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Another Very Happy Wolfdog -
Published: 4 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 4 months ago

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This happy woofer is Cochise! Cochise is an upper mid content wolfdog who loves belly rubs! Despite a rough start, he is one of the sweetest, goofiest animals around.

Cochise is one of our friendliest animals. He always greets people with an enormous, slobbery kiss (and occasionally a nibble or two on the nose). Unfortunately, he doesn't quite realize his size and strength, and that enthusiasm can end up being quite dangerous. He was brought to the sanctuary when his owners felt they couldn't handle him anymore. He now lives with Spruce, a low/no content wolfdog, and is as happy as can be. He is able to run around his large enclosure, rough house, dig, and play all day. Having an appropriate outlet for his energy has made Cochise a much happier and healthier animal, and a blast to hang out with.

Tio Lishomwa
'Tio Lishomwa' 3 days ago
Oooohh the fluffy belly! I want to put my hands in all that fur! Gorgeous doggos!
Tio Lishomwa
'Tio Lishomwa' 3 days ago
Oooohh the fluffy belly! I want to put my hands in all that fur! Gorgeous doggos!
Nunu Nuny
'Nunu Nuny' 4 days ago
It's so cute.
Agatka Grzyb
'Agatka Grzyb' 5 days ago
omg so fluffy pupper
Magi May
'Magi May' 5 days ago
Animal molestation should be stopped! run puppy RUN!!! lol
The Gamer Skull
'The Gamer Skull' 6 days ago
This just made my day
Camping Jason
'Camping Jason' 6 days ago
one day he will try to take over the pack.. be careful
Mandie John
'Mandie John' 6 days ago
Where do you get wolf
Angie Carrizo
'Angie Carrizo' 1 week ago
They are so cute!!

But I wonder... Were you crying or something? Or you just had a cold? :P
Lauren Carman
'Lauren Carman' 1 week ago
Wolves are like giant dogs, it's adorable!
'WhiteRaven696' 1 week ago
Mark James
'Mark James' 1 week ago
if she scratches my balls like that I'd be a " happy whatever the fuck she wanted me to be" i love my balls!!
'XoWolfGirloX' 2 weeks ago
bob skiii
'bob skiii' 2 weeks ago
AwwwYissss!!! happy doggie
Paul Bizard
'Paul Bizard' 2 weeks ago
Is Sarah still alive? Lol. :) I have difficulties taming my Airedale girl, I just can't imagine how it is with big bad wolfs.
Karolis Zebrauskas
'Karolis Zebrauskas' 3 weeks ago
Sr Trump, ¿could you pass me the ball?

( ・ω・)
Karolis Zebrauskas
'Karolis Zebrauskas' 3 weeks ago
Me: walks up to wolf try's to pet it
Wolf: bites hand off runs away with hand
Me: Well fuck.
'probotboyxxx' 3 weeks ago
Domestication, the best thing us humans have ever come up with. :D
Horse Lover
'Horse Lover' 3 weeks ago
Hey this one vid said that wolfdogs are dangerous and what do i see here a wolf dog showing love to there onwer
Hati Hróðvitnisson
It raises the age-old question. Who's a good boy?
The Reptilian Doctor
Wolves are the best. I want to cuddle with one in real life so badly.
Shadow cat DJ
'Shadow cat DJ' 3 weeks ago
Are you a musher?
'W3bst3rStudio' 4 weeks ago
Darby World
'Darby World' 4 weeks ago
My favorite animal is

