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Terminator vs Robocop. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 years ago

32, 298, 966 views

358, 755 Likes   8, 271 Dislikes

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[Filmed on a Canon C500 camera and Canon Compact Cinema Zoom Lens]

▼ CAST ▼
Robocop: Nice Peter

Terminator: EpicLloyd

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Co-Executive Producer:
Michelle Maloney

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Betette

Atul Singh

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter & Zach Sherwin

Staff Writer:
Dante Cimadamore

Mike Betette

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:
Diamond Style Productions

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, and Nice Peter

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer/Art Director:
Sulai Lopez

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

ED209 Animated by:

Dept. Head Make Up and Hair:
Ashlyn Melancon

Key Make Up Artist:
Tara Lang

Kurt Schmidt

Music Supervisor/Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Asst. Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Yev Belilovsky

Special thanks to Sam Macaroni for letting us use his Robocop suit. Check out his sketch 'Robocop: Mall Security'...

Also, thank you to the Youtube Space LA for linking us up with the real life Terminator himself.


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Pokemon Fan
'Pokemon Fan' 14 minutes ago
Robobot. And Spider-Man vs. Harley Quinn
Steak And Shrimp
'Steak And Shrimp' 2 hours ago
Terminator won and we need a SuperMan vs Vision
logan davis
'logan davis' 3 hours ago
The Terminator
'blueribenaberry' 12 hours ago
The fuck is that actually the man himself at 2:32????
'DreadShells' 12 hours ago
Iron man vs. Lex Luthor make it happen people/
Will Epps
'Will Epps' 16 hours ago
Aftershock Entertainment
Martin Garrix vs Marshmello
Subscribe 4 memes
'Subscribe 4 memes' 18 hours ago
U look like crang wearing A coldpress juicer
Niels Huisman
'Niels Huisman' 19 hours ago
Well terminator doesent have a franz accent but an accent from austria ;) dudes do ur research
'Sheepinator' 20 hours ago
I wander if brian aka terroriser is the voice actor
Dimondsniperrifel solo
Sofija Silaja
'Sofija Silaja' 20 hours ago
Terminator won
'KEN SOL' 20 hours ago
Moji taylor
'Moji taylor' 20 hours ago
Ryan Dsouza
'Ryan Dsouza' 22 hours ago
Xk Entertainment
'Xk Entertainment' 23 hours ago

.....I Died......💀💀💀
Gamer Wizard
'Gamer Wizard' 1 day ago
Terminator won
Noodle Catz
'Noodle Catz' 1 day ago
Terminator dominated this rap battle
Najîd Khodabocus
boner for john conner😂😂😂!!
Sad Box
'Sad Box' 1 day ago
Naruto shipoden vs one piece
Nurhadaina Daina
'Nurhadaina Daina' 1 day ago
Peter Weller vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lucha master 619
'Lucha master 619' 2 days ago
Arnold Schwartzanegger vs Chuck Norris
scorpion king
'scorpion king' 2 days ago
The terminator wins
Perry Phillips
'Perry Phillips' 2 days ago
deez nunts
bender bending
'bender bending' 2 days ago
harly qwin vz bat man
Zachary C
'Zachary C' 2 days ago
Terminator won
Kallen Ryan
'Kallen Ryan' 2 days ago
Carmen Medellin
'Carmen Medellin' 2 days ago
i love robocop but terminator won
J20 the Dynamite
'J20 the Dynamite' 2 days ago
and press like if you are terminator fan
J20 the Dynamite
'J20 the Dynamite' 2 days ago
terminator 2 the best terminator always and dont say but robocop wins in the deathbattle
Yuh YuhYuh
'Yuh YuhYuh' 2 days ago
RoboCop sucked ass
MerkGotSkillz BOI
'MerkGotSkillz BOI' 2 days ago
I can do the Arnold voice people get creeped out when I do it
david keyes
'david keyes' 2 days ago
samus aran vs dog the bounty hunter vs captain falcon vs beth
Ssundee fan
'Ssundee fan' 2 days ago
Terminator won
Taj Zreika
'Taj Zreika' 2 days ago
If u think terminator won like if u think robocop won dislike
Istarlin Hassan
'Istarlin Hassan' 2 days ago
terminator wins
Gary Chesshir
'Gary Chesshir' 3 days ago
Terminator won so bad
henry choi
'henry choi' 3 days ago
Bernadette La Madrid
sgt reznov from cod 5 vs captain price from cod 4
Sienna Tapia
'Sienna Tapia' 3 days ago
Princess Leila VS Harley Quinn
john hunsaker iii
'john hunsaker iii' 3 days ago
Oliver Kennealy
'Oliver Kennealy' 3 days ago
Diego vs Dora!!!
Cayden Baker
'Cayden Baker' 3 days ago
lazer boy brb
'lazer boy brb' 3 days ago
lazer boy brb
'lazer boy brb' 3 days ago
the termnater
Ray And Markie Reactions
robocop roasted him
Arinator MK2
'Arinator MK2' 3 days ago
Robocop got terminated.
Oyuncu Dedeler
'Oyuncu Dedeler' 3 days ago
wait. this is poste on 2015? ı feel like this was posted like a month ago :D
Beautiful Girl
'Beautiful Girl' 3 days ago
I Still Love You Alex Bullshit!!!! your sex is terminated🙊🙉
Ahmed Sarmad
'Ahmed Sarmad' 3 days ago
terminator Wens The batal
Teigan Rickett
'Teigan Rickett' 3 days ago
rey from star wars vs harley quinn from dc
Orsen Clark IV
'Orsen Clark IV' 3 days ago
robo cop wins
Adrian enterprise
'Adrian enterprise' 3 days ago
Terminator won
Septiplier gamer!
'Septiplier gamer!' 4 days ago
Flash vs quicksilver?
Bojana Lesevic
'Bojana Lesevic' 4 days ago
'JIMMY BULLDOG44' 4 days ago
its SOMETHING about white people rapping not named vanilla ice
Tristan Murphy
'Tristan Murphy' 4 days ago
My family fun
'My family fun' 4 days ago
robocop all the way!
Jack Garrity
'Jack Garrity' 4 days ago
Terminator won
'SniperXkillo72' 4 days ago
Inferno Stick1
'Inferno Stick1' 5 days ago
ha ha how he said, they left off balls when your suit was created I still love you Alex bullshit your sex life is terminated, that was super funny XD
max Honorato
'max Honorato' 5 days ago
spraying monk
'spraying monk' 5 days ago
RoboCop 1
ellaAngel smith
'ellaAngel smith' 5 days ago
I don't think you picked the best Arnold look alike
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 5 days ago
"I still love you Alex" "Bullshit your sex life is terminated" 😂😂😂
chow yui
'chow yui' 5 days ago
who win
hari shankar
'hari shankar' 5 days ago
absolutely its Arnold.
'alistar92' 5 days ago
Its crazy how robocop own him!Yes that true terminator couldnt kill a child a time morning pill should be more efficient!All of this punchline are better i really dont know how terminator can win this!!
lagisreal gaming?
'lagisreal gaming?' 5 days ago
Lara Croft vs nathan drake with indean jones
'Wesker113A' 5 days ago
Robocop owned Terminator so bad.
'ScorpioHR' 5 days ago
Please make: EPIC FAP BATTLES OF HISTORY: InDiana Jones VS Hand Solo!

