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WWE Promo Shoot - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

2, 993, 917 views

24, 655 Likes   474 Dislikes

Koko WatchOut (Dwayne Johnson) gets a little too personal while trash talking opponent Trashyard Mutt (Bobby Moynihan) during a promo shoot.

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Smart Investor
'Smart Investor' 4 days ago
Some1 UKnow
'Some1 UKnow' 5 days ago
Great to see the Rock do a skit like this
Jeffrey Gomez
'Jeffrey Gomez' 7 days ago
snl has got to bring coco back for a part 2 too funny man
Ann M
'Ann M' 1 week ago
Dear, Wwe. Step up ur promo game.
Tim Cate Charles
'Tim Cate Charles' 1 week ago
i like dogs omg im dead
Tshilidzi Madzinge
"he has heppies , hes got heppies and he's got it baaaaad"
Vinay Seth
'Vinay Seth' 2 weeks ago
Better 'cerebral assassin' than HHH :D
Vinay Seth
'Vinay Seth' 2 weeks ago
Rick Steiner actually did the howling thing in his promos :D
Joseph Stalin
'Joseph Stalin' 2 weeks ago
These two are hilarious! More of them together please!
'GamingCentrum' 2 weeks ago
anybody find this not funny at all?
Nicole Pinilla
'Nicole Pinilla' 2 weeks ago
Everybody is saying how they lost it at a certain part of the video but I lost it from beginning to end... literally this is one of the best SNL slots I've ever seen... Dwayne Johnson is so talented my goodness 😂😂😂😂😂
'Lawzy' 2 weeks ago
Koko scarier than the Undertaker.
Travis Baker
'Travis Baker' 2 weeks ago
Seriously one of the funniest skits ever
'batman3:16' 2 weeks ago
is that the jacket Chris Jericho had on when Kevin Owens turned on him
'ErikCartman' 2 weeks ago
the rock is really a great actor. he is a natural vehicle for comedy, it isn t easy at all.
Khan OLO
'Khan OLO' 2 weeks ago
LMAO @ 3:30 and 4:25 you can see The Rock cover up his potential bloopers
dragonman 42
'dragonman 42' 2 weeks ago
Omg best skit ever got me pissing myself laughing.
Shotpack 837
'Shotpack 837' 2 weeks ago
My response to koko 😳😳😱
Golden Shrines
'Golden Shrines' 2 weeks ago
Mike Rithjin
'Mike Rithjin' 2 weeks ago
let me tell you something about this guy...
Special McKinley
'Special McKinley' 3 weeks ago
If you close your eyes and listen to The Rock in this sketch, you can definitely hear Doc Brown from Back To The Future hahaha
Petronilla Rabathaly
This is hilarious
'GTech100' 3 weeks ago
i like refree
Dave Davey
'Dave Davey' 3 weeks ago
Shoot because he was shooting on him.
The Wierd
'The Wierd' 3 weeks ago
And THATS what coco is cooking
'thesinaclwon' 3 weeks ago
the rock is the shit lol
Major Pain
'Major Pain' 3 weeks ago
they should do a other coco lol!, lost it when he told him about his fantasy with his own daughter
Ryan Galazka
'Ryan Galazka' 3 weeks ago
funniest skit ever
'HerEyesOpen' 3 weeks ago
Oh shit, he 'Oldboy' him!
'MissNWO' 3 weeks ago
Nothing different from the actual wwe lol
'hatednyc' 3 weeks ago
This is fuckin HILARIOUS
Vince Torres
'Vince Torres' 3 weeks ago
And Brian's the DOG, MAN!
Guides mit Xeno
'Guides mit Xeno' 3 weeks ago
these guys together... hilarious
Guides mit Xeno
'Guides mit Xeno' 3 weeks ago
these guys together... hilarious
'thetylife' 4 weeks ago
Holy shit!!! I've been watching SNL off and on since 1990 and this has got to be hands down the funniest skit I've ever seen by them. I was actually literally LMAO and had tears burning my eyes watching this. So fucking good.....The Rock shall from this day on be declared a national treasure.
Tim Vargason
'Tim Vargason' 4 weeks ago
trashyard mutts face when cocoa says he has herpies
sumit dalal
'sumit dalal' 4 weeks ago
Replace Cocko with Rock and it wont changr a bit
Brianna Leiyattah
'Brianna Leiyattah' 4 weeks ago
What The Coco Is Cooking?!😂😆😝Please Go Back To WWE for awhile preferably SmackDown
'boomschackalaka' 4 weeks ago
'Raren0ise' 4 weeks ago
James Jackson
'James Jackson' 4 weeks ago
OLDBOY lmaooo
Ernie the Chicken
'Ernie the Chicken' 4 weeks ago
gotta love bobby moynihan
Kalani Rose
'Kalani Rose' 4 weeks ago
3:32 rock wanted to laugh lmao
Jamilah Monroe
'Jamilah Monroe' 4 weeks ago
442 watch family guy porn.
Lance Catacutan
'Lance Catacutan' 4 weeks ago
holy shit funnist skits of all time
sidney E
'sidney E' 4 weeks ago
I'm amazed that this has more views than The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan promo shoot.
Mr Eko
'Mr Eko' 1 month ago
thank you i was having a bad day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr Eko
'Mr Eko' 1 month ago
S n L is back its back babby
Mr Eko
'Mr Eko' 1 month ago
i was born into wrestling can't stop watching this so so funny 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
supe daddy
'supe daddy' 1 month ago
lol..You've been spanking it to😅😅😅
'tasilijah' 1 month ago
This is absolute gold!

