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Draymond Green Yells At Kevin Durant | Warriors vs Grizzlies | 1/6/17 -
Published: 4 months ago By: Highlightness

By: HighlightnessPublished: 4 months ago

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Jst sayit
'Jst sayit' 4 months ago
I'm surprised Draymond didn't kick KD in the nuts. 😂
Tee Raw
'Tee Raw' 3 months ago
Draymond said "Why didnt you let curry run the offense you dumb fuck!" now curry is running the offense and winning games like nothin
john doe
'john doe' 3 months ago
imagine a nigga talking to king james like that
Spicy x1
'Spicy x1' 3 months ago
I think Draymond Green needs to purchase NBA 2k15 and try playing "my career" in Hall of Simulation.
Donald E
'Donald E' 3 months ago
Viral discussion. Going Viral....
'YEEKEE Kwon' 4 months ago
kd: miss my nigga russell
Trip S.
'Trip S.' 4 months ago
Shocking meltdown by the warriors at home. After having lived in the bay area for nearly 4 years now, I cannot remember another game that it looked like was totally in the bag in the 3rd quarter only to see the final and say, "They lost by what?!?"
'I'm Batman' 4 months ago
Green the only reason Golden state don't get blown out game in and out
Nakeria Jenkins
'Nakeria Jenkins' 4 months ago
u guys do know own that he was yelling out of confidence u know like a pep talk from ur team mates,but he had to yell or seem like he was yelling because it's super loud in there😑 and if he was really yelling u really think kd would have took it like that by shaking his hand
Jesus Robles
'Jesus Robles' 4 months ago
I would of banged em
Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!
KD a BITCH this proves it, how a superstar like him gonna let a Trash player like Green talk to him like that?
Money Treez
'Money Treez' 4 months ago
bouta punch kd soft ass
'alberts1985' 4 months ago
Dumb video- can't believe it's trending 😡
'ericlogos' 4 months ago
he's yelling "tonight, I'M the pitcher and you're the catcher"' " then we trade off wit Steph and Clay."
'bison1203' 4 months ago
Hey, welcome to the world of ISO ball, GS! We in OKC have watched it for YEARS. Your turn to be pissed.
'马锐敏' 4 months ago
damn,they were just talking!
'creekandseminole' 4 months ago
Come one Itsreal85 do yo thang!!! Do some more NBA TRASH TALK!!! lolz also do Malice at the Palace while your at it!
Tony Lawliet
'Tony Lawliet' 4 months ago
Draymond is just trying to be a leader
Alan Johnson
'Alan Johnson' 4 months ago
Green needs to remember Durant is a super star and a scoring machine, Green is average at best.
john doe
'john doe' 4 months ago
you can tell durant appreciated that passion
J Arias
'J Arias' 4 months ago
i woulda slapped the shit outta green for disrespecting me like dat on front of my fans
Santi Moreno
'Santi Moreno' 4 months ago
KD looking like " Russell would never yell at me"
John Smith
'John Smith' 4 months ago
Cavs gonna win the Finals in 5 this year. GS isn't as good a team as last year. Cleveland is better than last year. Go LeBron!!
'CamATL' 4 months ago
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Conner Cox
'Conner Cox' 4 months ago
The only teams in the west who have a chance at beating the Warriors in a series are the Spurs, and the Jazz(If Jazz is 100% healthy).
Andre Carter
'Andre Carter' 4 months ago
This is the type of communication that will have to take place if they plan on defeating the Cavs this year. Draymond knows it!!!!
'Nick' 4 months ago
you can obviously tell whos the bandwagoner and whos a real fan in these comment sections 😂😂😂
Tony Spade
'Tony Spade' 4 months ago
Stupid ass pussy society!!
This is what you call PASSION!
Why KD has NEVER won a chip and Draymond has.
'Theophilus' 4 months ago
He said it was cool during the press conf. not a big deal - get over it people, team mates disputing over plays is better verbally announced than not. As iron sharpens iron - they're bettering each other~~~ DUBS!
