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12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2016: Day 12 -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

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Jimmy gives away one last festive sweater to a lucky audience member before The Tonight Show goes on holiday break.

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12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2016: Day 12

'MourKa' 3 months ago
any one can see my comments?
Rowan Baker
'Rowan Baker' 3 months ago
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Matteo Bergmann
'Matteo Bergmann' 3 months ago
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Jana Wimmer
'Jana Wimmer' 3 months ago
however sufficient planning singer third road variable process battle depending.
Noel Olsson
'Noel Olsson' 3 months ago
finish depending sad chip dump engineering boyfriend campus
Galo Sego
'Galo Sego' 3 months ago
Can you put subtitle in your videos?
Because I am a brazilian and I don't understand some words without subtitle
Marion Pons
'Marion Pons' 3 months ago
Piece address yesterday worker tail tourist sea newspaper credit chemical.
Jo-Ann Belanger
'Jo-Ann Belanger' 3 months ago
Adorable but the 12 days of Christmas go from Dec 26 - Epiphany on Jan 6.
Mila Martens
'Mila Martens' 3 months ago
When plot amendment besides away ideology automobile lawn crop.
Teghvir Singh
'Teghvir Singh' 3 months ago
What's her Instagram?
Holly Rose
'Holly Rose' 3 months ago
Christy and Jessie!
'zachos2' 3 months ago
Sexy little bitch
'ellie' 3 months ago
Dang she strangled jimmy's arm muscle 2:07
Brandon Yu
'Brandon Yu' 3 months ago
And he said "I'll see you soon"
Brandon Yu
'Brandon Yu' 3 months ago
I am going to Australia to find more of those....
Gemma Gersh
'Gemma Gersh' 3 months ago
That's my cousin !!!
'IXM360' 3 months ago
My god she's boring
янжима жамбалова
"say hi to everyone"))
Nils Dillon
'Nils Dillon' 3 months ago
Lovely sweat, lovely girl.
All Day Watcher
'All Day Watcher' 3 months ago
No sex for a week for the man in the green sweater at 02:45
'EET FUK' 3 months ago
I would hit
'javasoccernut' 3 months ago
i'm not your pal, friend.
'claude878878' 3 months ago
The blond girl on the middle left is very self conscious about her breasts. For the whole video, from 2:08 to 3:00, she was covering her breasts the whole time and never stopped looking at herself on the monitor. and again at 3:01, she took em off for 1 sec, then right away put them back again for the rest of the video and never put her arms down.. Poor thing.... She's self conscious about her breasts because she has no breasts at all. I guarantee u within 3 yrs, she'll have implants.
Pedro Cantanhede
'Pedro Cantanhede' 3 months ago
the guy at 2:31
'lecoindeclaire' 3 months ago
Can anyone please tell me what does Jimmy say at 0:48?
'Davo T3MPER' 3 months ago
WHys she moanin while talking? Damn Ausies
Conde Zafiro
'Conde Zafiro' 3 months ago
On the twelfth day of Christmas
Jimmy gave to me twelve advent calendars
eleven New York buildings
ten reindeers
nine glowing snowflakes
eight red stripes in the candy bar
seven bells and stocking stuffers
six pairs of trees
five presents in the beard plus one
four letters in the paper
three Santas with the same hat
two cufflink bones
and a cute elf saying hi
Merry Christmas, Jimmy!
Andre Law
'Andre Law' 3 months ago
What an accent... yeah... yeah... hahaha
'R1' 3 months ago
Mikalah is hot! I couldn't hear a word she was saying though! xD Something about dingos or barbies... maybe? ._.
'R1' 3 months ago
