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High School Theatre Show with Elizabeth Banks - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

2, 257, 734 views

22, 819 Likes   636 Dislikes

Six students (Elizabeth Banks, Taran Killam, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett) put on an avant-garde theatre show that takes aim at SeaWorld.

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Gladys M.
'Gladys M.' 3 days ago
0:30 That shit made me think tho..
S. Dancer
'S. Dancer' 1 week ago
Here's their story:
In high school they were Emos who sat in the floor everyday at lunch trading dragon cards. They then went to a community college to study gender and women's studies. After graduating they spend their day as a buzz feed on worker on the weekends and a trans agender non binary Demi questioning pansexual sjw feminist
Eliza Hamilton
'Eliza Hamilton' 2 weeks ago
When they bow and say, "Thank you", nobody is clapping 😂😂😂😂
'Motley' 2 weeks ago
as a resident of california, please send help.
Vito Corleone
'Vito Corleone' 2 weeks ago
I like how Kenan correctly assuming Elizabeth Banks would say she's a boy caused her character's pretentious hipster brain to malfunction for a moment. Like she was panicking over being so dangerously close to being robbed of a chance to seem enlightened and better than everyone else
Anna Grace
'Anna Grace' 2 weeks ago
You can see the boom mic at 0:58
Rachel Hansen
'Rachel Hansen' 3 weeks ago
For me , i go to an art school , this would be hilarious to perform in theater class 😂
'stripe801' 3 weeks ago
"He doesn't need that" I was Laughing so fucking hard
'stripe801' 3 weeks ago
I wanna bang banks even more with that hair
Eduardo Braga
'Eduardo Braga' 3 weeks ago
the microphone when leslie gets out...
'Claudia' 3 weeks ago
"just sounded like bragging" LMFAO
'xakitad' 3 weeks ago
I really enjoy these skits
Akademiks the type
'Akademiks the type' 3 weeks ago
Comedy: the one thing sjws and the alt-right can agree on
Thot Quin
'Thot Quin' 3 weeks ago
It sound like bragging lmao
'Ish' 3 weeks ago
this was like my drama sketch back in school 😂😂
Kiersten Simpson
'Kiersten Simpson' 3 weeks ago
"Can you actually say girl?"
"You're a girl"
"Wrong! I'm a boy!"
I can relate
'Limoholikerin' 4 weeks ago
Now, the real question: Will I ever get about Kate McKinnons cuteness?
John Chang
'John Chang' 4 weeks ago
Actually we have enough water in California. We get our water source from liberal tears.
'vengela' 4 weeks ago
Why is this so accurate
Ella Powell
'Ella Powell' 4 weeks ago
What izzhizz naame?
Madelyn Marsowicz
'Madelyn Marsowicz' 4 weeks ago
these are actually so funny omg
'Darknight7123456' 4 weeks ago
William Rozario
'William Rozario' 4 weeks ago
"Can you actually say girl?"
"Fine you're a girl"
"WRONG! I'm a boy!"
Fave part
Too Margo
'Too Margo' 4 weeks ago
I rewatched the beginning like 12 times because I thought the mic was a cats tail.
'syancey459' 1 month ago
"well would you like to be separated from your children?"

