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Go Behind the Scenes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Follow Natalia Cordova Buckley, Joe Quesada and more as we go behind-the-scenes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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c todd
'c todd' 2 months ago
Love yoyo hope to see more of her
'BoingTarash1960s' 3 months ago
Natalia kicks ass as Yo-Yo. Oh, and she's pretty fine ;)
'2aucey' 3 months ago
Should've just made a one shot
LZY Wilfred
'LZY Wilfred' 3 months ago
Agents Of Shield is the best show with great cast members, directors and writers.

Adam Azri
'Adam Azri' 3 months ago
so now MCU got:
TV shows (ABC, Netflix, Freeform, Hulu)
Comics Prelude
Web Series
ALL IN ONE UNIVERSE!! dayyyuuummm!!!
Diego vi re
'Diego vi re' 3 months ago
We need more of this ! PLS
J Jett
'J Jett' 3 months ago
Yo-yo is awesome and i very much liked this Slingshot web series!
Georgia Laufeyson
'Georgia Laufeyson' 3 months ago
I think slingshot is amazing! ❤⚡
Farhan Ahmer
'Farhan Ahmer' 3 months ago
:D Umber_Raina_15 :D
':D Umber_Raina_15 :D' 3 months ago
Please hurry up and let it come back on. I'm dying from not watching my favorite TV shows.
clara sh
'clara sh' 3 months ago
More marvel aos pls!!!!
Gianluca Sorrentino
'Gianluca Sorrentino' 3 months ago
It's weird but this series reminded me of the TellTale games. You follow a minor character around and watch her interact with some of the bigger characters (like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead)
Noor Ahmed
'Noor Ahmed' 3 months ago
I was very impressed with the effort that went into this series, really hope we'll see more short web series like this.
My suggestion for next one: Burrows :PR of shield, chronicling a day in the life of Burrows head of Shield PR as he cleans up one mess after the other caused by our agents :)
'fortygritte' 3 months ago
where is joey??
'crapstirrer' 3 months ago
So how do i watch the series if all the episodes aren't available in Australia?
Gavin Richter
'Gavin Richter' 3 months ago
More Yo-Yo and MORE GHOST RIDER please! :)
'snake' 3 months ago
please kill off daisy!!!!!
The Game Belt
'The Game Belt' 3 months ago
Was very impressed with the mini series.. loved it
'Chunky' 3 months ago
where's the mockingbird/hunter show?
Michael  Norman
'Michael Norman' 3 months ago
Love AOS! Best show on network television!
carpos p
'carpos p' 3 months ago
it really pisses me off that the show might get cancelled this season, is by a mile the best comic book tv (not Netflix) show right now
Ryan Mock
'Ryan Mock' 3 months ago
This is cool and all... I mean, I love all things mcu and I would LOVE 10 more seasons of this web series... but we're talking about less than 30 minutes of total footage here. I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about this. It's not enough content in my opinion
'darkmyro' 3 months ago
loved the series, but it was a bit short
Undead warrior
'Undead warrior' 3 months ago
Where is the ghost rider????
Oisín McMahon
'Oisín McMahon' 3 months ago
Lovely accent.
'cenelind' 3 months ago
Two Words Marvel: Jeremy Renner!
Rahul Kochar
'Rahul Kochar' 3 months ago
The whole team did a great job! loved the series!
Issie Plays!
'Issie Plays!' 3 months ago
She's one of my faves on the show!
king pedro barcelona-gano
totally watching this
'kookygremlin24' 3 months ago
Thanks, Quesada
'celticwolff' 3 months ago
This reminds me of when CW did "Arrow: Blood Rush." Except that was weekly, not released all at once.
'NIELS MICHIELS' 3 months ago
Why can't i watch it now?
All the slingshot videos are blocked.
Julian Pagano
'Julian Pagano' 3 months ago
I love Joe Quesada
Camilo Andres
'Camilo Andres' 3 months ago
Very well done! Congratulations!
Cosmic Spider
'Cosmic Spider' 3 months ago
She Is awesome
'MattCraftDotDerp' 3 months ago
Quick question for those of you who are more informed than I am:
Does this miniseries take place before the finale scene in the Season 3 finale, or between it and the Season 4 premiere?
'AngryApple' 3 months ago
I hope we will get more of these Slingshots, maybe something with Fitz and Simmons?
'AngryApple' 3 months ago
I hope we will get more of these Slingshots, maybe something with Fitz and Simmons?
Marcela Castro
'Marcela Castro' 3 months ago
And series only available in the U. S. 👍 Great thaxs 😒
Nahuel Silver
'Nahuel Silver' 3 months ago
if you are reading this coment I wish you merry christmas and a happy new year. 😃
Sexy Twerk Videos
'Sexy Twerk Videos' 3 months ago
can someone watch this video on my channel and help me find the name of this girl
assassin stunter
'assassin stunter' 3 months ago
is ghost rider going to be back
'crithon' 3 months ago
Quesada directing? Wow, hope there's a stain glass window in his scene ;)
'ThexInsidexMan' 3 months ago
wow for someone who has never had a lead, she did a particularly great job.

I loved the series.
'S-TROM' 3 months ago
'S-TROM' 3 months ago
why they deleted Slingshot episodes from this channel?
Lauren Matsuo
'Lauren Matsuo' 3 months ago
Yasssss love love love love lovvvveeeeee
明 Akira
'明 Akira' 3 months ago
Why you cancelled Most Wanted?
MG16ncpGB grant
'MG16ncpGB grant' 3 months ago
The Royal
'The Royal' 3 months ago
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
Please hurry up and let it come back on. I'm dying from not watching my favorite TV shows.
Polar Yuyo
'Polar Yuyo' 3 months ago
T Hut
'T Hut' 3 months ago
'SoulzVortex' 3 months ago
1 like, no views..
Luis Lopez
'Luis Lopez' 3 months ago
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