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"Tight Pants" with Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez -
Published: 3 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 years ago

34, 936, 969 views

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One town isn't big enough for two people with tight pants.

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"Tight Pants" with Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez

seif zeghic
'seif zeghic' 2 days ago
jlo looks retarded with that hair
'HECTOR VASQUEZ' 3 days ago
abdoulaye haidara
'abdoulaye haidara' 4 days ago
Maria D
'Maria D' 4 days ago
jennifer lopez voice is so annoying
'Flenif2247' 4 days ago
I imagine this as the musical. version of her divorce proceedings from the last hubby
Caelan Brown
'Caelan Brown' 5 days ago
Does she kinda look like the Rock at 2:05
Dusty Grady
'Dusty Grady' 6 days ago
I'd rather have her tight Puss, except it ain't tight no more
Dusty Grady
'Dusty Grady' 6 days ago
J LO sure has a nice SLENDER ass in this video(2:51). Keep it that way Babe
Keith Pixton
'Keith Pixton' 1 week ago
It was cute, but I don't find it hysterical.
'Mafionek' 1 week ago
Wtf is this. America plz
'Rashida's Corner' 1 week ago
"listen up you little bitch" im dying
jeremiah riggs
'jeremiah riggs' 1 week ago
significantly Does anybody know better this one?
Patrick Gabriel
'Patrick Gabriel' 1 week ago
Seeing a video called "Tight pants with Jennifer Lopez" and after watching I have up say I'm thoroughly disappointed
Ricardo Aguilar
'Ricardo Aguilar' 2 weeks ago
Jennifer Lopez so fucking guetto and not funny
Claudio Videtto
'Claudio Videtto' 2 weeks ago
i went on youtube and found this and watched it ,i laughed so hard
kenny proulx
'kenny proulx' 2 weeks ago
Lopez is fine in anything...
Devaughn Morrison
'Devaughn Morrison' 2 weeks ago
ha larry us
Bryan Conn
'Bryan Conn' 2 weeks ago
If Fallon was 1/2 as funny as he thinks he is, he'd be a riot. Literally laughs at his own horrible jokes.
LeTTie VujiCIC
'LeTTie VujiCIC' 2 weeks ago
That's my Grrrrl!
sam Gomez
'sam Gomez' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy looked like zac for a moment
Isael Santos
'Isael Santos' 3 weeks ago
this woman is this fine and its almost 50 years old. damn!!!!!!!
Geoff Hargis
'Geoff Hargis' 3 weeks ago
There ain't nothing tight on Jennifer. Just saying
Aneil B
'Aneil B' 3 weeks ago
wonder how many dicks fit in her mouth
'MegaUnicornkay' 3 weeks ago
what movie is this a rectant of
Bill ficher
'Bill ficher' 3 weeks ago
She ruined it
brooklyn jb
'brooklyn jb' 3 weeks ago
god it hurts how sexy jlo still is
Sado One
'Sado One' 3 weeks ago
I'm from Germany..I Love The Show...So funny
Alex He
'Alex He' 3 weeks ago
'ahpacific' 3 weeks ago
I watched this whole thing waiting to see Jennifer's ass and I almost gave up on it but at last... 02:52 . Sure, it's not the same ass of old - from the days when she had a daddy who puffed - but it's a classic ass at this point - like a vintage coupe deville from the 70's - and so you might not desire it as much as you would have when it was new but you still value it and still would cherish it if you owned it.
Autumn Smith
'Autumn Smith' 3 weeks ago
amal masalkhi
'amal masalkhi' 3 weeks ago
"get lost Apple sauce" 😂😂😂
Chris Grieve
'Chris Grieve' 3 weeks ago
Even with that rediculous wig j lo looks fine as hell mmmmmhmm
Amber Edens
'Amber Edens' 3 weeks ago
she looked like those pants were so tight she couldn't move
wilsao ibarguen
'wilsao ibarguen' 3 weeks ago
chevere uff
Pretty Odd
'Pretty Odd' 3 weeks ago
Love it
lazy town
'lazy town' 4 weeks ago
cómo quisiera que jennifer lopez fuera mi novia
'M.' 4 weeks ago
why is this so funny :D Who had the idea!? what the haha
'Pinkypiglet1515' 4 weeks ago
I want some tight pants
'akosua' 4 weeks ago
one day have a plaque that says "she wore the tightest of pants"
'missyvon1986' 4 weeks ago
get lost applesauce 😂😂
Pamela Soria
'Pamela Soria' 4 weeks ago
'Amni1016Tv' 4 weeks ago
Puts it on full volume Then out of nowhere : LISTEN UP YOU LITTLE BITCH = Parents give me the stare Rip Me
natally reyna
'natally reyna' 4 weeks ago
I'm dead 💀😂
'HeyIt'sStella' 4 weeks ago
Do tight with Sofia vegra
Kooloo 75
'Kooloo 75' 4 weeks ago
She's struggling to move in those tight pants😂
