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Marvel NOW! Titles for January 11th -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Marvel NOW! continues this winter. Check out all the NEW Marvel titles arriving in stores January 11th. Tune in each week to see the new books! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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thomas dobias
'thomas dobias' 2 months ago
i Marvel comice Great art work and stories
'CarlosEgo' 3 months ago
I love these videos! Gives me a nice reminder of what's to come every week!
sparky 357
'sparky 357' 3 months ago
somehow...i feel like maria hill had it coming because in ultimate alliance 2 and in avengers earth mghtest heroes she tried to make heroes into shield agents which i was aganist that but after her being in the avengers movies...she was nice
tasmanian mapper
'tasmanian mapper' 3 months ago
thank you marvel for a new gla season
Bill Wilson
'Bill Wilson' 3 months ago
Only Conway isn't a SJW
Melissa Rivera
'Melissa Rivera' 3 months ago
😱😱i want a comic
'RealCoolGuy' 3 months ago
These go too fast! Slow down!!
Eduardo Ruiz
'Eduardo Ruiz' 3 months ago
Miles and Gwen? That doesn't feel right
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
Renew your Vows and Captain Hydra comics are the only good here and well X-men vs Inhumans looks cool i hope a better than Civil War 2 seriously.
That Guy Over There
'That Guy Over There' 3 months ago
I don't care about any of these comics
Live To Rock
'Live To Rock' 3 months ago
DD, Ms Marvel, Thor and Renew Your Vows
Jerry Rafailano
'Jerry Rafailano' 3 months ago
When is Thanos issue 2?
Reakon 1st
'Reakon 1st' 3 months ago
Spider-Man(miles) X Spidergwen?! Wait what?! No way o.O
iron doom #
'iron doom #' 3 months ago
i really like marvel now instead of civil war 2
there are many great series ongoing like unworthy thor thanos infamous iron man
invincible iron man unstoppable wasp champions old man logan and IvX
keep it up marvel
'EXTREME KID52' 3 months ago
Silk YES
Black Heart
'Black Heart' 3 months ago
Inhumans VS Xmen , Uncanny XMen and Spidey-Deadpool all I care
Black Heart
'Black Heart' 3 months ago
Inhumans VS Xmen , Uncanny XMen and Spidey-Deadpool all I care
'Mr.Tennisball' 3 months ago
The Miles Morales series is getting worse...
I miss the Ultimate universe
Devil of Hell
Pablo Meyer
'Pablo Meyer' 3 months ago
Way to go, Marvel, pairing Miles and Gwen. I'm sick of all of this SJW and teenager bullshit.
Miguel Roman
'Miguel Roman' 3 months ago
Marvel is being weird with these ships. Miles morales and spider-Gwen. It's like they hired a fan fiction writer.
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 3 months ago
Nice video.
Canal Virus
'Canal Virus' 3 months ago
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 3 months ago
Any comics for Rogue One?
nintendo plaza
'nintendo plaza' 3 months ago
Spider-man and Rocket Raccoon!!!!
'dhaivat' 3 months ago
when is dr strange dvd/bluray coming out?
Eto Coskun
'Eto Coskun' 3 months ago
Renew Your Vows!!! Don't care about the rest
Jk Productions
'Jk Productions' 3 months ago
Peter Hooks
'Peter Hooks' 3 months ago
TrueD Jay
'TrueD Jay' 3 months ago
First jk...
Hamster gamer
'Hamster gamer' 3 months ago
Axel Borg
'Axel Borg' 3 months ago
'Styl3z' 3 months ago
Crazy Royale
'Crazy Royale' 3 months ago
.first com
Axel Borg
'Axel Borg' 3 months ago
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