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WWE Promo Shoot - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

2, 743, 295 views

22, 214 Likes   407 Dislikes

Koko WatchOut (Dwayne Johnson) gets a little too personal while trash talking opponent Trashyard Mutt (Bobby Moynihan) during a promo shoot.

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Harold Quintos
'Harold Quintos' 15 hours ago
My god coco is an asshole
'IM_RAZKAL_B****' 2 days ago
would any of you actually want to wrestle with a dude named trash yard....who has herpes?
Marlon Washington
'Marlon Washington' 3 days ago
I can seriously imagine the Rock doing something like this
Marlon Washington
'Marlon Washington' 3 days ago
I can seriously imagine the Rock doing something like this
'Sami' 5 days ago
"I catfish your ass" lmao The Rock!😂
Ston Fresk
'Ston Fresk' 5 days ago
Looking the Rock that acts like he doesn't know how to make a promo << THIS IS AWKWARD! >>
'wloydwiii' 5 days ago
Hey! This is PG.
Official Rubix Remix
"Hey, can't wait to work with you-" Where's the kayfabe, WHERE'S THE KAYFABE!?
Rauliont Zennfaegrin
lol too far indeed
Farhan Fadlillah
'Farhan Fadlillah' 7 days ago
3:31 someone's bout to laugh.
'Markers' 7 days ago
Still better than Roman Reigns promos.
'Glitter' 7 days ago
4:14 Poodles face lol
'Glitter' 7 days ago
3:45 Basset Hound is like yep saw that coming lol
'Glitter' 7 days ago
0:55 St. Bernards face lol
'rockerseven' 1 week ago
This is basically how promos were back in the 80s :P
'secretagentman23' 1 week ago
Coco should have been his gimmick from the beginning
Shawn M.
'Shawn M.' 2 weeks ago
they call Triple H the cerebral assassin. Triple H ain't got nothin on Coco!!!
Kay Lou
'Kay Lou' 2 weeks ago
404 people also have FULL BLOWN HERPES
'DDbraster' 2 weeks ago
Holy shit hahah
The Goat
'The Goat' 2 weeks ago
Koko looks like the Rock
John Conte
'John Conte' 2 weeks ago
"And you'll never meet her, because you're not fit to be a dad. And that is what the Cocoa is cookin!"
Twiztid Trev
'Twiztid Trev' 3 weeks ago
This is the best skit ever hahahahah
'poopsyko' 3 weeks ago
if only Rock and Cena did this all year back in 2012 hahahaha it would of been gold
this guy
'this guy' 3 weeks ago
i catfished your ass!
'PlaylistNumero1' 4 weeks ago
Plot of Old Boy as others have said but still better long term story telling than any WWE story line.
Kedarius Hatton
'Kedarius Hatton' 4 weeks ago
omg 😂😁😀😅😆
Joshua Micetich
'Joshua Micetich' 4 weeks ago
White niggar; I am still here and you are still a pussy.
Ashraf pathaan
'Ashraf pathaan' 4 weeks ago
Lol rock is taking the piss to some serious heights! ;-0)
Randy Yaws
'Randy Yaws' 4 weeks ago
u know vince love that spanking it to the daughter part LOL! sick bastard!
Jose Rodriguez
'Jose Rodriguez' 1 month ago
that's right I catfished your ass...funny as hell
'sagramore1' 1 month ago
Koko's a hardcore MOFO
Ryan Beaty
'Ryan Beaty' 1 month ago
Dwayne Johnson is such a funny guy. I wish he were on the show more...and the writing was consistent.
Sifer Aseph
'Sifer Aseph' 1 month ago
That was brutal.
'ViperRulerlm' 1 month ago
The sad thing is that I could actually see WWE using these story lines...
'LemonadepieX' 1 month ago
This is more of a regular Rock promo
'VanillaBeast' 1 month ago
The part about Evelyn's picture was legit LOL funny, I lost it. Dwayne is a pretty funny actor overall.
'Holden_D_Znuts' 1 month ago
"Koko Watchout" and "Trashyard Mutt."

