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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

170, 748, 909 views

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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition.
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Additional Music Score by Elad Marish, Swell Music + Sound

Music video by Beyoncé performing Pretty Hurts. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

'RJ13' 3 hours ago
Person: You look great today!

Nina Dawson
'Nina Dawson' 3 hours ago
this one is so FUCKING DEEP
emre göreceli
'emre göreceli' 7 hours ago
Ulan bu karıya aşığım...
'milenna87' 9 hours ago
great song, written by Sia. :) a true talent
This is The time
'This is The time' 13 hours ago
I think Kanye it's right Beyoncé has better music and videos
'Let'sPlayConan' 14 hours ago
To be pretty is pretty hurt.
Ava Jackson
'Ava Jackson' 15 hours ago
it's not supposed to but sometimes it does
kadie bug
'kadie bug' 15 hours ago
our generation and people these days think boobs buts and beautiful people are the best you shouldn't date someone just because they are pretty or you shouldn't compliment someone just because you think they look good you should love and not label people on a scale of one to ten you should keep going no matter how people think how ugly or how pretty you are because it doesn't matter what is on the outside it matters what is on the inside because love is the most beautiful thing you can have and no matter what is on the outside no matter if you are black white caramel, you just be you because you don't need to change who you are for a person to like you the people that matter don't care and people that care about the way you look don't matter because everyone is created equally and they should be created equally stand up for what is right who is with me!!!! Beyonce is a feminist she believes that men and women should be paid equally, women should be able to dress like men, women should be able to vote, women should be able to run for president, and women should be treated no different than men no matter who is running for president
kadie bug
'kadie bug' 15 hours ago
No matter what I love beyonce I think I might be ok at singing but I want to have a amazing life like hers I always have loved to sing and I would love to be like her if anyone knows how old and where the best place is to sign a album with someone and btw how do you give people lyrics because I would want to do that too
Mimi Sousa
'Mimi Sousa' 18 hours ago
love in music
'MelBae' 1 day ago
So basically the girl with more plastic surgery done to her wins. Because that's what I saw
Mauricio Sanchez
'Mauricio Sanchez' 1 day ago
Seeing this scares me. Beautiful women Attempting to become something there not. Like said comparison is the thief of joy.
'Elizabeth' 1 day ago
'RedSnow101' 1 day ago
if only I was in a pageant and won I'd feel like I'm pretty for once. but it will hurt... either way I'm gonna hurt if I still feel like I'm ugly I'm gonna hurt more if I feel like I'm pretty it's gonna hurt
Vitória Helriguel
Italo Cartaxo
'Italo Cartaxo' 1 day ago
algum Br ?
Ammara Tanveer
'Ammara Tanveer' 2 days ago
'mariami' 2 days ago
columbia 😂😂😂👑💔
Rajendra Raditya
'Rajendra Raditya' 2 days ago
You want everybody see you as they see pretty girl? Then show them all by using your talents and skills
Keiosha Alieon
'Keiosha Alieon' 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure my soul is fine. It's this body 😂😩
Munkers Awesome
'Munkers Awesome' 2 days ago
well you know that they say.... pobody's nrefect
Jason Williams
'Jason Williams' 2 days ago
my mum Steph Edwards loves this song
Roy Graddick
'Roy Graddick' 2 days ago
it hurts
Carl Smith
'Carl Smith' 2 days ago
Yeah pretty hurts when you can only bag Jay-Z and he cheats on you!
Camila Castillo
'Camila Castillo' 2 days ago
In the end she said "are you happy with yourself?" damn that got to me.😢😭
Kasey Ford
'Kasey Ford' 2 days ago
Any and every girl should think they are beautiful. I do pageants for the fun of them, not to see who's prettier than me or anything. If you are judgmental you are just a jerk. God made each and every person like he wants them. It's not the face or the body that need fixing, it's the heart, soul, and mind that need fixing.
Forever Never
'Forever Never' 2 days ago
This reminds me of women trying there best to accepted by society it hurts if you think about it. 💔
B to the T to the S
One of my favourite songs of all time ❤ Sad ...songs that deserved attention remained underrated but trash songs get so much attention. That's new generation for ya I guess 😔
Jhon dancy
'Jhon dancy' 2 days ago
Algum brasileiro?.❤
Rodrigo Silva
'Rodrigo Silva' 2 days ago
2017 ? 💛
'Itsaelocin' 2 days ago
Can someone help me analyze the instruments used in this music video?
Breezy 281
'Breezy 281' 2 days ago
pretty does hurt. I plucked my eyebrows
high school all over again
listening to this while doing my makeup- #prettyhurts
Abir Wafi
'Abir Wafi' 3 days ago
3 years later and I still love this song
'Potatoe' 3 days ago
They announced the wrong winner, damn it Steve Harvey! Yonce won. She fucking slaaaay
Jamara Myles
'Jamara Myles' 3 days ago
Sarah Gray
'Sarah Gray' 3 days ago
after seeing this all yall haters need to do some serious thinking on how your actions effect other people because u don't nowe their past and I'm 11 and I wrote this u an adult and u can't get the message there's something wrong with that picture
iyana_ world
'iyana_ world' 3 days ago
i like this song
Yoanna Carmel
'Yoanna Carmel' 3 days ago
Yes pretty hurts that's why i'm always in pain 😂😂 -->🚪😓
'Beaufuls' 4 days ago
37,365+ people obviously do not get the message.
Tatiane Cardozo
'Tatiane Cardozo' 4 days ago
Quem tá assistindo em 2017 curte !🇧🇷💕
Aiz Ishibeng06
'Aiz Ishibeng06' 4 days ago
can't believe, sia wrote this song
'DOĞA UZUN' 4 days ago
Modellerden hiç hoşlanmam çünkü sahteler. Ama... Bu video onları daha iyi yansıtmış.
Aneesah Ali
'Aneesah Ali' 4 days ago
This song makes me feel like I don't have to change myself for anyone and I can be me and I adore Beyoncé for singing this beautiful song
Saphaire drawings
'Saphaire drawings' 4 days ago
pretty reallly hurts....

