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Signs You Can’t Commit -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 weeks ago

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When the idea of “happily ever after” breaks you out in hives.

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Kellan Meador

'coolsteven2' 3 days ago
Zhané Ojuoko
'Zhané Ojuoko' 3 days ago
This video speaks to me, I get bored of my hair after a couple of months so I understand this
some guy
'some guy' 5 days ago
kashmira tambe
'kashmira tambe' 5 days ago
that is totally me😅
'iChristyG' 5 days ago
August 25th is my birthday!
'zodebo69' 5 days ago
I'm sick of seeing all these whitewashed, cis couples portrayed in hollywood. No one is a straight white couple anymore. How about featuring biracial or not hetero relationships for once Buzzfeed? Or are you too busy to think about doing stuff like that because you have to pump out articles supporting trump?
Karen Grace
'Karen Grace' 5 days ago
I love that phone case
oh the fake british accent...
Khloud Alshal
'Khloud Alshal' 6 days ago
do anyone. know what's the name of that dark lipstick
Andrew Howden
'Andrew Howden' 6 days ago
she is the reason nice men have nitemares, she should walk around with a tabbard on saying stay away.!!
Colleen Sunshine
'Colleen Sunshine' 6 days ago
This is me
Ghost Toast
'Ghost Toast' 7 days ago
More like signs you should never date someone.
Lihi Aharonov
'Lihi Aharonov' 7 days ago
i love her!!
Deleted Account
'Deleted Account' 7 days ago
Lmao she's me
Lovely Crow
'Lovely Crow' 1 week ago
Why did I think this said "Signs you can't vomit"
Kylie Jenner
'Kylie Jenner' 1 week ago
The only thing I can commit to is food
Adam Weishaupt
'Adam Weishaupt' 1 week ago
haha fake news
Kirtier Cruz
'Kirtier Cruz' 1 week ago
Basically this vid is about being lazy in a way
Kat Pávlin
'Kat Pávlin' 1 week ago
aromantic frustration
Michal R
'Michal R' 1 week ago
When's the next episode of Fucked?
'Turki' 1 week ago
Boy i wonder if the genders were switched XD
Gaby Peixoto
'Gaby Peixoto' 1 week ago
hahaahah this is so me xD
Diamond H.
'Diamond H.' 1 week ago
Is it bad that I can relate to this even though I'm not in a relationship
Carson Wentz
'Carson Wentz' 1 week ago
What is this chicks instagram she's so fuckin hot
Amara Ali
'Amara Ali' 1 week ago
When the only thing you can commit to is suicide
Iman Naminami
'Iman Naminami' 1 week ago
'Meli' 1 week ago
When you realize you actually have commitment issues ...
Henay Kaokai
'Henay Kaokai' 1 week ago
Speed Pingu
'Speed Pingu' 1 week ago
You spelled your title wrong it's signs you can't commit suicide and to help you commit suicide is watch a buzzfeed video
'youngmedusa' 1 week ago
Me af
Lord Voldemort the III

'WunderFly' 1 week ago
the only thing I'm commited to is being a hoe
'nuke4sen' 1 week ago
Why were they having sex ? They weren't married..