That's right I catfished your ass! I made you fall in love with me... and you had noooooo iiiiiideeeeaaaaa! 😂😂😂
Chris Thomas
'Chris Thomas' 1 month ago
finally a skit from SNL that is not politically charged. Thanks Rock!
Rob C
'Rob C' 1 month ago
That's fucked up! The Rock is savage AF!
'Amos' 1 month ago
Bald and Beardless
'Bald and Beardless' 1 month ago
Probably the funniest SNL sketch ever.
Michael Mcdonagh
'Michael Mcdonagh' 1 month ago
this was fuckin hilarious
Joe Smith
'Joe Smith' 1 month ago
Christopher Nelson
'Christopher Nelson' 1 month ago
Omg roflmao
Mike Ortiz
'Mike Ortiz' 1 month ago
Koko WatchOut sounds a bit like Doc Brown!
'kaihtheloner' 1 month ago
Damn, Dwayne got comedic timing spot on. He should do more comedy roles instead of serious ones. Although he shines in any role.
Jachin Rupe
'Jachin Rupe' 1 month ago
Brian's the dog man! Hahaha, I've watched this like almost 20 times now, so good.
Ivan Johnson
'Ivan Johnson' 1 month ago
You don't cook Coco, Coco cooks you!
Jerminator 420
'Jerminator 420' 1 month ago
omg this is awesome
'faxhandle' 1 month ago
"That is so intricate!" might actually be the greatest delivered line in the history of comedy. :)
Chima Nnadi
'Chima Nnadi' 1 month ago
That's what the coco is cooking
Matthias Heidemann
'Matthias Heidemann' 1 month ago
that's right!!! i catfished your Ass! !! xD xD xD
'kokam2' 1 month ago
lmfao this was hilarious.
day journal
'day journal' 1 month ago
Koko straight buried him. He's never going to recover from that.
'naniv' 1 month ago
the actual promos with the rock were funnier than this
Nick DiDomenico
'Nick DiDomenico' 1 month ago
thought i caught a little Doc Emmett Brown drawl from the rock, i would totally watch a back to the future remake starring the rock as the doc!
The Lone Wolf
'The Lone Wolf' 1 month ago
SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress
Did he just Manti Teo that shit?
Jorah The Andal
'Jorah The Andal' 1 month ago
Men >>>>> BROTHER!!!
'Maliphresh' 1 month ago
the announcer gotta str8 face the ENTIRE TIME!
Jorah The Andal
'Jorah The Andal' 1 month ago
i like dogs men!
Rommel Agatep
'Rommel Agatep' 1 month ago
The STDS where worth it
Koko for U.S. President.
FluxMaster Flex
'FluxMaster Flex' 1 month ago
That is some real psychological warfare!
'slimshead8100' 1 month ago
The Rock is just so freakin ridiculously hilarious. Hahahaha. Man, he's just the perfect entertainer. No wonder he won the NAACP "entertainer of the year" award. Lol. I even liked him way back when he was "Flex Kavana". Could tell right away that he had great potential as an entertainer. I am glad he got away from the "Rocky Maivia" gimmick, though. Hahaha.
Joshringdao Phonglo
'Joshringdao Phonglo' 1 month ago
hahahahahaha!!! this is gold!! 😂😂😂
Big Stank
'Big Stank' 1 month ago
I haven't laughed this hard in years!
'bobbyditch2' 2 months ago
Kian B
'Kian B' 2 months ago
He made another man beat off to there own daughter
Erik Lerström
'Erik Lerström' 2 months ago
OMG that was like so fucking funny. when snl is funny its REAL FUNNY
'geddoe316' 2 months ago
Koko watch out lol. Instead of koko b.ware
Courtney OmegaDeLancy
That's what the cocoa is cooking. ironically my Nick name is cocoa and i absolutely am a words Smith
Isabel Ariel Ginasiano
I love the 80's wresting gimmicks. Today they just suck
'John' 2 months ago
Does anyone else think the Rock looks kind of like John Laurinaitis?
'Impala6789' 2 months ago
Hulk Hogan
Angel Avila
'Angel Avila' 2 months ago
"The most harpies he's ever seen!!" Lmao
Albania Mecani Agaci Rexhina
'rs4am' 2 months ago
This needs to be made into a movie!
Gaming World 786
'Gaming World 786' 2 months ago
funniest video ever
Juan Wick
'Juan Wick' 2 months ago
Shout out to Manti Teo
'Ope' 2 months ago
Chima Nnadi
'Chima Nnadi' 2 months ago
So funny .. the rock is hilarious
Julie Beeson
'Julie Beeson' 2 months ago
this is sooooo hilarious lmfao hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha
'TheIgothops' 2 months ago
Well the rock is the king of promos lol
Nathan Sulub Videos
'Nathan Sulub Videos' 2 months ago
Coco B ware and junkyard dog
Izzy SoDope
'Izzy SoDope' 2 months ago
Wow lmfaoo do NOT fuck with coco
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