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City Council Meeting - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

2, 620, 316 views

12, 380 Likes   1, 311 Dislikes

A Dutch rapper (Kyle Mooney), a Halloween enthusiast (Kenan Thompson) and a little girl (Amy Schumer) air their grievances at a city council meeting.

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David Denson
'David Denson' 20 hours ago
Are Leslie Jones and Terry Crews brothers?
Shayana Griffin
'Shayana Griffin' 2 days ago
I get a little bit of Lester Oaks... Construction Worker from Keenan in this skit lol
Angeline Dorsey
'Angeline Dorsey' 2 weeks ago
It was hilarious until that fuck pig's her name..the host blonde pig. She ruined it.
Richard Knapp
'Richard Knapp' 2 weeks ago
...a good cross section of suburban insanity!
Richard Knapp
'Richard Knapp' 2 weeks ago
love miss Lesley
'Eskimo' 2 weeks ago
The 6 year old was perfect
Chill Cosby
'Chill Cosby' 2 weeks ago
great sketch if u take Amy Schumer out...
David Thompson
'David Thompson' 2 weeks ago
DonMega DonMega
'DonMega DonMega' 2 weeks ago
Bakersfield, Ca :D?!
'nugal' 2 weeks ago
I was watching... and then Amy schumer came on.
'RivalsAirsoft3' 3 weeks ago
When they try to make the point that people that think gay marriage is not natural are stupid; but think of this: Put 100 gay people on an island (100 guys) with all the food, water, and shelter they need to survive, just no females since they refuse to have intercourse or even a relationship with them. So if you come back to said island in 150 years, how many gay people will be left on the island?
stories with me
'stories with me' 4 weeks ago
you have a gun yes a bunch
Soggy Sandwhich
'Soggy Sandwhich' 4 weeks ago
The child and alcoholic XD
Irene Koleda
'Irene Koleda' 4 weeks ago
one of my favorite
mocking jay 28
'mocking jay 28' 4 weeks ago
my town meeting day# not fun
Thomas Polich
'Thomas Polich' 4 weeks ago
schumer is funny when someone else writes for her
jose diaz
'jose diaz' 1 month ago
I think any shoemer is not funny
Margaret Hobbs
'Margaret Hobbs' 1 month ago
can't believe ninja of die antwoord was on SNL
'bandgeeks2005' 1 month ago
This should be an ongoing segment.
Jr Taylor
'Jr Taylor' 1 month ago
saturday night live used to be entertaining until they started constantly making political jokes. It's almost all they do now other than having crappy music. sigh
'llinkii' 1 month ago
fuck you amy!
-Mike Tyson
'VroomVroom' 1 month ago
amy schemer is a fat big.
Dan Shelton
'Dan Shelton' 1 month ago
SNL should get on the Trump train, that guy saved all these idiots' careers.
Brandon White
'Brandon White' 1 month ago
Amy Schummer is the the anti christ with a rotten roast beef vagina
Tony Raffetto
'Tony Raffetto' 1 month ago
classic scary gary
Rosario Avia
'Rosario Avia' 1 month ago
I'm from Bakersfield and the lady in pink would be my neighbor lol
Julianna Kopa
'Julianna Kopa' 1 month ago
I want more Mr. Loomis
Creature Of the night
Mc Strategy! Real Hip Hop!
Vi Haze
'Vi Haze' 1 month ago
I am the Halloween guy.
Traveler kid
'Traveler kid' 2 months ago
dad little girl
Nico Belic
'Nico Belic' 2 months ago
Amy Schumer is garbage.
'Edi2003' 2 months ago
"It's not natural, it's not natural!!" 😂😂😂😂
'brooks' 2 months ago
Hey 661 represent
Kyle W
'Kyle W' 2 months ago
I hate Amy Schumer but that was an amazing accent haha. Nailed it.
ramona whitaker
'ramona whitaker' 2 months ago
I have been to meetings like this many times ....
Leslie's part murdered me
asa neal
'asa neal' 2 months ago
Fuck amy schumer don't put her in snl
Dd Tt
'Dd Tt' 2 months ago
Why is Pete Davidson so Damn fine?!?!
Ed R
'Ed R' 2 months ago
When is Amy Shitter living my country?
'Afroninja2025' 2 months ago
that littel girl will grow to be bitch
Kenneth Cisneros
'Kenneth Cisneros' 2 months ago
whats the name of the guy with the dreds with the accent anyone know
David Bukowski
'David Bukowski' 2 months ago
Hahaha, I love the Dutch guy.
'MyChemicalPanda' 2 months ago
the dutch accent is kinda bad but still funny
Zachary Meurer
'Zachary Meurer' 2 months ago
Amy is not funny
'Sanic' 3 months ago
Kyle and Davidsons' parts were the funniest
Marko Alvarez
'Marko Alvarez' 3 months ago
is that Adele
Lucas Aguilera
'Lucas Aguilera' 3 months ago
Harry Loomis
'Harry Loomis' 3 months ago
Scary Gary's party sounds sick
Taťána Činovcová
'Taťána Činovcová' 3 months ago