I appreciate the attention to detail here lol.
'kingraj333' 1 month ago
1:26 wtf was he trynna fly right there?
D. S.
'D. S.' 1 month ago
There was one guy with Hulk Hogan a while ago that said he was gonna fuck his rivals girls and give them STDs. So this is actually based on reality. Lmao
'njldst2007' 1 month ago
Trashyard Mutt, an obvious play on Junkyard Dog, and if anyone's got any doubt, the "interviewer" makes a mistake at the last line when he calls him Junkyard Mutt :D
Andre Soucy
'Andre Soucy' 1 month ago
I've watched this maybe 10 times and it's the first time I notice The Rock had to hide a smile at 2:15. This skit is so funny, Moynihan's facial expressions are perfect.
Fanguy YT
'Fanguy YT' 1 month ago
It's full of Family Guy porn!!
Pepe Sylvia
'Pepe Sylvia' 1 month ago
most herpes he'd ever seeeeen
Ryan Davis
'Ryan Davis' 1 month ago
Please get a wrestler like Koko in the WWE.
'Momo' 1 month ago
Nobody does a better promo than EL NINO!!!
'nowyourenraged2' 1 month ago
wow a KEVIN NASH AND KEVIN OWENS promo. DIdn't know kevin nash dyed his hair blonde and tanned his skin and I didn't know kevin owens was that old that he managed to do a promo in the 80'S with kevin nash.
Rowan West
'Rowan West' 1 month ago
project pitch range twelve pipe long.
Pardeep Toor
'Pardeep Toor' 1 month ago
you gonna get your monkey ass hit
Brandon Dickson
'Brandon Dickson' 1 month ago
I catfished ur ass. literally has me dying everytime lmao
Brandon Dickson
'Brandon Dickson' 1 month ago
beat skit I've ever seen LMFAO
Rahat Saeed
'Rahat Saeed' 1 month ago
announcer killed it lol!
Lance Piepkorn
'Lance Piepkorn' 1 month ago
Poor Evalyn
'round105' 1 month ago
he said to let him have it
Perples Chermpiern
'Perples Chermpiern' 1 month ago
3:30, Dwayne broke a little and it was awesome.
Robert Miller
'Robert Miller' 1 month ago
Not funny @ all.
Nick Echanis
'Nick Echanis' 1 month ago
Best Dwayne Johnson SNL skit ever!!! I dare you to top it Rock!
Antonio Belicena
'Antonio Belicena' 1 month ago
william mitchell
'william mitchell' 1 month ago
This is hilarious! Stay out of politics and you guys might make it lol ;)
'spidercentz' 1 month ago
This inaccurate depiction of modern wrestlers has set them back 30 years. They're not all flashy, colorful Hogan types anymore, brother.
Chilly Willy
'Chilly Willy' 1 month ago
'realm316' 1 month ago
Hahaha that's one of the funniest skits SNL has ever done.
'TheFuckurself' 1 month ago
this is awesome
'Yesnog05' 1 month ago
"That's what the Coco is cookin'!"

"I catfished your ass!"

OMG I'm dying!!!
Tomiwa Aina
'Tomiwa Aina' 1 month ago
Feels like I've just watched Oldboy
The morbid One
'The morbid One' 1 month ago
This is what Vince Russo's wet dreams consist of.
Chuck Lai
'Chuck Lai' 1 month ago
It's a segment that can bring a smile to my face, but I wouldn't say that it's funny. It's a fun segment, but not funny.
Earl Sutton
'Earl Sutton' 1 month ago
lol really funny.
'Gaddy217' 1 month ago
so amazing
Rojelio Cirilo
'Rojelio Cirilo' 1 month ago
Even Bobby monihan does a better promo than Roman reigns
Malachi Fitten
'Malachi Fitten' 1 month ago
bobby showed how good of an actor he is in this
Malachi Fitten
'Malachi Fitten' 1 month ago
sooo little dislikes, thank God ppl make sense
Darrell Barrett
'Darrell Barrett' 1 month ago
Dwayne Johnson vs Kanye West for 2020 President of the USA... Should be good lol
'wtcisco' 1 month ago
How you know all that......classic
'TheDeathofGrace' 1 month ago
I actually really like the coco is cooking line.
AToH Project
'AToH Project' 1 month ago
Is it bad that I watched this skit over 10 times? XD
'BJ' 1 month ago
This shit was hilarious
'lakerguy2432' 1 month ago
He was so hyped he went and gave us a Ric Flair WOOO! at the end. :)
Zack Morgan
'Zack Morgan' 1 month ago
IT'S KOKO! That's right! I catfished your ass!
Sir Sumumabitch
'Sir Sumumabitch' 1 month ago
No one gives Moynihan any credit...the way he looks like he´s fine to be ripped apart verbally n physically,a relief from the mental torment but when he hears PSYCHOLOGICALLY and goes...jesus!! ..too,too good.
'Ol' Backwood' 1 month ago
The Rock nails this performance. Guy really understands comedic delivery.
Team Instinct
'Team Instinct' 1 month ago
I'm dying xD
'saurabh' 1 month ago
Siddhartha K V R
'Siddhartha K V R' 1 month ago
this is one of the best
'walknel650' 1 month ago
damn, they took shots at Manti Teio!
'kingraj333' 2 months ago
lol everytime they say action the Rock's gotta do air punches. he looks so awkward haha
'TheSacko' 2 months ago
This is my favorite skit from SNL in the last 10 years.So great and hilarious.
Abner John
'Abner John' 2 months ago
'Wetdookie' 2 months ago
you've been spanking it to the daughter you've never met
Red Lion
'Red Lion' 2 months ago
So funny. Dwayne is so good at trash talking
chinmay hejmadi
'chinmay hejmadi' 2 months ago
The Rock cracking up at 3:32 xD
kt torro
'kt torro' 2 months ago
"I catfished your ass" 😂😂😂😂😅😅
kt torro
'kt torro' 2 months ago
"I catfished your ass" 😂😂😂😂😅😅
Kyle Lundell
'Kyle Lundell' 2 months ago
Hes got herpes and has it bad XD
'Rig-A-Deelio' 2 months ago
"That's right! I catfished your ass!" hahahaha at 3:32, Dwayne starts laughing.
King Baka
'King Baka' 2 months ago
the rock wanted to laugh so bad
Cai Otee
'Cai Otee' 2 months ago
selfie kroos
'selfie kroos' 2 months ago
B ware vs JYD
'professorchaosX94' 2 months ago
I love the rock doing comedy. he is so fucking funny.
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