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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

168, 324, 228 views

1, 113, 731 Likes   36, 788 Dislikes

BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition.
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Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos

Additional Music Score by Elad Marish, Swell Music + Sound

Music video by Beyoncé performing Pretty Hurts. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

india gooden
'india gooden' 1 hour ago
💙💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💛Beyonce and
Maju em 10 minutos
'Maju em 10 minutos' 3 hours ago
Só me lembro de Mrs Potato Head
Lesly Calzada
'Lesly Calzada' 3 hours ago
Anyone else notice that the intro piano sounds EXACTLY like "im gonna be" by sleeping at last?
M.O.C Brickman
'M.O.C Brickman' 3 hours ago
did she actually destroy her childhood trophy
Edlane Silva
'Edlane Silva' 4 hours ago
Beyoncé é perfeita
abby borden
'abby borden' 4 hours ago
i love this song!!!!
Queen Prempeh
'Queen Prempeh' 5 hours ago
I can't stop listening to this song
Madusha  Gunarathne
'Madusha Gunarathne' 5 hours ago
Wow.. 😍 Such a Great meaning is lying in this video..!!
Creusa Lopes Creusinha
gosto de todas as suas musicas
I love Sia
'I love Sia' 6 hours ago
I like this song ,and i love Sia
Makki F
'Makki F' 7 hours ago
You are ylnice and pretty😘
'oh302991' 8 hours ago
This song inspired me to do more in life
Ana Paula .marins
'Ana Paula .marins' 8 hours ago
anuncioooooo se catar
Ian Taylor
'Ian Taylor' 15 hours ago
bayonce mastered this song👍👍
Jadin Evans
'Jadin Evans' 17 hours ago
This is so me right now because I don't like my smile or body.
Cindymaru a Hidden Leaf Shinobi
ugly hurts more
Aryanah Lewis
'Aryanah Lewis' 21 hours ago
My best friend says I sound like you when I sing
Aryanah Lewis
'Aryanah Lewis' 21 hours ago
Love you Beyoncé your like a mother to me
julia honorato
'julia honorato' 1 day ago
I'm in love with this song.
Aaron Carrillo
'Aaron Carrillo' 1 day ago
happy - a feeling that is kind of like a drug but you need it either way to survive to be honest.
marie white
'marie white' 1 day ago
Simply Beautiful and Touching 💖💖💖
Kynnedi Adderly
'Kynnedi Adderly' 1 day ago
Beyoncè you made me to believe in myself and never give up 👑👑👑👑👑 QUEEN B
cakr fox
'cakr fox' 1 day ago
it's so true pretty hurts like hell 😢
Dujon Kie
'Dujon Kie' 1 day ago
He says "Mrs 3rd Ward" but I hear "Mr Edward"
sara tfkh
'sara tfkh' 1 day ago
Unicornios S.A
'Unicornios S.A' 2 days ago
avakin life collins
I listen th hear music just cuz her voice is amazing
Brandon Lawson
'Brandon Lawson' 2 days ago
This song speaks to all those people on Botched. Dolly Parton, Kenny Roger's, Carrot top, MJ, etc. Hollywood. Trying to perfect people before they realize they've went overboard and wrecked themselves trying to achieve the most unrealistic thing PERFECTION. Just be happy with what God gave you, look into your souls and just be happy with yourself.
Florence Cooper
'Florence Cooper' 2 days ago
i love this song her voice is good in her i listen to it everyday
Taylor Domenech
'Taylor Domenech' 2 days ago
if anything I would be scooting my chair twords her
'amazingfroggy' 2 days ago
I wanted to comment earlier but I couldn't look away from the video
Samy King
'Samy King' 2 days ago
sorry but that girl that won, shes ugly af
gg gg
'gg gg' 2 days ago
when she throwed the trophies i sed:FUCK THE TROPHIES
Kat Montero
'Kat Montero' 2 days ago
Wait around the end of the video, did contestant Beyoncé have like gum her mouth?? Could that be why she was eliminated???
The lonley Spoon
'The lonley Spoon' 2 days ago
Darah Chloe L. Tadena Girl 123
you Years 7?
'LOLover' 2 days ago
that's so true
little_ cooky12
'little_ cooky12' 3 days ago
I wish people would accept me for who I am.
Tavia Acedo
'Tavia Acedo' 3 days ago
I hate society I really do... I go to middle school and hear my friends saying that they can't wait to grow up and get plastic surgery like Kylie Jenner with her butt and her lips and then I went home crying asking myself if I was beautiful and if I was good enough and if any boys would ever like me for me and not if I have a big butt or not😔😢💔
DeRon Brown
'DeRon Brown' 3 days ago
Candace Walker
'Candace Walker' 3 days ago
Are you happy with yourself?-Beyonce
Jorden Wilkerson
'Jorden Wilkerson' 3 days ago
Those girls don't know queen bee need to go somewhere lil ugly dudes
Jorden Wilkerson
'Jorden Wilkerson' 3 days ago
#It don't matter about you loook or what you wear it's what you and how you do it a 🙄 duhhh
Taylor Domenech
'Taylor Domenech' 3 days ago
Beyonce inspires me so much
Taylor Domenech
'Taylor Domenech' 3 days ago
Beyonce inspires me so much
Cassandra Larche
'Cassandra Larche' 3 days ago
<3 <3 <3
Momoo Plays
'Momoo Plays' 3 days ago
Maya Goodwin
'Maya Goodwin' 3 days ago
this gives me chills 😢❤
My little divas
'My little divas' 3 days ago
Justina Wassillie
'Justina Wassillie' 4 days ago
Жайна Анашева
Anna Raethel
'Anna Raethel' 4 days ago
Yet another over-glamorized obviously-works-out-constantly celebrity singing about the shallowness of the entertainment industry... The Irony!
Julia Yang
'Julia Yang' 4 days ago
Is it real?
'QuilavaCookie' 4 days ago
"Are you gay?"
Me:: * 4:08 - 4:17 *
lakenya gerideau
'lakenya gerideau' 4 days ago
My favorite song
Victoria Animation
My friend said she does not like Beyoncé...

