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Beyoncé - Haunted -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition.
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Music video by Beyoncé performing Haunted. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

gorgeous girl
'gorgeous girl' 1 hour ago
Well damn Beyoncé why you did me like that. Scary ass bitch.
'Linzy' 10 hours ago
Haunted me!😐
Ángela Lezcano
'Ángela Lezcano' 16 hours ago
soo good but crepy
'REBECCA ESTRADA' 23 hours ago
beyonce   I love  halo  since I was a baby p .s my name is Alyssa and good luck on your baby es
Lynna Del Rey
'Lynna Del Rey' 2 days ago
desde cuando es de piel blanca? 😒
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 days ago
i give up ,the world world done see i mest up
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 days ago
i would want to run or go some where .i would want to be the one but every thing is confusing ,one fact i know is that i my soul powerful.
'limagirl' 2 days ago
Madonna's Rip off video "JUSTIFY MY LOVE" not original at all :/
Aliena Marsh
'Aliena Marsh' 2 days ago
Every music video has symbolic references, none of it is as random as it may appear. What exactly is she going for here? Her inner desires are haunting her? Does anyone know what message she's trying to get out?
fadado dente
'fadado dente' 2 days ago
beeeeem illuminati
Meryam Mada
'Meryam Mada' 3 days ago
50 shades of grey😂😂😂😂
Stardust and Sarah
Paparazzi by Lady Gaga > Telephone by Lady Gaga > Aura by Lady Gaga > Haunted by Beyonce
(everyone knows that, so I should stfu now-)
'ALESSANDRO ROIG' 5 days ago
Its true that this song is the continue of aura? ok let me explain the theory

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi: Lady GG kills her boyfriend and she's is arrested

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone: Lady gaga is in jail, then beyonce helps her to escape and they commite suicides in a restaurant then they escape

👇(Here begins the theory) 👇

Lady Gaga - Aura: In this song in the lyrics gaga says "i killed my former and i let HER in" [...] maybe showing that lady gaga killed beyonce after they escape

Beyonce - Haunted: OK, in this song shows beyonce with a black outfit (maybe sign that she is dead) and the tittle of the song "Haunted" can means that beyonce is haunting lady gaga for revenge (but she is already dead or maybe not), because gaga maybe killed bey in aura

