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Sean Paul - No Lie ft. Dua Lipa -
Published: 3 months ago By: SeanPaulVEVO

By: SeanPaulVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

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“No Lie” is out now:

Sean Paul”

Music video by Sean Paul performing No Lie. (C) 2017 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

Khushal Gandhi
'Khushal Gandhi' 10 minutes ago
1:56 fallen in love
Stefan Gajic
'Stefan Gajic' 15 minutes ago
Here's what i heard when Sean sing:
Dangerouser _ Master
'Dangerouser _ Master' 20 minutes ago
daniel popa
'daniel popa' 1 hour ago
play again and again,again,again again,again any time,everywhere!
calvinyx0 - CS:GO
'calvinyx0 - CS:GO' 2 hours ago
oh Shit ist die geil
Lévai Lénárd
'Lévai Lénárd' 2 hours ago
dua lipa= gang bang alway want sex xddddd
Harley medina maceo
'Harley medina maceo' 3 hours ago
damn!, i don't know why dua lipa turn me on that bad, she would regret if she tell me, ""Don't be shy, take control of me""
Emre Woody
'Emre Woody' 3 hours ago
Hiç Türk yokmu lan :(
Jörg Bessler
'Jörg Bessler' 4 hours ago
Hacked by. \/.
'Hacked by. \/.' 4 hours ago
dua lıpa very sexy
'Volticymo' 4 hours ago
Damn she's hot
Game Zocker pro P.
'Game Zocker pro P.' 4 hours ago
very nice song
Piniigi_05 Profesionalci
'Якубович' 5 hours ago
Alexia Channel
'Alexia Channel' 5 hours ago
I love your music!!!!!!!
Nadusia G
'Nadusia G' 6 hours ago
Dua lipa👍💟
Lala Sparkle
'Lala Sparkle' 6 hours ago
why can't I be this level of pretty I mean I've fixed my vocals but come on genetics work 2 beautiful made why u so ugly
Larry Peanut
'Larry Peanut' 7 hours ago
Holy shit this is similar to Don's song lol
'Olafnl' 7 hours ago
Good song Guy's very nic
Vlogul lui Ale Official
Selena Sanda
'Selena Sanda' 8 hours ago
Albert Raule
'Albert Raule' 8 hours ago
if dualipa join Miss World she will be 1st place
Giorgia Argentiero
'Giorgia Argentiero' 9 hours ago
Stupenda 😍😍😍😍
योगेश साठे
Hypnotised by this song 🇲🇽
Kara Liddelow
'Kara Liddelow' 11 hours ago
I got here from Baywatch
yuki afplayerexpert
'yuki afplayerexpert' 11 hours ago
I fall in love with dua lipa hahaha joke but she's,so beautiful <3
Ahmad Tariq
'Ahmad Tariq' 12 hours ago
Bella Bella
No lie!
TaNviR WaHiD
'TaNviR WaHiD' 12 hours ago
I love sean and his voice
Marx Valdez
'Marx Valdez' 12 hours ago
Dua lipa is hottt ;-)
Ajmal Noorzai
'Ajmal Noorzai' 12 hours ago
Ricardo V.Koc
'Ricardo V.Koc' 12 hours ago
Does anyone understand Sean Paul?
Samilin Xavier
'Samilin Xavier' 14 hours ago
Dua Lipa♡.♡I Love You❤
María Magdalena Uribe Zavala
amo estácanción
David Arce
'David Arce' 14 hours ago
Que guapa es ella!!!!!
Bluff Master
'Bluff Master' 14 hours ago
This song is literally perfection at its best!
Ulani Hernandez
'Ulani Hernandez' 16 hours ago
Francisca Gutierrez
'Francisca Gutierrez' 17 hours ago
Britanny Hernandez
'Britanny Hernandez' 17 hours ago
Domenico Antonelli
'Domenico Antonelli' 17 hours ago
Clifford Veira
'Clifford Veira' 18 hours ago
Love this song!!
Daniela Santoyo
'Daniela Santoyo' 18 hours ago
Dua Lipa. DAMN WOMAN....❤️❤️❤️
'Zerux' 18 hours ago
pitbull americano alv
'CHAVEZ Coc' 18 hours ago
exelent ♥♥
Samucraft 63
'Samucraft 63' 19 hours ago
Like si ablas español
Oscar Izquierdo
'Oscar Izquierdo' 19 hours ago
Me Encanta:3
Paulo Bras
