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Dear Kitten -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 years ago

27, 710, 413 views

280, 853 Likes   3, 453 Dislikes

Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat
food. What will your cat do? Tell us:
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Cellshocker Cellzar
Is this voice by zefrank?
'Llamatacos295' 5 hours ago
I miss dear kitten so much
'z099sonic' 14 hours ago
A monster called vacuum😂
Lucy Farrell
'Lucy Farrell' 19 hours ago
The vaccuuuuuuuuum
Cute Ynah Pie
'Cute Ynah Pie' 22 hours ago
Aww....That orange kitten is such the cutest as the black one! 😂😂😀😀😀😅😅😅😇😇😇😇
xXTheRedGirlXx 4592
'xXTheRedGirlXx 4592' 24 hours ago
xXTheRedGirlXx 4592
savage baes9
'savage baes9' 1 day ago
how cute!!
Gm Channel
'Gm Channel' 2 days ago
´'' IT can yell and eat at the same time'' :DDDDDDDD
Naomi Dellwo
'Naomi Dellwo' 2 days ago
you sound like Morgan Freeman
ShyLynn Rae Carpenter
MeltingMagnetz King
This is the best video made by buzzfeed
Donna Rupert
'Donna Rupert' 2 days ago
My boy Joe liked the monster vacoom🙀
Chloe Gouin
'Chloe Gouin' 3 days ago
'uyfugbug766546' 3 days ago
Is the voice over done by James Spader? Because it sounds like Robert California from The Office talking.
Meghan Theriot
'Meghan Theriot' 3 days ago
this is so adorable
GreenMoldy Taco
'GreenMoldy Taco' 3 days ago
Zefrank1 voiced this!!!
Calvin Ruysch
'Calvin Ruysch' 4 days ago
cousin minor pot epwfb radical ring base ready.
'SugarCoder' 4 days ago
Words from the wise.
Leon van der Linden
guys, oh my gosh water really looks likeamfzipgyes
Domestic Beats
'Domestic Beats' 5 days ago
Watching this with my kitten next to me
Donut Kat
'Donut Kat' 5 days ago
I love this cats voice no joke 😂
Animal lover162
'Animal lover162' 5 days ago
I love the narrater's voice.
'beccabunny09' 5 days ago
Damn you Ze Frank! You've made me actually WANT to watch a commercial!!!!
Arhiana Aa
'Arhiana Aa' 5 days ago
'jeremybr2020' 6 days ago
I'm officially depressed. I think I just watched ALL the Dear Kitten videos. There's no more.........all gone......{sniff sniff} I need a tissue. {......sigh....} Oh well. Let's watch them all over again! Whoo Hoo!! :)
kakakak karot kake super sand lesbian
sounds a bit like markimoo
Fit Bot
'Fit Bot' 7 days ago
Aalya Ashraf
'Aalya Ashraf' 1 week ago
kitten and cat both are so cute..
Famous Bald People
this is an ad
Hissyfittykawaiikitty Neko suki
These videos are so cute
Michael Croft
'Michael Croft' 1 week ago
we love the wet food,,,,,
'DRAGOON9908' 1 week ago
Cats lye there and don't do anything too it's called sleep
Rightdownthestreet (but not literally)
Jarl Holm
'Jarl Holm' 1 week ago
Is it weird.... that im also afraid for the vacuum.Like srrsly i am.But weirdly my cat is not...
Alexandrea thegreat
PMS is: watching dear kitten videos, and crying on each one because they are either really adorable, or kinda actually pretty sad because it hits close to home.
Rebecca Russell
'Rebecca Russell' 1 week ago
Awww the kitten was so cute!!!
Deana Clark
'Deana Clark' 1 week ago
this was the best one
Maria Velazquez
'Maria Velazquez' 1 week ago
"The curtains of invisibility will hide you from the vacum..." THAT JUST MADE MY DAY 😂 😂 😂 😂
Pamela Shore
'Pamela Shore' 1 week ago
Natasa Lazarevic
'Natasa Lazarevic' 2 weeks ago
I love this so much
Mystery Critic
'Mystery Critic' 2 weeks ago
Who's watching in 2017
Calliope Cohen
'Calliope Cohen' 2 weeks ago
Thank you, this helped my 10 year old cat teach my 3 month old cat
Salmon Fish
'Salmon Fish' 2 weeks ago
Va'cuum sounds like dragon language from skyrim and curtain of invisibility? Harry Potter will take that back thank you.
'masterdan2010' 2 weeks ago
Sounds like morgan freeman
AMY Wright
'AMY Wright' 2 weeks ago
please make more videos
'๋' 2 weeks ago
Ze frank buzzfeed president <3
jodi louise
'jodi louise' 2 weeks ago
that's either morgan freeman or tay zonday
zoe allen
'zoe allen' 2 weeks ago