'Kenziexo24' 5 days ago
Mimi Holiss
'Mimi Holiss' 6 days ago
2 minutos pa q empieze a cantar
Muntz W
'Muntz W' 6 days ago
They will never see her
Kahliya Warren
'Kahliya Warren' 6 days ago
Mary Potter
'Mary Potter' 6 days ago
this video is discusting she is a devil wordhiper
Daenerys Targaryen
She's scarily beautiful in this video :O
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
can you tell mac miller i said sorry
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
i no more care what happens to me or what people say never really did because i lock knowledge of what all happened around me,so dis time i have to say i quit thinking of the wold live in my own mind my own world .gwen join a church group for 2 months. and i go live somewhere by my self .all of this to confusing ,if its runing its could then i am running into my mind my world
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
i ask if you could be the one to tell me what to do next ,writing this with total respect to you
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
from i was 15 people lied to me order me bout and i never had no mind ride bout pon the street like i crazy i sorry for things i said and i feel stupid talk like this now ,but i want you really understand my mind
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
why i dont really feel no way is because i was living in a hole different being back den ,if every body say i guilty den so be ,but what i am to to or say when i battle my almost my hole life dealing with demons ,i feel like i have so many different personality ,i dont really know how to expain my mind but if you were me and look back on everything then all would see i really still inocent.what happens to me is that i keep the try find out what i came for ,plz believe this i want the best for the wold wold what the wold want ,i had so many demons and when they come to me sometime i feel week in my bone .i noh d say dis to make enybody feel sorry for me,and what is common sence i noh that most of you want me dead and now i d try and i figure out most things that gives me demons .i ask if you check my hospital history and see how many times i been there with urticaria like fire pon my skin ,take so manny injection get addicted to the pain . you ever take a close look at my life before all is said
'steffistrawberry' 1 week ago
50 Shades of FUCK ME UP
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
goodnight if i open a bank account you will put money , den i can start kill
that girl from Europe suzzie
start at 3;12
Short Productions
'Short Productions' 1 week ago
I can definitely see your not on to me. Therefore ON shall be what you wish could be with the unfamiliar. Destination unknown but loving the direction of the attention. Forgive me but I am not, but therefore you are? I hope you understand IS, before you feel NOT. Cause you are. And thats what its all about.
Lara M
'Lara M' 1 week ago
Is Gaga in the video?
Lara M
'Lara M' 1 week ago
She's got like the best music vids, next to MJ.
'Mytube777' 1 week ago
My good friend Kim Fowley @ 2:14 in the wheelchair may he RIP. He was asked to play that character, but if you google him, and the film that was based on him and The Runaways you will see what a career he had and what a great producer/songwriter/director/&manager he was. Most know him as the manager of The Runaways, but he had done and discovered far more than that. Google him if interested. He succumbed to cancer a few years ago, as I write this February 17, 2017.
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
i confuse again
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
i ask you to answer this one question if i call on someone to to move me from here or send me money to go back to school so dat i can set the right example to the world and do things the right way .
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
i now know that i the get back my mind and i ask dat ace aaron could be the one for belize ,,every thing weh the happen dah noh me
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
now i dont know what to tink caz in on of eminem and lil wayne song i herd they said that imma pick the world up and drop it on your head ,and now what the happen what was said is happening
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
if i kill that really was going to start a war an more killing and confusion
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
for the past days i ride my bike all around city the ,the roar at people like a demon ,but now like i feel it dem gone
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
one thing shore in the past when i lied about things that was a girl demon and now them all gone and i cant sin again caz only when i sin or cum like i feel dem come in me
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
this morning i got up and i feel different i stop here dem squeeky voices in my head .i think i had a demon .now that i can think again i want go back to school and do this hole thing over ,and what i notice is that every time i sin like i catch a demon so like i have to shine .and i feel when they come
'Radioman974' 1 week ago
Is this lady gaga in the bed with bandage ?
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
be good and start over
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
what is the best idea to do .not much time
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
am i gone ,i will drink and kill
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 1 week ago
i am to drink to stop shining
de Xpression
'de Xpression' 1 week ago
it sounds a bit like ''Justify my love'' by Madonna
schelo 33
'schelo 33' 1 week ago
Dans l'clip elle fait quand même fliper sa race....
'Rezzyy' 2 weeks ago
does no one realize that the old guy in the wheelchair is supposed to be david bowie... idk lol
Sara Leyva
'Sara Leyva' 2 weeks ago
demonic, subliminal msgs everywhere.. yuck
sam sy
'sam sy' 2 weeks ago
finger waves☺☺☺
'AHS FX' 2 weeks ago
Omg isn't this the same set as paparazzi by lady Gaga? Could this been part 4 after Gaga kills bey in aura?
henok mulugheta
'henok mulugheta' 2 weeks ago
This bitch is a Satanist. She is polluting young minds with her evil songs, let's boycott all her songs.
Alex Alexandra
'Alex Alexandra' 2 weeks ago
the only good song on the album. ... even it takes here two minutes before it finally starts.
she is a good singer, but why she doesn't just sing ?