'Paulo Bras' 19 hours ago
ritmo espectáculo
'JEFF MACIAS' 19 hours ago
DJ Mario :V
'selenaforh' 20 hours ago
Dua Lipa is perfect ♥
Av Mesias
'Av Mesias' 20 hours ago
who is Sean Paul?
Chester Styles
'Chester Styles' 20 hours ago
nao tem BRs ?
der Toaster
'der Toaster' 20 hours ago
omg she's a 10/10
Seva Haciyeva
'Seva Haciyeva' 20 hours ago
Have u got Sean Paul's translator? 😃
Pau Abelló
'Pau Abelló' 21 hours ago
Dua Lipa 😍
'soRadi' 21 hours ago
"its gonna be lit tonight" kills it for me
Vanessa Somba
'Vanessa Somba' 21 hours ago
love it
Fatima Boutana
'Fatima Boutana' 21 hours ago
Fatima Boutana
'Fatima Boutana' 21 hours ago
J'adore s'este chanson
carlos garcia
'carlos garcia' 21 hours ago
Me super encanta.💖
Caelainn O D
'Caelainn O D' 22 hours ago
Can anyone else understand what Sean Paul is saying 😂
Delfina Cláudia
'Delfina Cláudia' 22 hours ago
i loveee the jackets of dua lipa
Dasha Myr
'Dasha Myr' 23 hours ago
Ayşenur KARACA
'Ayşenur KARACA' 23 hours ago
my love
Kakhulan Maringmei
'Kakhulan Maringmei' 23 hours ago
not bad
Kakhulan Maringmei
'Kakhulan Maringmei' 23 hours ago
Валентин Чабан
мне ета песня нравитса как девушка пайот
olan official
'olan official' 24 hours ago
song of the winter. cool and breezing
Evet Luis
'Evet Luis' 24 hours ago
scared to be lonely and no lie best of music.
Evet Luis
'Evet Luis' 24 hours ago
scared to be lonely and no lie best of music.
Bamba Gambia
'Bamba Gambia' 1 day ago
Emirhan Şan
'Emirhan Şan' 1 day ago
'Tayyabaaahx' 1 day ago
Sorry I don't speak Sean Paul
Filiz Topal
'Filiz Topal' 1 day ago
henok abate
'henok abate' 1 day ago
am from Ethiopia , but listening dua lipa all  songs several times rly I like you . I 'll think some day u come to here
'Ninjagirlfan;D' 1 day ago
Finally a music vid that doesn't have girls twerking and showing off their bodies!
Dalery Sheep
'Dalery Sheep' 1 day ago
Dalery Sheep
'Dalery Sheep' 1 day ago
Dalery Sheep
'Dalery Sheep' 1 day ago
renata lanovicova
Best song 10/10
'ĪbraTM' 1 day ago
Dura Lipa is Albanian Girl 🇦🇱 ❤
'MrGoku995' 1 day ago
Only 21 yeras old this girl. Not bad
Just Me
'Just Me' 1 day ago
is this in English ? :)
Eduard AxLord
'Eduard AxLord' 1 day ago
Dua Lipa sound make me horny
Khan Afg
'Khan Afg' 1 day ago
wow dua lipa dram f
Lesh Ek
'Lesh Ek' 1 day ago
I'm sorry, but Dua Lipa does all good things in this video. I love like she move, sing, looks...damn, she's so good :D
The candy Lady
'The candy Lady's' 1 day ago
la gente que le dio deslike es tonta
Constan Rot
'Constan Rot' 1 day ago
N0W 667
Pay me 667 000$ or i will DESTROY PYRAMID!?
'BigAzza' 1 day ago
Porco o dio
emily richmond
'emily richmond' 1 day ago
Cat Gamer
'Cat Gamer' 1 day ago
Pantera Gaming
'Pantera Gaming' 1 day ago
'nvs1100200000d' 1 day ago
мотив припева и девушка гипнотизируют.
Raihan Uddin
'Raihan Uddin' 1 day ago
Nice Song SeanPaul ft Dua Lipa.
Noor Eliza Fitskie
this is a nice song
Andy Körösi
'Andy Körösi' 1 day ago
immer wieder gerne
Ryizer kovich
'Ryizer kovich' 1 day ago
the editing and producer is spot on
Sad Panda
'Sad Panda' 1 day ago
Sean man you just ruin this son.
Julio Lopez
'Julio Lopez' 1 day ago
amo a esa mujer
Emre Demir
'Emre Demir' 1 day ago
Sean what is saying ? I dont understand nothing -.- Is it talking English or another language ? :D
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