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Hail Hydra! Presenting a Special Launch Trailer For CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

41, 870 views

1, 316 Likes   153 Dislikes

It’s the story that shocked the world. Captain America is an agent of Hydra?! Now – superstar creators Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz bring you the next thrilling chapter in their Captain America epic. It’s all happening in “Hail Hydra” – a new story arc kicking off in Captain America: Steve Rogers #7. Available in comic stores everywhere, Marvel is pleased to present a special launch trailer for this blockbuster new story arc! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

As Hydra’s tentacles slowly tighten around the Marvel Universe, Steve Rogers machinations are just beginning! S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming apart at the seams. The Red Skull marches across Europe with an army at his back. Captain America can only sit back and smile – everything is going according to plan. But what is his mysterious endgame? The pieces are falling in to place, be there for the next shocking chapter!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #7 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #8 are both available digitally through the Marvel Digital Comic Shop and at all local comic book retailers. To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.

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NBS 1203
'NBS 1203' 2 months ago
Hire whoever you want to fix the timeline as long as it isn't barry allen
Dead Reviews
'Dead Reviews' 2 months ago
me recuerda ala serie de la muerte del capitan america y renacimiento
Asaphe Simeao
'Asaphe Simeao' 2 months ago
imagine the movie capitain america 4 hail hydra
'doctoroctopus2099ssu' 3 months ago

