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Donald and Melania Trump Cold Open - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

11, 249, 344 views

37, 673 Likes   4, 167 Dislikes

Donald Trump (Taran Killam) and his wife, Melania (Cecily Strong), clear up some of the misconceptions about him, like that he hates women and immigrants.

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camelia chinmayashakti
'camelia chinmayashakti' 26 minutes ago
Oh man! U guys r so good - it's almost worth it the deepshit in office
Ben Jauncey
'Ben Jauncey' 2 hours ago
Alec Baldwins Trump is better but this one is also hilarious I have to say.
nice stuff
george blunders
'george blunders' 22 hours ago
as long as SNL is condoning and validating school shootings , maybe its time someone went to their theater and start popping rounds,
george blunders
'george blunders' 23 hours ago
SNL Scumbags picking on 10 year old kids now , what lunatics,
Sid Shades
'Sid Shades' 23 hours ago
Alec Baldwin was a better Trump
John Davies
'John Davies' 1 day ago
Is it really surprising that Donald and Melania rose to the top?
That's what scum and froth do.
Sebbie Shaw
'Sebbie Shaw' 1 day ago
Baldwin's cool and all but I don't know why they changed this guy was hilarious although Melania is even funnier.
Donald Trump News
Vas T
'Vas T' 1 day ago
Not funny
Liane Cornils
'Liane Cornils' 2 days ago
Laugh away, He won. Lol
A regular Joe but better, good one!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
OMG this so F$%^&*(# awesome entertainment for 4 years. How will America recover?
What a joke ! This is a very sad time in American history.
Joe Brice
'Joe Brice' 1 week ago
Love Cecily Strong, not only, she is extremely funny but, gorgeous. 300 times more beautiful than Melania.
'nawlulu' 1 week ago
I actually prefer this Trump, he's funnier. Alec Baldwin was too exaggerated.
'Rosslav' 2 weeks ago
Trumps face 2:10 lololol
'MannyFlanders' 2 weeks ago
Im watching this in 2017 and I had to pause it to right this after the first line.
Cape SIX
'Cape SIX' 2 weeks ago
Oct 4, 2015 predicting the future
john park
'john park' 2 weeks ago
not my president
Christine Poinsard
'Christine Poinsard' 3 weeks ago
Thanks God, Donald Trump won. Well done America !
'halfvolley11' 3 weeks ago
The girl is so hot. Is she Cecily? So hot.
Berta Lang
'Berta Lang' 3 weeks ago
actual chemical toss marketing between motion public.
Donna Chambless
'Donna Chambless' 3 weeks ago
This guy does a way better job than Alec Baldwin.
Teresa Lipot
'Teresa Lipot' 3 weeks ago
Truly HE doesn't hate immigrants, TWO of three wives were immigrants. REALITY CHECK.
'이지은' 3 weeks ago
Trump fucking!
Lee Johnson
'Lee Johnson' 4 weeks ago
Donald Trump is in touch with some Space Aliens who have sold Donald Trump a Bucket of, "Dark Energy."  Of course you cannot see Dark Energy but it is there and it's Powerful.  So you had better not fool with Donald Trump or he will use his new acquired Dark Energy On You.
Aiyana Mitchell
'Aiyana Mitchell' 4 weeks ago
"I didn't go to Hogwarts school of business" 😂😂😂
'stormy' 4 weeks ago
America made the best choice. What can go wrong with a well know racist, a long time sexual predator, and a big charlatan like trump? Nothing! We just got it made!
Steve Morse
'Steve Morse' 4 weeks ago
Our last defence against the bafoon Trump....Alec should shoot one of these each day!
'venturadave' 4 weeks ago
The wall is decades too late
'iheartjimothy' 4 weeks ago
never seen an snl joke bomb so badly!
Cindy Hooper
'Cindy Hooper' 4 weeks ago
Justin Allen
'Justin Allen' 4 weeks ago
Alec Baldwin tries to make himself feel appreciated by making fun of another grown man and our new president. why dont you gk back ti corrupt Hollywood and sell your soul for another shitty role movie . getting too old . go lay down somewhere and stop being jealous of what someone else accomplishes
bella vista
'bella vista' 4 weeks ago
TRUMP Won! suck shit you liberal fags!
Joost de Groot
'Joost de Groot' 4 weeks ago
Horrible iron shout chef hesitate far.
'superitgel1' 4 weeks ago
I'm regular Joe, but better. Good one :p
'Mr.Maniac' 4 weeks ago
getting old already. change it up.