it was affecting my job as a school bus driver XDDD k..
augustine moloko
'augustine moloko' 3 months ago
MC strategy
Real Hip-hope
Briseida Alcaraz
'Briseida Alcaraz' 3 months ago
lol I'm from Bakersfield and this is how it is 😅
Benny Mitchell
'Benny Mitchell' 3 months ago
Zappy's Parkinglot!
Benny Mitchell
'Benny Mitchell' 3 months ago
Might be my favorite skit... EVER
kenneth detro
'kenneth detro' 3 months ago
Ads on YouTube are like paying for a toilet or applying to put on pants.
Hael Otny
'Hael Otny' 3 months ago
Leslie's bit was quite funny. She looked so composed & well-dressed (seriously, that dress, and hair, suited her) and then she suddenly admits she's an alcoholic. Lol, took me completely by surprise. Well done 😂
Henry Bono
'Henry Bono' 3 months ago
Humor that has been weaponized against human dignity and self-sufficiency, against you yourself.
Arem Jarem
'Arem Jarem' 3 months ago
my god! Milo was right. dress her up however you want to and Leslie Jones will still look like a manly gorrila.
'waterside' 3 months ago
trash !
'elmersgliu1' 3 months ago
That dutch hip hop artist was the highlight
Jacob Fisher
'Jacob Fisher' 3 months ago
it was kinda funny till she got up there and ruined it she isn't funny
Taz Foreman
'Taz Foreman' 3 months ago
The little girl was literally lady boo boo.
Tree Frow
'Tree Frow' 3 months ago
3:50 lmao the dudes face got me rolling
'Usernamee101' 3 months ago
Aaron S
'Aaron S' 3 months ago
its laser time!
Ry Wilson
'Ry Wilson' 4 months ago
hahaha i almost pissed myself just watching her walk up to the podium. that was hilarious!
Chad Horton
'Chad Horton' 4 months ago
Once again Amy sucks ass. Fuck that lying joke stealer.
Of Legend I Am Born
'Of Legend I Am Born' 4 months ago
I can't be the only one who skipped through Amy Schumer's completely unfunny mess. Good grief what kind of garbage was that even supposed to be?
Hector Gonzalez
'Hector Gonzalez' 4 months ago
Why is Kyle Mooney on SNL?
Alex Alpine
'Alex Alpine' 4 months ago
Schumer ruined it.
Eli Dunaway
'Eli Dunaway' 4 months ago
This whole cast is talented. One of the best since the ferrall and o'terri days.
bothunter 64
'bothunter 64' 4 months ago
pumpkin people? u mean David s pumpkins?
Rasheed Stevens
'Rasheed Stevens' 4 months ago
Hello my name is JAN KRAAANG!!! That had me dying lol.
'CC_Inks' 4 months ago
Amy Schumer just made me cry with laughter
Malonge Shlong
'Malonge Shlong' 4 months ago
Amy schumer is so funny.. Said no one ever
Flaming Chinchilla
'Flaming Chinchilla' 4 months ago
Umm...a little forced no?
Nathaniel Soss
'Nathaniel Soss' 4 months ago
Someone needs to edit this so that when the "guy with the Halloween themed tie" shows up it's David Pumpkins instead.
Vlad Belov
'Vlad Belov' 4 months ago
That's how town meetings work - they just send people to different institutions accordingly without ever actually doing any work themselves
Random Internet Profile
wow, SNL has gone down hill in comedy
'MegaJetJaguar' 4 months ago
Scores Man
'Scores Man' 4 months ago
Been riding with Keenan ever since his Nickelodeon days. Glad to seem him doing well. Continued success to him!!
Alex Lambert
'Alex Lambert' 4 months ago
Schumer is such a terrible actor.
David Charles
'David Charles' 4 months ago
Schumer is a hack who is the new Rosie O'Donnell. Never original or funny, just a liberal full of hate.
'Plasvi' 4 months ago
That Dutch accent is ON POINT
jon morrow
'jon morrow' 4 months ago
Amy!!! <3
'Jake.' 4 months ago
Keenan, the guest hosts, and the musicians at the end are keeping SNL alive I swear
Not Yo Momma
'Not Yo Momma's Negro' 4 months ago
Gawd I hate Amy Schumer
'roadhouse699' 4 months ago
lol "afterparty at zappy's?"
Adam Wenger
'Adam Wenger' 4 months ago
Kyle McGlothen
'Kyle McGlothen' 4 months ago
Amy cracks me up everytime!
'Dandypanty' 5 months ago
Arctic Productions
'Arctic Productions' 5 months ago
i am Dutch and rap is my favourite music genre
'Tussenio' 5 months ago
Kenan Thompson with that moustache and the glasses reminds me of Ken Bone
Adi Miller
'Adi Miller' 5 months ago
For some reason the Halloween guy reminds me of Sheldon cooper
titan turtle
'titan turtle' 5 months ago
i love the way kyle's character says "REAL HIP HOWP"
large small
'large small' 5 months ago
Shanty cabronas
'Shanty cabronas' 5 months ago
why does kennen look like black version of kevin bone
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