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The Cutest Coyote -
Published: 8 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 8 months ago

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While I discourage wolfdog ownership in the majority of cases, I STRONGLY discourage coyote ownership in all cases. The handful of successful coyote or coydog owners I know have all dedicated their entire lives to caring for their animals and have decades of experience working with canids. They are the exceedingly rare exception, not the rule.

Having said that, coyotes tend to get a bad rap, and it is about time for coyotes to have an image makeover. So I thought I'd share a video of Phoenix, our coyote, to help show the lighter, more lovable side of coyotes than what we're used to seeing. Coyotes are seen as pests by a lot of people because they live in closer proximity to humans than other predators. Consequently, in an effort to survive, they will occasionally kill pets and often come into closer contact with humans than what we're comfortable with. However, the actuality of coyotes is that they are exceedingly intelligent predators who are doing their best to survive in a continually shrinking environment. Their ability to adapt and thrive in urban areas is a testament to their tenacity and innovation, and we need to take a second to realize that we are taking away their land and giving them nowhere to go. Coyotes are predators and will do what they need to in order to survive. Should they happen upon a beloved family pet, they will see a meal; not out of malice, but out of necessity. As pet owners it is our responsibility to keep our animals safe and to realize that the world is made up of more than humans and domesticated animals. Coyotes are not to be blamed for pet deaths, they are only trying to live. We have respect and reverence for other predators, and its about time we extend those emotions to coyotes.

This video features Phoenix, the coyote, and Tanook, a Native American Indian Dog. They are our original odd couple, and are entirely in love with each other despite the enormous size difference. Phoenix was
rescued from a home in which she lived her entire life in a kennel in a bathtub. When she was removed, a HAZMAT team had to be called due to the atrocious conditions in which she was living. As a result of her
rough start, she has a couple strange behavioral ticks that you can see throughout the video. She loves to be pet by those she trusts (specifically butt scratches) but will get uncomfortable and snap with little to warning. She will also rub up on me, put her paw on my arm, and sit in my lap to get me to pet her, but will be displaying teeth and making her silly coy noises throughout. Her behavior is likely due to the entirely conflicted instincts within her. Her brain says she is wild, she was raised by humans, but she was also neglected by humans. The fact that she is willing to have contact at all is a minor miracle and I am grateful every day to have earned her trust and the ability to join in her silly times.

matthew storey
'matthew storey' 1 month ago
She's a character 😁
'GreyWolfLeaderTW' 3 months ago
Hey look! Wily E. Coyote's cousin!
Lucariothegamer Anddumbcookiejoe
I want these wolf and coyote because they are cutie
Rotten xEgg
'Rotten xEgg' 4 months ago
She's like a tsundere.

