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10 Years of iPhones -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Let's take a look back at the past 10 years of me and my iPhones lol (and yes, that first show was from 2017, I messed up the title)
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'Carlito' 1 hour ago
The eyebrow glow up tho
Sullivan Bryant
'Sullivan Bryant' 4 hours ago
So my friend put my number on a pewdiepie video so call his number! It's 9184990787
'TBNRSlam' 7 hours ago
My iPhone activated Siri when u said hey siri
Harveeey E.
'Harveeey E.' 7 hours ago
Justine!!! make a 10 years of baking/cooking or failing at cooking that would be funny 😂
Jailyn Drane
'Jailyn Drane' 10 hours ago
Emily Whatley
'Emily Whatley' 12 hours ago
Anyone else's phone open up Siri when she said hey Siri 😂
Rachel Potato44
'Rachel Potato44' 13 hours ago
pause at 5:39 I MISS THE OLD INSTAGRAM LOGO 😭😭😭😭
M Leek
'M Leek' 15 hours ago
7.04 when you said hey siri, my phone replied ahah😂❤️
Karan Jain
'Karan Jain' 21 hours ago
1:40 it says 2007 instead of 2017
Astra 123
'Astra 123' 24 hours ago
Those eyebrows though
Jäï Brookes
'Jäï Brookes' 24 hours ago
Lol her 2007 eyebrows
Chris Jaramillo
'Chris Jaramillo' 1 day ago
You're so beautiful, I was never a fan of apple but seeing your journey took me back. I remember 2007, one year after my high school graduation I have fond memories. Anyways thanks for the video down memory lane!
'¡CoolDown!' 1 day ago
She looked literally the same as the actress of zoey 101
e higgin
'e higgin' 1 day ago
What an amazing look back! I hope the future is just as amazing as the past.
Murph M
'Murph M' 1 day ago
This brought back good memories ❤
AnythingSugested 4U
Im ten/ so I wasn't able to be there for 10 years of your youtube channel. But i love it!!!
Laya Nakair
'Laya Nakair' 1 day ago
her eyebrows were poppin
'AKILAHH!!' 1 day ago
Have y'all seen the iPhone 8 you can literally see through the phone and there is no home button
Watch it the phone in 2020 is gonna be freaking invisible
Apple you doing too much
Qwerty Khan
'Qwerty Khan' 1 day ago
You look so old now
tonymix holguin
'tonymix holguin' 1 day ago
I have been here since your minecraft video
Blaine MacGregor
'Blaine MacGregor' 2 days ago
iPhones are inferior to android especially all the Google/nexus phones and HTC phones
Kit Rocks
'Kit Rocks' 2 days ago
iPhone is been nothing but an obsession to you that u might need to get help with
'style_adrii' 2 days ago
When you said hey Siri my phone went off 😂😂
Katie talbot
'Katie talbot' 2 days ago
I love waze
Aki Sayz
'Aki Sayz' 2 days ago
I was shocked!!!!At 07:02 time of video when you talked to Siri my iphone and my Siri responded live cause "Allow Hey Siri" was enabled!!!!Try yourself!!!!!
'EmceeGeek' 2 days ago
I'm thinking about how limited the iPhone was when it first came out. Things really have changed.
Israel Martin Diaz Suarez
I still think iPhone 6 plus is the best of all.
Charles Zarasua
'Charles Zarasua' 2 days ago
It's been 5 years and Siri still can't answer that question
Macario Patrick
'Macario Patrick' 2 days ago
When you said Hey Siri, my iPhone opened Siri. Thanks iJustine!
'OWLETS FLY#' 2 days ago
i was born in 2007
Sarah Combs
'Sarah Combs' 3 days ago
Omg that is so funny I can't stop laughing! 😂😂🤣
Jesse Day
'Jesse Day' 3 days ago
Wow, 2008 was a rough time for you.
Siddique Siddique
'Siddique Siddique' 3 days ago
not hating but what the hell is the point of this video like what... and also did she really collect every SINGLE iphone cuz thats weird!!!!!! LOL not hating just saying
Adele Mendes
'Adele Mendes' 3 days ago
Omg you have so many iphones😮 I can't even buy me One!! Can I have one ? 😍😂 I would pay😂😂😂
Rakesh Kumar
'Rakesh Kumar' 3 days ago
Is a new phone really that exciting?
אמיתי המלך
The Ellios
'The Ellios' 3 days ago
Why do u have to pay another phone when yours still works ? All the components are paid in lives by poor people. Search Coltan on Google.
Umut Ilgeröz
'Umut Ilgeröz' 3 days ago
I miss the old Instagram & Vine😭
'Skywardsamer' 3 days ago
wow for 11 years, AWESOME !
Falcon noclaF
'Falcon noclaF' 4 days ago
Been a Apple user for a few years and they are the most overrated products out there. Garbage
kendra chercasen
'kendra chercasen' 4 days ago
The iPhone 3 came out 2009 so?...
Jose Fatrix
'Jose Fatrix' 4 days ago
Pablo Vieira
'Pablo Vieira' 4 days ago
10 years of being an iSheep, congrats 😭
can somebody please give this girl an Android phone for her birthday, I'm sure it would change her life.
Shad Kerr
'Shad Kerr' 4 days ago
This was such an awesome video! I didn't realize you were around since the original phone. Might I add that you're as beautiful now as you were in your first video.
Ivana Balogova
'Ivana Balogova' 4 days ago
love this video😍
'Vinish' 4 days ago
What happened to her Asian friend
'Geekanoids' 4 days ago
Great video Justine.
