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Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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It's soccer (football) time!
►See the football vs football video we did with Soccer AM!

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►Click HERE to watch us hang with Arsenal!


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the toaster
'the toaster' 5 hours ago
baseball with Mike trout
Michael Fendsack
'Michael Fendsack' 12 hours ago
Nice Hair Cuts???????????
bad boy nebulous YT
'bad boy nebulous YT' 16 hours ago
hahahaha my names calum
Tom Matthews
'Tom Matthews' 17 hours ago
Yes, Effective Soccer Trick!
SV2 double aces
'SV2 double aces' 23 hours ago
I'd let them cut my hair 😂😂
benjamin veen
'benjamin veen' 1 day ago
arsenal is from the netherlands you know? i am from the netherlands
'ItsPantha' 1 day ago
They're fake
Gustav Gellert Johansen 4B Sønder Otting Skole
It's so cool That you Can meget dem
Pedtoon FP Channel
I see dude perfect's subscriber is fedfe
David Trowbridge
'David Trowbridge' 1 day ago
6:06 your wife?!
'PumakatFTW13' 1 day ago
Raheem Sterling
Best guy in the video
Challenge accepted !
Do more soccer plz🙃😉😩
Junior Barrera
'Junior Barrera' 1 day ago
Jerard Rapalo
'Jerard Rapalo' 1 day ago
For the soccer players out there, this looks easy...
'JDDGames#WinnZ0' 1 day ago
I wish it was Messi.....
West End
'West End' 2 days ago
Soccer? You mean FOOTBALL 😂 Americans go play your shitty American Soccer.
'MasterCosmic' 2 days ago
If i were in the hunger games my weapon would be a katana
Prosiri Sirinan
'Prosiri Sirinan' 2 days ago
I'm throm England we call it football
Anton Servranckx
'Anton Servranckx' 2 days ago
what the intro music?
The Kanał :D
'The Kanał :D' 2 days ago
Surely you meant "football"
emraled bomber
'emraled bomber' 2 days ago
kes how many times ty got hit in the face on the ty trust ball
Loic Beeuwsaert
'Loic Beeuwsaert' 2 days ago
americans can not speak english
Mohid Khan
'Mohid Khan' 2 days ago
tys is best
Mohid Khan
'Mohid Khan' 2 days ago
toys is best.
Yasmin KTBSPA!
'Yasmin KTBSPA!' 2 days ago
4th time seeing this and I'm still not fed up
Game Spy
'Game Spy' 2 days ago
Why don't you'll go for a world tour
Matthew Powers
'Matthew Powers' 2 days ago
sub to Matthew Powers
'CLASH OF DRIFTER' 2 days ago
i want to be in your team because your rich
Adam Gilowski
'Adam Gilowski' 2 days ago
Who is watching this wideo on 2017?
Moop Joop
'Moop Joop' 2 days ago
Like meet dude perfect
Sub meet Ronaldo
Project pokemon408codes
Project pokemon408codes
Alex Fortman
'Alex Fortman' 2 days ago
I like Stephen curry too
Logan45 Gamer
'Logan45 Gamer' 2 days ago
Do Messi
Josh Matthews
'Josh Matthews' 2 days ago
they should do a swimming stereotype video
Jada sanantonio
'Jada sanantonio' 2 days ago
i subscibed
'ALL THOUGHT: CAR' 2 days ago
ssssssuuuuubbbbssssccccrrrrriiiibbbbbeeeee meeeee
CG 14
'CG 14' 3 days ago
Tyler's haircut
george lolis
'george lolis' 3 days ago
'TheHarper34' 3 days ago
I could join to help stop a pk
Arda Reisss
'Arda Reisss' 3 days ago
OMG !!! De Bruyne
Jessefuerst Fuerst
both hair cuts
BIG Perfect
'BIG Perfect' 3 days ago
Tyler's haircut is better!!!
Soren Smith
'Soren Smith' 4 days ago
I want to join!!!!!!
unicon boy
'unicon boy' 4 days ago
ty S hair is better
'McMuffinFluffin' 4 days ago
Lol he was like woops
Diamond Bros
'Diamond Bros' 4 days ago
subscriber I
Diamond Bros
'Diamond Bros' 4 days ago
abonniert mich
San Revan
'San Revan' 4 days ago
How to 😪
Jake Dillon
'Jake Dillon' 4 days ago
I love Man City.