because i burnt myself with the curling iron many times XD
IDShawdow Flowerplantz
2:30 is that the guy form E.T? When the guy turns into a aliem
Dahlia Rivka
'Dahlia Rivka' 4 days ago
This song shows how she felt when her mom would make her do beauty pageants?
Zaria Burks
'Zaria Burks' 4 days ago
'Despondencys' 4 days ago
Probably the only who cried?
'Qwan' 4 days ago
I hate her so much for how she don't promote her songs and videos there are so many people that need to hear and see this
Miss. Chicken
'Miss. Chicken' 4 days ago
1:21 it starts
Samara santos
'Samara santos' 4 days ago
melhor voz melhor melhor cantora melhor tudo ♡♡
thatpersonwithalongname :3
the man at 3:29 he looks like a guy from and advert
jammamae 19
'jammamae 19' 4 days ago
But she's not pretty. There's the rub.
Fiora Crane
'Fiora Crane' 4 days ago
I rarely get emotional over songs, but having dealt and struggled with multiple eating disorders and mental illnesses from a young age on, this song manages to make me cry. Beauty standards and your own expectations of yourself, which you gain through the former and how you should look can bring you so far as to slowly kill yourself without even noticing. I've almost done so by starving myself to a very low weight of only 61 lbs at a height of 5'4 when I was only thirteen years old. I've then binged to get out of one of the many mental facilities/hospitals I was in, just to then feel even more caged in my own body after gaining a certain amount of weight. Then I've starved myself again by not eating anything for two weeks straight, just to then obtain the weight that I had lost all over again. And those were only fractions of the events of one year. It's getting "better", but I'm afraid that I will never live without the constant fear of gaining weight or the struggles of loosing it again. I wish anyone here who is currently struggling with themselves, something/someone else or going through any kind of hardships only the best of luck, understanding, help and support.
Marisa Pascall
'Marisa Pascall' 5 days ago
I love her and this song
Ryan Inall
'Ryan Inall' 5 days ago
and I think the judges are rude because I think they don't like color people that is rude
Ryan Inall
'Ryan Inall' 5 days ago
she is so pretty she should be in first place
melanie jones
'melanie jones' 6 days ago
i love this song
'sarkyization' 6 days ago
You're dark hearted soul definitely needs surgery FurHag!
Addie Graham
'Addie Graham' 6 days ago
I personally think this is her most powerful music video idk about y'all
Johanna Jean
'Johanna Jean' 6 days ago
The opening of this video is incredible. She sounds amazing accapella...
'Hayra' 6 days ago
Wow amazing...Wanted to cry damn
little girl
'little girl' 6 days ago
Sad but it is truth. Two years ago I had obssesion on diet and I was closer eating dioseder. I hated myself and i tried to kill my soul now i love myself so much thank of God I can be myself not someone else. :) This is song a little bit about me.
The Milk Man Fucks Your Wife 69
very good song with a great message
Ruby Inclan
'Ruby Inclan' 6 days ago
beautiful beyonce
Maria Eduarda
'Maria Eduarda' 6 days ago
maravilhosa, apenas!
Brad Sinegal
'Brad Sinegal' 6 days ago
you are so right pretty does hurt but it is worth it 😘😘😘😇😇😇😇😎😎😎😙😗
Lilianesilva Barbosa
beyonce I love me in love por you Love I say whats pretty husts 💜💖💕💎
'Ho'lee Chit' 6 days ago
Pretty does kinda hurt
Roxanne Thom
'Roxanne Thom' 7 days ago
I'm fat I wish I had those body's 😭
'Hikki' 7 days ago
So this song is barely known and "Who run the world, girls" which is basically 5 words repeated, with enormously annoying background sample, became a hit?
We're witnessing the downfall of humanity
Zora Fanning-Oliver
That is nice
Giovanni Libero
'Giovanni Libero' 7 days ago
I love this song
Marcos Antonio
'Marcos Antonio' 7 days ago
minha mãe gosta. dessa. músicas 😘
Emilly Camily
'Emilly Camily' 7 days ago
Emilly Camily
'Emilly Camily' 7 days ago
'Aisog' 7 days ago
We need more songs with message like this. One great song is not enough for people to change the way they see world and other people and stop judging others by their appearance.
Rach C
'Rach C' 1 week ago
I was hooked on this song for weeks when it came out. I couldn't go on to the rest of the songs lol
Third Eye
'Third Eye' 1 week ago
Are you happy with yourself....?