Will Fitton
'Will Fitton' 4 months ago
Everyone misunderstands. He was telling him that they weren't playing like a championship team. He was venting, not yelling specifically at him.
'fujimode' 4 months ago
BR Rider
'BR Rider' 4 months ago
Draymond suspended: Bron goes off for 40
Draymond back: Bron goes off for 40

Sit tf down 😂
CARSINO. productions
'CARSINO. productions' 4 months ago
There's a difference between leadership and yelling....... and then there's Draymond Green
'oJuanyy' 4 months ago
His mama ain't raise no bitch
Joey August
'Joey August' 4 months ago
Draymond Green has now been reported missing. If anyone has any information on his dissapearance please contact crimestoppers.
'abernathy0011' 4 months ago
Gaymon just mad cause his lips never touch....
Sahro Abdalla
'Sahro Abdalla' 4 months ago
the ball buster just bitched kd I bet if his arms weren't so skinny he a argue back
Trace On
'Trace On' 4 months ago
All I wanted to see is Draymond getting a massage
'datDANK' 4 months ago
he missed 3 free throws in a row
Posese Pulu
'Posese Pulu' 4 months ago
How did they get a garbage can to yell at another garbage can? Crazy stuff
Greg Lion
'Greg Lion' 4 months ago
sport for dumb dumbs
Tyler delahay
'Tyler delahay' 4 months ago
KD with crying MJ face saying "stop it.... get some help"
'evanb0869' 4 months ago
Aww look at all the poor blacks in this video who have to suffer because of white privilege. #BLM
'WookieNutSack' 4 months ago
Draymond was yelling at KD for blowing a 3-1 lead, but then remembered he blew a 3-1 lead as well.
Cherice Beauty
'Cherice Beauty' 4 months ago
He definitely wasn't yelling at him...
Greg The car guy
'Greg The car guy' 4 months ago
He should have just kicked him in the nuts.. that's all donkeys know how to do
That One Zelda Fan
'That One Zelda Fan' 4 months ago
The Warriors wont win.
I'm a Warriors fan, and well if they're not a team, then they won't win
Edgar Navarro
'Edgar Navarro' 4 months ago
And Vaz
'And Vaz' 4 months ago
Donkey ! XD
Richie Phillips
'Richie Phillips' 4 months ago
Draymond is a bad tempered punk.
Y Gui
'Y Gui' 4 months ago
Look at that role player yelling at DURANT!
Khai Nguyen
'Khai Nguyen' 4 months ago
Exactly what happens when you got 4 Allstars on one team
'StatThief' 4 months ago
Dillon Stout
'Dillon Stout' 4 months ago
I don't think he we yelling at him. They high fives it the end
Jaren  Starr
'Jaren Starr' 4 months ago
he ain't mad, I believe that's called jive.
'Twerk4Fun' 4 months ago
This why you don't trust a bandwagon to join you
Randy Ayo
'Randy Ayo' 4 months ago
That's a conversation, get for real
Mommy Garcia
'Mommy Garcia' 4 months ago
He don't like Durant does he ????
Dylan Schiro
'Dylan Schiro' 4 months ago
Isn't it supposed to say 1/6/17
Randy Gutierrez
'Randy Gutierrez' 4 months ago
The moment Kevin durant knew he ain't the head nigga in charge in GS....
'Hi' 4 months ago
This is why KD should stay at Oklahoma, instead of being a little BICTH
Tremaine Moss
'Tremaine Moss' 4 months ago
KD you got a mismatch at the top and you take a contested 3 lmao damn boy no wonder draymond went off on you 😂
an African kid who couldve eaten that
probably saying "a 3-1 lead isn't the ONLY thing you can blow!"
Vince Ho
'Vince Ho' 4 months ago
Vince Ho
'Vince Ho' 4 months ago
He's rude kick him out of the team
MJ Hardin
'MJ Hardin' 4 months ago
Proof that the warriors ultimately beat themselves in this game more than anything.