"I'm messin' with you! Rawr rawr-"
"I totally don't l-love you!"
Wicked Wolf
'Wicked Wolf' 4 months ago
My god that bond you have with her is amazing. I was flinching just watching, every time she whipped around on you. Both phoenix and Tanook are incredibly beautiful. Glad to see Phoenix with such a caring person in a great home!
'Victorian' 5 months ago
Yay! I love coyotes! Thank you please spread more awareness I hate seeing so many hurtful things done to these creatures, there needs to be a non lethal way to handle creatures
Carvanni Andrew
'Carvanni Andrew' 6 months ago
I love this girl and her animals
Unicorn_Lover 94
'Unicorn_Lover 94' 7 months ago
I love your videos I have one question. Dose it hurt when they bite you??
Fluffy the Unicorn
'Fluffy the Unicorn' 7 months ago
its nice to see the two get along , in the wild the wolf wouldn't hesitate to kill him
Brian Kellogg
'Brian Kellogg' 7 months ago
awwwe such a great job you do with these animals Sarah thank you for the great videos and taking care of these babies and giving them great love. Keep up the great work :)
gamer viper and blue wolf
your really cool YouTubuer
Moreth The Rogue
'Moreth The Rogue' 7 months ago
She has to call her uncle to order an ACME snow sleeve toy.
MSP Everything
'MSP Everything' 7 months ago
you are the best youtuber EVER
Jaz Per
'Jaz Per' 8 months ago
She should do a Q and A...with dogs...about her channel...and her doggos
un loved
'un loved' 8 months ago
Yes yes yes. I love your videos but it looks like this one wants 2 eat u lol
Araceli Games
'Araceli Games' 8 months ago
aww i love all these types of videos with wolves and coyetes i was just wondering what is a wolf dog is it a actual wolf
'akaNarwhal' 8 months ago
Do you happen to own any foxes? My uncle has one and she is really playful ,so if you do i would love to see a video with them.
Chris Sosa
'Chris Sosa' 8 months ago
personally I love all animals including wolves/coyotes and I really appreciate that you are trying to paint a more positive picture of them so thank you :)
'Ninjapoetwolf' 8 months ago
I think you may have one of the best jobs in the world.
Ahmed Hassan
'Ahmed Hassan' 8 months ago
i like your with walves . like
chistine lane
'chistine lane' 8 months ago
The cuteness almost makes up for the fact THAT THIS IS A VERTICAL VIDEO
Kyle Kasper
'Kyle Kasper' 8 months ago
I totally respect the awareness you have with these wild animals.
Just don't fall asleep next to that Coyote.
Siena H
'Siena H' 8 months ago
Absolutely beautiful creatures. I'm so glad you're spreading the truth on these beauties. While many find the. scary and horrible, We as humans took away everything they had. Our cities and homes got in the way of their natural habitats, no wonder they wander in our cities and eat our pets! They are trying to survive with the scarce space and food that they have, and out of instinct, if they see an animal, they are going to try to eat it, especially if it is starved. They really are beautiful, though. Makes me wonder why everyone loved dogs and stuff, especially huskies, which are close to wolves, but think wolves and coyotes are vicious and disgusting creatures, when really they aren't?
Matheus Pinto
'Matheus Pinto' 8 months ago
In your other videos do you have wolves or wolf dogs?
Rafael D. Soriano
'Rafael D. Soriano' 8 months ago
how do you own the types of animals Sarah?
kacper bizon
'kacper bizon' 8 months ago
Nice pokemon :D
Derek Jennings
'Derek Jennings' 8 months ago
Turkey had a military coup today that may turn into civil war and I am laughing at the cutist thing ever.
'Gonzesse' 8 months ago
He's mad because you're filming vertically
Justin Moore
'Justin Moore' 8 months ago
you realize you're being attacked by the CUTE coyote right?
Send Nudes
'Send Nudes' 8 months ago
These videos are the best, I don't know how they got in my recommendations but I want more to appear there lol I subbed!
'creepydman555' 8 months ago
i really enjoy these videos. hearing the animals make sounds are kinda soothing😅😅 Especially when the wolves howled on a previous one
Mormy wolf
'Mormy wolf' 8 months ago
Ohhhh! I was in a little New Mexico State zoo and the coyote was begging like our pet dog fo a pet, it was so hard!
Christopher A Productions
you are one of the best YouTubers I have ever seen
Channel T
'Channel T' 8 months ago
Aww poor conflicted baby. I hope the bathtub people served time for that crap! So happy she has a great home with you now :)
Miss MetalHead
'Miss MetalHead' 8 months ago
im glad phoenix has this wonderful home after all she have been through, you can tell she is truly happy now, its amazing what you are doing for all of them x
Joseph The Alpha Wolf
He wants a tummy/chest scratch, not a buttscratch
Ha M
'Ha M' 8 months ago
Sara thanks for sharing these videos with us .we love you and hope you the best.
Norman Lyon
'Norman Lyon' 8 months ago
My blue healer acts just like that re: petting/biting of arm. :)
'lmarcondesm' 8 months ago
I love how you always have very informative descriptions that give us the proper context for the videos. Your love of animals is really inspiring. Love your channel!
Lord Big Cookie
'Lord Big Cookie' 8 months ago
now I'm kinda sad we have to kill a lot of them down here in NC. but it is whats best for the environment (we are finally getting back our rabbits)
'D Q' 8 months ago
You and your creatures are just too darn cute!
13th Party
'13th Party' 8 months ago
Do you wear any safety gear while playing with the coyote/wolves? Or is it just experience
'danielfromca' 8 months ago
The other wolf should have protected you from this evil coyote. When the coyote was trying to bite you, I expected the other wolf to come to your rescue and not just stand there observing the situation.
Ali Ahmad
'Ali Ahmad' 8 months ago
vertical :-(
'chrisrus1965' 8 months ago
Is that your coyote?
Where did you get that coyote?
Ellison Rodgers
'Ellison Rodgers' 8 months ago
Late one night, I heard distress calls from an abandoned adobe house while I was on patrol in a rural area of El Paso TX. I found a female coyote-dog puppy, about 8 weeks old. Took her home, of course. She was such a character! Not like a dog at all. Incidentally, she never came into estrus, lived 9 years. I called her "Mongo."
A Masked Curse
'A Masked Curse' 8 months ago
'729Drew' 8 months ago
Raised in a kennel bathtub...that's awful - how ppl can be so cruel to animals ill just never be able to understand - refreshing though to see good ppl like you taking these animals in & showing them love
Randy Monger
'Randy Monger' 8 months ago
I don't think he like back scratch
Kill3rwolf 135
'Kill3rwolf 135' 8 months ago
I'm gonna do a shoutout to this youtuber because she shows cutes wolves
Kill3rwolf 135
'Kill3rwolf 135' 8 months ago
I'm gonna do a shoutout to this youtuber because she shows cutes wolves
Kill3rwolf 135
'Kill3rwolf 135' 8 months ago
I only subscribe to see the cute wolves
'DaYogiBear' 8 months ago
do you live in Canada?
loser fish
'loser fish' 8 months ago
great video cute Coyote! I wish you would upload more these videos make my day
'Mustangprime' 8 months ago
I'm dying of cuteness.
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