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Harry Styles: Ever Since New York - SNL -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Musical guest Harry Styles performs "Ever Since New York" on Saturday Night Live. Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is out May 12. Pre-order at

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Jeff Petteys
'Jeff Petteys' 3 hours ago
Pleinement captivant
Alyssa Marie
'Alyssa Marie' 5 hours ago
Album hasnt even came out yet but I already know its gonna kick major ass! Cant wait <3
Haley Breeding
'Haley Breeding' 6 hours ago
At 0:50 someone back stage made harry smile and his smile was so cute 😍😊
mare liv
'mare liv' 7 hours ago
Leave one direction in the past, my dudes. This is something completely new and different.
Roy Li
'Roy Li' 8 hours ago
if you pause at 2:33
Elena B95
'Elena B95' 12 hours ago
I love this song so much 😍❤ Harry has done an amazing job with his first solo project, can't wait for May 12 to listen to thr whole album!
Nuvia Horan
'Nuvia Horan' 14 hours ago
es normal que la canción me gustara desde el inicio con la guitarra
Jesse James
'Jesse James' 17 hours ago
Borin'ell 😴
'Dizzy' 22 hours ago
Tell me something
'r' 1 day ago
his little smile beginning at 0:49 is why he has my heart
Andre Terrazas
'Andre Terrazas' 1 day ago
Sounds kinda like Kurt cobain early in the song
Kit Kat Quarter
'Kit Kat Quarter' 1 day ago
I mean, I like this one better than Sign of the Times. I'm finding I like his voice more than his music, I want to like it but it's hard. These two I've heard are very slow and don't necessarily do anything for me but I will continue listening in hopes to find one I like.
Carolyn Shuluk
'Carolyn Shuluk' 1 day ago
love it hazzA
Cian Panko
'Cian Panko' 1 day ago
Carly Wilson
'Carly Wilson' 1 day ago
ehm I'm work in a bakery...
Magic Mo
'Magic Mo' 2 days ago
isn't this breaking bad song?
Diamond Necklace
'Diamond Necklace' 2 days ago
honestly i nvr ever liked one direction especially harry but he seems to have matured in his music, become a big fan already
Brad Jenkins
'Brad Jenkins' 2 days ago
I wonder if any of the members of Badfinger watch SNL? They would love that catchy little guitar riff.
Charles Rubens
'Charles Rubens' 2 days ago
Real Nice!! the guitar sounds like the melody of Badfinger- Baby blue!! Love it!!
Sam Smith
'Sam Smith' 2 days ago
Sure they don't need one more guitar for good measure ? An absolute snooze fest of a track
Vivia 212
'Vivia 212' 2 days ago
I'm praying for the 642 onbviously deaf people who dislike this song
'Janice' 2 days ago
i wish this song was longer <3 <3
Alexandra Reyes
'Alexandra Reyes' 2 days ago
y'all I cannot tell you how many times I've come back to this fucking video
Alexann Konyk
'Alexann Konyk' 2 days ago
did anyone else notice that the set up is the same as when One direction performed on 1D day??
Hope Stokes
'Hope Stokes' 2 days ago
Thats a beautiful man right there
Alisa Pulai
'Alisa Pulai' 3 days ago
His high notes are just killing mee 2:34😍😍
Karen Rogers
'Karen Rogers' 3 days ago
I think Harry is going to be a BIG DEAL as a solo artist. I love the two songs from his upcoming May solo release. He really is a class act.
marley gibson
'marley gibson' 3 days ago
this song and sign of the times are so beautiful. i'm so proud of him i could cry
Abbey Atters
'Abbey Atters' 3 days ago
just ahhhhhhhhh
Samantha Cano
'Samantha Cano' 3 days ago
I'm sorry. I'm just dying at the intro! Jimmy took a weird, awkward breath in the middle of his sentence.
