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Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls -
Published: 1 month ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 1 month ago

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After sweeping Ellen off her feet, gorgeous daddy Gosling chatted with her about Eva Mendes and their two adorable daughters.

steve nelson
'steve nelson' 3 hours ago
Ryan is the only straight guy to get a lesbian flustered lol. This is funny to watch 😁😁
Prachi Rawat
'Prachi Rawat' 5 hours ago
Ellen definitely LIKES him.
Myriam Collet
'Myriam Collet' 11 hours ago
forget It looks like deeply wonderfum work performer
'CrossTheLine1000' 14 hours ago
Whats so special about this dude? Hes ugly
Dominik Moulas
'Dominik Moulas' 18 hours ago
Loly Pop
'Loly Pop' 22 hours ago
You know people say he looks like Reynolds but there's defo a huge difference when it comes to personality, Gosling seems a lot more private, with a little pride?
Let alone him...He acts great at least
Amina Ismail
'Amina Ismail' 1 day ago
oh my goodness sighhhh
Sharjeel Hashmi
'Sharjeel Hashmi' 2 days ago
Ryan gosling picked Eva out of all
Rebecca Cordell
'Rebecca Cordell' 2 days ago
Jessica Ruby
'Jessica Ruby' 3 days ago
What the fuck is my dad doing
Victoria Snow
'Victoria Snow' 3 days ago
Oh my 😂😂 Ellen is one lucky person,
Nina Stellanova
'Nina Stellanova' 3 days ago
Colour me good. LOL!
'tgsmiki' 4 days ago
He's just like me. I feel bad for things that can move by itself when we switch it on and never stop until we switch it off. We've a lot in common like Ellen said, we should go on a date! Hahaha *Sorry fans, i'm just joking...
Tracey Claver
'Tracey Claver' 4 days ago
IDK why this was very painful to watch...
komal tyagi
'komal tyagi' 4 days ago
you rock ellen..
Venky needs to Live
That is a cute conversation.. that is so true about the Roombots he mentioned.. I was wondering the same.. ;)
Ted Lancaster
'Ted Lancaster' 4 days ago
Bloody Canadians
Ruba Alrubaie
'Ruba Alrubaie' 4 days ago
She looks soooo into him looooool
'Mary' 5 days ago
Qué suerte la de Ellen!!! Ryan <3 <3 <3
Miki Vega Tendo
'Miki Vega Tendo' 5 days ago
lucky Eva. he is a great guy.
David Nobre
'David Nobre' 5 days ago
spanish and portuguese*
Leonora Silva
'Leonora Silva' 5 days ago
M. H.
'M. H.' 5 days ago
And that day Ellen became a woman.
Vena B
'Vena B' 5 days ago
he's so over rated
Tom Baillie
'Tom Baillie' 6 days ago
Dude looks like a 50s movie star
Get Lost
'Get Lost' 6 days ago
Ryan is so handsome! Can't wait to watch La La Land and see his face for 2 hours
Anna Miller
'Anna Miller' 6 days ago
Ellen you need to meet MattyB😆
Frank Kwok
'Frank Kwok' 6 days ago
I'd always thought his voice sound like Mickey Rouke. Sexy voice.
Jean Lee
'Jean Lee' 6 days ago
2:55 is that Eva Medes?! That was a different person without make up...
I just looove how unconventional and unpredictable Ryan is in interviews
Deborah111 Deborah111
the lady in the audience with that raised her hand looks like Eva Mendes.
Deborah111 Deborah111
Ellen looks good with a man.
william davies
'william davies' 1 week ago
Ryan seems like a lovely guy. But when is he considered some kind of sex icon? He has a big chin, and a unsymmetrical flat face face. You may consider me salty, but I find other male celebrities far more attractive ( basically anyone). Is it only his personality that makes him attractive?
Michelle P
'Michelle P' 1 week ago
A roomba for my roomba.... Hilarious!!
MK Niazi27
'MK Niazi27' 1 week ago
You know that girls have crushes on other women celebs like girl crushes. Sofia Vergara is so hot etc. Like to the guys out there, do you have a crush, or at least admit that you can appreciate if an attractive guy walks past, "Dude has guns or wow, he is dashing." AW ADMIT DONT BE SHY. Don't you think or feel or say that?
Beauty deserves appreciation, being attracted is another thing.
christina resendiz
👋 Hi
Keelin and Pluto
'Keelin and Pluto' 1 week ago
love Ryan <3
Jessica Lee
'Jessica Lee' 1 week ago
I was Ellen was my aunt or grandma because wouldn't it be soooo cool to have a relative like Ellen!!! I wish I was related to her!!
'zanygris0612' 1 week ago
He is turning me straight ....damn
'cowsrock1q' 1 week ago
The beginning wasn't scripted at all..yeah right..
Beauty Queen (BeautyQueen15)
Now I want to Be Ellen !!😍
Diksha Buldawo
'Diksha Buldawo' 1 week ago
God damn it! I soooo love this man! <3 Lovely & cute moment between Ellen & Ryan... <3 <3
thelonious monk
'thelonious monk' 1 week ago
is it not pronounced Eh Vah or eeva as in Eva not ayva
'Miryam' 1 week ago
This comment section is so positive it's giving me life and faith in humanity lol
'bleedingbatho' 1 week ago
Is Eva Mendes' name really pronounced "Ayva" or is Ellen just saying it wrong? I always thought it was "Eve-ah".
'LadyScorpio39' 1 week ago
this was a weird and awkward interview.
