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Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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It's soccer (football) time!
►See the football vs football video we did with Soccer AM!

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►Click HERE to watch us hang with Arsenal!


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'BOB21' 45 minutes ago
at 6.13 there is a little glitch by TY
Rainbow Lasers
'Rainbow Lasers' 2 hours ago
Not city and arsenal
Harold Groves
'Harold Groves' 5 hours ago
do soccer trick shots 2 please
Hussey Pyes
'Hussey Pyes' 13 hours ago
Scooter 101 Skateboards suck
ty has the best hair cut
Mansur Ali
'Mansur Ali' 14 hours ago
i play football
Welly belly Mole
'Welly belly Mole' 16 hours ago
Who's watching in 2017
Matthew Vinall
'Matthew Vinall' 17 hours ago
Bubble Blowing
'Bubble Blowing' 17 hours ago
Go curry
Luca Alves
'Luca Alves' 18 hours ago
cody was so much better
'Cxeri93' 20 hours ago
Take #5,456
Savage Hockey Bros
'Savage Hockey Bros' 21 hours ago
Dude perfect sucks at soccer
Workout Supreme
'Workout Supreme' 1 day ago
What's the name of the song at the beginning
Underground Smasher
Do one with Real Madrid and man united
איתי רוה
'איתי רוה' 1 day ago
so british. much tea
DA5 - David C
'DA5 - David C' 1 day ago
I'm thinking about the fact that i'm a real shit in football.
Varujan Hambardumyan
Jerry Balignasa
'Jerry Balignasa' 2 days ago
its cody he so cool
Allyson Coles-Sokal
Tyler's is better
Dara Genzel
'Dara Genzel' 2 days ago
ɷɷ ᕼEEY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕITTTT : -
Gregory Indelicato
tys hair cut is better
'MR CAROL' 2 days ago
Martin Rob
'Martin Rob' 2 days ago
Dylan Waldrum
'Dylan Waldrum' 2 days ago
nevin nelson
'nevin nelson' 2 days ago
shave the bearddd !!
Soccer Chango
'Soccer Chango' 2 days ago
Do a soccer trick shot 2
Elias Valdovines
'Elias Valdovines' 2 days ago
Codys hair
'harshshah1213' 2 days ago
'6abriel' 3 days ago
Ft. Messi
Mr MidNight
'Mr MidNight' 3 days ago
Lets go Arsenal
Rob Banta
'Rob Banta' 3 days ago
Soccer = Most boring sport on Earth
Is it weird that Both of those soccer teams are named after a airport ?
Ömer Samet Gökdeniz
What is the name of the music playing at the back?
'J F D O' 3 days ago
suscribete a mi canal Si hablas español te lo hagradeceria
Big Boom
'Big Boom' 3 days ago
I made my first Trickshot video, i am looking forward if you watch it and can give me feedback please! :)
'Toxicgamer277' 3 days ago
we call it football in the uk
Петр Васильев
Like for a hairdress)))
crazy iron golem man gaming
Do you live in Australia
Anchal Melwani
'Anchal Melwani' 3 days ago
Cody's haircut is so much better
Mathew Rand
'Mathew Rand' 3 days ago
'Gooloogongia' 3 days ago
WHERE IS LORD BENDTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Tokar
'Nick Tokar' 4 days ago
even the soccer (football) player is a GSW bandwagon. btw warriors blew a 3-1 lead.
'JJBAGz' 4 days ago
3:37 he got that right its a trolley i call it trolley
Jacob Adams
'Jacob Adams' 4 days ago
U should have a video with an NHL player
Nick Valdiviezo // NickV
I would've saved all those pk's
Christian Torres
'Christian Torres' 4 days ago
Cody is better
koman lau
'koman lau' 4 days ago
The language barrier thing just showed how un-sophisticated Americans are
Nicholas Ritona
'Nicholas Ritona' 4 days ago
Ty will turn into the Rage Monster.