lisa tillman
'lisa tillman' 1 month ago
Thank you tight pants, now I know Jimmy fallon has nothing to write home about
Just Jase
'Just Jase' 1 month ago
this was so funny :D
Tia Haeuss
'Tia Haeuss' 1 month ago
Jennifer Lopez kills it, LOL!!!
'Norcal' 1 month ago
Jimmy wore them better
Nina Marie
'Nina Marie' 1 month ago
Everyone talking about JLOs abs and ass and I'm here like....why are her feet so damn big!?!
Kay Cee
'Kay Cee' 1 month ago
This is how a natural booty supposed to look like!
'LilRedFox05' 1 month ago
I wish instead of twerking the tight pants dance became a trend
Elli no fake
'Elli no fake' 1 month ago
So funny 😂
I Love Jennifer Lopez 😍
And the Duett with Jimmy- PERFECT!!!!
Alaina Biggs
'Alaina Biggs' 1 month ago
'BTDT' 1 month ago
worst one
endofdays !
'endofdays !' 1 month ago
J.Lo never ages, she is as beautiful as ever!
LoLzAr Lily
'LoLzAr Lily' 1 month ago
This was me in skinny jeans😂
'Tuptus8000' 1 month ago
most fucked up shit i have ever seen.. these people are fucked in a head
'RVA FOX' 1 month ago
I really don't understand this skit
Yadriel Morales
'Yadriel Morales' 1 month ago
JLo can have 108 years old and still hot af.
Brad _
'Brad _' 1 month ago
the good old jimmy before all he talked about was Trump
CM Simmons
'CM Simmons' 1 month ago
A commercial for Universal Studios with My tight pants on with Jimmy, funny!!! check it out!
'TakaS013' 1 month ago
This song has to be a joke, this isn't an actual song right?
Angelique Prins
'Angelique Prins' 1 month ago
How The fack did i get here
Hibah M S
'Hibah M S' 1 month ago
JLo slaaaayyyy
Mark Zingerburger
'Mark Zingerburger' 1 month ago
Boys! just skip to 2:51
you won't regret it
trust me
esmo 915
'esmo 915' 1 month ago
Made me cringe
Jacob Martin
'Jacob Martin' 1 month ago
Not as good as the first one
kimbo52 kimbo52
'kimbo52 kimbo52' 1 month ago
take it easy George n Weezey 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mark Mayhue
'Mark Mayhue' 1 month ago
Know who would be hilarious in this sketch? Mike Myers!
Kylah Friedchicken
'Kylah Friedchicken' 2 months ago
watch out for my body rolls
'B S' 2 months ago
Hi jimmy LOL this viedo
issa james & Lolli
'issa james & Lolli' 2 months ago
who else noticed she mest up on her lip singing when she first came out
Queen of The Dead
'Queen of The Dead' 2 months ago
Anyone else notice that she said heels and took off her hoops?😂😂
Nayeemur Rahman
'Nayeemur Rahman' 2 months ago
what is the song really came from ? can anyone give me any link or something?
Rnx Ent
'Rnx Ent' 2 months ago
I'm in a bad mood and this cracks me up!!!
curlygirl grace
'curlygirl grace' 2 months ago
But why
Lynn Izen
'Lynn Izen' 2 months ago
Spencer Steele
'Spencer Steele' 2 months ago
i can't believe people get paid for thsi shit
Caio Lopes
'Caio Lopes' 2 months ago
Americanos são tão idiotas
'lxdterra' 2 months ago
1:55 I love to watch that guys read teleprompter.
Sierra Occorso
'Sierra Occorso' 2 months ago
Kevy Kev
'Kevy Kev' 2 months ago
corny ass shit
Kel Gartee
'Kel Gartee' 2 months ago
Some of you don't even need to watch this. I love it for all you crying ass bitchs laugh lol
Mike Dykhoff
'Mike Dykhoff' 2 months ago
This is entertaining?
ana day
'ana day' 2 months ago
Jimmy looks like Professor Snape with that hair😂
Jo-Ann Galindo
'Jo-Ann Galindo' 2 months ago
damn that body
Fatima Mendez
'Fatima Mendez' 2 months ago
I can watch this on repeat all day long... comedy at its best of the bestest best
Sofía Jiménez García
Harry Styles should sing this😂
Deep Singh
'Deep Singh' 2 months ago
Just here to see some ass
Samantha Heeralall
'Samantha Heeralall' 2 months ago
he reminds me of mike Mayers..his sense of humour..
Sarah Entredicho
'Sarah Entredicho' 2 months ago
jlo body OMG Luv it
'CJ H.' 2 months ago
everything's all cool and okay and all of a sudden "Listen up, you little bitch! You better hide your wife! You better hide your kids!" lmao that escalated SO quickly! #savage
Broke Noona
'Broke Noona' 2 months ago
Why does jimmy look like taemin?
'Glaynder' 2 months ago
he like John Lenon)))
Jessica M
'Jessica M' 2 months ago
To be honest, they are not that tight. He could have much tighter pants 😂
Alliquake Grande
'Alliquake Grande' 2 months ago
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