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A very talkative wolfdog -
Published: 11 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 11 months ago

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This is Lakomi (again). She is an upper mid content wolfdog. A lot of the animals will vocalize, but Lakomo goes above and beyond, creating her own little language. You can often hear her talking in other videos; if I'm within earshot of her she'll talk to me until I come visit. She most frequently will start talking when she wants attention or is very excited. Partway through we get a brief cameo from her pack mate, Masaw, before she boxes him out. He's an absolute sweetheart and the only animal Lakomi has ever bonded with. They make an odd couple; Lakomi is uber hyperactive while Masaw is entirely content sleeping in the shade all day. But it works :) In the wild, wolves most frequently howl, but they will also bark (albeit rarely), whimper, growl, and whine. Learning to interpret the nuances in vocal cues helps us to better understand the animals, and using that knowledge together with knowledge of physical cues is how we keep ourselves as safe as possible while working with these amazing animals.

Güntuğ AKGÜN
'Güntuğ AKGÜN' 3 weeks ago
Sarah Reis Adamsın amk cCc Sarah reis <3
Golden Deerling The Epic
She sounds like she's saying "mama"!!!
Darken NoShinka
'Darken NoShinka' 2 months ago
she loves you so much
Randombunnylover 2017
Wolf makes noises while strange noises play in the background
'tetrisclock' 3 months ago
What a big sweetie! Those sound like happy noises :)
'Gungum' 3 months ago
It sounds like a half-life 2 zombie!
'HeWhoChills' 3 months ago
Lakomi is beautiful.
Mew Two
'Mew Two' 4 months ago
Why do they do that? Also my dog do it. But why? I mean its like when you laugh? You laugh because you express an emotion. Or this sound its kind a language?
'ItsASquid' 6 months ago
I love her whines whenever she stuck her tongue out :)
'MDthornton83' 7 months ago
They're so cute!
Gamer Parasite
'Gamer Parasite' 7 months ago
Sounds like he said "mama" at 0:08
Tyrannosaur Gaming
'Tyrannosaur Gaming' 9 months ago
It must really like making noise
Cosmic . Artist
'Cosmic . Artist' 9 months ago
This made me laugh so hard
'thanks' 9 months ago
my mom just barged into my room, looks dat me with disappointment an shut my door and walked away
'Sophie' 10 months ago
Thank you - not only for sharing these animals with those of us who don't have these opportunities but also for the detailed explanation you provide in the description. I've subscribed and eagerly await new videos!
Manish Giri
'Manish Giri' 10 months ago
You're doing an awesome job, Sarah. I really love watching them in your videos :D Keep 'em coming!
Kitty Green Diamond
'Kitty Green Diamond' 10 months ago
AvPGaming 002
'AvPGaming 002' 10 months ago
he sounds like chewbacca
Felix Mark Mend
'Felix Mark Mend' 10 months ago
: )
ok ne
'ok ne' 10 months ago
'danielfromca' 10 months ago
Based on the last sentence of this video's description, I wonder whether you were you ever attacked by wolfdog or were subject to very aggressive behavior coming from one?
Alex Craft
'Alex Craft' 10 months ago
I just recently found this channel and I am so in love! I love the bits of information you put into the description.
DongHwan Yoo
'DongHwan Yoo' 11 months ago
FiFi Creations
'FiFi Creations' 11 months ago
So cute
'itsJozh' 11 months ago
did anyone heard the wolf say: yeah ?
Heather Lee-ann
'Heather Lee-ann' 11 months ago
Nevermind longer videos, we just need more videos. 😊
Deanna Petrizzi
'Deanna Petrizzi' 11 months ago
Very very very cute🐾
Carlos Rodriguez
'Carlos Rodriguez' 11 months ago
Animals are such wonderful beings and companions. Thank you for loving them and for posting these short stories. I wonder - have you watched the 'silver fox' experiments?
Wolf. Tamer00
'Wolf. Tamer00' 11 months ago
this lovley wolf dog reminds me of my female german shepherd . Ive had sevral g.s.dogs and bonnies the most vocal for grunts, whines ect. wonder if its a female thing lol "keep fussing me+only me! i am queen!!'
'UserNameA' 11 months ago
Miss MetalHead
'Miss MetalHead' 11 months ago
loved hearing them all howl in the background, soothes my soul, i think i was a wolf in a past life lol.
Kaleb Sanchez
'Kaleb Sanchez' 11 months ago
I was the 1st dislike😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍
Moe Oooo
'Moe Oooo' 11 months ago
Have you ever been bitten by any of the wolves? I don't mean like play biting, but severe bites?
Han Hui Zhen
'Han Hui Zhen' 11 months ago
aww so cute!! <33
Luis Angel Vazquez
'Luis Angel Vazquez' 11 months ago
omgimsoop kapsz
'omgimsoop kapsz' 11 months ago
Thanks for the video
Wolf Girl 06
'Wolf Girl 06' 11 months ago
Please keep making more videos I love wolves! :-)
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 11 months ago
So vocal, so cute..
Phantom Phelix
'Phantom Phelix' 11 months ago
Adorable!! :)
Shadow wolfie
'Shadow wolfie' 11 months ago
at one point the wolfdog said "mama" awww adorable! #
Chancy noodles
'Chancy noodles' 11 months ago
man he says yeah a lot lol
SMA dez
'SMA dez' 11 months ago
this is just... awesome
Marco Marco
'Marco Marco' 11 months ago
I love your wolves their so cute
'Farencius459' 11 months ago
'luceatluxvestra1' 11 months ago
beautiful 🐶💗
'TheAshypoo' 11 months ago
Is that so, Lakomi? Please, tell us more. <3
'explorer' 11 months ago
So.. you prefer cats rather than dogs right?
Karen Presley
'Karen Presley' 11 months ago
Lakomi is very beautiful. How old is she? From my understanding, most wolf dogs have to go to a sanctuary or be put down by the time they are 3 years old. Is her mate also a wolf dog? He is beautiful as well.
I read in the description about reading their body language. They can be very subtle in their cues. A lot of people don't even know how to read a dogs cues.
Do you find that they shed more than dogs?
Thank you for sharing your videos. 🌹
Sergeant Amazing
'Sergeant Amazing' 11 months ago
My wolves need me... Just listen to their cries!
AntiDark Clawz •Jackaboy•
aww she is so cute!
Tristan Keating
'Tristan Keating' 11 months ago
cool more wolfdogs I love these guys
Sonie Renberg
'Sonie Renberg' 11 months ago
I would love to see an introduction for all the wolves :)
loser fish
'loser fish' 11 months ago
I love dogs
KubaIn TheWonderLand
'KubaIn TheWonderLand' 11 months ago
Aww i love these videos
'Wolfylover11' 11 months ago
So much majesticness
'chrisrus1965' 11 months ago
Stop. It's not safe.
Shadowkoi Dragon Master2791
Cuteness Overload!!!:^3
'idkanes' 11 months ago
I'm so glad I've subscribed to this channel, this is hella cute, keep doing what you're doing:)
'Sparrowsss' 11 months ago
So cute! <3
Jessenia The Great
'Jessenia The Great' 11 months ago
They are so gorgeous!
Brandon Vabderbok
'Brandon Vabderbok' 11 months ago
it says wolf dog, but he has wolf eyes and wolf size and wolf everything nothing wolf dog about him lol
Deplorable Todd
'Deplorable Todd' 11 months ago
We need longer videos! It's too cool not to have.
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