aliali aliali
'aliali aliali' 3 months ago
اريد من هاذي المجله
'ItsFuntimeHQ' 3 months ago
Mother of good :''( WHY CAP?? WHYYY??????
'MrHyperRocker' 3 months ago
MARVEL! In Brazil, the responsable publisher of Marvel, PANINI, is refusing to publish that arc... Just for the record... I think you should abandon Panini at all
mon production
'mon production' 3 months ago
this is so sad
'recon3113' 3 months ago
Hail Hydra!
Christian Khoury
'Christian Khoury' 3 months ago
Now i understand why
Show Me Your Moves
'Show Me Your Moves' 3 months ago
Mcu captain america 4 pls. This is the beat twist in marvel comic history tbh....
'TomahawkPunk' 3 months ago
Ya, Marvel has ruined its own comic universe.
ric pez
'ric pez' 3 months ago
'AR's Channel' 3 months ago
+Robert Smithson Yah, maybe.
Will Mac
'Will Mac' 3 months ago
Anybody else notice Marvel Comics is butchering all the Marvel Studios characters? So glad Kevin Feige fired the Marvel Comics/TV aholes from being involved with the Marvel movies.
Malik Frierson
'Malik Frierson' 3 months ago
So much salt in the comments lol
'markdpane' 3 months ago
First Spider-Man, then Iron Man, and now Captain America!! Are all these Superior storylines leading to something? Like perhaps the Superior Avengers?
Andres Sebastian Garcia Uribe
i hate redd skull
Nimesh Morarji
'Nimesh Morarji' 3 months ago
more videos like this please. for comics releases or events !!
Mack Tripp
'Mack Tripp' 3 months ago
I wonder what they were drinking when they came up with this.
Anneliese Petersmarck
I hate this so much. Let's just shit on his history and the history of his creators, shall we?
Pavle Banjac
'Pavle Banjac' 3 months ago
i love hydra cap
Will End
'Will End' 3 months ago
I used to be a great Captain America fan, basically from what I saw in the movies... until I found out that he, not unlike many other Marvel Comics characters and franchises, had become a pawn of the leftist conspiracy to take over the media. Now Marvel has lost another customer.
Alain Smith
'Alain Smith' 3 months ago
I hate that new Wasp btw
Darth Rubik
'Darth Rubik' 3 months ago
On this episode of "trying to save face after going full retard", we explore the mind control excuse
'Lowlight23' 3 months ago
Joshua Washington
'Joshua Washington' 3 months ago
I gotta admit that's a badass looking Captain America suit
Lucas Wilson
'Lucas Wilson' 3 months ago
Hail Hydra
'Nerwrax15' 3 months ago
The only people crying for it to change back are people who aren't even following the story and don't know anything past the "Hail Hydra" Panel or don't care to know.
this is the most Interesting Steve has been in years.
Aditya Shekarbabu
'Aditya Shekarbabu' 3 months ago
hail hydra
Elen Belsan
'Elen Belsan' 3 months ago
As Captain America once said to Bucky, "Come on, man." 😂
Abin Cokira
'Abin Cokira' 3 months ago
'AR's Channel' 3 months ago
Means Captain America just faked to be a Hero in the Marvel Movies but in reality, he was working for Hydra?!
Bailee Hill
'Bailee Hill' 3 months ago
this is interesting, but I do hope his past is changed back by the end
'Potaka79' 3 months ago
This story is better then Civil War 2. Really enjoying it👍👍👍
'Siddharth' 3 months ago
wish captain america tumblr famdom who doesnt how comics works would just go away
Gabrielle Vachon
'Gabrielle Vachon' 3 months ago
t bone ganesh raja
't bone ganesh raja' 3 months ago
hail hydra
Hope Wines
'Hope Wines' 3 months ago
This is so freaking stupid
Aizere Malibek
'Aizere Malibek' 3 months ago
Hail Hydra
Alyssa Miranda
'Alyssa Miranda' 3 months ago
I thought we were going to forget this crap
Captain Harlock
'Captain Harlock' 3 months ago
Quit ruining your legacy characters Marvel! How could be you be so moronic and blind to think that this insulting storyline would pass? Now of this happened, Steve Rodgers isn't a Nazi Hydra agent you  putz's. Lets see Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, ok your on my shit list now along with the creators of Clown Driver. Screw you incompetent millennial wastes of oxygen. I'm going to just ignore this, someone brings it up I'll say it doesn't exist, because to me it doesn't. I have decided to ignore all this crap that has been vomiting from Marvel comics, however in the case of clown driver some of this crap is bleeding over to the MCU...  DONT MAKE CAP A HYDRA AGENT IN THE MOVIES YOU INCOMPETANT LOSERS!
Derek Schacht
'Derek Schacht' 3 months ago
This is one of the best books Marvel has out right now, absolutely loved it's CW2 twist.
Haley Andrews
'Haley Andrews' 3 months ago
I literally cried. I hate this so much. captain America is an I con. even though he is a made up character. many people saw him as a real hero. now they are making him evil. it truly breaks my heart😢💔
Just_Blazed_Jr Alcantara
They should make an animate movie on this
Pippi Osu
'Pippi Osu' 3 months ago
Tbh, this is one of the most interesting stories I got from marvel. When they announced that cap was hydra without really knowing any real information about the story, everyone freaked out so bad. But when they did, I was happy that cap actually became hydra because the story got more thrilling. Plus, it doesn't make sense that cap was hydra all along. So I know that he'll go back to normal sooner or later
'Blackwing2040' 3 months ago
I wonder how long this is gonna last
Gary Eakin
'Gary Eakin' 3 months ago
Just no 😡
Salma Nameless
'Salma Nameless' 3 months ago
To those who are still complaining about Steve being a double agent or Captain Hydra, read the series and you'll understand why it isn't totally true. Captain America is still Captain America.
Anshuman Verma
'Anshuman Verma' 3 months ago
it looks like Hydra!
Richard Meyer
'Richard Meyer' 3 months ago
Stop this and bring back Steve Rodgers! It's been long enough.
'AWESOMEGUYY321' 3 months ago
tony was right he is evil
'Stinkfly3' 3 months ago
How about no?
'WhiteRaven696' 3 months ago
I cannot wait for this change to be reversed. It's a great story but c'mon... Cap can't stay evil forever.
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
This sounds cool imagine Steve like the boss of Hydra and the Avengers or the Champions fighting vs the army of Captain Hydra.
Sir Cabbage Knight.
'Sir Cabbage Knight.' 3 months ago
I'm currently reading the series right now and it's really good. I just hope we'll get back the Steve Rogers we know in love in the future! I know marvel has said this "hydra" business is going to last for a while.
Pro Player Eklavya 1999
Dheric Tadeu
'Dheric Tadeu' 3 months ago
algum br ?
t j
't j' 3 months ago
The people who don't like this story arc have obviously never picked up a comic before they're just jumping the backlash bandwagon.
t j
't j' 3 months ago
holy shit that was a poorly made trailer. paticularly the narrating
Phil M
'Phil M' 3 months ago
Damn that Red Skull!
Spider Ninja
'Spider Ninja' 3 months ago
2 likes ago there were 616 likes
'DomesticPolarBear' 3 months ago
despicable and cowardly and if you're going to say something sexist, hold your tongue. captain america has been a symbol of hope and freedom for over 70 years. he was created during the war to stand up for the little guy and everything good. he was created to stop hydra. stop the nazis. i can't believe one of my favorite characters has turned into everything the original writers intended him to fight.
edit: joe simon and jack kirby were literally raised jewish. this is horrible hydra is literally nazis. red skull, the founder? a nazi. how would those men feel to see what writers today have turned their character into.
Martin Archuleta
'Martin Archuleta' 3 months ago
I have this shield tattooed on my back!
Joshua Kent
'Joshua Kent' 3 months ago
Superior Spiderman - Doc Rock takes over Peter Parker's mind and makes him evil.

superior Iron man - Extremis makes Iron man evil

This - Red skull rewrites caps past and makes him evil.

