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Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls -
Published: 4 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 4 months ago

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After sweeping Ellen off her feet, gorgeous daddy Gosling chatted with her about Eva Mendes and their two adorable daughters.

Beerus God of Destruction
I didn't know Ryan personality before i thought he was cocky and show off, but after a movie(dont know the title) with him and one other celebrity picking up girls in bar i started to like him he have the perfect pick up style and gets them easy so i wanted to check him in real life if hes similar and ye he is, probably the perfect guy for getting girls.. idk name someone other
val Jafar
'val Jafar' 2 days ago
does ryan gosling have a crush on ellen?
'angelo' 2 days ago
portia de rossi disliked this video
Anita Singh
'Anita Singh' 4 days ago
He is just too reserved and that makes his interviews boring.
elena ponomarenko
'elena ponomarenko' 4 days ago
Ryan is so cute! And he is so calm. I liked that!
Katrina Terrell
'Katrina Terrell' 5 days ago
The leggings, not a lot of people can say they had Ryan Gosling face on their butt.
in themix
'in themix' 6 days ago
why is it a problem that Christmas is the birth of Christ?  its for the whole world.  Ellen celebrates for days.  Ellen gives and takes care of others and has more of the traits of Christ than so many.
Love Lin-Manuel
'Love Lin-Manuel' 1 week ago
who the hell refuses to hang out with Ellen?
Mark Junnel Flores
I just love Ellen!! 😀😀😀
Love from the Philippines!! 😉
T and A BFFs Club
'T and A BFFs Club' 1 week ago
.O.M.G. ELLEN 😱😱😱😱😱
T and A BFFs Club
'T and A BFFs Club' 1 week ago
.O.M.G. 😱😱😱😱😱😱
'fourthgirl' 1 week ago
Did we see Ellen blush?
Holly Swenson
'Holly Swenson' 1 week ago
If a blind person watched this they'd be like "This is the lamest interview ever."
he's soooo unbelievably beautiful
Brooklynn Tyler
'Brooklynn Tyler' 1 week ago
Dude this guy is insane. He can turn a lesbian woman straight for him and a straight guy gay for him. Jeez. He's so hot.
Catapillargirl 20
'Catapillargirl 20' 1 week ago
How is his dog? George?
B ang
'B ang' 1 week ago
So we just gonna act like we didn't see the description...
Danielle Young
'Danielle Young' 2 weeks ago
The woman that raised her hand about the Roomba looks so much like his wife. Its a little creepy
Alexandra Summerfield
Oh my god this man!😍😍😍😍😍
marvellous breadfish
Where can I get those leggings
Ellie Spratt
'Ellie Spratt' 2 weeks ago
Ellen is so lucky
'fantasynights' 2 weeks ago
Luv them!!!
Kimberley Evans
'Kimberley Evans' 2 weeks ago
Kimberley Evans
'Kimberley Evans' 2 weeks ago
Luisa Tortorelli
'Luisa Tortorelli' 2 weeks ago
0:28 my biggest dream
Sara Mally
'Sara Mally' 2 weeks ago
am I the only one who doesn't find him attractive xp
Consuelo Villanueva
'Consuelo Villanueva' 2 weeks ago
'unofficialgod' 2 weeks ago
Ellen sucks.
The Vampire Queen
'The Vampire Queen' 2 weeks ago
he's voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
'RandomStuffDK' 2 weeks ago
Usually you can't comment on ellens videos.
Aimée Monroe
'Aimée Monroe' 2 weeks ago
What is hapenning
Jade Fireflower
'Jade Fireflower' 3 weeks ago
I'll jump into his arms
Fernanda Tralala
'Fernanda Tralala' 3 weeks ago
"Amada" also means "beloved" in Portuguese. Lovely name. :)
avisek mohanty
'avisek mohanty' 3 weeks ago
I feel jealous.
Kris TNa
'Kris TNa' 3 weeks ago
'My pants are too tight for this' ellen looks at his pants 😂
Tegan Godwin
'Tegan Godwin' 3 weeks ago
I love u
Christel Noel
'Christel Noel' 3 weeks ago
Ellen turned straight that day
'schalala' 3 weeks ago
hahahahaha AWKWARD but cute
'EngPMgt' 3 weeks ago
Ryan is showing off his louboutin shoes 😂 its same pair that he wore in jimmy kimmel show if i am not mistaken 😅
Larry The Barber Man
love your work
Maddy P
'Maddy P' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one that thinks Ryan Gosling isn't attractive? I think he's really like able but not physically attractive besides his muscles lol
Maria Jose Coloma
'Maria Jose Coloma' 3 weeks ago
I really really love him ❤❤
Iam Matrix
'Iam Matrix' 3 weeks ago
but she is a lesbien :O
I envy Ellen so much (that includes her height) 😂😂😂
Coco Von
'Coco Von' 3 weeks ago
he seems nice. he looks like a he has down sydrome though or someting
Mila A.
'Mila A.' 3 weeks ago
where can you buy those leggins.😂
Summer Kamel
'Summer Kamel' 3 weeks ago
He's perfect omg
Li Xiong Chan
'Li Xiong Chan' 3 weeks ago
Where can I find his shirt?? I've been looking everywhere for it
Alejandra Ronderos
'Alejandra Ronderos' 3 weeks ago
He is so lovely - I wasn´t really a fan of his, but when I saw he was the only actor who showed the Dolby Theater visitors during the Oscar night warmth and respect, he won me and my absolute respect. A fine man!!
