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Beyoncé - Self-Titled, Part 5 -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Self-Titled, Part 5. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Mahdi Alwi
'Mahdi Alwi' 1 month ago
2:15 which song of it?
Alejandra LaSantos
'Alejandra LaSantos' 1 month ago
What omg I never watched these videos and she is inspirational in every way! No other artist is as true and as raw as she is !!!
Luna Kovacic
'Luna Kovacic' 1 month ago
I want this for Lemonade🍋
Angel Cisneros
'Angel Cisneros' 1 month ago
Justin Timberlake: speechless

Beyoncé: Thank you 😊

She is so humble 💖💖👑
Suuh Tube
'Suuh Tube' 2 months ago
essa mulher e tudo cara
Ashley Love
'Ashley Love' 2 months ago
1:42 Nope bey this song is about SEX
'EverydayWanda' 3 months ago
Watching in 2017 LIKE
Aurora Chimuco
'Aurora Chimuco' 3 months ago
Beyonce😍😍😍I love you😍❤️
'Jess' 4 months ago
oh my god she's so amazing, how ? howl
dilara orhan
'dilara orhan' 4 months ago
Love you so much ❤️❤️❤️
Reggie 03
'Reggie 03' 5 months ago
Impatiently waiting on the lemonade behind the scenes video 🙃
Mayra Gomez
'Mayra Gomez' 6 months ago
Mayra Gomez
'Mayra Gomez' 6 months ago
Avigail Landman
'Avigail Landman' 6 months ago
I should watch these videos every day for inspiration.
Kanesha Ponders
'Kanesha Ponders' 6 months ago
Rocket is one of my favorite songs!!
Aliss Price
'Aliss Price' 7 months ago
Thanks for this share!!! luv u so much
forever boy
'forever boy' 8 months ago
beyoncé's music will never die. i assure you.
'10BAMBOLA' 8 months ago
wowwww!!!!!!!! GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!
'Mina NEVERMIND' 8 months ago
Beyoncé is the going to be labeled as THE legend of our generation even years later from now. I can't think of any other female artist in this generation who compares to her honestly.
Aderinsola Adesida
'Aderinsola Adesida' 9 months ago
I need something just like this for Lemonade
Chanel Vuitton
'Chanel Vuitton' 9 months ago
Forever grateful for your talent and loving for your spirit ❤️
Tae Ewing
'Tae Ewing' 9 months ago
Although it is sexual I've always loved rocket
Sarah Idun
'Sarah Idun' 9 months ago
You will for ever be the queen 👑 such an amazing powerful grateful woman she is inspired alot of people all over the world god bless you your husband you could and the rest of your family I love you 😚 Beyonce 😚 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕
Terik Terrell
'Terik Terrell' 10 months ago
As someone aspiring to be a physician, I am completely and wholly inspired by Beyoncé. I've spent the last few hours watching her behind-the-scenes footage and can tell you that her messages go beyond artists and artistry. They're applicable to anyone ready and willing to go for what they want. Im going to study now lol
Terik Terrell
'Terik Terrell' 10 months ago
As someone aspiring to be a physician, I am completely and wholly inspired by Beyoncé. I've spent the last few hours watching her behind-the-scenes footage and can tell you that her messages go beyond artists and artistry. They're applicable to anyone ready and willing to go for what they want. Im going to study now lol
Luis Caguana
'Luis Caguana' 11 months ago
Mariela writen this love this
Gabi jones
'Gabi jones' 11 months ago
I learned so much stuff from watching the self titled videos
Emilie Swares
'Emilie Swares' 11 months ago
Je t💖 🙏👐😢
'YanethMarlysse' 11 months ago
I still get so happy when she says Miguel. Even B knows he's good.
Frieda Claxton
'Frieda Claxton' 11 months ago
I want to petition for a Beyoncé/JT tour. Get at me, LiveNation...
'jarisfury' 11 months ago
Marathon before lemonade! Woohoo!
King Nobs
'King Nobs' 1 year ago
LEGEND!!! she is a Legend!!
kay kay
'kay kay' 1 year ago
justin timberlake: um
Timberland: Wow
Justin timberlake: Theres some think wrong with you
Beyonce: chuckles
justin timeberlake: Yeah theres something wrong with you
Beyonce: Thank you
'Paully808' 1 year ago
Wow. Beyonce is going down in history as one of the most iconic artists in all of human history. No doubt.
Metasebia Damte
'Metasebia Damte' 1 year ago
"You set woman free" yes pharell she has
Chantal Renee Hayles
can they put this into one video pls? oh like make a documentary outta this omg
'bodybalancer' 1 year ago
It's veerrrrry reminiscent of D'Angelo's How Does It Feel .... "There's something wrong with you" 😂😂😂
Michelle Vilakati
'Michelle Vilakati' 1 year ago
Beyoncé unfettered: the emancipation of Yonce
Mariam .S
'Mariam .S' 1 year ago
she does that video for introducing sexuality. thats all lies for the illiminati
gabriela persinoti
What's the song in 2:15 ???
