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Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls -
Published: 3 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 3 months ago

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After sweeping Ellen off her feet, gorgeous daddy Gosling chatted with her about Eva Mendes and their two adorable daughters.

Plina Andersson
'Plina Andersson' 3 hours ago
I wanna marry him
Be Like Bro
'Be Like Bro' 3 hours ago
hello mam i Am from india..i want to meet you once.Can you please do something
Sher Khan
'Sher Khan' 14 hours ago
Alyssa Teresaa
'Alyssa Teresaa' 15 hours ago
Ryan I love you!!!!! 😭😭❤❤
'OllieWille' 1 day ago
Two of my favourite people :')
Mai ٰ
'Mai ٰ' 1 day ago
his voice makes me
Monica Erwin
'Monica Erwin' 3 days ago
I want to know how she knew what he wanted.... is Ellen Santa Claus?
'salHUNNIT' 4 days ago
Lucy Fer
'Lucy Fer' 5 days ago
Is his left sleve ripped up ?
'AwesomeCat2012' 6 days ago
Such a wonderful, fun personality on that guy. Props to him for trying to keep his personal life private. Eva is a lucky lady!!
gain al
'gain al' 6 days ago
Those products are fucking brilliant lmao.
Mikee Remastered
'Mikee Remastered' 1 week ago
Christ his sunken eyes. I could just stare into them forever. I'm a straight dude that dreams of Ryan Gosling taking me out for a meal. So that I can just stare into his incredible eyes for an hour and feel like i'
fairfight 92
'fairfight 92' 1 week ago
0:29 so sweet 😃😃😃
Daario Naharis
'Daario Naharis' 1 week ago
My channel has a 1 min video of Ryan Gosling most amazing acting video Ever.
Janet garibay
'Janet garibay' 1 week ago
every girls dream
Lainie medina
'Lainie medina' 1 week ago
I know she's lesbian and shit but c'mon Ellen don't
you didn't felt a certain way when he picked up? Cuz I sure
as hell did!
Calliem Lockhart
'Calliem Lockhart' 1 week ago
She's a great host. I feel like she makes anyone feel comfortable around her
annabella abrusci
'annabella abrusci' 1 week ago
someone make a movie with him and margot robbie
sa ra
'sa ra' 2 weeks ago
two one of my favorite TV personalities
neha rajesh
'neha rajesh' 2 weeks ago
Ellen: "Say something different"
Ryan: "Something different"
Emilee Anne
'Emilee Anne' 2 weeks ago
Love the Louboutins :D
Emilee Anne
'Emilee Anne' 2 weeks ago
daddy Gosling ahhahah
'Lauren_Hever' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know when and where Ellen is on in Ireland?
Shorena Shorena
'Shorena Shorena' 2 weeks ago
gera wiz
'gera wiz' 2 weeks ago
Ha ha she even was about to open her legs to him!!
gera wiz
'gera wiz' 2 weeks ago
Lesbian?? naahh, this girl only hasn't tried a real man.
La Tana
'La Tana' 2 weeks ago
Lydia Egan
'Lydia Egan' 2 weeks ago
I actually love how personal he is with his relationship and kids.
shaukat asghar
'shaukat asghar' 2 weeks ago
Hot hot hot!!!!
Jason Khan
'Jason Khan' 2 weeks ago
Pregnancy flip alive roll tight deal simple coat
Pooja kaur
'Pooja kaur' 2 weeks ago
He picked her up so elegantly reminds me of crazy stupid love
emily fizzy
'emily fizzy' 3 weeks ago
Fml im in love someone help
Bella Way
'Bella Way' 3 weeks ago
For a second i wanted to be Ellen. ahha Such a lucky girl to being carry by this handsome Ryan Gosling. #ManCrush
Lebogang Thaga
'Lebogang Thaga' 3 weeks ago
I love Ellen.. She inspires me soooooo much. When i grow up i want to be an Ellen :) #loveSouthAfirca
'artemisrain' 3 weeks ago
What the hell, Ryan? Be Ellen's friend already, you lucky bastard! :D Who else is ELLEN ASKING to be her friend?! (lol, they're probably actually friends)
juicy juice
'juicy juice' 3 weeks ago
the one moment she might turn straight
Alexandra Macias
'Alexandra Macias' 3 weeks ago
love him so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Willem Wyatt
'Willem Wyatt' 3 weeks ago
A Daydreamer Daydreaming
What a sexy man! Mmh...
'DrunkenGamer' 3 weeks ago
'Redoudou' 3 weeks ago
Brilliant marketing stunt for Roomba !
Rehana Umerji
'Rehana Umerji' 3 weeks ago
'BeeSoDope' 4 weeks ago
Oh Ryan!
Sol Vitulino
'Sol Vitulino' 4 weeks ago
he is so hot!
Soul Paty
'Soul Paty' 4 weeks ago
Oh damn 😍
Fatima zahra boudad
'Fatima zahra boudad' 4 weeks ago
Ιωάννα Φασούλη astalavista15
what is that round thing she gave him last???
mesolesbian 000000
'mesolesbian 000000' 4 weeks ago
Ellen is so freaking cute!
me too
'me too' 4 weeks ago
He's with Eva Mendes? Lucky guy. Why are ellen's studio audiences so hiper? They laugh and giggle at everything and this guy is a snore.