TheMihm Vlogs
'TheMihm Vlogs' 4 months ago
I though Draymond was taller that's that
Son Goten 孫悟天
'Son Goten 孫悟天' 4 months ago
All About The Lyrics
'All About The Lyrics' 4 months ago
watch this become a meme
john doe
'john doe' 4 months ago
i would pay money to watch this guy be a coach in this league
blastercombo audio
'blastercombo audio' 4 months ago
KD the biggest bitch in sports history 🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️🤣☺️☺️☺️🤣🤣
Jose Ramirez
'Jose Ramirez' 4 months ago
you need an emotional guy like that. the man wants to win and wants to back up all his talk !
yung zen
'yung zen' 4 months ago
KD probably thinking, "damn, I knew my ass should've stayed in OKC.."
K Az
'K Az' 4 months ago
Draymond is the heart and soul of the team. Any knowledgeable person knows that.
Evan Davis
'Evan Davis' 4 months ago
its 2017 dumass
'Odesta' 4 months ago
Why is this trending...
Cracked DERP
'Cracked DERP' 4 months ago
3 to 1
Mujhtuba Baksh
'Mujhtuba Baksh' 4 months ago
Clearly it wasnt a big deal, I mean KD took it with stride. I swear, the NBA coverage has gotten shittier by the season. It's like if a player shows even a sliver of emotion, it gets plastered everywhere.
Gannicus of Rome
'Gannicus of Rome' 4 months ago
Steph Curry in the back like 😒
MrShadowWolfz 5
'MrShadowWolfz 5' 4 months ago
Kevin Durant killed the Warriors take him TF Out
Jackson Cochran
'Jackson Cochran' 4 months ago
Durant wasn't even on the warriors on 1/6/16
K Raiden
'K Raiden' 4 months ago
Draymond is a selfish prick. They should trade his ass for a defensive center. He's overrated af and a big distraction.
Terrance Mooselips
'Terrance Mooselips' 4 months ago
ook ook eek eek
Jay Kay
'Jay Kay' 4 months ago
I'm with Draymond on this one. Someone needs to be the voice of that choking team. I don't care if you're the 1st or 2nd best player in the league. If KD was everything he would have a ring by now. I could argue that Golden state lost to the Cavs because of Draymond's absence. They'll never win another championship if they keep choking like this. Could Draymond conduct some of his actions better? Sure but that fire is what GS needs right now.
Don Rodie
'Don Rodie' 4 months ago
lol it looked like durant was about to cry. He definitively leaving golden state.
karim jafar
'karim jafar' 4 months ago
durant don't want to start any drama in the start so he just let draymond go off on him while lookin dumb
'mbm13213' 4 months ago
Durant = traitor
Richard Potato
'Richard Potato' 4 months ago
look at curry in the back round
Icey Prod.
'Icey Prod.' 4 months ago
isaac Blanton
'isaac Blanton' 4 months ago
damn!!! he was pissed.....I suprise KD didn't fucking dp nothing about it lmao
bully nova pits
'bully nova pits' 4 months ago
i think people are trying to make something that looks bad, "really bad"
Matt B.
'Matt B.' 4 months ago
Why was he yelling at him?
billl o
'billl o'connel' 4 months ago
All in KDs face
peterson normil
'peterson normil' 4 months ago
when yo homie doesn't let you smash
KidZPerfectZ VidS
'KidZPerfectZ VidS' 4 months ago
KD:*leaves OKC to get a ring, loses to the cavs.
Kyle Korver:*doesn't want to go and is forced to by ATL, gets a ring
Roc Savage
'Roc Savage' 4 months ago
New music subscribe please!!!!
TV fails and bloopers
GSW won't make it to the semis this year.
Daily Foodie
'Daily Foodie' 4 months ago
Might be turning point in this season
Yeti and Me
'Yeti and Me' 4 months ago
Boy, he's getting a real talking to, huh
Chris Chung
'Chris Chung' 4 months ago
Durrant come to Sixers. They won't talk down to u.
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