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Blake Shelton and Ellen Play 'Wet Head'! -
Published: 2 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 months ago

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Ellen and the country music star played a wet, new game with some familiar sisters!

Sairah Gracie
'Sairah Gracie' 9 hours ago
The twins were to excited
Vivian Tran
'Vivian Tran' 10 hours ago
I love Justin Bieber😍😍😍
Ashaiya Crisp
'Ashaiya Crisp' 14 hours ago
they look soooooo happy
Amelia kirkup
'Amelia kirkup' 16 hours ago
I love ellen
Christine Omari show
'Christine Omari show' 20 hours ago
chill out
Bella Padrick
'Bella Padrick' 21 hours ago
they are wierd
marsbar 2006
'marsbar 2006' 1 day ago
The twins were too concentrated on hugging then actually getting the tickets
Eddie Rodriguez Chavez
R. For. Ft. F lff
Lily Mai world
'Lily Mai world' 1 day ago
the twins are stupin scary and other words like that
Daniel Valdizon
'Daniel Valdizon' 1 day ago
I think they are mental
DelKim Walls
'DelKim Walls' 2 days ago
this is so funny
Jayden Games
'Jayden Games' 2 days ago
They act like 3 year olds.
'_Cupcake.Gaming_' 2 days ago
Ellen plz take me there plz iam 9
Nevaeh Clark
'Nevaeh Clark' 2 days ago
They freak me out to
angelita dela cruz
i thought their teens but their old teens
Erika Kim
'Erika Kim' 2 days ago
That was amazing I liked very much 😂😂
Cayden Martens
'Cayden Martens' 2 days ago
They act like 2 kids finally going to Disney world
Nora Alasiri
'Nora Alasiri' 2 days ago
الحمدالله والشكر 😂
Layla Denham
'Layla Denham' 2 days ago
Ellen I love you I really want to be on your show I love to sing
Layla Denham
'Layla Denham' 2 days ago
I know right
Jalhya Craig
'Jalhya Craig' 3 days ago
they might have a. problem
Jazabel olivares
'Jazabel olivares' 3 days ago
Terrence Summers
'Terrence Summers' 3 days ago
they acting so crazy
Beatrice Hawkdaughter
They are so energetic xD
Sebastian greensmith
Ellen book
MetroTuat 647
'MetroTuat 647' 3 days ago
Me to
James Dailey
'James Dailey' 3 days ago
I love you Ellen
Clark Pineda
'Clark Pineda' 3 days ago
kuya clark and chloe
Lauren Peirson
'Lauren Peirson' 3 days ago
1:36 she was screaming SOOO much
Bethel Ieremia
'Bethel Ieremia' 3 days ago
They make me smile!!!😂😂😂😭😭
Rasim Fazliu
'Rasim Fazliu' 3 days ago
There so funny 😅😅😅
Teagan Trobley
'Teagan Trobley' 3 days ago
Christopher Cardenas
They look like Freaks and they scare me
Jazmine Magana
'Jazmine Magana' 4 days ago
Olivia Koitzsch
'Olivia Koitzsch' 4 days ago
....too much squeals.....r.i.p headphone users...sadly I had my headphones on...
Devorah Catherine Tucker
These twins are really creepy scary and weird😬
Jace Parkhill
'Jace Parkhill' 4 days ago
I can't watch it
CrAzy girl 101 Crazy girl 101
They are so excited about everything
Tondia Joseph
'Tondia Joseph' 4 days ago
soccerfoot73 XX
'soccerfoot73 XX' 4 days ago
The twins look like the queen of hearts in the new Alice in wonderland movies
Jas Nguyen
'Jas Nguyen' 5 days ago
Well that was fast....
