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Tales from Tour: The Flaming Lips -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 months ago

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The Flaming Lips hung out backstage at The Tonight Show to share a few stories from tour, including a few encounters with the European Hells Angels.

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Tales from Tour: The Flaming Lips

teenie beenie
'teenie beenie' 3 weeks ago
odd mixture of figgety and burnt out.
(ide do em....
c c
'c c' 2 months ago
Saw em in 85 when they were still a 3pc in a basement bar in KC.    20 people in the audience and their fog machine kept tripping the circuit breaker and cutting all the power to the venue.  Bought their 1st LP on white vinyl from Michael their bassist at that show!!   Ahh youth!!
Kary J.
'Kary J.' 2 months ago
The guy on the right can not be part of the original line up he looks 12
Harry Patterson
'Harry Patterson' 2 months ago
"Medicine" :)
'davemathewsrocks' 2 months ago
Love the flaming lips - pure genius music
DJ tubø
'DJ tubø' 2 months ago
they are using miley's fame they are nothing without miley
'Yatesy' 2 months ago
I've touched Wayne Coynes foot when he crowd surfed the crowd in a hamster ball. Love The Flaming Lips
Lets Debate
'Lets Debate' 2 months ago
Tales From Tour: The Strokes?, please god of please.
'gonzollama29' 2 months ago
beetlejuice is looking sharp
'SolarEXtract' 2 months ago
I thought that was Beetlejuice in the thumbnail.
'RealGameBoyHD' 2 months ago
Hey you forgot one thing...You split up and Shawn Defino was involved
Josh Fryer
'Josh Fryer' 2 months ago
I would like to watch this format but the rated R version! I'm sure these guys could fill a library with tour stories.
K Parker
'K Parker' 2 months ago
Because I didn't see his thumb in the thumbnail I thought the guy in the middle in the thimbnail was about to hit that whip hard!!! LOL
Tweedle dee
'Tweedle dee' 2 months ago
go listen to Hells Angel's Cracker Factory. an older yet EPIC FLAMING LIPS SONG!
Tweedle dee
'Tweedle dee' 2 months ago
i could listen to Flaming Lips storys till the end of time. and then 1 more after that. Powerful Flaming Lips!!!
Zach B
'Zach B' 2 months ago
i need to go get my medicine also
Juan Luna
'Juan Luna' 2 months ago
I swear you can always easily tell who the lead singer is lol
Aaron Spransy
'Aaron Spransy' 2 months ago
Is that Johnny Resnik?
'koolaidman2208' 2 months ago
Oh yoooouhoooo!😮
Alexander David
'Alexander David' 2 months ago
If you can see this band, do it. Best show I've ever seen
Randall Brown
'Randall Brown' 2 months ago
Right on with the Harvey Milk T-shirt, Steven!
'StarCrusher' 2 months ago
Middle guy is Peter jackson
David Hughes
'David Hughes' 2 months ago
For future reference just remember Hells Angels always bad. They don't even care about the apostrophe!
Myia Christine
'Myia Christine' 2 months ago
Wayne looks like he has officially transformed himself into Beetlejuice. He looks like shit.
New World Agenda
'New World Agenda' 2 months ago
'DrCT' 2 months ago
Really? gay guys?
PaulAlan Cornelius
'PaulAlan Cornelius' 2 months ago
Anarchy for the UK.😁
'Frenchiie' 2 months ago
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No one will see this :(... Show some love if you do
The Ghost of John Lennon
So you 'fell asleep' eh Steven?
amit dubey
'amit dubey' 2 months ago
and collaborate to the kapil sharma show
amit dubey
'amit dubey' 2 months ago
really owwww pls come in i India .pls sir pls
Matthew Streacker
'Matthew Streacker' 2 months ago
Is it just me or does the middle guy in the thumbnail look like rober downy junior
'CleverBush' 2 months ago
A funny joke would be like short sh short shorter dog hair
'CleverBush' 2 months ago
Gwen B
'Gwen B' 2 months ago
I thought the guy on the middle was Robert Downey jr
Alyssathe AllStar
'Alyssathe AllStar' 2 months ago
kathy ` shalenburger
'kathy ` shalenburger' 2 months ago
guy on The Tonight Show needs to brush his hair!!! it looks like crap
Southern Slushie Chan
Mary Pace
'Mary Pace' 2 months ago
'#The ASIAN KID YT' 2 months ago
Jimmy Fallon
Aleyna &rojda
'Aleyna &rojda' 2 months ago
maha alsaied
'maha alsaied' 2 months ago
six common not bad but I want to be the first comment whatever
Natalia Liszewska
'Natalia Liszewska' 2 months ago
'SOFIA ERRABHI' 2 months ago
Laylen Ching
'Laylen Ching' 2 months ago
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