Mario Gamez
'Mario Gamez' 4 days ago
Tys haircut is better
Damian Robinson
'Damian Robinson' 4 days ago
Mushtaq Choudhary
'Mushtaq Choudhary' 4 days ago
Ali Grava
'Ali Grava' 4 days ago
Titan Magsino
'Titan Magsino' 4 days ago
that slide in gong gong song made ty the celebrations king
Eli Chris
'Eli Chris' 4 days ago
Lakk o
'Lakk o' 4 days ago
More soccer!
Jamie Long
'Jamie Long' 4 days ago
you guys are so good
harre ravendrakumar
Do more soccer things
sham zam
'sham zam' 4 days ago
Ikjyot Singh
'Ikjyot Singh' 4 days ago
what is the song name
HamdanHackZ YT
'HamdanHackZ YT' 5 days ago
Noel Chand
'Noel Chand' 5 days ago
Cory has the best hair
Cristian Grimes
'Cristian Grimes' 5 days ago
Like your videos
Lucas Pryce-page
'Lucas Pryce-page' 5 days ago
I like your videos
Nathan MacBride
'Nathan MacBride' 5 days ago
'FredvsEverything' 5 days ago
Without a doubt, Cody's hair was better
Wow is it realy zayAy Yt
Dude perfect make s trick shot video with f2 freestylers check ther chanel out
Ann Conway
'Ann Conway' 5 days ago
Nice job on the. shots
Morgan Perez
'Morgan Perez' 5 days ago
my mom changed my picture
Morgan Perez
'Morgan Perez' 5 days ago
thats my dad calum
Conrad Porter
'Conrad Porter' 5 days ago
Josh vlogs
'Josh vlogs' 5 days ago
The gk gloves that ty wore i have them
'LDTLInGaming' 5 days ago
de bruyne is a belgium
Steven Parker
'Steven Parker' 5 days ago
tys is better
Erin Predmore
'Erin Predmore' 5 days ago
Tyler's haircut is better
محمد Moujahid
'محمد Moujahid' 5 days ago
im a big fan of soccer
Rian 24
'Rian 24' 5 days ago
More Soccer videos with Ronaldo, messi and other
Sourikta Nag
'Sourikta Nag' 5 days ago
fucking idiots it Football..Not soccer
Chicken Eoghan
'Chicken Eoghan' 5 days ago
I'm sorry dude perfect but you call it soccer but it's football and your the only country in the world that calls it soccer
Sam Sherlow
'Sam Sherlow' 5 days ago
They're cheering because he kicked a ball in a bottom corner 😂
jaiden Welsh
'jaiden Welsh' 5 days ago
sub to me i have sixteen subs
Blanca Alcala
'Blanca Alcala' 6 days ago
agree Ethan
'Brady_Gould16' 6 days ago
You should do volleyball tricks shots
'Leo's World' 6 days ago
Do one with Barcelona and real madrid
'Mindbogglers' 6 days ago
Dude perfect did almost nothing this video
Babin Nepal
'Babin Nepal' 6 days ago
Use all the dude prefect subs and I like codys
Hussain Ahmed
'Hussain Ahmed' 6 days ago
It's not pk it's gk
Jose Rolando Gonzalez
why so serius men
Leo cole
'Leo cole' 6 days ago
'Skyander3000' 6 days ago
You need to do a video with Stephen Curry
paolo girardi
'paolo girardi' 6 days ago
why the fuck are they always screaming, running and doin' weird american gestures?
Mighty mason Phillips
Cody's better
Jamie Playz99
'Jamie Playz99' 6 days ago
lol haircut
Zayd Mahfuz
'Zayd Mahfuz' 6 days ago
I like arslaone more
'IAN WILSON' 6 days ago
Do a trickshot vid with Trump XD Have a no looker basketball shot over a big wall
Karolina B
'Karolina B' 6 days ago
and my favorite plyer is curry
Desmond Currie
'Desmond Currie' 6 days ago
they play for english clubs obviously they are going to say trolley and boots
gabriel medina
'gabriel medina' 6 days ago
cody's hair cut is better
AnNewAccount AnNewAccount
What country do these people live in
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