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Dear Kitten -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 years ago

28, 064, 666 views

288, 802 Likes   3, 525 Dislikes

Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat
food. What will your cat do? Tell us:
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'frosa77' 2 hours ago
zefrank1 ?
sarra nemri
'sarra nemri' 6 hours ago
kawaii 😻😻 CUTE!!
J Phone
'J Phone' 12 hours ago
Lola Lolailo
'Lola Lolailo' 1 day ago
Sabriyah Shahbandy
"human larvae" XD
'PurpleCutie' 3 days ago
vacoom! XDD
Danilo Daily Videos And Gaming
My Birthday Is On March 27th I Wish To Hit 80 Or 90 Sub's Yay
Cornelius Cats Random Video
Dear Kitten,
The hooman is doing work, disturb them in any way as possible. They will love you more. And knock down some objects so they can film you and put the video in this website where they watch more of those videos.
helen j
'helen j' 4 days ago
This video is good and very cute
'SuperEpicBanana' 5 days ago
Tesa Lorem
'Tesa Lorem' 5 days ago
thats a lot of wives or whatewer
'hobbexp' 5 days ago
that is some real crapy cat food, do not give your cat that
Journally Dentiesiv
LMAO! I always knew there was a secret world with animals. I always knew they secretly talked to one another as clear as human beings lol.
'GoldEvil911' 6 days ago
My cats eat Friskies too! #hype
madison m
'madison m' 6 days ago
So cute!🐱🐱🐱🐱
'Juwairiyah' 6 days ago
cat food looks tastier than the food i eat
Lucy Siriwardena
'Lucy Siriwardena' 6 days ago
Dear kitt'n
Shayne D. Gamers league
i wish i can have a kitten thats my dream for myself to have a kitten
eevee wings
'eevee wings' 6 days ago
OMG that was soooooo cute 😻😻 the kitten with there tiny paws and the cat leading him of to be the best in the house and I just love what they said about the food, it was so cute! 🐈🐈
Ariana Yaliz
'Ariana Yaliz' 7 days ago
Mary Gray
'Mary Gray' 7 days ago
"It's like sleeping in underwear, well that's what it actually is." Best moments "Because you are small, you cannot jump, this is sad for you, not for me."
Mary Gray
'Mary Gray' 7 days ago
This is the sweetest series ever.
'AbiTube' 7 days ago
I LOVE TIS VIDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Migrod' 7 days ago
Victoria Yap
'Victoria Yap' 7 days ago
"Some kind of dark magic. " 😂
Effy Azean Ibrahim
I love watching Dear Kitten,its really nice
Ian Knight
'Ian Knight' 1 week ago
FYI, they stole this concept from the creator of the "Sad Cat Diary" series where a cat wrote, "Dear diary,..." and his adventures...he also did a "Sad Dog Diary"...check them out and give em a like...if you like.
LauraLemurex ASMR
'LauraLemurex ASMR' 1 week ago
What breed is the elder kitty?
Faris Al Harbi
'Faris Al Harbi' 1 week ago
I was not expecting ze frank. 😍
Sue T.
'Sue T.' 1 week ago
we need more Dear Kitten!
'Skreechh' 1 week ago
'FellianTheDragon' 1 week ago
Cats think it's weird we do nothing?
500 Subscribers With Two Videos?
I'm not the only one who finds babies wierd...
Sherry Lowery
'Sherry Lowery' 1 week ago
i love Dear Kitten it so cute i love it
Lucy Robotham
'Lucy Robotham' 1 week ago
Gotta love cats 🐱 💖💘
DaRealKatQueen 01
'DaRealKatQueen 01' 1 week ago
my kitten is the one clip of the kitten attacking the shoe😂
Broly 9000
'Broly 9000' 1 week ago
Katie Wingert
'Katie Wingert' 1 week ago
is this the dear teddy dude
'kittenwar' 1 week ago
vacoom and the curtains of invisibility made me laght so hard lol
Jack Lindsay
'Jack Lindsay' 1 week ago
Ze Frank!
Mr. Cat Face
'Mr. Cat Face' 1 week ago
OMG dis is amazeng fzzzzz\sahm
Gabriel Sylva
'Gabriel Sylva' 1 week ago
this was the most halarious video ever
crazyjoy 1
'crazyjoy 1' 1 week ago
My cat loves friskies
Andreea Jurju
'Andreea Jurju' 1 week ago
That is Minerva
Liska Zo
'Liska Zo' 1 week ago
"Meow meow." -A cat...
Charisma Spencer-Bates
It's pretty similar to the Teddy Needs an Operation narrator voice.
-_TAT and CDT_-
'-_TAT and CDT_-' 2 weeks ago
Monster vacuum, 🙀🌪
ayoub nayfa
'ayoub nayfa' 2 weeks ago
this is amazing
'AngryPotato' 2 weeks ago
Thank god he didnt start to talk about someones penises, like in his other video... do.
'Slime POTATO' 2 weeks ago
The kitten looks like a small version of my cat sitting on my lap 😂
mzurilove beauty & fragrances
Absolutely brilliant
Rhiannon May
'Rhiannon May' 2 weeks ago
'Velveteon' 2 weeks ago
now that's how a commercial is made, I don't own a cat but Im buying that stuff
Those Two Random Girls
timmy turner888
'timmy turner888' 2 weeks ago
zefrank1 !!!!!!¡!!!!
A Mira
'A Mira' 2 weeks ago
King Colunga
'King Colunga' 2 weeks ago
this video made me tear up in happiness #Ultimatelikes
Jill Scott
'Jill Scott' 2 weeks ago
This is perfect😂
Wolfy Love345
'Wolfy Love345' 2 weeks ago
Why does this guys voice remind me of the true facts about series on YouTube?
Alexander Fosler
'Alexander Fosler' 2 weeks ago
I just binge watched all of the Dear Kittens. I feel so accomplished
Alexander Fosler
'Alexander Fosler' 2 weeks ago
This cat should get an Oscar
Esmeralda Gems
'Esmeralda Gems' 2 weeks ago
I love this guy's voice. It's just the perfect cat voice.
The Crazygirls
'The Crazygirls' 2 weeks ago
Toxon Gamer
'Toxon Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Beware vacoom, he is the final boss of final fantasy MMMCCCXXXIII
Poppy Price
'Poppy Price' 3 weeks ago
This got me so excited for getting my kitten 😂😂😆😆
Karthik Nair
'Karthik Nair' 3 weeks ago
isnt the narrator the same guy from the visa ad
jose cueto
'jose cueto' 3 weeks ago
I died of how cute this video is
The Ouchiegiver
'The Ouchiegiver' 3 weeks ago
zeFRANK1 is so good!
The Ouchiegiver
'The Ouchiegiver' 3 weeks ago
zeFRANK1 is so good!
scourge warrior cats
why do this make me cry?
Cyber Snow
'Cyber Snow' 3 weeks ago
Catherine B
'Catherine B' 3 weeks ago
Dellis Runken
'Dellis Runken' 3 weeks ago
Remember when BuzzFeed did good stuff like this?
'Zaxaroula1' 3 weeks ago
"the human larva" 😂
MHz Jr
'MHz Jr' 3 weeks ago
Oh yeah, make sure to avoid VACOOM . Its loud, succulent power is easily capable of devouring your whiny little face whole.
Sentrilite B
'Sentrilite B' 3 weeks ago
why did this guy go to buzzfeed.. i miss his true facts series :(
Dancing Candle
'Dancing Candle' 4 weeks ago
'jarredofhearts' 4 weeks ago
Kittens are not afraid if it is a mini vakoom.
Hexica Witchbroom
'Hexica Witchbroom' 4 weeks ago
'kittenpowerable' 4 weeks ago
I level this
'Mar'Taja Jackson' 4 weeks ago
Penelope McCoubrey
'Penelope McCoubrey' 4 weeks ago
Eeeeeeee! Kitties! I LOVE KITTIES!
Anna Ramila Svendsen
why am I crying????
like, this isn't even sad, but I'm crying
Awkward animations7
'Awkward animations7' 4 weeks ago
That is absolutely adorable!
Kittens RBAE
'Kittens RBAE' 4 weeks ago
Elizabeth Jacobs
'Elizabeth Jacobs' 4 weeks ago
Vacoon. 😂
LPSPop -Movies And More!
haha this is super funny

