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Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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It's soccer (football) time!
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StoryTeller TV
'StoryTeller TV' 26 minutes ago
Jeeva tirupathi
'Jeeva tirupathi' 3 hours ago
V Didha
'V Didha' 7 hours ago
you dude have no power about football or soccer (whatever how you call it)
'NJR11 NJR11' 7 hours ago
good video
Juicymender1616 B
'Juicymender1616 B' 9 hours ago
Ibraheem Yusuf
'Ibraheem Yusuf' 17 hours ago
I like Jones's haircut
Ibraheem Yusuf
'Ibraheem Yusuf' 17 hours ago
Arsenal or Man City? I choose Man City. What would you choose?
Ibraheem Yusuf
'Ibraheem Yusuf' 17 hours ago
You normally play basketball
Ibraheem Yusuf
'Ibraheem Yusuf' 17 hours ago
Dude Perfect you haven't played soccer that much
L7 Looh_911
'L7 Looh_911' 20 hours ago
Sterling has better good barber
MurtazaLets Play
'MurtazaLets Play' 20 hours ago
You are awesome
giorgi gorgadze
'giorgi gorgadze' 20 hours ago
Twatter Uzer
'Twatter Uzer' 1 day ago
this is not a soccer you shit and this is not trickshot either this is training you dude shit
Bernardo Brandão
oh my goad
Jose Garcia
'Jose Garcia' 2 days ago
Main Manski
'Main Manski' 2 days ago
Raheem sterling 6:24 I have no idea what he was doing
tyler wolfe
'tyler wolfe' 2 days ago
Zachary Roberson
'Zachary Roberson' 2 days ago
can you make more videos
Zachary Roberson
'Zachary Roberson' 2 days ago
I love dued p
zRaidz spawnz
'zRaidz spawnz' 2 days ago
arsenal is epic
Talal and Zaid
'Talal and Zaid' 2 days ago
Please guys can you sub to my channel my goal is 150 subs my parents will get me a puppy
zRaidz spawnz
'zRaidz spawnz' 2 days ago
Arnold epic
Antonio Negru
'Antonio Negru' 2 days ago
Rose Mond
'Rose Mond' 2 days ago
padree mako
Mr Two
'Mr Two' 2 days ago
See the football vs football video we did with Soccer AM
Dr Aniis
'Dr Aniis' 2 days ago
sometimes i get mad when the call an egg FOOTBALL and call football SOCCER.
Billy Blackout420
'Billy Blackout420' 2 days ago
Trickshots by real soccer players not very impressive......
David Morrison
'David Morrison' 3 days ago
Dod perfect is the best at soccer
madness pro
'madness pro' 3 days ago
shut up
'MovieMan' 3 days ago
Nice Song 👌🏻
2:07-2:08 that dab
Alaa m
'Alaa m' 3 days ago
Title Correction: Soccer Shots | Dude Perfect
Fabian Schreck
'Fabian Schreck' 3 days ago
FC Bayern for ever
Kinho CraftGamer
'Kinho CraftGamer' 3 days ago
What is the name of the background music?
'TheK9Queen' 3 days ago
I love being British and confusing my American friends with my words 😝
Dian Diyan
'Dian Diyan' 3 days ago
I love Liverpool YNWA i hate Raheem Sterling
Dian Diyan
'Dian Diyan' 3 days ago
Nice one bruh
Burnley OMG
'Burnley OMG' 3 days ago
Jones was better haircut but that was amazing to see raheem sterling and Kevin de bruyne it was sick and epic
Manuel Escalante
'Manuel Escalante' 3 days ago
curry is the best
herp young
'herp young' 3 days ago
oh yeah
Tiffany Cellitto
'Tiffany Cellitto' 4 days ago
Israel Howard
'Israel Howard' 4 days ago
codys haircut was better
Freddie Baker
'Freddie Baker' 4 days ago
Awesome video
Dominic Tinnelly
'Dominic Tinnelly' 4 days ago
Nathan Powell
'Nathan Powell' 4 days ago
oh and please do it at anfield
Nathan Powell
'Nathan Powell' 4 days ago
no Liverpool what man you need sturridge number 15
Salad Beach
'Salad Beach' 4 days ago
wats the music?
'Daniel_jw3579' 4 days ago
Sorry to break it to ya but this is called 'football'
Donald_Trump The donald
Listen to yanks talk about football is terrible.......if a European was talking about baseball and instead of saying home run we said like house fucken much would that get on ur nerves....stick to American football and that shit leave the football to us ya
vodk annibis
'vodk annibis' 4 days ago
Soccer? Nah mate football. You americans need to realise that you play with an egg shaped ball and the majority of the time you use your hands so therefore you guys play hand egg. While we play with a ball using our feet which = football. No wonder your country elected Trump.
Kartik Rawat
'Kartik Rawat' 4 days ago
Like if u found the difference😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aman Deep Beuria
'Aman Deep Beuria' 4 days ago
adrian 2897
'adrian 2897' 4 days ago
one more day until this video reaches 1 year old
XMert Gamer
'XMert Gamer' 4 days ago
Erik Hernandez
'Erik Hernandez' 4 days ago
when they did the outro why wasnt tylers hair cut the way they did in the video
Danielle McQuillen
Sergio Alvarado
'Sergio Alvarado' 5 days ago
sick job
anant sahay
'anant sahay' 5 days ago
Get man united
'Ethansics' 5 days ago
I love how dp makes this insane content

