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Ellen Show | Jimmy Fallon Plays Speak Out -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Daily off

By: Daily offPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen helped Jimmy prepare for hosting the Golden Globes with a special edition of her tooth-rific new game!

ruth tefera
'ruth tefera' 1 day ago
Two of my favourite talk show hosts.
Megha M
'Megha M' 1 day ago
I go to the gynecologist allll the time! HAHAHA
Toni Rose Noveloso
She got it from her gynaecologist
Isis-Ann Carruth
'Isis-Ann Carruth' 2 days ago
Kissing jimmy fallon lol
Jahin Akhyar
'Jahin Akhyar' 3 days ago
he looks like steve harvey vanilla version xD
Hazem Mahmoud Vlogs
When Jimmy Fallon says this 1:23 he sounds like the character Marlon Wayan when he was doing the fake charater Tiffany Wlison from the movie white chickes
Laura Crown
'Laura Crown' 4 days ago
atleast He got a kiss
'Alphas' 4 days ago
He had it on wrong the whole time
Inglés de Cine
'Inglés de Cine' 5 days ago
Hahahaha the gyno joke
Pro Gamings
'Pro Gamings' 5 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came here because of the thumbnail
And so did you
Like if this is true
Candy Khoshnow
'Candy Khoshnow' 5 days ago
Omg she kissed him
Trang Lê
'Trang Lê' 5 days ago
Jimmy's teeth are perfect @@
Lylou Lacroix
'Lylou Lacroix' 5 days ago
hi guys .. mind it's qice! automatic
Shona Doyle
'Shona Doyle' 1 week ago
Teagan Ashby
'Teagan Ashby' 1 week ago
He has it the wrong way 😂
'TannerDoesGaming' 1 week ago
It goes the other way e.e
sema blkn
'sema blkn' 1 week ago
your doing it wrong
sapphire gonzalez
'sapphire gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
i love Ellen! <3 that kiss was weird tho
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