Biatch Please
'Biatch Please' 1 week ago
Beauty is in everyone and anyone god bless all you beautiful souls, and never let no one define who you really are 😘🌹🌼💎💎💎💖
Saralyn Bradley
'Saralyn Bradley' 1 week ago
I love it
Chantel Wong
'Chantel Wong' 1 week ago
this song is so powerful im crying
Marian Becerra Espinoza
muy buena musica<3
Lishasta Bates
'Lishasta Bates' 1 week ago
Lishasta Bates
'Lishasta Bates' 1 week ago
No buff there
Lishasta Bates
'Lishasta Bates' 1 week ago
I mean buff srry
Lishasta Bates
'Lishasta Bates' 1 week ago
I love Beyoncé. She's my favorite I love her in the bottom of my heart she's beatyful with no hair she's my sun she's my heart I feel bad for u girl just know u have a number 1 fan and another buff and I think ur pretty god made u good
Jose Ferrando
'Jose Ferrando' 1 week ago
I feel the Sia Vibe
'riotSoph' 1 week ago
This song still resonates with me so much, forever in love
'Dewi' 1 week ago
I love it!
BeyFan Bey
'BeyFan Bey' 1 week ago
170 million views
Lookesh Kathirmathy
I think Sia would have done just as good as Beyonce
Lee Minaj
'Lee Minaj' 1 week ago
This song drives me crazy
twilight xo
'twilight xo' 1 week ago
oooh the feels! i magically feel prettier
btw do they actually measure your waist for pageants
Tivolia •••IMVU•••
2014-2015 BEST MUSIC ERA
Adriele Souza
'Adriele Souza' 1 week ago
melhor música.💕💕
Alyssa Buxbaum
'Alyssa Buxbaum' 1 week ago
well we can all agree that beauty is empty
Alicia Sparrow
'Alicia Sparrow' 1 week ago
I'm glad she made this song. Even though she's Beyoncé and she's got the "it" body, she still has imperfections like everyone else.
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