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What is an LMD? - Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Wondering what an LMD is? We took to the streets to try and figure it out! Catch new episodes of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Tuesdays at 10:00 PM ET on ABC. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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'DEATHSTROKE' 1 day ago
i just notice one thing life model decoy was once told by stark when he talked to phil in avengers
Shen Hz
'Shen Hz' 3 days ago




B Ropous
'B Ropous' 3 days ago
John Hannah is one of my FAVORITE actors these days.  Loved him in Spartacus.  He has the acting chops to appear in an MCU film.  Also, FitzSimmons.But what I am WAITING for is Coulson headed to the Director's office, and comes around a corner in the SHIELD base, and runs face-to-face into Tony Stark.
'DBZTRANKS' 5 days ago
who ever plays aida acts exactily like the chatacter
ronny 1125
'ronny 1125' 6 days ago
Hey Marvel is Ghost rider going to return
Calvin Chan
'Calvin Chan' 6 days ago
son of coul: Let Me Die
The Creeper
'The Creeper' 7 days ago
What is an LMD? Stan Lee.
Henry Miles
'Henry Miles' 7 days ago
Me and Jeffrey Mace can't be the only one who is MILDLY ATTRACTED to her...
Zaber Ansary
'Zaber Ansary' 7 days ago
Lick my dick?
Gabriel martinez
'Gabriel martinez' 1 week ago
will ghost rider come back
Collins Darkwa
'Collins Darkwa' 1 week ago
Brian J
'Brian J' 1 week ago
I really love Aida and Radcliffe, hoped they were here to stay but I know how it goes
kamarapu.vamshee krishna
LMD stands for Lower Manair Dam...........really there are Colonies based on this Abbreviation.....
Karthik Subramanian Krishnan
Bunch of %&$*@!! Just 5 sec of Stan Lee! Still Worth it :D
Max Austin
'Max Austin' 1 week ago
aida is australian? huh
'Bio21' 1 week ago
When Stan Lee dies they could use his LMD 8)))
Nevan Dempsey
'Nevan Dempsey' 1 week ago
Have any of these people ever read comics??!! (P.s Stan Lee's the best)
'Scopian01' 1 week ago
Mallory Jansen <3
Lindsay Reynolds
'Lindsay Reynolds' 1 week ago
The day Stan Lee dies will be a day forever dreaded :(
Dr Strange the Sorcerer Supreme
They are my favourite robots, I know that it is that because they replaced the original Nick Fury
Laurie Mosman
'Laurie Mosman' 1 week ago
"Life Model Decoy" is the actual meaning 😊 but I sort of liked one guy's definition ✌🏼️ of 'let me down' <not correct but still funnier> 👍🏼 than actual definition anyway‼️
Channel NerdGasm
'Channel NerdGasm' 1 week ago
Let Marvel Dominate...the box office
Manoj Shah
'Manoj Shah' 1 week ago
In the special Endcredit scenes
Spike Powers
'Spike Powers' 1 week ago
Did Stan Lee make mistake LMD with LSD?....
'TheSalawag' 1 week ago
Love this show. This episode especially is so rewarding, having watched so much, to see the characters have changed and become awesome. "One of my office aides was assaulted by one of your agents." Haha, cute little Simmons is now a badass. Love it.
Kyle Magder
'Kyle Magder' 1 week ago
Sounds like something u take and your tripping for hours
Rafael Arcas
'Rafael Arcas' 1 week ago
LMD means Life Model Decoy you idiot!
Mike Ham (Hammie)
'Mike Ham (Hammie)' 1 week ago
seriously. you are all either massive nerds, or all not English. the dude from undatables makes this video amazing! what is he doing there?! haha mind blown
Mike Ham (Hammie)
'Mike Ham (Hammie)' 1 week ago
nevermind Stan Lee. the guy from the undatables was just there!!!
Hilario Hidalgo
'Hilario Hidalgo' 1 week ago
Aida <3
Benja Muñoz
'Benja Muñoz' 1 week ago
Look My Dic...cionary
'CookieFreakHD' 1 week ago
love my daughter would fit hawkeye!
Bazooka Sniper
'Bazooka Sniper' 1 week ago
Tony makes a joke about the life model decoys in avengers
Shawn Balor
'Shawn Balor' 1 week ago
Life Module Decoy
Jonas Furu Olsen
'Jonas Furu Olsen' 1 week ago
Why do you have a picture of Stan lee when he isn't in the video 👎🏼
Άγγελος Γιώργος
I thought the photo of Stan Lee at the thumbnail was just for "click bate purposes"! 😂
'Nortic111' 1 week ago
When is this season going to air in the U.K.?!?
'3wheelyboy' 1 week ago
life modal decoy, written before the video started
rage against bs
'rage against bs' 1 week ago
Last Man Defense is a cool name tbh..
'MaidenX' 1 week ago
It was a crazy episode !!! OMG god The twist
'LogicThEncrypter' 1 week ago
It stands for lick my dick
Dustin Rucker
'Dustin Rucker' 1 week ago
Life model decoy
The Relentless Naxi
Life Model Decoys aka Test Bots
ashraf imran
'ashraf imran' 1 week ago
Ah fuckt it 248((,:/#@/((?;:$23689*9853¥£÷₩÷£%`♡》《₩÷={¤¤¡~%₩÷÷
Naimed Hagilar
'Naimed Hagilar' 1 week ago
like because of Stan lee
'AxiumKnight' 1 week ago
All true Marvel fans would know what LMD stands for...