Meg Alyssa
'Meg Alyssa' 2 weeks ago
"It can eat and yell at the same time"
'THE VICTOR' 2 weeks ago
I bet that cat took a crap in that sneaker. Our cat loved my mother but he tested her crapping in her shoe and she gave him a spanking. She only used two pieces of rolled up newspaper but she feared the cat would cut her throat when she slept. He was a Mack in our neighborhood. Proud of him until a lady showed up at our door with a box of his kids that looked exactly like him. We disowned him and said he wasn't our cat. She couldn't prove it.
Cute Candy
'Cute Candy' 2 weeks ago
I lovvvvvve kitty cats
Wizdom 805
'Wizdom 805' 2 weeks ago
This is funny
Z.S. Saraf
'Z.S. Saraf' 2 weeks ago
These are so freaking adorable! I. Can't. Stop. Watching. These!! <3
'Vivien' 2 weeks ago
Morgan Freeman?
'재환' 2 weeks ago
they are training us to be astronauts!
'재환' 2 weeks ago
lol human larvae! Smell's like milk
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 weeks ago
literally the only good and pleasing buzz feed video that isn't even by buzz feed but frisk it's lol
lee armani
'lee armani' 2 weeks ago
I have two cats too, and my kitten has already explored the places of "up"
Lauren X
'Lauren X' 2 weeks ago
Wait.. Buzzfeed has quality content??
Loud Loud Loud
'Loud Loud Loud' 2 weeks ago
The curtains of invisibility lol
Meryn caris
'Meryn caris' 2 weeks ago
Dinithi Nagollage
'Dinithi Nagollage' 2 weeks ago
0:59 Awwwwwww
'MrFloppy19' 2 weeks ago
only reason to watch buzzfeed, its gotten sadly too political and sjw for my taste
Akira Salazar
'Akira Salazar' 2 weeks ago
so cute!!
Kayleigh Walker18
'Kayleigh Walker18' 2 weeks ago
Who else just wanted to hug the kitten 😂
John Galt
'John Galt' 2 weeks ago
i can only imagine the wet food commend!!!! om, my stomach hurts
Brandon Russell
'Brandon Russell' 2 weeks ago
I have friskies pate food for my cat
Penguin Love
'Penguin Love' 2 weeks ago
this is my favorite video of 2014 2015 2016 and 2017
Mia Price
'Mia Price' 2 weeks ago
Dehydrated brown nibblet hahahahahahhahahaah
Nay Trevejo
'Nay Trevejo' 3 weeks ago
IT'S the voice from "facts about animals"???
DforDawid 58
'DforDawid 58' 3 weeks ago
Best 3 minute add ever
The pixel Boy
'The pixel Boy' 3 weeks ago
Go to my channel to see my 3 cats but I have 5 cats
Tia Tam VA
'Tia Tam VA' 3 weeks ago
I love cats so much!
'DWARF GAMES' 3 weeks ago
Megan Reed
'Megan Reed' 3 weeks ago
hey is that Ze Frank talking?
laura aerts
'laura aerts' 3 weeks ago
Historic apparently establishment fade post purchase version vote.
Crystal Sheep181
'Crystal Sheep181' 3 weeks ago
I like the dear kitten I have watched them all
'MoonstoneTV' 3 weeks ago
'Windmill' 3 weeks ago
Who dose the voice over for this video
sky loraine
'sky loraine' 3 weeks ago
This was so cute but it felt somewhat sad
'JdN' 3 weeks ago
so dis is where zefrank went after all those years
Quarryvillle Torrise
Can I have a transcript?
MissPheonix Georcelin
This is so cute and so true! Except my dog basically told this story to my cat lol
'Shiirö' 3 weeks ago
Buzz feed is trying to commit murder by this video... so m.. much cuteness can't h..h..Handel...//dies
Jewel Isip
'Jewel Isip' 3 weeks ago
this is so cute but is the kitten a girl or a boy?
Grace Lillian
'Grace Lillian' 3 weeks ago
Dang 27M views
Paladin Boyd
'Paladin Boyd' 3 weeks ago
Va coom! Oh my.
'RIZZA FEDRO' 3 weeks ago
kittyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
Delphin .McFranta
'Delphin .McFranta' 3 weeks ago
this is the best thing i've ever watched
Rebecca saliba
'Rebecca saliba' 3 weeks ago
"It can eat and yell at the same time." I died
high level threat
'high level threat' 3 weeks ago
is that Morgan freeman voice?
'CryBaby' 4 weeks ago
'DomMaverick' 4 weeks ago
Farah Izzlyn
'Farah Izzlyn' 4 weeks ago
Why there is no British Shorthair in this video ???
My big brother broke my finger because I didn't do what he wanted me to do in 5 seconds
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