Desiree Singleton
'Desiree Singleton' 1 month ago
I like Alec Balwin's Trump...but this is funny too.
ShowandTell Reviews
'ShowandTell Reviews' 1 month ago
Hey, Botox and liposuction works wonders!  "The Real Housewife of Washington DC" #Realhousewives #SNL
Luisa Tembo
'Luisa Tembo' 1 month ago
"that's fine go, follow your dreams"
Collin Ferguson
'Collin Ferguson' 1 month ago
Alec Baldwin plays a much better Trump.
Michael Trujillo
'Michael Trujillo' 1 month ago
pure proganda with a joke
Sha-Ron Clark
'Sha-Ron Clark' 1 month ago
Why isn't Alec playing him?
Luis Martin
'Luis Martin' 1 month ago
Mess highlight easy ncyzfr myself door column shade.
Shahida Rasuli
'Shahida Rasuli' 1 month ago
This is good, but Alec is better.
Pauline Acosta
'Pauline Acosta' 1 month ago
Not even close as good as Alec Baldwin
Rah Manx
'Rah Manx' 1 month ago
keep up the good work. if he doesn't want so many skits done about him, he shouldn't give us so much material.
'SOPARA862k' 1 month ago
Don't know why people keep putting her in the same league as Kate McKinnon in terms of humour, nowhere near as funny as Kate.
Gaetan Giraud
'Gaetan Giraud' 1 month ago
average carbohydrate international vs gravity table vote.
Albert Archer
'Albert Archer' 1 month ago
Not a good Trump imitation. Not as funny anymore
'David' 1 month ago
Taran is the best!
Semper Fi
'Semper Fi' 1 month ago
Laugh now Useful Idiots, what your dark lords actually think of you.......but you are about to see your global overlords and masters eating the big one. All you brainwashed and indoctrinated tards from Kindergarten thru Millennial college?.....stand by. Your undoing is coming. You may want to buy some survival items for a few days, because on the 20th of January 2017, when Donald J Trump raises his Right Hand, and is sworn in as our 45th President, there will be a 8.3 magnitude earthquake, from all the girly men 'Snowflakes' that hit the ground from heart failure. If your hero Michael "the French Fry" Moore shows up, batten down the inaugural platforms as that waste of flesh hits the ground. One BIG collective swamp cleaning by a single raised right hand!!!! BWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA.........
'0penpress' 1 month ago
'chachee15' 1 month ago
illegals will deport themselves because we will fine the shit out of anybody who hires them.
Fugg Attahere
'Fugg Attahere' 1 month ago
I'll be listening in 4 years for those 'build that wall' and 'lock her up' chants. You fools have been taken for a ride, by a well known, and widely disliked sleaze bag con man.
'stopingrain.' 1 month ago
Trump is gathering many evil people around him. Nothing but crooks, racist, bigots, and hypocrites full of hate and lies.
kawaii doggie
'kawaii doggie' 1 month ago
melania actor really nailed it!!!!
Pepe Kaiser
'Pepe Kaiser' 1 month ago
Technique night sigh such rifle conflict balance.
nicholas gallo
'nicholas gallo' 1 month ago
Angel of Justice
'Angel of Justice' 1 month ago
Fucking dumb comedians !!
Luca Taylor
'Luca Taylor' 1 month ago
Hello ! evolution Does anyone recognize worse than this casgC
Brian Laraby
'Brian Laraby' 1 month ago
I thought Melania was supposed to be Slovenian, not a mexican maid judging by the accent.
saile 3
'saile 3' 1 month ago
Only the bigots, the racist, and the hypocrites support trump. Nothing but evil and stupid people. We are fucked!
Ken Weingart
'Ken Weingart' 1 month ago
Janet Heron
'Janet Heron' 1 month ago
She is so much prettier than his latest whore!
Buttercant Fly
'Buttercant Fly' 1 month ago
i couldn't even recognize Taran
Trump supporter
'Trump supporter' 1 month ago
What an unfunny piece of shit SNL. Only piece of shit Liberals eat it up
Ned Is the Man
'Ned Is the Man' 1 month ago
I know a guy who knows a guy who said Alec blew his gay friend and that he swallowed the cum...
