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Blake Shelton and Ellen Play 'Wet Head'! -
Published: 4 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 4 months ago

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Ellen and the country music star played a wet, new game with some familiar sisters!

it is almerah
'it is almerah' 47 minutes ago
that guy who give tickets to the twin hes body is ready to go away
Radames Ten
'Radames Ten' 1 day ago
She can't Square right out of nowhere
hadas klein
'hadas klein' 2 days ago
למוסיקה קלאסית רגועה
'Ty'ra Barrett' 2 days ago
Cool Swag Bearded Guy
Reverse means the other team gets a turn again
Apiou Ukang
'Apiou Ukang' 3 days ago
Ellen Can you Invite My Family Bcuse We Are Great Dancers Please Put it In My Mail box My door Number is 20 I live In Amecia Please Ellen Please Invite Us on My Birthday So in November 19 2017
Javier Ramos
'Javier Ramos' 4 days ago
They are súper excited to win the tickets
kurt best
'kurt best' 4 days ago
When you get revers you go to the other player
Jahnyia Ross
'Jahnyia Ross' 5 days ago
they we're all like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Dantes
'Alex Dantes' 6 days ago
Parang mga tanga like if u agree
yo i am mincraft adventures and vlogs
Ellan is so nice and equally fair like if you agree
afnan alnajar
'afnan alnajar' 7 days ago
The twins...