America is so degenerate
'Madebymelanin' 1 week ago
I work at the Apple Store. If you have Apple Care you can get that screen fix for just 29 bucks! IJS
Dana McClain
'Dana McClain' 1 week ago
Her acting style lacks subtly/ nuance. It just shouts, "Hey! I'm acting!"
R - 0 to 100 real quick
Didnt she get fired?
Sara Martinez
'Sara Martinez' 1 week ago
Aka being a saggitarius
The Komedy Brigade
When you can only commit to life necessities like food, sleep, and buzzfeed I would say friends or family but sometimes I say yes to chill knowing I'm going to cancel an hour before we hang out cause something came up
Zafrina White
'Zafrina White' 1 week ago
honey I don't need a video to tell me what I already know
'Ant11899' 1 week ago
Where's F**KED?
Ahmed Mahmed
'Ahmed Mahmed' 1 week ago
I can relate to that myself. i don't always want to go out or make plans in advance. Hence why, i usually would say, "I'll let you know" or, We'll see what happens.
'Sazzygeek' 1 week ago
Anyone else thing that the girl in the thumbnail looks like Olga Kay?
Let It Burn
'Let It Burn' 1 week ago
Is this suppose to be comedy? If so, I think my sense of humor broke again
'J T' 1 week ago
becareful people fake news at its finest.....
Patricia Seguel
'Patricia Seguel' 1 week ago
I wanna meet his parent... like... right now if he wants
George Henry
'George Henry' 1 week ago
Markellos T.
'Markellos T.' 1 week ago
Who else read the entire conversation at 0:23? Haha, I'm so nosy.
Cherazad Swift
'Cherazad Swift' 1 week ago
that describes me so bery accurately im concerned that if i stay this way i'll end up alone and bored!
Vani Galvez
'Vani Galvez' 1 week ago
Lol "some people that handle you" if your not committed in a relationship then you should tell them or then that don't be committed but involving someone say it lol
Kayla Rose Bates
'Kayla Rose Bates' 1 week ago
anonimo aninimus
'anonimo aninimus' 1 week ago
I am dying to have a long term relationship, you know, those that last 2-3 years and you have no idea where or how they could end. Sadly, my longest relationship was 7months long, they never work :/ maybe im not boyfriend material
'Blurryink' 1 week ago
A bit out of context but I get not everyone wants to get married and commit but I feel like you're just asking for breakups when your dating. If your intentions with dating is to not eventually get married and be with that person always then it feels like your playing with love and your partners feelings even if you both don't want to commit. Idk in a sense it feels a bit selfish imo but I don't have anything against anyone with that lifestyle, it's your life do what you want but I'm just speaking from my mind
cait is nøt emø
'cait is nøt emø' 1 week ago
but there's one thing we all want to commit: suicide
Dexter Morgan
'Dexter Morgan' 1 week ago
Why does her phone look like it survived the Vietnam war, TWICE?
Katie Baird
'Katie Baird' 1 week ago
The black pen writes in blue ink right..........🤔
Chinh CK
'Chinh CK' 1 week ago
wtf did i just waste 1:42 minutes of my life for
Raechel Cedillo
'Raechel Cedillo' 1 week ago
I hate that if you can't commit to someone people judge you for that without even taking the time to think about why. Sure there's some people that love to just be single and party but there are some genuinely good people out there that have gone through some crazy things in life that may make them feel unsafe or trapped. If someone can't commit to you, know that its probably not your fault, and it is there's but they may have their own personal reasons for that and don't hold that against them.
Skodz Gaming (Gaming Quebec)
Exactly my ex gf
Aries Quindoza
'Aries Quindoza' 1 week ago
Wow, that guy must really love you :3
Jelli Fish
'Jelli Fish' 1 week ago
They couldn't find a better phone to use?
Sebastian Michaelis
Kept reading commit as vomit idk why
Stephie Doll
'Stephie Doll' 1 week ago
good Steven
'TheCatUnderTheBed' 1 week ago
aaaarrrggghhhh I am bothered when I'm already thinking of what I'll be doing next after I get bored (of some sort of things I'm into). Even before I really get bored. I can't settle for a thing or hobby or a place or a person forever. I can't comprehend that I idea. It get me worried sometimes. The world can offer a bunch of interesting people, so why settle to one?
'toyamwarr' 1 week ago
I had several friends who were like this. They always wanted to keep their options open just in case something better came along. I'm so glad I stop trying maintain a friendship with them because it was so obvious they weren't interested. It's better to invest time into a new relationship than continually waste energy on someone that's flighty.
Andrea Simic
'Andrea Simic' 1 week ago
fix your phone lol
Aisha Indarto
'Aisha Indarto' 1 week ago
god i have to know the dark lip she wore! :<
Mal M
'Mal M' 1 week ago
Can't commit to anything...but keep the same damn phone?
'RavynLuna1113' 1 week ago
This is my life. And why I'm in a poly relationship.
Khanh Nguyen
'Khanh Nguyen' 1 week ago
ME. 😂
Mohammed Khaled
'Mohammed Khaled' 1 week ago
All her videos has a phone with a broken screen.
'ORANGEjuice' 1 week ago
BuzzFeeD always shows straight couples uncertain, cannot commit but gay couble are so cute together! dafak?
DeadInside/ ImACultClassic
she's literally almost every guy I've been interested in. BTW, that guy is a total keeper! he looks like Robin Hood from Once Upon A Time!
'delightisadream' 1 week ago
"This is Steven" same
Nytrileo Gaming ([WGM_Clan])
Lol she looks better with black hair
'ロカ' 1 week ago
lol it's not being able to commit, it'S just douchy-
waiting for sth better to come around. if you don't like someone just don't keep them around.
Emily M
'Emily M' 1 week ago
I literally just today had a long conversation with my guy about me not being able to commit to him yet lol
jason jackson
'jason jackson' 1 week ago
Anymore fake news buzzfeed?
irene kan
'irene kan' 1 week ago
This is so me😂😂
Napat Chokwatthananon
Alba Crisan
'Alba Crisan' 1 week ago
There is a hope :) Aleluia! ♥
'BlueSkyUkuleles' 1 week ago
She needa commit to a new phone screen
Kyra Bell
'Kyra Bell' 1 week ago
this is me
Bella Cobbs
'Bella Cobbs' 1 week ago
When Buzzfeed trues to make you feel better at the end of every video by showing you there is always someone like you (or someone who will stand you) out there and I'm over here like "WORDS DON'T EVEN LIKE ME. WHY SHOULD PEOPLE?!"
Flávio Abreu
'Flávio Abreu' 1 week ago
Me. My poor "cuddle buddy" has been by my side for a year now, and I still haven't had the courage to call him my boyfriend...smh
Peter Rabbit little bit
If a Youtube video is longer than 3 minutes, I hesitate to click on it.
pakalu pipitopal
'pakalu pipitopal' 1 week ago
damn he looks like christian bale?
Low Sok Gek
'Low Sok Gek' 1 week ago
I thought the thumbnail was PewDiePie
Critical Geek
'Critical Geek' 1 week ago
Where's f**ked?
Krr brr
'Krr brr' 1 week ago
Actually i myself am, one of those people. And you think its okay to be like that and you are fine. But of course till you realise how sad it is to be like that. And thats a psicholocigal issue :/ we need help guys
Nur Huda
'Nur Huda' 1 week ago
N Omr
'N Omr' 1 week ago
I can soooooooo fuckin relate to this but i dont want to commit to labeling myself as a person who has commitment issues... cuz I might get bored of it
terrible advice. Never fully commit to someone who won't do the same for you. It's a waste of your time in the end. Especially if she decides she doesn't want to date or she finds someone else.
Gorgeous Nana
'Gorgeous Nana' 1 week ago
Yeah agree w u
'Akridge' 1 week ago
she changed her phone cover!! ;( I want her old one
Kenzee Mathews
'Kenzee Mathews' 1 week ago
This video seriously gave me anxiety 🙂🙃🙂
Ultramarine Waters
Yeah . . . I just really like being single
Courtney Reiss
'Courtney Reiss' 1 week ago
I just realized I can't commit
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