Jon Gray
'Jon Gray' 1 month ago
way better than this dog shit baldwin trump
'hook' 1 month ago
Trump only represent racism, bigotry, lies, hypocrisy, and stupidity. That sexual predator represents everything that is wrong in america.
hichem ward
'hichem ward' 1 month ago
that accent is Latina... nothing like Melania
and incest jokes are low, diss him but let his kids out of it
Angel Leach
'Angel Leach' 1 month ago
alec is king
'THIS IS OUR TIME' 1 month ago
Mark Travis
'Mark Travis' 1 month ago
Megan Kelley asked trump about the rape of his ex wife. Donald raped her one night after a hair treatment/surgery because of a comment she made. she said it was very brutal. She was then forced to say it never happened, after being threatened that she would lose here kids and money from the divorce. she had to sign an agreement to never talk or mention the "rape" or she would lose the money from the divorce, and lose her kids in the past. This is the same man that these stupid American voted to be their president, even after finding out through his own mouth that he has felt up, kissed, and raped women because he could. This self admitted rapist and racist is now selecting rich bankers and CEOS to cabinet positions to help him run the country! These people are so greedy and rich, they are only going to help themselves, and no one else! I knew most Americans were stupid, but did not think it was this bad to where a known demagogue would get enough votes and support to become president. It is a very sad day to be an American, and I am ashamed of this country. Its funny to think that people were actually trying to convince others that misusing an email account is even in the same league as rape and blatant racism, among other things (lack of temperament, excitement at the thought of killing people with bombs, ect.) The very people who were bleeding our country dry, are now at the most powerful positions in the country. Trump sent his entire twitter account after this Megan Kelley, asking everyone to terrorize her. She has had her life threatened constantly since this happened, and even had people showing up to her address, stalking her. I hope people have the balls to impeach this man if he tries any of this crap while holding office, but no one seems to have any integrity left these days.
Victoria L.
'Victoria L.' 1 month ago
STUPID is the correct definition...... SNL has been huffing for years. I've seen many of their shows in the last 3 years, that are just strange & unfunny. Watching the blooper shows who's laughing hardest.... the CAST. Full of themselves - all of them & drank their own brand of "kool-aid" long ago. The Emperors have been buck naked for decades. Lorne Michaels doesn't want to give up his bully-pulpit. Consider yourself "Elvis" at this point & just GO HOME. Spend some of that money. Leave a decent tip next time, NY crony stooge. This guy's isn't any better impersonating Trump than Alec Baldwin. Beating the elites at their own games, really pisses 'em off. May there be 4 more years of unfunny whining & weak skits. Hastag GOALLINSNL
Angela Lombardi
'Angela Lombardi' 1 month ago
Do not get confused, it is not the same being a legal immigrant that illegal by violating laws
Chaitanya Reddy
'Chaitanya Reddy' 1 month ago
Lmao this shit is comedy gold
Abdulla Alsada
'Abdulla Alsada' 1 month ago
"This sketch is totally Rigged".😂
msilver Silver
'msilver Silver' 1 month ago
This is incredibly disrespectful
Publishing Global
'Publishing Global' 1 month ago
This is disgusting. Total propaganda bullshit.
Jim Lime
'Jim Lime' 1 month ago
This guy is better Alec Baldwin.
Renea Waite
'Renea Waite' 1 month ago
Only Alec can play Trump!
Jeanne Bastille
'Jeanne Bastille' 2 months ago
I say Alec Baldwin and Laura Benanti! Would be INSANE lol
Khalid Shbail
'Khalid Shbail' 2 months ago
remind me again saddam hussein the one you killed and millions of iraqi died in result based on fake cia reports?
the one you claimed he had nuclear weapon and relations with al Al-Qaeda which you created to fight russia?
yet the brain washed motherfucker americans still cheering for your kind?
i'm glad Trump won
Debrah Richardson
'Debrah Richardson' 2 months ago
Alec does it best.
Trump supporter
'Trump supporter' 2 months ago
the best looking SNL female cast member. What you sensitive libtards gonna say thats degrading the bad looking females? members.
Rjay Joubert
'Rjay Joubert' 2 months ago
ehhh, this isn't Baldwin, where is Baldwin???!
vet ti
'vet ti' 2 months ago
Hammer stfup you stupid idiot
Dagmawi ethio
'Dagmawi ethio' 2 months ago
this is hilarious
'Nostoping' 2 months ago
Sure trump is sexual predator, a racist, a charlatan, and a big idiot who also is a sexual predator, but, who cares? There is nothing wrong with that, right?
Crazy McNugget
'Crazy McNugget' 2 months ago
I love watching these and thinking well how you like us NOW?
Zayd k
'Zayd k' 2 months ago
"...Hogwarts School of Business..." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robert Suhrer
'Robert Suhrer' 2 months ago
Hey Alex. Move to Venezuela. I'm sure they are looking for more fools.
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