the video is boring. also not a fan of her "look at me" show.
Loose Goose with a Big Russian Pews
this has to be one of the most satanic things I have ever seen. this is disgusting. please look up mk ultra and satanic symbols. I can't even list them all because their all slammed into what 5 minutes of video. this song is wrote to Satan. open your eyes
Sarah Schoepp
'Sarah Schoepp' 2 weeks ago
this music video seems kind of like Madonna's vogue meets Rihanna's disturbia
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
kill an steal , yes .now i feel releif
Luna Ji Pendragon
'Luna Ji Pendragon' 2 weeks ago
After having just listened to the album, this is the best song. Beyonce should really think about taking more of a gothic approach. She could really pull it off and this is proof. Speaking of Haunted, it would be awesome if she could collaborate with someone like Peter Murphy. I don't normally listen to her, but after the Grammy's I wanted to make my own mind up, this song is great. The rest of the album was just okay but once again I am no huge pop fan.
Blue Phoenix
'Blue Phoenix' 2 weeks ago
Erik and Raven brought me here (X-Men)...
omar arron
'omar arron' 2 weeks ago
for all
the people saying she looks white, did you ever think she's just light
skinned? Good Lord!..checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM (AUTHEnTIC HITS DOT COM)) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services??
Sherry Lacy
'Sherry Lacy' 2 weeks ago
this instrumental is shit
the song would be fine changing some thing on the beats
don miller
'don miller' 2 weeks ago
Pat Henman
'Pat Henman' 2 weeks ago
This is a good album. I am just not a fan of the opulence and lifestyle that seems to be hid amongst the creative work. It just doesn't seem to fit. Its hard to explain. But very creative work.
Sol Valenderne
'Sol Valenderne' 2 weeks ago
Sol Valenderne
'Sol Valenderne' 2 weeks ago
senta na minha cara bey
Sol Valenderne
'Sol Valenderne' 2 weeks ago
castelo dos horrores, best music
John-Paul Gibbs
'John-Paul Gibbs' 2 weeks ago
each still is a work of art in itself....incredible
Rossella esposito
'Rossella esposito' 2 weeks ago
la canzone è un po bruttina
Rossella esposito
'Rossella esposito' 2 weeks ago
è un po bruttina ma.........
Hanife Akçam
'Hanife Akçam' 2 weeks ago
"Beyoncé - Haunted" better then "Taylor Swift - Haunted".
'J S' 2 weeks ago
I want Lauren jauregui to cover this song so bad...
sharon din
'sharon din' 2 weeks ago
yeah. Sex still sells.
A Very Educated Cat
'A Very Educated Cat' 2 weeks ago
Can confirm, all white people's houses are like this.

Source: am white.
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
not will mention your name doh
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
i think i will tell peopl i am jesus and start ack right
Briana Cardenas
'Briana Cardenas' 2 weeks ago
Every little detail is phenomenal, and beyond and her directors slay.
Corrina Flood
'Corrina Flood' 2 weeks ago
not really liking this dark videos she's really great but wtf is she getting into satanism for b your better than this still lv you but some stuff ive been reading is cray cray like the illuminati
Orin Mc Donagh
'Orin Mc Donagh' 2 weeks ago
This video reminds me so much of American horror story hotel
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
and if dah yes, dis dah the last time i wah deh pon computer start tonight
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
crime right plz tell me i need to do crime
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
do a lot of crime right, i want but i tink you d try doom me ,tell me i will be alright and i coming
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
what i have to do to move from here to somewear safe
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
noh off the music i wah get a job and start over and come back up slow. no crime or evil,can i start dis year, crazy now
Rafael Moreira
'Rafael Moreira' 2 weeks ago
American Horror Story: Hotel
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
if you want i find a job i can do that ,i already the start get back my mind,if the world want i dont want to be the bad one. i can dis obey god i d try fight his spirit from inside me
'rkh27' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or is that not Beyonce driving at the beginning? (0:37)
M.R .D
'M.R .D' 2 weeks ago
SoWhatIs ItWithYouTube
Me throughout the video Soooooo when will you find your room?????
'Morrigan' 2 weeks ago
This is hard-core pornography.
Kim Nguyen
'Kim Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Would've been great for asylum or hotel.
A.J Digital
'A.J Digital' 2 weeks ago
Why is she white ?
EMPRESS, C Phillips
'EMPRESS, C Phillips' 2 weeks ago
pure sexy devious and straight up! sexy hold on me!
Dark Miss
'Dark Miss' 2 weeks ago
Crazy cool song! Freaky vid
Hope Less
'Hope Less' 2 weeks ago
that eye makeup😍😍😍💕💕💕😘😘😘
George otiama
'George otiama' 2 weeks ago
this song forever
Diamond Benjamin
'Diamond Benjamin' 2 weeks ago
Bey looking like they set her entire face with translucent powder.
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