Favorite Child
'Favorite Child' 1 week ago
I love him so much
Hunter Tchozewski
'Hunter Tchozewski' 1 week ago
Life Model Decoy.
Captain Kittycat
'Captain Kittycat' 1 week ago
I need that beanie.
el Médico Extraño
Life model decoy
The Werewolf King
'The Werewolf King' 1 week ago
Idiots it LMD
i o e
f d c
e e o
l y
The Joker
'The Joker' 1 week ago
life model decoy. duh
michael jeacock
'michael jeacock' 1 week ago
i am sure they bumped into people who knew the answer but they were all cut from the video for not being stupid enough.
Jonas Gamao
'Jonas Gamao' 1 week ago
Ooh! This should be interesting.
Oscar Araiza
'Oscar Araiza' 2 weeks ago
'DANGitsJOEY' 2 weeks ago
Ada is hecka hot
Emerson Cristhian
'Emerson Cristhian' 2 weeks ago
Coloquem legendas em português por favor
Phil The Potato Man
'Phil The Potato Man' 2 weeks ago
So nick fury is gonna be in the new season as an LMD?
Official Kanye West Channel
'undeadelvis' 2 weeks ago
I'm starting to think Stan Lee is a LMD
'Jpower' 2 weeks ago
Came for stan the man
'BloodyFlowerFilms' 2 weeks ago
LMD - Lazy Masturbating Ducks. That's my acronym.
Smokee Goddinson
'Smokee Goddinson' 2 weeks ago
John Hannah mad creepy yo! LOLOL
Angel Caban
'Angel Caban' 2 weeks ago
Is that a shield joke?
Jack Bennett
'Jack Bennett' 2 weeks ago
That black guy was from undatealbes
'JOKER//SMILE' 2 weeks ago
Stan Lee Cameo
'SimplyFilmFan' 2 weeks ago
life model decoy
Ahmed Waheed
'Ahmed Waheed' 2 weeks ago
this was a shameless clickbate, yet i am still happy to see stan again :)
'TheViccoTube' 2 weeks ago
That stands for Lev Med Det, Live With It
Reina De los Inhumanos
Hola, los invito a que vean mi canal a todos los que hablan español! jaja
Tal vez les interese
Uto Resa 519
'Uto Resa 519' 2 weeks ago
Uto Resa 519
'Uto Resa 519' 2 weeks ago
'tanner1ie' 2 weeks ago
I knew it was "Life", something and basically what they are after people speculated that Phil Coulson was one, when we saw him resurrected in the Agents of Shield promos a few years ago :) .
Neil McJannett
'Neil McJannett' 2 weeks ago
"Limited Marvel Direction"?!?!

Cheeky bugger, lol. He must have been thinking about Warner Bros..
malcolm mckellar
'malcolm mckellar' 2 weeks ago
Life model decoy, just got it
Kenny Olson
'Kenny Olson' 2 weeks ago
watch my YouTube vids you'll laugh
'oldcowbb' 2 weeks ago
Immortal! Invincible! STAN POWER!!!
'DragolianX' 2 weeks ago
Life Model Decoys
C Brown
'C Brown' 2 weeks ago
It's a drug ain't it?
Erik Reilstad
'Erik Reilstad' 2 weeks ago
In Norway that stands for "Lev Med Det" (Live with it) LOL
'MegumiMary' 2 weeks ago
Could you have picked a more dishonest thumbnail?
'J.A.M.' 2 weeks ago
Today was the first time i liked android.
Mason McGuire
'Mason McGuire' 2 weeks ago
Great, now when watching the episode tonight I'm gonna be like "Hey look, it's the really cool guy Dr. Radcliffe!"
'InvertedReaper' 2 weeks ago
You know Stan Lee's immortal because he didn't die in 2016.
Sherlock Holmes
'Sherlock Holmes' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or was it damn obvious it stands for "Life model decoy"?
'dw4zemi3' 2 weeks ago
thats how stan lee is still alive, hes a lmd
Rouge killer
'Rouge killer' 2 weeks ago
Kyle William Livingston
Agents of SHIELD tonight :).
Ceren Bolluk
'Ceren Bolluk' 2 weeks ago
I came for stan lee
All Seeing Eye
'All Seeing Eye' 2 weeks ago
Came for stan lee, got the android ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
reece grooms
'reece grooms' 2 weeks ago
little monster diary
Frank Castle (ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴜɴɪsʜᴇʀ)
Love that Beanie.
Anatol Hdz
'Anatol Hdz' 2 weeks ago
Haise Leonhardt
'Haise Leonhardt' 2 weeks ago
it's Stan the Man!!!!
Fillipo q
'Fillipo q' 2 weeks ago
Dear Marvel,
You guys probably don't read the comments that often, so I'm hoping someone somewhere is reading this right now. I ask you to please give proper releases for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 and Agent Carter Season 1 for Blu-Ray in stores. I know that there is probably not a lot of demand for this, but I know that there are a lot of people who would want to own this, especially for people who live in Canada because as of right now, the only way to buy them is to get them internationally, and that costs extra money because of imports and stuff. So I ask you again, and I will not stop posting this until it happens. Please give proper releases for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 and Agent Carter Season 1 for Blu-Ray in stores. Thank you in advance.
Alan Mendoza
'Alan Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
I don't know but I'm going with last main defense.
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