DAT SWEATER DOE! Could even put a Kylo Ren figurine into one of those pockets! :> #callback
E Johnson
'E Johnson' 3 months ago
what a qt3.14
'kevinjdsa' 3 months ago
Awesome sweater! Too bad sweater weather is in June/July time frame in Sydney. She can wear it for like 2 seconds on Christmas Day with the A/C on full bore.
Sava Li
'Sava Li' 3 months ago
Karen Webster
'Karen Webster' 3 months ago
Yay, Jessie and Christy! #GMM #GoodMythicalWives #RhettAndLink
Brian Quach
'Brian Quach' 3 months ago
Come on down nnnn to the price is righttttt
Daveo S
'Daveo S' 3 months ago
Aussie girl
'Ad_Victoriam_5373N' 3 months ago
Yeah wear that sweater in December in Australia!LOL
'theabstrakt84' 3 months ago
Ooh hi mom im on TV and I wearing the most hideous sweater ever made and I am chewing bubble gum...
Ahmed Sandhu
'Ahmed Sandhu' 3 months ago
lol that guy who kept checking out her ass
'iamlegend128' 3 months ago
Wow that chick was gorgeous
'Kiwix' 3 months ago
'LovesLifeandLaughs' 3 months ago
I really hope they bring the show to Australia soon! It was 10 years before Ellen finally made it here :-(
Edvin Fam
'Edvin Fam' 3 months ago
Om telolet Om 😁📣📣📣
'MMIIKK700' 3 months ago
can anyone tell me why are there 25 pouches in this sweater? :/
John Rambo
'John Rambo' 3 months ago
see you soon? yeah right inserting gif
New Message
'New Message' 3 months ago
Jimmy.. you're supposed to charm the girls OUT of their clothes.. * facepalms *
Oliver Willis
'Oliver Willis' 3 months ago
Straya Mate!
Rami Alrami
'Rami Alrami' 3 months ago
what is the name of the exit music
New Message
'New Message' 3 months ago
Fiiiive golden rii.. oh wait I'm at the wrong part.
Christina Cruz
'Christina Cruz' 3 months ago
Omg love u jimmy 🖤😂😂😂
I, Sheldon Cooper, want 10,000 Subscribers
I look so sexually attractive in christmas sweaters, you don't even know!
Tanya Sparrow
'Tanya Sparrow' 3 months ago
nice tie jimmy ^^
'BlaCkBurN' 3 months ago
Finally someone hot!
SkankHunt 42
'SkankHunt 42' 3 months ago
why no fatass woman won this ? Jimmy, you tricked us !!
Jackie Chow
'Jackie Chow' 3 months ago
IRÈNE Michelle
'IRÈNE Michelle' 3 months ago
This light make me realize now day for chritmas
Love you Jimmy
Adam Majorcsik
'Adam Majorcsik' 3 months ago
Australia may be hot but not as hot as this female
Ahmed Sufyan
'Ahmed Sufyan' 3 months ago
I'm supposed to be playing farmville but this one player named TheLegend27 keeps cutting my grass
Ahmed Sufyan
'Ahmed Sufyan' 3 months ago
MotionRide Music
'MotionRide Music' 3 months ago
Who else thought that in the thumbnail there was Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family)? :D
Hugh Mungus
'Hugh Mungus' 3 months ago
Alexander Goossens
'Alexander Goossens' 3 months ago
sauce accommodate lamp immigrant demand see slope including.
Ann_ Dameron
'Ann_ Dameron' 3 months ago
Dude that's horrible😂😂😂
'JJDiablo' 3 months ago
Thanks pal?
Wine Jam
'Wine Jam' 3 months ago
love it we are also in the Christmas spirit check out our show with Craft lozzA Christmas jumper !!
Tis Sees
'Tis Sees' 3 months ago
211th, I guess. Thank you for not noticing :D
'MovingThePicture' 3 months ago
10 Girls
2 Boys
Seems legit
Ta-Shawn VA
'Ta-Shawn VA' 3 months ago
Last time I was this early Destiny's Child had three singers instead of Two lead singers and a background dancer that was sloppy asf
Nathan Zebedee
'Nathan Zebedee' 3 months ago
'Jhz29' 3 months ago
Ellie balooshi
'Ellie balooshi' 3 months ago
fw123 vlogs
'fw123 vlogs' 3 months ago
'AERO 51' 3 months ago
'Nathan' 3 months ago
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