Marvel is lacking original storylines....
adam bump
'adam bump' 3 months ago
what an interesting turn of events
'Nia's Bae' 3 months ago
I don't read the comics but I'm just going to say this does seem like a good story arc. Very different and something entirely new. Personally I don't appreciate the idea of cap being hydra but it's not like I can stop it.

Could someone explain to me if this is just an AU thing or is it canon or...?
Fauzi Septriantoro
'Fauzi Septriantoro' 3 months ago
Hail Hydra!
'GAME CHANEL Music' 3 months ago
'kurumais' 3 months ago
i thought this was going to be dumb but it turned really good i cant wait for it to come out everymonth
Gimme Shimme
'Gimme Shimme' 3 months ago
Biggest pile of bullshit
'HAIL HYDRA' 3 months ago
Black Heart
'Black Heart' 3 months ago
I just still can't get over the feeling that Cap is Hydra. Wtf man !!!
Luis Moreno
'Luis Moreno' 3 months ago
I actually never hated this series it is one of my favorite titles in marvel right now
Adrian Zaragoza
'Adrian Zaragoza' 3 months ago
I dont think I can read marvel or dc anymore.
'BasicallyMal' 3 months ago
'assassinsknight' 3 months ago
So this is still a thing huh.
Adonis Fiend
'Adonis Fiend' 3 months ago
Big fan of Captain Hydra he just needs a memorable new color scheme and costume, I like when the boyscouts go rogue its always interesting to see if their villainy surpasses their well known heroisms. Its great psychological play for both reader and writer.
Willi Gomar
'Willi Gomar' 3 months ago
hail my nuts
Richard Moralez
'Richard Moralez' 3 months ago
Hail Hydra!
'werst9' 3 months ago
Im curious how many pedple who hate this book have even read it. I feel like it cant be more than 10% cause the book is really good and you can see real cap is still in there.
'Stephen' 3 months ago
Dom becomes bad, Optimus prime becomes bad, now Steve Rogers?
Black Widow
'Black Widow' 3 months ago
At 1.16, so... Steve went to Hogwarts and became Draco Malfoy and I think others are Crabbe Goyle and Blaise. 😂
Josh Wilson
'Josh Wilson' 3 months ago
cough Damage control cough
Dean Yits
'Dean Yits' 3 months ago
Donald Trump is in Hydra.
Brian Holmes
'Brian Holmes' 3 months ago
heil hydra!
'Michael' 3 months ago
ugh, the concept of Captain America being a secret hydra agent is tasteless. end this run already. The era of edginess should've ended with the 90s.
Peter Lombardi
'Peter Lombardi' 3 months ago
Remember when all the non-comic book readers started to bitch and moan cause they thought this would be forever and couldn't wait like 3 weeks till the next issue came out. Amazing how they randomly went silent
'doom7ish' 3 months ago
Marcos Rosales
'Marcos Rosales' 3 months ago
The only people complaining about this arc are the ones who aren't even reading it.
Patrick Vincent Santos
this is bullshit I hate you marvel
'BlueBloodPenn' 3 months ago
I was expecting a mass of dislikes on the video but apparently the idiots that caused such an uproar have moved on to something else they know very little about to complain about. Or they just stick to bitch at Nick on twitter.
Francis Yu
'Francis Yu' 3 months ago
Hail hydra! Grant Ward and Captain America
Roving Punster
'Roving Punster' 3 months ago
Classic example of writer's overreach ... taking a beloved cultural icon, and pulling a heel-face turn just to get a cheap outraged rise out of the loyal readership and sell extra copies. Pathetic. In equal measure I feel sad, angry and (most of all) disgusted with the writers ... the same way I felt about the equally stupid gender swap given to the Thor title. I'm done with both titles until some measure of sanity, and respect for the readership, returns. Meanwhile, I hope someone breaks into your house and takes a steaming dump all over the most prized and nostalgic toys and mementos of your youth, and your parent's youth, so that you know how it feels. Capt. America is more than just a comic book hero ... he's a cultural touchstone.

-1 (big thumbs down)
Manuel Jimenez
'Manuel Jimenez' 3 months ago
hail hydra!
Shuma Ghorath98
'Shuma Ghorath98' 3 months ago
It's time to stop!
The Gaming King
'The Gaming King' 3 months ago
I REALLY need to read this one
Con Nor
'Con Nor' 3 months ago
Change his past back to the way it was already!
Notsosmartguy 625
'Notsosmartguy 625' 3 months ago
It's so good. easily one of Marvels better books
'legobagel' 3 months ago
oh phew. at least he wasn't actually Hydra, his story was just rewritten by red skull
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