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City Council Meeting - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

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11, 136 Likes   1, 178 Dislikes

A Dutch rapper (Kyle Mooney), a Halloween enthusiast (Kenan Thompson) and a little girl (Amy Schumer) air their grievances at a city council meeting.

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Kenneth Cisneros
'Kenneth Cisneros' 4 days ago
whats the name of the guy with the dreds with the accent anyone know
David Bukowski
'David Bukowski' 1 week ago
Hahaha, I love the Dutch guy.
'MyChemicalPanda' 1 week ago
the dutch accent is kinda bad but still funny
Zachary Meurer
'Zachary Meurer' 1 week ago
Amy is not funny
'Sanic ' 2 weeks ago
Kyle and Davidsons' parts were the funniest
Marko Alvarez
'Marko Alvarez' 2 weeks ago
is that Adele
Lucas Aguilera
'Lucas Aguilera' 2 weeks ago
Harry Loomis
'Harry Loomis' 2 weeks ago
Scary Gary's party sounds sick
Taťána Činovcová
it was affecting my job as a school bus driver XDDD k..
augustine moloko
'augustine moloko' 3 weeks ago
MC strategy
Real Hip-hope
Briseida Alcaraz
'Briseida Alcaraz' 3 weeks ago
lol I'm from Bakersfield and this is how it is 😅
Benny Mitchell
'Benny Mitchell' 3 weeks ago
Zappy's Parkinglot!
Benny Mitchell
'Benny Mitchell' 3 weeks ago
Might be my favorite skit... EVER
kenneth detro
'kenneth detro' 3 weeks ago
Ads on YouTube are like paying for a toilet or applying to put on pants.
Hael Otny
'Hael Otny' 3 weeks ago
Leslie's bit was quite funny. She looked so composed & well-dressed (seriously, that dress, and hair, suited her) and then she suddenly admits she's an alcoholic. Lol, took me completely by surprise. Well done 😂
Henry Bono
'Henry Bono' 3 weeks ago
Humor that has been weaponized against human dignity and self-sufficiency, against you yourself.
Arem Jarem
'Arem Jarem' 4 weeks ago
my god! Milo was right. dress her up however you want to and Leslie Jones will still look like a manly gorrila.
'waterside' 4 weeks ago
trash !
'elmersgliu1' 1 month ago
That dutch hip hop artist was the highlight
Jacob Fisher
'Jacob Fisher' 1 month ago
it was kinda funny till she got up there and ruined it she isn't funny
Taz Foreman
'Taz Foreman' 1 month ago
The little girl was literally lady boo boo.
Lelissa Bestfrands
'Lelissa Bestfrands' 1 month ago
3:50 lmao the dudes face got me rolling
'Usernamee101' 1 month ago
Aaron S
'Aaron S' 1 month ago
its laser time!
Ry Wilson
'Ry Wilson' 1 month ago
hahaha i almost pissed myself just watching her walk up to the podium. that was hilarious!
Chad Horton
'Chad Horton' 1 month ago
Once again Amy sucks ass. Fuck that lying joke stealer.
Of Legend I Am Born
'Of Legend I Am Born' 2 months ago
I can't be the only one who skipped through Amy Schumer's completely unfunny mess. Good grief what kind of garbage was that even supposed to be?
Hector Gonzalez
'Hector Gonzalez' 2 months ago
Why is Kyle Mooney on SNL?
Alex Alpine
'Alex Alpine' 2 months ago
Schumer ruined it.
Eli Dunaway
'Eli Dunaway' 2 months ago
This whole cast is talented. One of the best since the ferrall and o'terri days.
bothunter 64
'bothunter 64' 2 months ago
pumpkin people? u mean David s pumpkins?
Rasheed Stevens
'Rasheed Stevens' 2 months ago
Hello my name is JAN KRAAANG!!! That had me dying lol.
CareCares CrazyCupcakes
Amy Schumer just made me cry with laughter
Malonge Shlong
'Malonge Shlong' 2 months ago
Amy schumer is so funny.. Said no one ever
Flaming Chinchilla
'Flaming Chinchilla' 2 months ago
Umm...a little forced no?
Nathaniel Soss
'Nathaniel Soss' 2 months ago
Someone needs to edit this so that when the "guy with the Halloween themed tie" shows up it's David Pumpkins instead.
Vlad Belov
'Vlad Belov' 2 months ago
That's how town meetings work - they just send people to different institutions accordingly without ever actually doing any work themselves
Random Internet Profile
wow, SNL has gone down hill in comedy
Gina Fields
'Gina Fields' 2 months ago
i live in bakersfield and this is pretty accurate.
'MegaJetJaguar' 2 months ago
Scores Man
'Scores Man' 2 months ago
Been riding with Keenan ever since his Nickelodeon days. Glad to seem him doing well. Continued success to him!!
Alex Lambert
'Alex Lambert' 2 months ago