Ph D
'Ph D' 4 weeks ago
This is by far the best one of all. Too many awesome references... "vakoom", "human larva", "some dark magic", "customary 437x hisses", "dehydrated brown niblet", "training us to be astronauts", "curtains of invisibility". Too many to love & crack up over. Excellent commercial & true to probably what our cats really do think.
Gouri Shyam
'Gouri Shyam' 4 weeks ago
"Dehydrated brown niblets" 😂
Miss Yagami White
'Miss Yagami White' 4 weeks ago
Is this the same guy who narrated "Teddy has a operation"
Emo Bunny
'Emo Bunny' 4 weeks ago
Lucas Kane
'Lucas Kane' 4 weeks ago
As I stated in a similar ad... if all ads were like this, my adblocker would be gone and i would even go out of my way to watch them whenever i can. So, ad makers, make ads great again (sorry, couldn't resist that one, for a german, it is so funny to watch trump make a joke out of america)!
'Plantimaters' 4 weeks ago
"because you are so small, you cannot jump" My kitten can jump really high actually xD
Dharma Han
'Dharma Han' 4 weeks ago
this is.... cute...
Marcos Sanchez Vilar
better than nine lives
Ruby Jesion
'Ruby Jesion' 4 weeks ago
this is the most adorable think I think I've ever seen...
'marmary' 1 month ago
monster Vacoom XD
'Partycat' 1 month ago
make more right meow
Gabin Roussel
'Gabin Roussel' 1 month ago
Remote vision coverage cxumdx protest usual bullet press faculty fist guide.
Niyah Trinity
'Niyah Trinity' 1 month ago
I love this it's so nice
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