Destiney Taylor
'Destiney Taylor' 1 year ago
She's been with the same man her whole life . whereas you cant keep one for 3 months
Thayssa Souza
'Thayssa Souza' 1 year ago
Uma pena eu não entender nada kkkkkkkk
Foda-se vejo mesmo assim.
bossy chick
'bossy chick' 1 year ago
She named her album just like Aaliyah...she is doing really great,but give me vibes of an arrogant person
'SoloDRW' 2 years ago
This project was the best thing in her career and she put so many things in it and she killed every song. i freaking love them all, every one of it
Victoria Johnson
'Victoria Johnson' 2 years ago
I love the fact that she open up, that one song mend my heart when I lost my twins, Like I really do love her, n respect her as a person,
'Fawn' 2 years ago
Literally made me cry :'D
'beybeentrill' 2 years ago
This gets me so hyped for her next album
Alizah Carrillo
'Alizah Carrillo' 2 years ago
your a really good role model
Alizah Carrillo
'Alizah Carrillo' 2 years ago
beyonce be i will be ur #1 fan no matter what your a inspiration
Alizah Carrillo
'Alizah Carrillo' 2 years ago
beyonce your my favorite artist!you inspired me to sing ever since i was little and ppl didn't like my singing but i sang anyways thank you u music is awesome and when i was like really little i listened to ur music and i thinked wow i want to be like her but also me you are sooo awesome!
Viktoria Trabelsi
'Viktoria Trabelsi' 2 years ago
Nothing without BEYONCE!!
Michele Santana
'Michele Santana' 2 years ago
Beyoncé e foda♡♥
'AIXA MARTINEZ HOE' 2 years ago
I honestly love Beyoncé so much she's influenced me to the best I can be and to accept my flaws to be confident and don't let anyone let you down . I remember listening to Beyoncé when I was little, well destinys child . I remember singing along to Halo and just singing my heart out. Her music inspires me a lot. I can truly say I am a proud Beyoncé fan and I have never stopped listening to her. Her music is amazing and many people say that there proud of when there were born because that was the "Michael Jackson era"(no hate towards him) but I'm proud to say that I'm really proud to be born in the "Beyoncé era" Beyoncé is great and she changed my ways of viewing things and when I hear her music I can hear her meaning, especially in Pretty hurts, I cried so much because I can relate 💜 when my dad left my mother and my brother and I, I listened to Beyoncé 💗 anyways Beyoncé is the best and she's amazing
Matias Torres
'Matias Torres' 2 years ago
She is a genius and the album is a masterpiece
Thiago Alves
'Thiago Alves' 2 years ago
"At the end of the day, I think all of us want happiness and joy, and we want to be able to be ourselves and our best selves; and sometimes, you have to take the good with the bad, and sometimes you have to take the insecurities to get to the secure place." the best message!
Cameron Phillips
'Cameron Phillips' 2 years ago
I watch this over and over again and it never gets old
Salim Karayilmaz
'Salim Karayilmaz' 2 years ago
Veronica Garcia
'Veronica Garcia' 2 years ago
JT: there is something wrong with you lol even he is impressed by her
'mindyourownbusiness' 2 years ago
I love how Pharrell understands women so well. He's right, she did set women free
'T'erica Johnson' 2 years ago
Justin Timberlake cracks me up: "Wow somethings wrong with you" I just too funny 
lilac niall
'lilac niall' 2 years ago
I'm speechless
Angel Void
'Angel Void' 2 years ago
Wow!!!! That's all, but wow!! So much respect for the woman Beyonce. I love the artist, but this showed the woman. Number one fan, thanks!!!!
Jasmine Mitchell
'Jasmine Mitchell' 2 years ago
I like that song.beyonce. you got it.Rocket girl :)
Jasmine Mitchell
'Jasmine Mitchell' 2 years ago
Beyonce girl you did thim songs i like all of yo songs and i pray that you live for ever an you
echarel o
'echarel o'reilly' 2 years ago
what she's saying reminds me a lot of Lauren Hill, the idea that no one is perfect you have to take the 'bad with the good', it's a good message. 
Bobo Shanty
'Bobo Shanty' 2 years ago
Keep up the good work bless
ravit reitman
'ravit reitman' 2 years ago
I loved it and it's very inspiring But i have to say though that a lot of mom's don't have the means to get back to them selves after having children.... you have a lot of support systems behind you, and very lucky, but for most women it's not easy !!
Jada Best
'Jada Best' 2 years ago
i love you Beyonce so much i am happy that you are being who you want to be
Josh Valero
'Josh Valero' 2 years ago
Amazing. Such wise words. I wish she could say all this when she wins Album of the Year at the Grammy's. Even Pharrell who is up against her wants her to win! That's when you know. 
Douglas Skyers
'Douglas Skyers' 2 years ago
Thank You beyonce for sharing your  journey and self to us all, perfection in imperfection. 