Schumer is such a terrible actor.
David Charles
'David Charles' 2 months ago
Schumer is a hack who is the new Rosie O'Donnell. Never original or funny, just a liberal full of hate.
'Plasvi' 2 months ago
That Dutch accent is ON POINT
jon morrow
'jon morrow' 2 months ago
Amy!!! <3
'Jake.' 2 months ago
Keenan, the guest hosts, and the musicians at the end are keeping SNL alive I swear
Not Yo Momma
'Not Yo Momma's Negro' 2 months ago
Gawd I hate Amy Schumer
'roadhouse699' 2 months ago
lol "afterparty at zappy's?"
Adam Wenger
'Adam Wenger' 2 months ago
Kyle McGlothen
'Kyle McGlothen' 2 months ago
Amy cracks me up everytime!
'Dandypanty' 2 months ago
Arctic Productions
'Arctic Productions' 2 months ago
i am Dutch and rap is my favourite music genre
'Tussenio' 2 months ago
Kenan Thompson with that moustache and the glasses reminds me of Ken Bone
Adi Miller
'Adi Miller' 2 months ago
For some reason the Halloween guy reminds me of Sheldon cooper
titan turtle
'titan turtle' 2 months ago
i love the way kyle's character says "REAL HIP HOWP"
large small
'large small' 2 months ago
Shanty cabronas
'Shanty cabronas' 2 months ago
why does kennen look like black version of kevin bone
Josh Klein
'Josh Klein' 2 months ago
that little girl is very accurate with Bakersfield
Joe Pod
'Joe Pod' 3 months ago
Not funny
'rattnroll1966' 3 months ago
Everyone in this skit is funnier than Amy schumer...she is way over rated.
Jessie Strong
'Jessie Strong' 3 months ago
I'm from Bakersfield and yes we are totally like this!!! love Bakersfield.
Guy Smith
'Guy Smith' 3 months ago
Any schumer ruins this
Guy Smith
'Guy Smith' 3 months ago
Forrest Grimes
'Forrest Grimes' 3 months ago
Amy Schumer is pretty much the unfunniest person ever. Loved Kenan's character.
Coops Abeast
'Coops Abeast' 3 months ago
Happy Halloween
Stephen Turner
'Stephen Turner' 3 months ago
Holy crap this is pathetic. At least they still have Keenan and Kate McKinnon.
'mizzpicklezz' 3 months ago
the realest MC!!! LMAO
'fastman69001' 3 months ago
Amy ruined the skit.
Daria Intheskyy
'Daria Intheskyy' 3 months ago
Kenan is bae AF
'cogen651' 3 months ago
Is this San Francisco?
Carson Fowler
'Carson Fowler' 3 months ago
Peace 😂
Chain Lightning 17
'Chain Lightning 17' 3 months ago
How was that a Dutch accent?
'Q_Productions' 3 months ago
This is where Kenan Thompson got the idea for the David Pumpkins skit
Nicholas Smith
'Nicholas Smith' 3 months ago
This is like if Parks and Recreations was a skit
Stephanie Chateau
'Stephanie Chateau' 3 months ago
Scary Gary's life just got ruined.
'ArcingAngels' 3 months ago
Nice to see network tv shows making good end plays
Jeremy Bagley
'Jeremy Bagley' 3 months ago
lost it at school bus driver lol!
Carson Michelle King
'Carson Michelle King' 3 months ago
joke's on you Scary Gary.. there are barely even 10 city blocks for you to shut down in Bakersfield
Niek Klaver
'Niek Klaver' 3 months ago
Really bad Dutch accent xD
Foster Treadwell
'Foster Treadwell' 3 months ago
When you live in Bakersfield 🌚
Shareece Naldzil
'Shareece Naldzil' 3 months ago
I have to do school work for this and it don't even make sense lol
Edgar Varela
'Edgar Varela' 3 months ago
She was freaking me out too, Amy is not funny
renee richichi
'renee richichi' 3 months ago
Rocky Dawg
'Rocky Dawg' 3 months ago
Is there a way to make Amy Schumer funny?
David DeCorso
'David DeCorso' 3 months ago
Amy Schumer isn't funny. :/
Brenda Burt
'Brenda Burt' 3 months ago
PETE! 😻😻
DesignXray Studios LLC
Lol this is hilarious
Jasper Cardenas
'Jasper Cardenas' 3 months ago
;D <3 !
Bismuth Blues
'Bismuth Blues' 3 months ago
Kenan isnt funny
Ahjjss Jsss
'Ahjjss Jsss' 3 months ago
Any isnt funny, never has been
Will Boyd
'Will Boyd' 3 months ago
The brunette looks 100% better as a blond.
'J.P.' 3 months ago
I actually liked this skit until Amy showed up
Milesdaguy :-D
'Milesdaguy :-D' 3 months ago
Julian Lipscomb
'Julian Lipscomb' 3 months ago
That hip hop guy was hilarious
'virtuosomaximoso1' 3 months ago
they nailed the kid
'goodguynow' 3 months ago
SNL skits don't even get big laughs.
Standard AI
'Standard AI' 3 months ago
Anyone else watching from Bakersfield? XD
lorna harris
'lorna harris' 3 months ago
I love Leslie Jones
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