And still uploads WAY more than Dan and Phil
Lisa Taglarino
'Lisa Taglarino' 5 days ago
Annie Gavin
'Annie Gavin' 5 days ago
when they asked whos haircut was better were thy serious?

tys was da bomb
Man Boy
'Man Boy' 5 days ago
You guys need to learn European terms
Jose felix villarreal Espinoza
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Julissa Mercado
'Julissa Mercado' 6 days ago
I just made a channel go check it out guys!
Erion Malici
'Erion Malici' 6 days ago
'Swagstar123' 6 days ago
£49 million pound waste
Buck Tan
'Buck Tan' 6 days ago
people from manchester city i know but from arsanal i dont know
Gabby Benj
'Gabby Benj' 6 days ago
Lol watch my vid Water Bottle Flip Gabby Benj and go subscribe
kids perfect hmja
'kids perfect hmja' 6 days ago
this amazing
Andrew Bell
'Andrew Bell' 6 days ago
Cody s haircut is best.Can t you do Soccer Trick Shots with Messi
Andre Golledge
'Andre Golledge' 6 days ago
what is the song
wai hooi
'wai hooi' 6 days ago
RobotUnicorn Junior
I Love Dude Perfect, they are the BEST at everything. #dudeperfectrules
Exotic Players
'Exotic Players' 7 days ago
lol Horsey Lover
'lol Horsey Lover' 7 days ago
Their soccer ⚽️ are sketchy that is why they are so cool because the shots are real
Bogadi Prashanth
'Bogadi Prashanth' 7 days ago
what's the name of the song
Christian Garcia
'Christian Garcia' 7 days ago
do a blablad chalinh dude prfite
S3 Pogba
'S3 Pogba' 7 days ago
De bruyune fait sa en mach
Gangster vegas Epic fails
Wanna be Sidemen
'Wanna be Sidemen' 7 days ago
What about Ronaldo
Shaafin Rob
'Shaafin Rob' 1 week ago
Sterling gave the guy a better haircut
Shaafin Rob
'Shaafin Rob' 1 week ago
If you skip to 5:13 you realize the microphone's actually a torch
kamrul alam
'kamrul alam' 1 week ago
Cody haircut was better than tylers
Juice Martin
'Juice Martin' 1 week ago
Cash McNeely
'Cash McNeely' 1 week ago
Tyler I subscribed
'ELAMI GAMING' 1 week ago
ty has the best haircut
Sayan Ali
'Sayan Ali' 1 week ago
Really cool video it was really good
CreeperTV -
'CreeperTV -' 1 week ago
Nice Videos
Sabien Flamang
'Sabien Flamang' 1 week ago
trump de koe yes
Sabien Flamang
'Sabien Flamang' 1 week ago
hxjbxjncjnc dnnhdbxsx shx bssbxbsn sbsd sjbdbdsbdsd

dcscsbqsncnbcbnscccvdc hjqcvvdvdcv
Sabien Flamang
'Sabien Flamang' 1 week ago
wtf its verry good
Sibling Goals
'Sibling Goals' 1 week ago
how do u do that? good job
douk Kaussal
'douk Kaussal' 1 week ago
That was not cool than Messi did
kiran2008maaliks GAMING AND FUN TIME
the sidemen is the master of cross bar
'Battlefrontboss' 1 week ago
Ty's haircut is baller
Roy Janus
'Roy Janus' 1 week ago
Codys was way awesomer
Mr. Green Creeper
'Mr. Green Creeper' 1 week ago
Good video
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