Izza Ilustre
'Izza Ilustre' 4 days ago
Evolution of Justine's eyebrows 💙💙
Leyla Dickinson
'Leyla Dickinson' 4 days ago
She looks like Zoey from Zoey 101
Ellie Sykes
'Ellie Sykes' 4 days ago
I feel sorry that you paid 99 cents to get emojis and we can get it's free now
frances gb
'frances gb' 4 days ago
I still remember the iphone 5 unboxing!!! And the iphone 4s Hahahha
Zach Torres
'Zach Torres' 4 days ago

k I'm done here. bye.
Carley Nelson
'Carley Nelson' 4 days ago
24:10 your welcome
'Flakyki' 4 days ago
Who else has an Iphone4?
'Flakyki' 4 days ago
Why are you iJustine? Shouldn't it be ThisJustIne, get it?
Allanis 820
'Allanis 820' 4 days ago
Younger Justine looks like Zoey from Zoey 101
Wang Angela
'Wang Angela' 4 days ago
It is funny that the date is kinda all September and the first phone was on the 2007 and I was born on 2007 September
Mauricio Cruz
'Mauricio Cruz' 4 days ago
I've been around since the iPhone 4 one 😂
Jade YouTuber
'Jade YouTuber' 4 days ago
Her cameras got better and better
Donda Nana
'Donda Nana' 5 days ago
july 2008 justine wow... lookthe type i like heh
Dancer_kam bell
'Dancer_kam bell' 5 days ago
My bday is September 21
Elizabeth Abreu
'Elizabeth Abreu' 5 days ago
People always will be followers with the dumb ass "iPhones" stfu I have a Samsung and I'm perfectly fine with it
Emely Romero
'Emely Romero' 5 days ago
August 2007 i was 0 years old
Emely Romero
'Emely Romero' 5 days ago
In 2009 I was 2 yrs
Peli Mies
'Peli Mies' 5 days ago
After Steve died, Phone has become ugly-looking giganto-block with unwanted features. Apple, put your shiatsu together! Now!
Green Derp
'Green Derp' 5 days ago
This girl is spoiled by buying so many things and does not share she is a rich spoiled brat
Elijah Parkinson
'Elijah Parkinson' 5 days ago
did he just called that black guy a nigger? 3:13
'IHeartMacsH8r5' 5 days ago
LOL! I have my iPhone 6S Plus sitting next to my Retina MacBook and when you said "Hey Siri" during the iPhone 5 part, my iPhone picked up what you said and started doing a search immediately.... LOL BTW I remember when you posted about your HUGE AT&T bill when you had the original iPhone i believe...
Jonathan Vazquez
'Jonathan Vazquez' 5 days ago
When ijustine said hey Siri are you better then before that activated my siri😂😂😂😂
Kevin Martinez
'Kevin Martinez' 5 days ago
I love you IJ you wee the fest YouTube I ever fell in love with 😭❤️
Lauryn Nicole
'Lauryn Nicole' 5 days ago
Anyone notice the 2007 in the beginning?
'Pr1m0n' 5 days ago
10:04 who reacts like that? xD
VvAgreeingDuke Hermosilla
Pikachu Girl
'Pikachu Girl' 5 days ago
Her sense of style is amazing
rayon robin
'rayon robin' 5 days ago
even i was also not alive when she started youtube😅
atef noor
'atef noor' 5 days ago
U sooo cute
Mel Graal
'Mel Graal' 5 days ago
Anonymous User
'Anonymous User' 5 days ago
She look like Zoey From Zoey 101 at 9:50
Raymond Toledo
'Raymond Toledo' 5 days ago
I feel so old right now
Kue Moua
'Kue Moua' 5 days ago
I was porn on 2007
Allison Kiyoko
'Allison Kiyoko' 5 days ago
When she said hey Siri my siri activated
Nyny Strawberry
'Nyny Strawberry' 5 days ago
can I have a iPhone
'1javixD' 5 days ago
I remember the AT&T bill video but I didn't know it was iJustine.
'1javixD' 5 days ago
Lol I remember when you had to download the emoji app.
Clarisa Aluiso
'Clarisa Aluiso' 5 days ago
in 2012 she looked like Jena from prank vs prank
Tayler Thomas
'Tayler Thomas' 5 days ago
Oh my gosh at 7:10 when she was talking to her Siri my phone went off and said I'm sorry I can't answer that and it scared the living crap out of me
Jaden Jardine
'Jaden Jardine' 5 days ago
omg your eyebrows in 2008😂
Marc Pagan
'Marc Pagan' 5 days ago
Her brows got worse as the years went back! 😩... THANK GOD for the glow up! She's such a beauty!
Ines Sanchez
'Ines Sanchez' 5 days ago
artistic almost peace under defendant then ability.
joseph arellano
'joseph arellano' 5 days ago
Lillybunny 106
'Lillybunny 106' 5 days ago
OMG it's been 10 years! And she looks the same!! 😂👩🏼
SDS Simon
'SDS Simon' 5 days ago
the biggest change in apple history is between the iphone 5/5s & iphone 6
Audra Stowers
'Audra Stowers' 5 days ago
ahhh i love this video haha, idk why. I love seeing ur reaction to new devices it makes me so happy :)
Sindre Hjelle
'Sindre Hjelle' 5 days ago
I remember watching if not all of these, most of these videoes! I've been a subscriber for a long time!
The CraftCorner
'The CraftCorner' 5 days ago
Can you do an iPhone Collection??
'animalsandiphones' 5 days ago
I started watching you when the iPhone 4 and because of that I wanted my first iPhone and now I'm obsessed!!
Moneil Patel
'Moneil Patel' 5 days ago
Old justine looks like Zoey from zoey101
Andres Rodriguez
'Andres Rodriguez' 5 days ago
You look hotter now than 11 years ago...interesting!
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