I have officially shunned her oh and we are NOT friends any more
Lisa Rose/
'Lisa Rose/' 4 days ago
I love your video and song pretty hurt
Dimond Wimbush
'Dimond Wimbush' 4 days ago
No One Is Ugly 💙Everyone is beautiful 😍 the way they are !! #HAVEABLESSEDDAY💙💙
Ella McLaughlin
'Ella McLaughlin' 4 days ago
What I love about this song is that it doesn't just mean trying to be pretty hurts coz of heels 👠 and stuff,it also means even if you are stunning people will still call you ugly or say your fake and say your shallow,which I hate.I know some people will actually think your not pretty but most of the time they just want you to be unhappy coz (I know its always used but...) they really are jealous.Please don't be so worried about one person comment,think about all the great ones you will get.
leeann thompson
'leeann thompson' 4 days ago
cant believe katy perry and rihanna didnt want to sing thls song
Claudiu Lucian
'Claudiu Lucian' 5 days ago
This song describes perfectly the world right now, we are too desperate about looking the prettiest and don't realise that the personality is the most important thing. And to the people who commented, "pretty hurts" it's not about waxing or surgery, it's not the emotional pain, anxiety and insecurities caused by today's unrealistic beauty standards, which hurt a lot worse. The truth is everyone is beautiful. If you eat healthy, go to gym 2-3 times per week or exercise at home and run daily , have a positive self-image and smile as often as possible you will be happy, it's not about hair colour, skin colour, height, weight breasts, ass or muscles, it's not about size , it's about being healthy and happy. Stop comparing yourself to anyone except the yesterday's version of yourself. Just be happy to be yourself.
FennecFox16 NaiMai
When someone wins that's uglier then you....But you know you already won
Hannah pink
'Hannah pink' 5 days ago
Cristina Anghel
'Cristina Anghel' 5 days ago
5:09 my favorite part.
April Benge
'April Benge' 5 days ago
I can not believe that I have never seen this video or heard this song. It is absolutely amazing. This is how I have felt all my life. I have struggled on my own free will with this experience because I wanted to be perfect. I think society in the time that I was growing up groomed girls to feel that they had to be the perfect model. Beyoncé was absolutely amazing in the video and I thank her for showing to the world what society had done and is continuing to do to our little girls.
Rosangela Resendiz
Today society puts so much strain on the image of what a woman is suppose to look like! A real woman is riddled with imperfections. From stretch marks from giving birth to thick thighs and wide hips.. Beauty is accepting that you are flawed & loving the skin you are in.. I say if people can't accept that well then fuk you and keep it moving.. you ain't about to ruin my day..
Marika Spielau
'Marika Spielau' 5 days ago
Such an incredible Song and Message!!
imane kiki
'imane kiki' 5 days ago
amazing song love it
Σταυρούλα Λαγάνη
I love this song!!
shafi abdulmajid
'shafi abdulmajid' 5 days ago
sarafina jones
'sarafina jones' 6 days ago
i cant belive that girl ate a cotton ball
Patricia Costa
'Patricia Costa' 6 days ago
simplesmente perfeita
Sandra Ospina
'Sandra Ospina' 6 days ago
'strawberryroxc' 6 days ago
This song has such a great message that so many people over look. It is so much more than just the voice, its the meaning.
Vic Lin
'Vic Lin' 6 days ago
I mean... In the context of beauty competitions there is not really anything positive but otherwise prettiness is a great gift
Vic Lin
'Vic Lin' 6 days ago
But you're still the prettiest Queen-B!
Was that the message?
Elaine Oliveira
'Elaine Oliveira' 6 days ago
Não existe nada comparável a by ela é insubstituível
'svbreslin' 6 days ago
I have never cried about music before watching this
'Catcellot' 6 days ago
this song gave a really strong messege.This song is about being yourself and no need for plastik surgery or wearing makeup or blonde you hair its just be yourself even though your ugly but I think you are beautiful.
Joice ondangwa x ray
my soul need a surgery but i love the song so much and it inspire me too
Electro Songs
'Electro Songs' 7 days ago
she is truly an inspirations
Coleman Joyce
'Coleman Joyce' 7 days ago
Question why is there even such thing as Miss Universe and Miss America there shouldn't have to be Padgetts to let you know that you are the most beautiful person you can be and being that is awarding!?
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 7 days ago
So this is why my girlfriend is always in pain huh didnt know pretty hurts
Ronald Pinheiro
'Ronald Pinheiro' 7 days ago
At 5:55 that lady in the back is wearing the dress that Katy Perry wore in Unconditionally
Ronald Pinheiro
'Ronald Pinheiro' 7 days ago
I'm a guy and I all do to be pretty is wash my face in the morning and I stopped doing that a while ago bc really hygiene is a disease of a nation as well!!
youtube Iris fidellis
galera se esrevam no meu canal youtube iris fidellis vai la meus amores por favor beijos
R5 Zoeira BR
'R5 Zoeira BR' 1 week ago
i'm crying Because i'm anorexic
Kemal Gülen
'Kemal Gülen' 1 week ago
That's the one of great songs of Beyonce!
Lidyanne estrela
'Lidyanne estrela' 1 week ago
i love Beyoncé
Andrea Navas
'Andrea Navas' 1 week ago
me encanta esta canción 😍
Eve Clark
'Eve Clark' 1 week ago
God bless these two amazing singers 😔⚜️
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