yes, yes please. just for now while this is going on
'Bert' 1 month ago
This skit is very funny but some parts are important bc some of the messages are so important and for some people they need to thoroughly draw out the point
Don Rüesch
'Don Rüesch' 1 month ago
Elizabeth banks is such a fox
Love bug
'Love bug' 1 month ago
This is literally my theatre class I can't 😭😭😭😭oh my god
Matt C
'Matt C' 1 month ago
richard alcantara campos
i hope someone identifies with this, and kill himself
'awuita4' 1 month ago
zombie alert in the second line uuuyyy
Alejandro Daniel
'Alejandro Daniel' 1 month ago
Aww that's dirty, we don't need your damn water
Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur
we know Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinckett in The Hunger Games and Laura Bush in W. but i can't believe she acts with Kate McKinnon who impersonate Hillary Clinton. Can you believe if Banks and McKinnon could do a First Lady sketch as Laura and Hillary?
Wouter Smit
'Wouter Smit' 1 month ago
I always mixup Elizabeth Banks and Kate McKinnon somehow..
Dj Valley
'Dj Valley' 1 month ago
WRONG I'm a boy
Dj Valley
'Dj Valley' 1 month ago
💕AWE! when the kissed I was dying of love,that was the best thing ever💕
sam g
'sam g' 1 month ago
This whole skit would fall apart without Taran's scissor arms.
'GenieLogic' 1 month ago
If they wanted to have it make sense when they did improv they could have changed the line from "a boy at school" to "at basketball practice" it would have made at least a little sense.
Theo B
'Theo B' 1 month ago
'the proceeds go to Neil Patrick Harris, he doesnt need that' im weak 💀
Cathy North
'Cathy North' 2 months ago
These are so gringey.
'bitspot' 2 months ago
that jack off whas i think a reference to a dutch misunderstanding. for artificial pregnancy with a dolfin
Sarah Schoenberger
'Sarah Schoenberger' 2 months ago
this will never not be funny
Tam Jane Grace V
'Tam Jane Grace V' 2 months ago
"just sounds like bragging" I've never cackled so loudly
"Hell naw,naw" LOL I'm dead💀💀💀😂😂😂
Kai Kim
'Kai Kim' 2 months ago
"it says...the earth."
"Oh hell no-"
Haley Tathem
'Haley Tathem' 2 months ago
OMG I'm getting high school theatre flashbacks 😂 we did this shit and thought we were so cool.
Polar Panda
'Polar Panda' 2 months ago
these are my favorite skits omg
Luna Le regent
'Luna Le regent' 2 months ago
lili h
'lili h' 2 months ago
thsi is so funny im chokinhsj
My Straight-Gay Friend
These sketches are pure GOLD!
'lovelytimeable' 3 months ago
black outs and awkward poses it brings me back
Your Lord and Savior Lena Dunham
How would you like to be jacked off for your sperm LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
'Markstubation01' 3 months ago
In High School, we did actual plays.
'ItsJustLibby' 3 months ago
I love the way in the gay scene the only gay person there is Kate and she wasn't even in it😂
Bamzer Daniel
'Bamzer Daniel' 3 months ago
"Why would they do that scene when they're all white, just sounded like bragging" xD
The Mousse TV
'The Mousse TV' 3 months ago
this is terrible
'Zoey' 3 months ago
pretty much every theatre kid
Ezra Wonderwaal
'Ezra Wonderwaal' 3 months ago
0:48 to 0:51 elizabeth banks 😂
Moose Winchester
'Moose Winchester' 3 months ago
Some of this is real and true
Ezra Wonderwaal
'Ezra Wonderwaal' 3 months ago
2:06 - 2:08 elizabeth banks trying not to smile
Happy and Hapa
'Happy and Hapa' 3 months ago
Movable black blocks are the most quintessential part of a high school theatre show
Zaneta Wilkinson
'Zaneta Wilkinson' 3 months ago
"Nah, nah hell nah"
Douglas B
'Douglas B' 3 months ago
i love this
First Name
'First Name' 3 months ago
It starts off ok but gets worse
Gurung pasang
'Gurung pasang' 3 months ago
Lmao that hair
Louisa Nelson
'Louisa Nelson' 3 months ago
Aidy cracks me up!
'Raciepie' 3 months ago
"Just sounded like bragging" hahaha
Noah Calta
'Noah Calta' 3 months ago
California is still in a drought
Alejandro Daniel
'Alejandro Daniel' 3 months ago
Keep your damn water bottles
Dhruv Bhatnagar
'Dhruv Bhatnagar' 3 months ago
the best part of these sketches are how bad a time Vanessa and Kenan are having 😂
Travis Adams Student Media
When you defend your own personal beliefs to someone like this and they can't imagine someone having a different opinion @ 3:53
Travis Adams Student Media
And Elizabeth Banks is now Rita Repulsa, bent on destroying the world.. But After seeing this it kind of makes sense..
Vincent Choi
'Vincent Choi' 3 months ago
Haha each time it gets worse, it is better lol
Sahiti Shankar
'Sahiti Shankar' 3 months ago
thanks for the water
'KingRabid' 3 months ago
omg that part 0:56 is the funniest thing ive ever seen hahaha "hell nah. nah.. nah.."
Pedro Manuel Alves Santos
I guess my mind and world is small, cus I have a problem. Shit it makes me uncorfortable so I'm gonna look away, what are you gonna do force me to watch gay porn until I get used to it?
The laugh at 1:34 made me choke on my water 😂
Khush Bakht
'Khush Bakht' 3 months ago
these high school theater videos kill me. 😂
Rachel Rozow
'Rachel Rozow' 3 months ago
I want a million of these skits
Bethany Earl
'Bethany Earl' 4 months ago
I mean the Sea World thing wasn't wrong lol
What Amber Thinks
'What Amber Thinks' 4 months ago
We don't want your bottled water.😓
'MsAmandolin' 4 months ago
I re-watch this just for Vanessa Bayer.
Mia Vargas
'Mia Vargas' 4 months ago
I love these so much
Anna Terrell
'Anna Terrell' 4 months ago
Haz-chan !
'Haz-chan !' 4 months ago
Oh hell no 😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing
'Bumblybee256' 4 months ago
Do whites run the world? We are in the minority, seems a bit embarrassing for most of humanity if we do.
Kasandra Howaniak
'Kasandra Howaniak' 4 months ago
As a theater student in high school, i can say that this is true lol
'pop5678eye' 4 months ago
Some commenters here just really don't get it...
ameer adel
'ameer adel' 4 months ago
this feels like tumblr and facebooks accidental baby child... facebook is a dude, tumblr is a dude, and this sketch is a badger.
Katie Marie
'Katie Marie' 4 months ago
How do they not die laughing the whole time 😂😂😂
Kemal Rifky
'Kemal Rifky' 4 months ago
'bluesapphireymca' 4 months ago
'the earth' lololol
Mysterious Anonymous
'Mysterious Anonymous' 4 months ago
Boy: There's been a death!
Girl: Check his LICense wHAt ez hes nEMm
'Emilyv55' 4 months ago
"hell nah" XD
john nava
'john nava' 4 months ago
The sea world skit was actually NOT BAD LMAO
augustine moloko
'augustine moloko' 4 months ago
based on this show so far
you're a boy😅😅
Leonardo Emilian
'Leonardo Emilian' 4 months ago
Hahaha! 100% real
Joe D
'Joe D' 4 months ago
This play changed my life. I used to work in a cubicle, but now I have a job jacking off whales. It's the greatest job ever.
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