Busra Gemici
'Busra Gemici' 3 weeks ago
nt snazzy
'nt snazzy' 3 weeks ago
Ellen is deffo straight for Ryan
Muzaffar Shaikh
'Muzaffar Shaikh' 3 weeks ago
Ellen ain't no lesbian no more
'Nick' 3 weeks ago
I have someone at school looking exactly like Ryan lol
'Frisson' 3 weeks ago
Scorpios 👌🏻
Lee CrazyMage
'Lee CrazyMage' 3 weeks ago
How could Ellen be so sure about that Ryan would say Roomba when she asked?
Salar Ali
'Salar Ali' 3 weeks ago
look her up her voice is amazing 😇 ( Anastasia Karnezis )
'Monbroe' 4 weeks ago
can we please discuss the fact that the lady that has a Roomba looks like she could be Eva Mendes from the future, they have that same awkward looking smile thing. wtf 😶
'HI GUYS' 4 weeks ago
Lady Lyn
'Lady Lyn' 4 weeks ago
I love him now
harley quinn
'harley quinn' 4 weeks ago
Daddy Gosling
Megan Mayhan
'Megan Mayhan' 4 weeks ago
Kerry Smith
'Kerry Smith' 4 weeks ago
If my mom tried that I think my dads back would give out
'JacPod' 4 weeks ago
Ever since I saw The Nice Guys, I've loved anything that has to do with Ryan Gosling
Shaz Miah
'Shaz Miah' 4 weeks ago
lol ellens wife watch out cause that boys gonna steal her wife
'geronimo' 4 weeks ago
how? did she know? Totally scripted
zero chris
'zero chris' 4 weeks ago
love him
Vince Dubois
'Vince Dubois' 4 weeks ago
Flower digital appeal individual someone trading Japanese energy.
'R.I.P. ME' 4 weeks ago
i feel like something is different when ryan is on the show. The camera angles? maybe, the lighting? possibly, the awkwardness? ye a lil, Ellens sexual preference? yep thats it.
'R.I.P. ME' 4 weeks ago
WHERES THE STRAND OF HAIR RYAN GOSLNG? like if u know what i'm talking about.
Vicky S.
'Vicky S.' 4 weeks ago
He's kind of....BLAH...but gorgeous!!!
Plina Andersson
'Plina Andersson' 4 weeks ago
I wanna marry him
Be Like Bro
'Be Like Bro' 4 weeks ago
hello mam i Am from india..i want to meet you once.Can you please do something
Sher Khan
'Sher Khan' 4 weeks ago
Alyssa Teresaa
'Alyssa Teresaa' 4 weeks ago
Ryan I love you!!!!! 😭😭❤❤
'OllieWille' 4 weeks ago
Two of my favourite people :')
Mai ٰ
'Mai ٰ' 4 weeks ago
his voice makes me
Monica Erwin
'Monica Erwin' 1 month ago
I want to know how she knew what he wanted.... is Ellen Santa Claus?
'salHUNNIT' 1 month ago
Lucy Fer
'Lucy Fer' 1 month ago
Is his left sleve ripped up ?
'AwesomeCat2012' 1 month ago
Such a wonderful, fun personality on that guy. Props to him for trying to keep his personal life private. Eva is a lucky lady!!
gain al
'gain al' 1 month ago
Those products are fucking brilliant lmao.
Mikee Remastered
'Mikee Remastered' 1 month ago
Christ his sunken eyes. I could just stare into them forever. I'm a straight dude that dreams of Ryan Gosling taking me out for a meal. So that I can just stare into his incredible eyes for an hour and feel like i'
fairfight 92
'fairfight 92' 1 month ago
0:29 so sweet 😃😃😃
Daario Naharis
'Daario Naharis' 1 month ago
My channel has a 1 min video of Ryan Gosling most amazing acting video Ever.
Janet garibay
'Janet garibay' 1 month ago
every girls dream
Lainie medina
'Lainie medina' 1 month ago
I know she's lesbian and shit but c'mon Ellen don't
you didn't felt a certain way when he picked up? Cuz I sure
as hell did!
Calliem Lockhart
'Calliem Lockhart' 1 month ago
She's a great host. I feel like she makes anyone feel comfortable around her
annabella abrusci
'annabella abrusci' 1 month ago
someone make a movie with him and margot robbie
sa ra
'sa ra' 1 month ago
two one of my favorite TV personalities
neha rajesh
'neha rajesh' 1 month ago
Ellen: "Say something different"
Ryan: "Something different"
Emilee Anne
'Emilee Anne' 1 month ago
Love the Louboutins :D
Emilee Anne
'Emilee Anne' 1 month ago
daddy Gosling ahhahah
'Lauren_Hever' 1 month ago
Does anyone know when and where Ellen is on in Ireland?
Shorena Shorena
'Shorena Shorena' 1 month ago
gera wiz
'gera wiz' 1 month ago
Ha ha she even was about to open her legs to him!!
gera wiz
'gera wiz' 1 month ago
Lesbian?? naahh, this girl only hasn't tried a real man.
La Tana
'La Tana' 1 month ago
Lydia Egan
'Lydia Egan' 1 month ago
I actually love how personal he is with his relationship and kids.
shaukat asghar
'shaukat asghar' 1 month ago
Hot hot hot!!!!
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