on YouPorn
Little-Known Blogger
This was surprisingly good!
Latoya Huggins
'Latoya Huggins' 5 days ago
the Terminator
The Golden Growtopian
Jack Sparrow vs Han Solo
George43 Studios
'George43 Studios' 6 days ago
Love arnold, but that accent is not really good in my opinion.
HBKarmy 45
'HBKarmy 45' 6 days ago
Terminator won
Richu IChooseYou
'Richu IChooseYou' 6 days ago
Brock Nelson
'Brock Nelson' 6 days ago
chuck bourque
'chuck bourque' 6 days ago
EZIO auditore vs agent 47 would be awsome right
Derek Evani
'Derek Evani' 6 days ago
1:32 Terminator's mouth is leaning to the left,
also if I was older I could do a better Terminator like a steady voice instead of sounding angry
Mary the Yandere Painting Loli
"you know only a programmed robot boner for john conner" DEAD
Nicholas Leger
'Nicholas Leger' 6 days ago
What is Robocop doing at 0:44 lol
Samantha Elkitten
'Samantha Elkitten' 6 days ago
i guess i have to say terminator won but i thought robocops voice sounded cooler.
'redkingdom1000' 6 days ago
terminator won he had a beater rim then robcop
Tj da dj Jester
'Tj da dj Jester' 6 days ago
Chaz Gann
'Chaz Gann' 6 days ago
Trump Vs Obamas Mama
Chaz Gann
'Chaz Gann' 6 days ago
Hunterbolt Lawbringer
I say Robocop
Sanien Jao
'Sanien Jao' 6 days ago
Tough one!
'ttorrr' 6 days ago
avengers vs power rangers
Arron Schoellgen
'Arron Schoellgen' 6 days ago
Storm trooper
'Storm trooper' 7 days ago
Anyone got the star trek reference
Crystal Jones
'Crystal Jones' 7 days ago
TIMMY Turner v.s. The babysitter!PLZ
Hero !!!!!
'Hero !!!!!' 7 days ago
Those Ed 209s are traitors!
Sienna Tapia
'Sienna Tapia' 7 days ago
Man Terminator Won that
the joker
'the joker' 7 days ago
I couldent find a comment that says robocop won if I was in search mode
Abs Abs
'Abs Abs' 7 days ago
Donald trump vs Duterte
Exozz Games
'Exozz Games' 7 days ago
Terminator won
Nathaniel Drummond
'iiCherryPie' 1 week ago
Lara Croft VS Nathan Drake
[Interrupted by Indiana Jones]
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