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Alex and Hopi: Playtime -
Published: 10 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 10 months ago

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Hopi is a high content Arctic wolfdog and Alex is a mid content wolfdog. They've been living together for the past two years and have become fast friends and playmates. Prior to living with Alex, Hopi was living in an extra large enclosure. While in theory we want wolves to have the largest possible areas to roam, the actuality is that when we can't get eyes on the animals, we can't make sure they're healthy and happy. We chose to move Hopi in with Alex because at 13 years old she requires more intensive monitoring and daily supplements to keep her playful and healthy. The move was a great success, and they have bonded more than we ever could have hoped for. This video is just a quick snapshot of their daily life together.

'nuthinbutachump' 10 months ago
Man wtf who needs humans when you have wolfdogs

Want to trade places? I live in England which you may have heard has gone down the shitter recently
ethan Homer
'ethan Homer' 10 months ago
Where do you work/live and can you visit these wolfdogs or is it private like I wouldnt be able to come in?
Jordan Asher
'Jordan Asher' 10 months ago
Those are my favorite animals and they are so cute
'luceatluxvestra1' 10 months ago
such beautiful souls - thank you for sharing <3
Eleine Sun
'Eleine Sun' 10 months ago
Wow! they're beautiful! I really love your videos. :) I love playing guess the wolf content haha. I didn't know a wolf could have such a German Shepherd like stance/sloped back!
Kaust Shroff
'Kaust Shroff' 10 months ago
I want Hopi! Look at that beautiful coat of fur!!!
Justin Wenderoth
'Justin Wenderoth' 10 months ago
I can't wait for your next video!
عــصــام أحــمــد
upload regularly plz
DongHwan Yoo
'DongHwan Yoo' 10 months ago
Randy Monger
'Randy Monger' 10 months ago
Where do you live cause the snow and the sounds is beautiful
Robert Phelps
'Robert Phelps' 10 months ago
beautiful animals, and they can defend you also. I bet you will never have to worry about anyone snooping around there...
Shadow Bannon
'Shadow Bannon' 10 months ago
Where is this at?
Rafael D. Soriano
'Rafael D. Soriano' 10 months ago
can you plz upload more vids
Rafael D. Soriano
'Rafael D. Soriano' 10 months ago
now if all wolves would act like yours
TacPrepSurvival 41
'TacPrepSurvival 41' 10 months ago
Where do you live?!? It's June 12th and you have snow!!!
that one cringe girl
'that one cringe girl' 10 months ago
Will H 118
'Will H 118' 10 months ago
I love your videos! Did you know that you have one of the fastest growing followings on YouTube? I bet you'll reach one million subscribers in the next year!
Christopher A Productions
so cute
'MiguelGGM' 10 months ago
nice video, read the desc. you have a typo it's the last word, lol.
ok ne
'ok ne' 10 months ago
wow wow wow bro!
Da Flame
'Da Flame' 10 months ago
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