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Internet Pop Quiz with Nick Kroll -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

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While backstage at The Tonight Show, Nick Kroll answers questions about Googling himself, Grindr and a very unexpected celebrity in his phone contacts.

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Internet Pop Quiz with Nick Kroll

Elle Helgesen
'Elle Helgesen' 3 months ago
Is he a actor, if he is he seems like a bad one...
Big Eazy
'Big Eazy' 3 months ago
He's trying way to hard
Jimmy Two-Times
'Jimmy Two-Times' 3 months ago
He looks like the memes with giant foreheads.
'MillerMooseMan' 3 months ago
I laughed
Phillip M
'Phillip M' 3 months ago
he is so very cute to me.
Lex Car
'Lex Car' 3 months ago
This isn't even remotely funny...
'xWolfiAn' 3 months ago
The douche.
magicianul briiliant
'magicianul briiliant' 3 months ago
u stupidd
'wut' 3 months ago
Rick Roll
New Message
'New Message' 3 months ago
Not enough tuna.
'Jaqueline' 3 months ago
Always hilarious.
'kingbrittshots' 3 months ago
"The douche is gonna be a daddy"
Brahma Nurseta
'Brahma Nurseta' 3 months ago
Kevin Montalto
'Kevin Montalto' 3 months ago
'580patriot' 3 months ago
Lord Aku
'Lord Aku' 3 months ago
trying way to hard to be funny.
adam roberts
'adam roberts' 3 months ago
Nearly every answer he gave was sarcastic & overall not very amusing
Nick Kateris
'Nick Kateris' 3 months ago
That 30 rock googling oneself joke
Salvador Navarrete
'Salvador Navarrete' 3 months ago
'qazplm114' 3 months ago
Sometimes i wish i could play some of the diverse roles nick kroll plays like the rat faced childrens hospital doctor, or the rat faced attorney
Cooper Hilinsky
'Cooper Hilinsky' 3 months ago
Forever Unclean!!!!
Pblock Dlreng
'Pblock Dlreng' 3 months ago
I found out last week that AOL was actually still around and it had millions of users still. Apparently many rural areas in America lack high speed and still have to use dial up.
'LENALOHA' 3 months ago
It's disconcerting seeing him in a suit but not acting like he does on the League! hahah
Ayesha Ammar
'Ayesha Ammar' 3 months ago
early for this
'Selleswiet' 3 months ago
This is not a talented man
abert bing
'abert bing' 3 months ago
video starts at 0:00
Astrid Wright
'Astrid Wright' 3 months ago
Delaney Winton
'Delaney Winton' 3 months ago
Oh my god Kroll
SoldierSword Jamaa
'SoldierSword Jamaa' 3 months ago
I thought his name was Rick Roll
tamiya patel
'tamiya patel' 3 months ago
ur so funny Jimmy Fallon i really like u
Brayden Carle
'Brayden Carle' 3 months ago
Don't like this comment
Marcos Amparo
'Marcos Amparo' 3 months ago
He should just change his name to Nick Troll and be done with.
I, Sheldon Cooper, want 10,000 Subscribers
I would have been able to answer all the questions because I know everything.
Corrupted TBNR
'Corrupted TBNR' 3 months ago
I like turtles
Mia Hsu
'Mia Hsu' 3 months ago
random harmonizer
'random harmonizer' 3 months ago
Ari Brooks
'Ari Brooks' 3 months ago
'NomiBanoni' 3 months ago
6th comment
'Ungemalt' 3 months ago
Danelle Mann
'Danelle Mann' 3 months ago
And hi
'Chadology' 3 months ago
Danelle Mann
'Danelle Mann' 3 months ago
The Derp Scientist
'The Derp Scientist' 3 months ago
6 seconds ago 4 views gg
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