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12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2016: Day 11 -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 4 weeks ago

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With two shows left before The Tonight Show's Christmas break, Jimmy gives away a festive sweater to a lucky audience member.

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12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2016: Day 11

'myterio94' 1 week ago
no way thats my friends rafael thought he was joking wow
Axel Molina
'Axel Molina' 2 weeks ago
porch dangerous outside chance Internet project so penalty.
Daniel Dixon
'Daniel Dixon' 3 weeks ago
The dude on the thumb nail looks like a little homie toy
natascha A Baske
'natascha A Baske' 4 weeks ago
Santa comes to  new York Sweater Awesome sweater
dana pat
'dana pat' 4 weeks ago
Very beautiful sweater. If this was a designers sweat it cud have cost $3500
Reema Talal
'Reema Talal' 4 weeks ago
شكله من ربعنا
'AtéChoras' 4 weeks ago
That's Bullying, and you know it Jimmy!

'gregorysharp' 4 weeks ago
Gimme my freakin mic back!
Janet Snakehole
'Janet Snakehole' 4 weeks ago
Jojo Zombie
'Jojo Zombie' 4 weeks ago
Santa Claus is a Zombie this year. Thought you should know.
'joecairo1' 4 weeks ago
It actually, really did look good on him... perfect body shape and size for it! By the way... I hope everybody in this thread has a great next couple of weekends!! NYE on a Saturday... saaaaay WHAAAAAAAT!!! ~Cheers
Sng Fatal
'Sng Fatal' 4 weeks ago
But he looks Jewish??
'MovingThePicture' 4 weeks ago
Why are there only guys winning?
Justin Kwon
'Justin Kwon' 4 weeks ago
The guy looks like Jimmy's bearded twin in the thumbnail.
yace jocson
'yace jocson' 4 weeks ago
That sweater is everything. 💕
'R1' 4 weeks ago
Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo.
'Prettygirlcn5' 4 weeks ago
That's great ☺️💙🎄
Sharon Shin
'Sharon Shin' 4 weeks ago
Awesome Christmas sweater!! Love it!!!
'LindseyK93' 4 weeks ago
Oh my god i'm so jealous. The sweater is amazing!
Eduard Tistea
'Eduard Tistea' 4 weeks ago
Notice how the sweaters perfectly fit each person? What if a really fat person gets selected? I think they're pre-made for that person
'arikajoyce' 4 weeks ago
I like this one
'Amanda' 4 weeks ago
OMG I'm that girl in the green shirt sitting right next to them! I was so close to getting it! But I did touch jimmys finger when I handed the mic off to him so like my day was made❤️❤️❤️
'kevinjdsa' 4 weeks ago
🎵 12 days of Jimmy saying "subtle." 1 day leeeeeeft. 🎶
Pasindu Bandara
'Pasindu Bandara' 4 weeks ago
By far the best sweater so far!
Dual Dagger
'Dual Dagger' 4 weeks ago
'YouTobia' 4 weeks ago
i made an ANIMATION on the best and the worst of this year.
ALL 2016 IN A 3 MINUTES ANIMATION. give me feedback i'd appreciate that :)
'Mia's Munchies' 4 weeks ago
Conde Zafiro
'Conde Zafiro' 4 weeks ago
On the eleventh day of Christmas
Jimmy gave to me eleven New York buildings
ten reindeers
nine glowing snowflakes
eight red stripes in the candy bar
seven bells and stocking stuffers
six pairs of trees
five presents in the beard plus one
four letters in the paper
three Santas with the same hat
two cufflink bones
and a cute elf saying hi
IRÈNE Raharimalala
'IRÈNE Raharimalala' 4 weeks ago
It is the best
Bernadette Moore
'Bernadette Moore' 4 weeks ago
He should give that 2 his mom
Alisha Chao
'Alisha Chao' 4 weeks ago
can i get 10 dislikes and likes for no reason
Alisha Chao
'Alisha Chao' 4 weeks ago
Ankita V
'Ankita V' 4 weeks ago
Finally , a guy gets it..
Tanya Sparrow
'Tanya Sparrow' 4 weeks ago
i think this is the best sweater so far :)
'GirlYouJustMet' 4 weeks ago
Alia Abdullah
'Alia Abdullah' 4 weeks ago
Alia Abdullah
'Alia Abdullah' 4 weeks ago
Happy Christmas
victory vlogs
'victory vlogs' 4 weeks ago
'Gamingstro' 4 weeks ago
A Torres
'A Torres' 4 weeks ago
Happy Holidays to all and to all a bitch slap .... I mean a Good Night❤️
Secretly we are geese
'Piekuchen' 4 weeks ago
Zelda Fanatic13
'Zelda Fanatic13' 4 weeks ago
'+ElAndres+' 4 weeks ago
Holy shit I'm finally first
Gudlaug Soley Hoskuldsdottir
'+ElAndres+' 4 weeks ago
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