I.A. Aviation
'I.A. Aviation' 4 weeks ago
that wolf on 0:44 was like "my face can"t be seen" XD
Man Thug:LifE
'Man Thug:LifE' 4 weeks ago
Haileys Cakes
'Haileys Cakes' 1 month ago
Soooooo cute I love wolfs
TGLT Frenzy
'TGLT Frenzy' 1 month ago
Jfc essay for a description lol
HashiHusky ColorSky626
'Xandeowolf' 1 month ago
What is he mixed with other than wolf? Is he like a wolf husky, or a wolf German shepherd? All I know is that he is a beautiful dog.
'strike1977' 1 month ago
I want her job!
Mimiko Tsukiyo aka Jesserfly
How cuuute :D
'Alisha12287' 1 month ago
Aren't they just Alaskan malamutes with a possible slight hint of wolf? Many "wolfdogs" get put to sleep because people mislabel them as wolfs when they are in fact a very very small percent
'MrTaurenshaman' 1 month ago
Exposing his belly, a show of love a trust to you.
Robert Mintun
'Robert Mintun' 2 months ago
"....he's so cute! And plushy!"
matthew storey
'matthew storey' 2 months ago
I want him
Delilah Jones
'Delilah Jones' 2 months ago
You should adopt him out. Judging from only this video, he looks like he's inherited enough dog personality to make a suitable farm dog to someone. If so, it would always be better for even these animals to be placed in a loving home versus an outdoor cage 24/7.
'M3n0' 2 months ago
Thanks for supporting wolves you are the best!!!!! 😊😊
'namekman01' 2 months ago
this is a weird asmr video
matthew ramirez
'matthew ramirez' 2 months ago
"I love his smile so much, just seeing a wolf this happy makes me happy as well".
'magicwandaful' 2 months ago
This is one of the most adorable, moving and precious things I've ever seen. Subscribed. xxxxxxx
Gary Simpson
'Gary Simpson' 2 months ago
That dog has some big paws!!!!
'TheFurryShow' 2 months ago
1. Pause 2. Press 5 3. Scream, "Awwwww!"
NiKe WOLF Bois
'NiKe WOLF Bois' 2 months ago
wolf happy. I'm happy.
YouAre ReadingThis
'YouAre ReadingThis' 2 months ago
are these wolf
I IzNerdGamer
'I IzNerdGamer' 2 months ago
das a very nice puppo
Adam Fitzpatrick
'Adam Fitzpatrick' 2 months ago
I wanna hug him
P. Orenji
'P. Orenji' 2 months ago
so many high fives. Err, fours.
Kevin Lucas
'Kevin Lucas' 2 months ago
is this legal ?
TheStrayKatt Evelyn
'TheStrayKatt Evelyn' 2 months ago
That is the happiest puppo I've ever seen
Savannah Shelton
'Savannah Shelton' 2 months ago
^-^ How does this job not scare you? They're adorable but i grew up with family telling me that wolves are dangerous?
Blue Stone Production
"where du u looking at girl , huh nah stop dafuk huhuhu holy shiet"
'AlphaBetaGamma' 3 months ago
How can anyone dislike this video?!
Dani Duran
'Dani Duran' 3 months ago
Love this channel!!!! Your vids are uplifting! Please keep posting! Thank you so much!❤️
The Perfect Lain
'The Perfect Lain' 3 months ago
where dafuq do you get the courage
Brandt McCall
'Brandt McCall' 3 months ago
There is a lot of wonderful love being shared with you and Cochise it looks like he was hugging you at the end with his front paws, animals are fantastic at giving and receiving unconditional love. All animals and humans are animals too. I have had a pet pig too lovely fellow. V-Dog is an excellent very nutritious vegan dog kibble my friend Jordan gives it to his Irish Terrier with lentils/beans/nutritional yeast and other nutritious foods. She asks for her dinner but when she ate meat she ate her dinners but without excitement. I mention this is pigs, cows and chickens are very intelligent loving beings too. Dogs are omnivores they thrive on a very well balanced vegan diet many youtube examples as well.
'Chrome' 3 months ago
Doggo is happo
Polaris Fur
'Polaris Fur' 3 months ago
hes saying hi back ohhhnjkm,efd
selene Hays
'selene Hays' 3 months ago
I love this channel!
Jared Morgan
'Jared Morgan' 3 months ago
wolves are the sweetest things. territorial, yes, but look at that! not a mean bone in his body!
'yhvhdrdar' 3 months ago
What about the others?
'anse001' 3 months ago
he's like "getting all da pet is da best!"
sharath kumar
'sharath kumar' 3 months ago
what's the difference between the wolfs and wolfdogs ?
'ThePixelatedFo_X' 3 months ago
So friggin' cute!!!!
'chrishasaclue' 3 months ago
nice to see u ignored ur other dog
Noobster TheXDgamer
'Noobster TheXDgamer' 3 months ago
that is the smallest wolf ever
Al Smith
'Al Smith' 3 months ago
Please do not assume the wolves gender
Darlene Tinsley
'Darlene Tinsley' 3 months ago
adorable floofy dog
Coyote 162
'Coyote 162' 3 months ago
'ScientistCat' 3 months ago
So he's just one enormous puppy.
Lucariothegamer Anddumbcookiejoe
He's a husky
shadow msp plays
'shadow msp plays' 3 months ago
omg I want one
Mala Mala
'Mala Mala' 3 months ago
adorable Dx
krisantus liang
'krisantus liang' 3 months ago
question... do they smell? i heard that ice dogs like huskies and malamutes are often not smelly... this imply to them too?
Stefan Petersson
'Stefan Petersson' 3 months ago
Hello, He's a hybrid I assume as you say he's a wolfdog. But what is it mixed with? Thanks
'alexis' 4 months ago
I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maxi K
'Maxi K' 4 months ago
My next video in the list is ''10 Pet Animals Who ATE Their Owners'' Ok :(
Carvanni Andrew
'Carvanni Andrew' 4 months ago
sarah your so lucky
Shadowking 102
'Shadowking 102' 4 months ago
I love wolfs
Baltijas Vilks
'Baltijas Vilks' 4 months ago
Matt Stevenson
'Matt Stevenson' 4 months ago
They always look like they are smiling...but he does appear quite content.
Braydon Malone
'Braydon Malone' 4 months ago
No offence I don't like wolves
Frederika Katuuk
'Frederika Katuuk' 4 months ago
what camera did you use to film?
'Silverhorse1970' 4 months ago
now there is a happy fellow
FBI Goblin
'FBI Goblin' 4 months ago
You ain't nothing but a Wolfdog!
A very happy wolfdog!
Евгений Огородников
Wolves, winter and cute female voices. My kind of a video
'SkitSkate' 4 months ago
OMG i would loves to have a pet wolf xD
Salt McSalt
'Salt McSalt' 4 months ago
Look at the tum on that doggo
'Angelicgirl1993' 4 months ago
So cute :3
'Daybot' 4 months ago
My dog does this all the time
The Wisdom of the Guardian Wolf
this is so adorable.
Marie Maidyn
'Marie Maidyn' 4 months ago
I can have this Crossbreed where I live 💙
caveman Versace
'caveman Versace' 4 months ago
I don't understand the purpose of wolfdogs. Dogs exist because we wanted domestic wolves. I'm glad these beautiful creatures have a sanctuary but crossing wolf with dogs just seems stupid to me. You are introducing the wild tendencies of a wolf with a domestic animal. Not smart.
Blue Tsunami
'Blue Tsunami' 4 months ago
I wish I could own wolfs in Macau
Magaly Romero
'Magaly Romero' 4 months ago
Making animals smile. That a dream job😊
'MrStripeyDog' 4 months ago
He's a big Teddy Bear Wolfdog :)
'MOontjjeRrockbitch' 4 months ago
sooo cuteee this make my day ❤❤❤
Martina Alwyn
'Martina Alwyn' 4 months ago
Aren't wolf dogs dangerous because their part wolf doesn't that mean they can be aggressive and territorial I'm only asking since they originate from wild animals
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