Are on drugs
'ADNAN ALAHMAD' 1 week ago
nice twins
2:15 it sead pull 1 pin and spin again
Sophie vlogs and plays
oh my god there so excited
Acia Jewel
'Acia Jewel' 1 week ago
she got so wet
Tristen T
'Tristen T' 1 week ago
Are they twins
εΜΜα :D
'εΜΜα :D' 2 weeks ago
The twins were cute lol😂😂💕💕
Alexus Vang
'Alexus Vang' 2 weeks ago
Sicily Johnson
'Sicily Johnson' 2 weeks ago
'TOTALLYMELLISA?'!' 2 weeks ago
Those are huge but they look funny
Lucifer Morningstar
'Lucifer Morningstar' 2 weeks ago
Crazy twins scared me bruh ...
Annie Kerr
'Annie Kerr' 2 weeks ago
Them twins Greek me out
Ban Yong
'Ban Yong' 2 weeks ago
Their vaginas going to look like OOOOOOO ! So loud!!!
David Faker
'David Faker' 2 weeks ago
Haha.. If u think about it. Ellen gave them pieces of paper to shame and wet them on tv... But its television ahha its all fun and were all happy! 😂😂
Ayda Vo
'Ayda Vo' 2 weeks ago
OMG that people looks crazy
Natalie Regime
'Natalie Regime' 2 weeks ago
Omg they are so annoying
Peg Canniff
'Peg Canniff' 2 weeks ago
If you see Blue at one of the holes that's the one 😍😍😍😍🌓
Willie Wilmont
'Willie Wilmont' 2 weeks ago
omg look at her butt
Hazel Barber knell
'Hazel Barber knell' 2 weeks ago
You won. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Kate Evans
'Kate Evans' 2 weeks ago
/ \
Margaréta Dragon
'Margaréta Dragon' 2 weeks ago
They screeming like a 5 year old
FunAndGames 4U
'FunAndGames 4U' 2 weeks ago
subscribe all you have to do is press my profile picture and subscribe thank you everybody who will I'll make a special video in the return for you guys
Aleesya Azhar
'Aleesya Azhar' 2 weeks ago
Those twins look like Cinderella stepsisters
Airie Durst
'Airie Durst' 3 weeks ago
but too much screaming
Airie Durst
'Airie Durst' 3 weeks ago
if these girls are twins I like twins
Altino Mageste
'Altino Mageste' 3 weeks ago
YES an ellen video that i can comment on!!!!!!
priscilla valdivia
'priscilla valdivia' 3 weeks ago
they were just screaming they werent even talking😂😂
Tolga Urkmezgl
'Tolga Urkmezgl' 3 weeks ago
I hate it when women's rage
Madison Harbaruk
'Madison Harbaruk' 3 weeks ago
who are those girls
India Green
'India Green' 3 weeks ago
did they have sugar
pandaexo Hernandez
'pandaexo Hernandez' 4 weeks ago
Omg they are so happy
Kilian Buchin
'Kilian Buchin' 4 weeks ago
Sheila Filyaw
'Sheila Filyaw' 4 weeks ago
Pooja Mathur
'Pooja Mathur' 4 weeks ago
lovely game; it's like a heart in hand.
Lanaa 4 Ever!
'Lanaa 4 Ever!' 4 weeks ago
what are they drinking
Lucia Valderrama
'Lucia Valderrama' 4 weeks ago
The women with beige is sik
Danielle Norberg
'Danielle Norberg' 4 weeks ago
I've been trying to play game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass!
James Philippis
'James Philippis' 4 weeks ago
Ellen those sisters were so fucking annoying
'xxFRANTHE BOSS360xx' 4 weeks ago
there both little pussy
Tara Martinez
'Tara Martinez' 4 weeks ago
Trang Cao
'Trang Cao' 1 month ago
I only really know Blake from The Voice
Ramon Varela
'Ramon Varela' 1 month ago
i dont like this,i love this
Deanna Pierre-Louis
'Deanna Pierre-Louis' 1 month ago
Hi Ellen, You may not read this but you remember the duo bars and melody... you should have then back on the show and see their transformation
Xoch i love you
'Xoch i love you' 1 month ago
i want to see justin beiber
Vanessa Molina
'Vanessa Molina' 1 month ago
They look like the Heart Queen from Alice in Wonderland but with blonde hair
Cece Cechini
'Cece Cechini' 1 month ago
am i the only one who wants to slap them both???
Anka Nedeljković
'Anka Nedeljković' 1 month ago
cool ❤
XxShanexX 480
'XxShanexX 480' 1 month ago
Jesus Christ the are happy
Kelly Edwards
'Kelly Edwards' 1 month ago
play Pie Face Showdown next time
Bilal Yedri
'Bilal Yedri' 1 month ago
they use pp like a peace of shit!!!! the bad thing is that ppl don't have honor nowadays!
Chloe Rose
'Chloe Rose' 1 month ago
Whoever wins gets 2 vip tickets but both get 2 tickets that's a win win
The Dz
'The Dz' 1 month ago
ur the best ellen love u
lindsey kritzberger
'lindsey kritzberger' 1 month ago
blake - "what?"
luisisbeast rosas
'luisisbeast rosas' 1 month ago
The contestens sound like little girls
Satisfying slime vids
Love you ellen
Trazoq Gaming
'Trazoq Gaming' 1 month ago
they Girls are craZy
Kayla calingo Santos
Ellen it was spin not pull 1 wow ellen
Bobby Rodriguez
'Bobby Rodriguez' 1 month ago
She sta Loca. Si, no
ally brendin
'ally brendin' 1 month ago
I didn't notice they was twins till almost the middle of the vid
chris stark
'chris stark' 1 month ago
do they look like thing 1 and thing 2 from cat in the hat or is it just me ??
Sophia White
'Sophia White' 1 month ago
It's scary how much they look like my middle school principal.
Saidali Saidali
'Saidali Saidali' 1 month ago
these women's are crazy😓😓😫😫😫😫
God of gaming OOO7
'God of gaming OOO7' 1 month ago
those girls are mental
Marcella Daly
'Marcella Daly' 1 month ago
I was laughing It is so funny from aoibhne daly 😂
The Crafting Crew
'The Crafting Crew' 1 month ago
Love the Ellen show when Justin is there
els Aadan
'els Aadan' 1 month ago
so funny
fatou g
'fatou g' 1 month ago
This excitment thing is so cringeworthy... what are they, 40?...
Emily Ki
'Emily Ki' 1 month ago
They are so exited
'DR .P' 1 month ago
dodo h
'dodo h' 1 month ago
مجانيننننن ههههههههه
gianni cirillo
'gianni cirillo' 1 month ago
Their hair(lmao)
Alyssa Hunt
'Alyssa Hunt' 1 month ago
i love JB
stazi l powers
'stazi l powers' 1 month ago
my baby brother watched this and he cried:(
'ThePugTDM' 1 month ago
Well... That was really short
Rebeka Zamudio
'Rebeka Zamudio' 1 month ago
i sware she is going to give them both tickets in the end
are you a girl or a boy ellen and you are to funny
The Spauldings
'The Spauldings' 1 month ago
That looks fun
tyler tran
'tyler tran' 1 month ago
Kitty Kylie Cat
'Kitty Kylie Cat' 2 months ago
There weird
tele bits
'tele bits' 2 months ago
A little too happy
amanda howe
'amanda howe' 2 months ago
These people sounded like they were kids they were screaming every minute
zhiyu ginnie
'zhiyu ginnie' 2 months ago
Ellie Dudley-Cave
'Ellie Dudley-Cave' 2 months ago
are they overacting
Dodo Rashed
'Dodo Rashed' 2 months ago
these twins freak me out
Deemsterkaas !!!
'Deemsterkaas !!!' 2 months ago
why are they so happy??
Martina Jensen
'Martina Jensen' 2 months ago
they need to chill
troupe dance Lacey Jackson
I Love that ggaamm
Kashish Jain
'Kashish Jain' 2 months ago
These twins are so cute. I love them.
Roslyn Coutz
'Roslyn Coutz' 2 months ago
Ellen that was so cool
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