Hey Brekker!
'Hey Brekker!' 4 weeks ago
Gorgeous daddy? 😂
Soukaina Rahli
'Soukaina Rahli' 4 weeks ago
rumba? ??
Hailee Fontanez
'Hailee Fontanez' 4 weeks ago
that one girl who raised her hand for the romba 😂😂😂
'xoxo5516' 4 weeks ago
he lifted her like she weighed NOTHING omf
Naomi Yeh
'Naomi Yeh' 4 weeks ago
Oh, I wish I was Ellen!
Mena Lihavi
'Mena Lihavi' 4 weeks ago
breaking bad fans know what a rumba is.
Kassandra D
'Kassandra D' 4 weeks ago
He's so charming
liz c
'liz c' 1 month ago
Damn he's so fine he's a dime piece boyyyyyyyy ❤️😂😂😂
sabooya Alkindi
'sabooya Alkindi' 1 month ago
ew that is discusting
Melissa Castro
'Melissa Castro' 1 month ago
I can't so cuteeeeeeeeee <3
Angelique Berry
'Angelique Berry' 1 month ago
he so dry
becca smmr
'becca smmr' 1 month ago
i want those leggings
Saba Hittini
'Saba Hittini' 1 month ago
Ellen .. you deserve a wonderful man .. you are really fabulous wonderful and beautiful woman .. Even lesbian issues doesn't fit with my principles but I love you a lot Ellen .. God bless you
R. Castro
'R. Castro' 1 month ago
Why he's so damn hot ?
veda pierce
'veda pierce' 1 month ago
Eva Mendes is a very lucky woman :)
'Emiel666Emiel' 1 month ago
these girls in the audience are all creeps, laughing about EVERYTHING he says!
Top Cam
'Top Cam' 1 month ago
It's look like JESSY PINKMAN's roomba , he would love'd it .
DeSirEé ToffA
'DeSirEé ToffA' 1 month ago
'Julian's Bean' 1 month ago
My name also means beloved
Mandy McClements
'Mandy McClements' 1 month ago
'JellioIsAReader' 1 month ago
My parents got a Roomba. I told them it was going to take over the world and kill all of us.
Charlotte Clarke
'Charlotte Clarke' 1 month ago
Enola Paul
'Enola Paul' 1 month ago
God heavy It truly sounds like deeply sicktend :‑(
'Kia' 1 month ago
ryan gosling is so fucking hot i can't
'IsThisRealLife' 1 month ago
Lol he gets so freaked out and hesitant when discussing his family. I wonder if it's more of a career thing? Like if he gives off too much a family man vibe, he might not get the main stud or lead romantic roles his always successfully cast in
'JanejoyeAdy' 1 month ago
Ellen je vous adore!
'Tdlemon' 1 month ago
Burning Panda MilkShake HD
0:12 know what to do XD
steve nelson
'steve nelson' 1 month ago
Ryan is the only straight guy to get a lesbian flustered lol. This is funny to watch 😁😁
Prachi Rawat
'Prachi Rawat' 1 month ago
Ellen definitely LIKES him.
'CrossTheLine1000' 1 month ago
Whats so special about this dude? Hes ugly
Dominik Moulas
'Dominik Moulas' 1 month ago
Loly Pop
'Loly Pop' 1 month ago
You know people say he looks like Reynolds but there's defo a huge difference when it comes to personality, Gosling seems a lot more private, with a little pride?
Let alone him...He acts great at least
Amina Ismail
'Amina Ismail' 1 month ago
oh my goodness sighhhh
Sharjeel Hashmi
'Sharjeel Hashmi' 1 month ago
Ryan gosling picked Eva out of all
Rebecca Cordell
'Rebecca Cordell' 1 month ago
Jessica Ruby
'Jessica Ruby' 1 month ago
What the fuck is my dad doing
Victoria Snow
'Victoria Snow' 1 month ago
Oh my 😂😂 Ellen is one lucky person,
Nina Stellanova
'Nina Stellanova' 1 month ago
Colour me good. LOL!
'tgsmiki' 1 month ago
He's just like me. I feel bad for things that can move by itself when we switch it on and never stop until we switch it off. We've a lot in common like Ellen said, we should go on a date! Hahaha *Sorry fans, i'm just joking...
Tracey Claver
'Tracey Claver' 1 month ago
IDK why this was very painful to watch...
komal tyagi
'komal tyagi' 1 month ago
you rock ellen..
Venky needs to Live
'Venky needs to Live' 1 month ago
That is a cute conversation.. that is so true about the Roombots he mentioned.. I was wondering the same.. ;)
Ted Lancaster
'Ted Lancaster' 1 month ago
Bloody Canadians
Ruba Alrubaie
'Ruba Alrubaie' 1 month ago
She looks soooo into him looooool
'Mary' 1 month ago
Qué suerte la de Ellen!!! Ryan <3 <3 <3
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