'phsgolfcoach' 4 days ago
Julian Alfaro
'Julian Alfaro' 4 days ago
Julian Alfaro
'Julian Alfaro' 4 days ago
cody had the best haircut at this video
John Golemis
'John Golemis' 4 days ago
manchester city
Khanh Xuan
'Khanh Xuan' 4 days ago
Fuck you
Ethan McCormick
'Ethan McCormick' 4 days ago
Kevin de behind seems cool
'Milo's Mind' 4 days ago
I like Cody's haircut better
Back Post
'Back Post' 4 days ago
Hey guys I'm starting a new soccer channel and just posted my first quick trick shot video. Feel free to go check it out. More and better content to come!
L&D Fifa
'L&D Fifa' 4 days ago
Pick really bad arsenal players and Man City's best players 😂😂
Soccer Shots
'Soccer Shots' 5 days ago
OK Calum Chambers And Mathieu Flamini, At Least Get Someone Like Dele Alli, Or Even Harry Kane
Phil Greenall
'Phil Greenall' 5 days ago
I'm actually a Manchester city fan
Bryer Korosec
'Bryer Korosec' 5 days ago
ty is better
'Baseball88M' 5 days ago
Tyler had the best hair cut
Soccer fans Games
'Soccer fans Games' 5 days ago
which song did you'll choose?????????????
'Eucliwood' 5 days ago
Ty, Football means soccer.
British people say Football instead of soccer. And also Trolley is a shopping cart in UK.
ango mango and bro and friends
plz sub 2 me i do soccer vids!
'N2S' 5 days ago
Charlie Sheehy
'Charlie Sheehy' 5 days ago
stop at 6:07
Charlie Sheehy
'Charlie Sheehy' 5 days ago
Soccer players have more pace than American football players but I guess they have heavy suits on but still I can run faster than any of them
Sean Miller
'Sean Miller' 5 days ago
Neriman Kilic
'Neriman Kilic' 6 days ago
dude perfkt
cok super
Neriman Kilic
'Neriman Kilic' 6 days ago
super vidyo
Neriman Kilic
'Neriman Kilic' 6 days ago
7TOG VirgoNickPlays
Dude Perfect you forgot panda 🐼 so you can if you did not forget him
'Buckry420' 6 days ago
Eli Manning
'Eli Manning' 6 days ago
You are all quite hideous
Renlox Plays
'Renlox Plays' 6 days ago
I like channel
nova cycle
'nova cycle' 6 days ago
you guys need to get Ronaldo.
FireFnafBoy HD
'FireFnafBoy HD' 7 days ago
FAKE!!! how can a ball turn?
Gamer Dude
'Gamer Dude' 7 days ago
what is song called
Jorni Monsecour
'Jorni Monsecour' 7 days ago
Waar zijn die Belgen hier #loveKevinDeBruyne
Marcus Slaatta
'Marcus Slaatta' 7 days ago
Arsenal er best
Daniel owen-jones
'Daniel owen-jones' 7 days ago
love it
Hom Giri
'Hom Giri' 1 week ago
woah kjkkjkjkkjkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ricardo Rosas
'Ricardo Rosas' 1 week ago
Travelsoccerpro131 Moncrief
How do u know them?
Brian Chandler
'Brian Chandler' 1 week ago
Dude Perfect= DP= Double Penetration ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
This is Hium
'This is Hium' 1 week ago
Raheem Sterling is so bad
Sir Iodine
'Sir Iodine' 1 week ago
should definitely do soccer stereotypes
Miguel Canabrava
'Miguel Canabrava' 1 week ago
United is better
anass chakik
'anass chakik' 1 week ago
Jekyll and hype best song ever
Jack Thug
'Jack Thug' 1 week ago
'PLANET DIYS' 1 week ago
Tys hairdo is better
GAMEUP90 candyCANe
How does it feel DudePerfect to meet famous people like De Bruyne?!?!😀😀
Jake Adams
'Jake Adams' 1 week ago
good make some more
'Enis_Mustafa' 1 week ago
Belgium 2017 ?? iemand
'KABOOM KID' 1 week ago
Hey Sub here and I will sub back with 4 accounts with in 1 day
Katie Mantell
'Katie Mantell' 1 week ago
you guys are mean
Henry Wh
'Henry Wh' 1 week ago
I play soccer. Sweet video and I liked and subscribed
Maksym Hulam
'Maksym Hulam' 1 week ago
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