"One again Harry inhales quickly, but loudly Styles"
Man Vs. Music
'Man Vs. Music' 3 days ago
Fake and gay. Thats what i say. Man why do u people even call this reel music why cant ya'll listen to actual music like Staind and Puddle of Dooke all of ya'll are jus a bunch of losers fur reel. #Bizkit4lyfe
Natahlee Shields
'Natahlee Shields' 3 days ago
'h8jf1' 3 days ago
Since they borrowed the great guitar line from Badfinger's "Baby Blue" they should cover it properly since it would fit his voice. Not a fan of One Direction but after watching SNL will say I am a fan of Mr. Styles. Stealing from one of my favorite songs kinda helps.
San Dantos
'San Dantos' 3 days ago
I love it when there are four guitar players
Elese V
'Elese V' 3 days ago
This is so soulful
miriam alonso
'miriam alonso' 4 days ago
why am i crying in the club right now
Oscar Khan
'Oscar Khan' 4 days ago
Harry is amazing,he is one of the singers who don't need autotune
m eh
'm eh' 4 days ago
I feel free when Harry sings solo ...
'WJElectroFoot47' 4 days ago
HARRY IS DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish that Pretty. Odd. Era P!atd could cover this but it would be like "Ever Since Seattle"
'Reagan4672' 4 days ago
Lucyfer 666
'Lucyfer 666' 4 days ago
2:32 NAJS
Uzma Gul
'Uzma Gul' 4 days ago
Why isn't someone talking about the playback singers too?
Although,Harry is so amazing,he's killin' it.❤️❤️
caitlyn hemmings 卌
why does he have to be older than me asdfghjkl
Rilee Barndt
'Rilee Barndt' 4 days ago
omg Harry your slowly killing me in a good way
'CA_TRV' 4 days ago
Drummer for BØRNS?
Tim Young
'Tim Young' 4 days ago
Very catchy, Harry is really impressing me these days. So glad he got rid of that gawd-awful man-bun.
'auntannie2' 4 days ago
Love this song.  Love the pants. Good job, Harry.
Khadijah Sams
'Khadijah Sams' 4 days ago
He is Good
'Don' 4 days ago
Imagine if u took him back in time to the 70s he would fit right in kinda
Larissa Long
'Larissa Long' 4 days ago
I'm going to need acoustic versions of everything. His voice, man.
'ajb92191' 4 days ago
What made/makes One Direction is all of their uniqueness. Zayn, Harry, Niall, all great on their own and very different. That's why they worked as a group. I love them all individually, but damn, I miss them as a group.
Marcy Dewey
'Marcy Dewey' 4 days ago
does anyone else hear the Badfinger riff from Baby Blue here?
Rani Qare
'Rani Qare' 4 days ago
Reminds me of Jesse from full house, don't know why but I love it
Alan ST
'Alan ST' 4 days ago
Harry will bring back good music, he's a king, since he was in 1D now everyone can see the potential he has
Alexa Staxon
'Alexa Staxon' 4 days ago
I'm so happy for him. He's living his dream (of course he lived it since One Direction) but now he's rising and the boys are doing their stuff too. This is great
10:11 PM - The power of music
shared this on the Facebook page of 10:11 PM - The power of music!
Elena Tomao
'Elena Tomao' 4 days ago
ho my god harry styles play guitar
Alexis Meredith
'Alexis Meredith' 4 days ago
Wow I didn't expect to like this but I actually think it's quite good. Much better than all the crap he did with One Direction.
Todd Boden
'Todd Boden' 5 days ago
Mediocre music for lemmings.
Mark Thorsby
'Mark Thorsby' 5 days ago
complete rip off of Baby Blue by Badfinger
Lexi Spurgin
'Lexi Spurgin' 5 days ago
Greta Colley
'Greta Colley' 5 days ago
Love the faces he makes when he sings
Mateusz Szokalski
'Mateusz Szokalski' 5 days ago
Amajzing !