'ipadgirl' 2 years ago
Omg I had to replay one part when she said I'm in my 30ds I thought she said 50ds
'honeynclovers' 2 years ago
Love you BEY
Bagas Afriandy
'Bagas Afriandy' 2 years ago
she gave her best as always. #BeyHive
Kamal Morales
'Kamal Morales' 2 years ago
she right like for the people that grew up listening to her its hard for her to put out sexy , powerful songs like PARtition , Rocket , Blow when she also has kids and teens that adore her..... like how right aftr she said that she shows rocket <3 lol #Shade  
Juli M
'Juli M' 2 years ago
BEYONCE was supposed to be a flop but it saved the music industry. It's not about what you sing, its about how you sing it.
Bennie Bd
'Bennie Bd' 2 years ago
I love u soooo muchhh beyonce .. I can't imagine living without u n ur music ..
Fatim Diagne
'Fatim Diagne' 2 years ago
These videos are the reason why when I grow up I want to a singer, and I don't care if people don't like it, I like to sing so that's what I'm going to do Beyoncé Gisselle Knowles Carter is my hero.
Gianfranco Torres
'Gianfranco Torres' 2 years ago
I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT ALBUM... This one was MIND-BLOWING so I jus't can't imagine how the next one will be THANK YOU BEYOCÉ FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia Bernard
'Olivia Bernard' 2 years ago
Wow she is really really incredible
Billie Bee
'Billie Bee' 2 years ago
Your album is increadible thanks you ;`) I'm having a rough time but wow your talent is incroyable ! Baby from 90s you are my inspiration :,) thank you.
Marian Castellanos
'Marian Castellanos' 2 years ago
Queen B ♥
Jenna Armstrong
'Jenna Armstrong' 2 years ago
im 17 and I've been listening to you since i was 6 and have all of your albums xx
Jocelyne Rendon
'Jocelyne Rendon' 2 years ago
Me gustaria hablar ingles para entenderle, jaja.
Rafita Lopez
'Rafita Lopez' 2 years ago
I love Beyoncé
'VaishnaviSriVideos' 2 years ago
Singing of sex is not wrong as long as it is done with some class.
It is totally crazy to make songs and videos that only talk about and show a specific body part. I like how Beyonce puts so much feel to her music.
Jackson Ginger
'Jackson Ginger' 3 years ago
Hailie Oh
'Hailie Oh' 3 years ago
Amazing woman. B is my goddess
Foreverlove Green
'Foreverlove Green' 3 years ago
THIS Message is for NICOLE. The world is soooo mentality twisted that now its okay to be a slut,stripper,,hoe what ever you want to call it. That a wife and mother would show millions of people her shes a play toy... What REAL women would do this..... sex is natural and good in fact AWESOME. And as far as I know church girls the true ones RESPECT THEMSELVES it doesn't have anything to do with a MAN. THOSE WHO ARE FREE END WITH AIDS,STD's,on drugs,multiple children. With to many men. IN BEYONCES case who knows. I COMMENTED on her being a wife and a mother RESPECT is what im talking of, rather you be a chruch girl, a working girl, a house girl it all come downs to RESPECT YOURSELF. UPTIGHT IM NOT LIVING IN A FANTASY IM living in the real world. And I can comment on anything I like whenever like To many yes people like you out here who just BLOW with the wind. And thank you for all your kind words... you are such a lady.
Terriale Peterson
'Terriale Peterson' 3 years ago
We all love you
'starbucksghost' 3 years ago
Her voice seems kind of deep here. Maybe she smokes
'nekopuff' 3 years ago
Beautiful! ♡
Catarina Migueis
'Catarina Migueis' 3 years ago
Thank you Beyoncé for being such a change in my life. For giving me strenght and desire to be a gigant, powerfull and successfull woman. You inspire me, a sixteen-year-old girl, to grow to be that woman. Thank you xx.
'shelovesbeyonce' 3 years ago
Justin Timberlake and Timbaland at 2:27 lmao
'MandjiDaurin' 3 years ago
4:00 music please
Ayesha Hamilton
'Ayesha Hamilton' 3 years ago
"The ability that humans can make error is what makes music and art feel so good. That it's not always perfect, and it's still beautiful".
Taylor Sommer
'Taylor Sommer' 3 years ago
I have always listened to her music since I was little. She has definitely grown artistically and always moved forward in her music. I am so inspired by her raw emotion and truth coming from this series and her album. Beyoncé never ceases to amaze me. She's one of my absolute favorite artists and I hope to one day meet her in the flesh and blood and tell her how truly inspired she made me and helped me growing up. I simply adore her.
Angelica Ortiz
'Angelica Ortiz' 3 years ago
Whats the song at 101
noah young
'noah young' 3 years ago
This should of been in the album
Esteban Escamilla
'Esteban Escamilla' 3 years ago
Bro, everyone needs to respect what she does. She was brave enough to put herself out there artistically. She wanted to share how she felt and let any other woman out there know that she is not the only one. She isn't no sell out, she is still the same person but growing spiritually and artistically. Beyonce remains the same woman as she always been. I respect her for being brave, for not giving any fucks what anyone else would think, obviously. You can tell from her music she has grown and she's been holding back. If any kind of man can do it, why can't she? You have artist who are dad's yet they be talking about fucking bitches from left to right but Beyonce or any other woman can't express their sexuality? Fuck that bro. She is amazing. 
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