Browns will win the super bowl Next year
The twins look like extras from hocus pocus
trololololo gaming
ali funk i agree
Michelle Monroe
'Michelle Monroe' 5 days ago
Tammy Poe
'Tammy Poe' 5 days ago
I now him he's Luke Bryan friend
Crystal Spark
'Crystal Spark' 5 days ago
me to
Jillian Blackett
'Jillian Blackett' 5 days ago
Ellin always gets the best things on her show
Shelby Love123
'Shelby Love123' 5 days ago
Ellen cheated because she knew what one pulled water
'mikandcol' 5 days ago
ellen, reverse means go to the last person that went 😔
Coopers Vlogs
'Coopers Vlogs' 5 days ago
There so freaky
Crazy Crew
'Crazy Crew' 5 days ago
Ali funk your right they freak me out
Brian Kramer
'Brian Kramer' 5 days ago
I. Wish. If. I. Had. That. Game. At. Home 😀
Jahid Malik
'Jahid Malik' 5 days ago
Rebecca Ferguson
'Rebecca Ferguson' 5 days ago
Your so cool
Alonso Quinteros
'Alonso Quinteros' 5 days ago
can you invite me i am really funny
Kwebbelkop Jr
'Kwebbelkop Jr' 5 days ago
First pin and water came out
Grumpy Panda Loves Cookies
There so Lucky
TheYouTubeKittyLover 109
On the first turn I was thinking "What is on the first try, for one of them, all the water spilt out, on the first try.
TheYouTubeKittyLover 109
They're probably going to go together
Bobby Rodriguez
'Bobby Rodriguez' 5 days ago
These twins creep me out
'AgentTornado181' 5 days ago
they are cringy though
'AgentTornado181' 5 days ago
I love these games on ellen
'RAZEHD' 5 days ago
Oh my god both of them gave me a heart attack
Colgate and Berry punch
Funny 😆😆😆😆😆
Panic!!At the twenty one Crybabies of summer
Their faces look like The people in "how the grinch stole Christmas" The Whoville people
William Wilson
'William Wilson' 6 days ago
artist sisters or twins
littlemissme cupcakes and rainbows
Elsa Ihogoza
'Elsa Ihogoza' 6 days ago
Terry Miller
'Terry Miller' 6 days ago
these twins are so anouying
Blake Hansen
'Blake Hansen' 6 days ago
No no Justin Bieber is mine
Makeup Madness
'Makeup Madness' 6 days ago
They scar me
Amory Dillard
'Amory Dillard' 6 days ago
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your shows
Κοσμας Ταρασιδης
Those twins are creepy
Caylee Sampson
'Caylee Sampson' 6 days ago
OMG,BLAKE SHELTON!!!! Your my favorite song if your is boys round' here.
'drshadowz' 6 days ago
I have the game wet head
Penny Elizabeth
'Penny Elizabeth' 6 days ago
The twins are SO creepy there over babyish and they scream like hell kinda like 2 cats being dragged up the motorway 😣
Indianna Gobby
'Indianna Gobby' 6 days ago
I have that game at home
Ronnie Price
'Ronnie Price' 6 days ago
I will NEVER understand the screaming 😂 but as long as they had fun that's all that matters.
Phoebe Diaz
'Phoebe Diaz' 6 days ago
Guys stop with the hate with the twins
Lynda Stone
'Lynda Stone' 6 days ago
Ellen and Blake are matching outfits lol
Dazzling Dance
'Dazzling Dance' 6 days ago
Jeez, they are so excited😂😂
SunshineForever 91
When the twins were clapping they seemed like 🦍
Awesome Winnie
'Awesome Winnie' 6 days ago
Why are those twins so excited? One of them was jumping around with high heels
Fade Faryser
'Fade Faryser' 6 days ago
Emina Klokic
'Emina Klokic' 6 days ago
The twins are scary
Mymy Skittles
'Mymy Skittles' 7 days ago
There like 6 year olds hen there parents say they can stay up an extra 30 minutes and watch Micky mouse
Kayly Campos
'Kayly Campos' 7 days ago
Hi Im human
'Hi Im human' 7 days ago
they are crazy
Uma Quiadisimao
'Uma Quiadisimao' 7 days ago
They act like little kids
Grade 5 Student 69
I feel like they dont know how to talk
Brooklyn D
'Brooklyn D' 7 days ago
Brooklyn D
'Brooklyn D' 7 days ago
Kawaii Macaroons 2
Sorry they look to crazyyyy af hahahaha
Kawaii Macaroons 2
They are soooo weird and creeeepyyyyy omgggg weirddddd
Shi Shi
'Shi Shi' 7 days ago
Blake Shelton is MY man I mean some people choose Luke Bryan over him and I'm just like whaatttttttttt how could you do that
Cutestgirl .lovely
Do you guys know that Ellen is lesbian
Hayley Garland
'Hayley Garland' 1 week ago
Kyla Aleah Vargas
'Kyla Aleah Vargas' 1 week ago
i think they are overreacted comment if u agree...
Darlene Manji
'Darlene Manji' 1 week ago
I hate those girls so ugley
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