'Xylias' 2 weeks ago
I pray every night for god to make me as awesome as RG!.....F**K you for keeping ugly and hateful!
zeeshan safdar
'zeeshan safdar' 2 weeks ago
I broke up with my last girlriend because she did not find Ryan attractive.........
ShawN TyleR
'ShawN TyleR' 2 weeks ago
MY GOD he is So Freaking HOT ..
Nt Haque
'Nt Haque' 2 weeks ago
is Ryan Gosling this quite all the time or just here?
Zeal Ren
'Zeal Ren' 2 weeks ago
She totally surrendered to him.
Maddy Harvey
'Maddy Harvey' 2 weeks ago
What is it about Ryan Gosling. He might actually be the most sexually attractive man on the planet.
'xxrter' 2 weeks ago
This was so awkward but I wasn't expecting it to be haha
'HTHAMMACK1' 2 weeks ago
Hugely overrated in the looks and the acting departments.
Lama Lamay
'Lama Lamay' 2 weeks ago
i ❤ #ryangosling 😍👌❤
mild winter
'mild winter' 2 weeks ago
L0vE this guy
mild winter
'mild winter' 2 weeks ago
OMG how lucky is Eva !!!
Boaz 77
'Boaz 77' 2 weeks ago
Christjesus loved us died for us, rose from death
Ann R.
'Ann R.' 2 weeks ago
No "breaker high" Ryan gosling on the leggings?
AMD joy!
'AMD joy!' 2 weeks ago
Geesh, can he get any hotter! And sweet, and adorable!!! Wish I was Ellen in his arms!!!
Sixx Kitten
'Sixx Kitten' 2 weeks ago
is Ryan normally this boring?
christina Garcia
'christina Garcia' 2 weeks ago
he is so handsome!
'Cocoisablackcat' 2 weeks ago
"gushes" loool
Alejandro Michael
'Alejandro Michael' 2 weeks ago
O M G he's so hot. Like touch me please! :P
Hongrui Wu
'Hongrui Wu' 2 weeks ago
how Gosling turned Ellen Bisexual XDDD
'jaymillymills' 2 weeks ago
Amada sounds a lot like a female version of Amad, more proof of the remnants of Islamic Spain
'GenXUnderground' 2 weeks ago
imagine being ryan gosling, people print your face onto shit and go batshit about it, i'd be a little creeped out and uncomfortable
Irena Audila
'Irena Audila' 2 weeks ago
Didnt know he is married :(
Dean Wicks
'Dean Wicks' 2 weeks ago
This guy must get all types of girls i bet even her lesbian ass was wet lol
Teenage POV
'Teenage POV' 2 weeks ago
I've been seeing Ryan's interviews and he's not so charming like with Ellen, i was starting to think he was a bit obnoxious but no, he's really cute with Ellen. And she's perfect as always 💕
'Miissakuravidel' 2 weeks ago
I want those leggings!
f0rn3v3r tru3
'f0rn3v3r tru3' 2 weeks ago
Ellen's the world most iconic lesbian I think, but shipping her with other people girl and guy both...its just so easy to do
'BB42' 2 weeks ago
He looks like the Tottenham Hotspur player Harry Kane.
bn bn
'bn bn' 2 weeks ago
soo scripted
mr JAMiE SCOTT musiq
He seems like a nice guy!!! Alot more quiet than I expected!
'hotxhotguy' 2 weeks ago
colin sutton
'colin sutton' 2 weeks ago
my name is Eva/Ava
Amanda Fernyhough
'Amanda Fernyhough' 2 weeks ago
'yingster1000' 2 weeks ago
He is oozing with charm!
'Jenny' 2 weeks ago
'YOUTHOUGHT' 2 weeks ago
He's pretty chill
carlos resendiz
'carlos resendiz' 2 weeks ago
is he your boyfriend 😍😍😍
Beatrix Hauth
'Beatrix Hauth' 2 weeks ago
he has kids?
'GRV Kr' 2 weeks ago
Hey Girl!
'Mahiefied' 2 weeks ago
i miss Ryan and Rachael😭 goes and watches mtv movie award stage kiss ❤
Claire Prins
'Claire Prins' 2 weeks ago
Simple stage forty send artificial final.
Kathleen Flaherty
'Kathleen Flaherty' 2 weeks ago
Are They dating
Aillie pandaa
'Aillie pandaa' 2 weeks ago
Ryan gosling fell out of heaven (:
Heather Cannon
'Heather Cannon' 3 weeks ago
it looks like he's cut slits on the underside of his sleeves so his muscles will fit. I hope the shirt is designed that way and he didn't have to do that himself. could you imagine? buying a new shirt knowing full well you're about to take it home and cut slits in it? lolol
Ruth Caceres
'Ruth Caceres' 3 weeks ago
he is sooo adorablee♡♡♡♡
'misstrice84' 3 weeks ago
Ryan has such a good sense of humor.
Mr. Jay
'Mr. Jay' 3 weeks ago
You can kina see it in Ellen's eyes.. That she loved that!!
Berkay Saldamlı
'Berkay Saldamlı' 3 weeks ago
that joy mug could be sold for millions. every guest sips from it
Alee Alee
'Alee Alee' 3 weeks ago
I love ellen
Louna Moreau
'Louna Moreau' 3 weeks ago
duck witness legitimate wind spirit lake.
bluedance lilly
'bluedance lilly' 3 weeks ago
He's so subdued and down to earth.  I love that.
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