'lilly2874' 5 days ago
I was surprised that Zayn was the 1D breakout artist because I always thought it would be Harry. I can see now that Zane deserves every bit of fame that he gets from his solo career. I love Harry but, he needs another style... This does not fit him at all!!! leave the 70's there, please. I don't like this sound at all. I know the Harry fans will love it.. Music fans? I don't think so much.
'daniella' 5 days ago
The Game
'The Game' 5 days ago
A lot of people are claiming he copied "Baby Blue" but its only a tiny guitar riff and to me, that's not really copying...
Nicky Henderson
'Nicky Henderson' 5 days ago
Isn't that guitar riff from Badfinger's song "Baby Blue"? #plagiarism
Mia Carter
'Mia Carter' 5 days ago
Oh these lyrics. I hope he does a music video for this one!
Caity Hoopiiaina
'Caity Hoopiiaina' 5 days ago
2:34 I'm pregnant 😍
'alphasxsignal' 5 days ago
I hope Harry brings this out on vinyl record......... Do it Harry.
'Killingercameron' 5 days ago
Umr Watermelon
'Umr Watermelon' 5 days ago
He changed
g watts
'g watts' 5 days ago
canny sing lol
Lauren & Katie Vlogs
sushiwreck xx
'sushiwreck xx' 5 days ago
Mxrlen Sivan
'Mxrlen Sivan' 5 days ago
So really beautiful
laila Valente
'laila Valente' 5 days ago
Wasn't a one direction fan but I am digging harry's music! It's so different to the 1D sound
Rebecca Jones
'Rebecca Jones' 5 days ago
for all yall saying this song is for taylor. there's the door that shit lasted not even a month
The guitar lead in this sounds really similar to Baby Blue by Badfinger
and then, eat.
'and then, eat.' 5 days ago
I feel attacked and disrespected.
Cheyenne Rae
'Cheyenne Rae' 5 days ago
Harry StyleS Jimmy not Style😂😂
'Kimtothekizzo' 5 days ago
this song has a part that sounds very similar to a part of Baby Blue from Badfinger.
Mister Starry Night
There is nothing original about this song. The guitar part is a copy of Baby Blue from Bad Finger. This is a new low for Harry Styles. They can't sue him because they were under bad management and committed suicide. But I think this is an insult to Bad Fingers memory and I don't think his voice is half as great as the singers and artists from Bad Finger. The last time I heard him he was copying Baba O'riley from the who. Nothing original about this artist.
paola nicole
'paola nicole' 5 days ago
Every sense he was starting his music career that's the type of music he liked and it suits him. It makes him look sexier 😏
Sam Itani
'Sam Itani' 5 days ago
I climaxed at 2:35
remi mol
'remi mol' 5 days ago
Extremely boring...Zayn is definitely a better singer than Harry.
Sydney Kettlewell
'Sydney Kettlewell' 5 days ago

lol I'm so sorry
Crazy Sonic
'Crazy Sonic' 5 days ago
Wait... since when does Harry play the guitar??? WTF?
Sarita 1D
'Sarita 1D' 6 days ago
The band is really good👍, specially harry 😂haha, it's joke, all are good.:)
Sarita 1D
'Sarita 1D' 6 days ago
Harry is adorable!!! :)
Abbey Kwiatkowski
'Abbey Kwiatkowski' 6 days ago
who else has been a directioner since the beginning and supports the boys solo I'm never going to stop loving them there all amazing
Amir Sulman
'Amir Sulman' 6 days ago
So are just going to ignore the awkward lips twists and curls?
"Pop-artists are talentless and not real musicians" yeah right, lmao
Matt G
'Matt G' 6 days ago
badfinfer aha
Bleky Official
'Bleky Official' 6 days ago
Harry : Tell me something I don't already know!
Carabelle Abbas
'Carabelle Abbas' 6 days ago
Been his fan from the beginning of one direction and I'll his fan to the end! He is truly amazing
Brandon Henderson
'Brandon Henderson' 6 days ago
Son John Misty, or something.
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