejero' 1 week ago
Isn't this school in Dope?
Jessicat ishere
'Jessicat ishere' 1 week ago
This is so cringy but somehow I like it
andrea stoker
'andrea stoker' 1 week ago
I cannot afford the other episodes :(
Jay D
'Jay D' 1 week ago
that was the best warning at the beginning ever.
Adventure Gamer
'Adventure Gamer' 1 week ago
Great show
Belu Roca
'Belu Roca' 1 week ago
Love it
trinity solorzano
'trinity solorzano' 1 week ago
Lol love this show
Hope Lichtenstein
'Hope Lichtenstein' 1 week ago
Actings okay but the script is terrible omg
Gabrielle Newberg
'Gabrielle Newberg' 1 week ago
WOW... This show is horrible.
Samantha Collins
'Samantha Collins' 1 week ago
I'm so sad I can only watch the free
Enrique Barnica
'Enrique Barnica' 1 week ago
That's a good example of me xD with my little sister at school lol
prettylittlethings 317
casey jason
'casey jason' 1 week ago
'CatPieHi' 1 week ago
Do people have to take acting classes to adition
Advanced Delirious
foursome sounds like a sexual move on a double date
The ultimate Galaxy #iwokeuplikethis
hey. my tip don't by YouTube red all u need to do is get your friends aunnout and tell the person to by it .yayy
Caitlin Gerry
'Caitlin Gerry' 1 week ago
Logan is such a slut😂 Luv him tho.
nalani castro
'nalani castro' 1 week ago
0:53 bobby mares?
Nehemiah Pratt
'Nehemiah Pratt' 1 week ago
Logan poul is in this movie
Wafflebabe Gaming
'Wafflebabe Gaming' 1 week ago
this is the same high school from the secret life of an american teenager! lol thats weird how i noticed that, but yeah. cool.
Simerella Angels141
Azben Katrina
'Azben Katrina' 1 week ago
I really don't like the way Logan is portrayed in this.
AdayInLifeAs Alyssa
Why does it have to be on red=$$$$$$$$$$$$&&$$$$$
'Therobloxgamer' 1 week ago
I would watch the whole series but I don't wanna pay 10 bucks.
Hailey And Sage
'Hailey And Sage' 1 week ago
This is stupid I🤔☹️
Chansy Ysnahc
'Chansy Ysnahc' 2 weeks ago
Ill only watch the full series if its FREE cos im poor
Anika K
'Anika K' 2 weeks ago
who is the actor who plays andie's fake boyfriend?
'Annakenzie' 2 weeks ago
I love these YouTube red series you are REALY good at it to!
nataly hernandez
'nataly hernandez' 2 weeks ago
I liked the program
Lexi Thomas
'Lexi Thomas' 2 weeks ago
Isn't Andy's fake boyfriend from fuller house
Lexi Thomas
'Lexi Thomas' 2 weeks ago
I love logan Paul
'makenzie's world' 2 weeks ago
I love this
King Savage
'King Savage' 2 weeks ago
I am thinking about starting this series. Is it good? Could some tell me what it's about?
Heaven Garcia
'Heaven Garcia' 2 weeks ago
I'm binge watching the seasons over and over
Alejandra Carbajal
'Alejandra Carbajal' 2 weeks ago
Kimberly Perez
'Kimberly Perez' 2 weeks ago
This is Grant High School!!!
'NATALIE'S NOTEBOOK' 2 weeks ago
I only came here for Logan Paul that's it Logan is so dreamy 😍️️
'KaijYT' 2 weeks ago
I'm glad Australian actors are getting more attention
Grace Black
'Grace Black' 2 weeks ago
this is like lowkey good but low-key cringe
amy herbert
'amy herbert' 2 weeks ago
I'm cringing so much 😂
Annaliz Cortes
'Annaliz Cortes' 2 weeks ago
Are these sieries on Netflix???
randomgirl 1919
'randomgirl 1919' 2 weeks ago
I wish this was in Netflix
The Ben Kerzer Show
'The Ben Kerzer Show' 2 weeks ago
they used the same high school as the mighty morphin power ranger its angel grove high school
Savage Raviola
'Savage Raviola' 2 weeks ago
bruh logan paul is amazing in this lmao
Littlebean13 AJ
'Littlebean13 AJ' 2 weeks ago
Charlotte Pollock
'Charlotte Pollock' 2 weeks ago
I LOVE LOGANS PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Millie Jones
'Millie Jones' 2 weeks ago😂
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