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Orrgo – Marvel 101 – Monsters Unleashed -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Member of an alien race of physical and mental giants. Orrgo attempted to subjugate the Earth but tasted defeat by a hungry gorilla. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

Welcome to a special series, Marvel 101: Monsters Unleashed, where you can learn all about your favorite characters, places, objects and more from the House of Ideas! Find out the awesome origins and stupendous stories behind the brightest stars in the Marvel Universe! Today’s subject: Orrgo!

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About the Marvel 101
Marvel 101's are a series of one minute episodes that give you a crash course on the background of a Marvel Character, storyline, weapon, location and more. Welcome to the Marvel Universe!
Produced by Jason Cheung and Judy Stephens
Editors: Jason Cheung
Writer: Jim Beard
Writing Supervising: Ben Morse 
Archivist: Pierce Lydon

'CryptidZeker415' 2 months ago
I really liked orrgo from the howling commandos series and am delighted he will play a part in this kid kaiju character from monsters unleashed
Collins Darkwa
'Collins Darkwa' 2 months ago
Gabriel Henrique
'Gabriel Henrique' 2 months ago
Podia ter legendas
Ron Price
'Ron Price' 2 months ago
One of my favorites!
'Melayahm01' 2 months ago
Lucky he's not called Ftoomsh. (and a No Prize to anyone who gets that reference. Hint: It's nothing to do with comics!)
Steven Cisneros
'Steven Cisneros' 2 months ago
He's an interesting monster-sized anti-hero!
'Mistahealy' 3 months ago
Needs to be a little more info dense. What are the names of the comics you're talking about here?
Marvel 101 doesn't seem helpful for actually reading comics.
Saraç İçöz
'Saraç İçöz' 3 months ago
orrgo is amazing one of the best marvel characters he was in S.T.A.K.E and Howling commandos and stuff this guy is the best
Andreijames Escudero
'Andreijames Escudero' 3 months ago
is this an enemy or hero or what?
Dave Crunny
'Dave Crunny' 3 months ago
'CarlosEgo' 3 months ago
Awww this seems like such an awesome and adorable character!
Rarity Dead
'Rarity Dead' 3 months ago
It is soooo ccuuutttteeee!!!!
'Karma' 3 months ago
you can see orrgo on the latest old man logan issue
sparky 357
'sparky 357' 3 months ago
i want to see more monsters!
Russ Tseu
'Russ Tseu' 3 months ago
You know Marvel doesn't listen to their fans here when they give this 'thing' a 101 and not Moon Knight
'GalaganMDC' 3 months ago
this is an unusual caracter
Lysergic Diethylamide
💩 or 💩
ElViCeOS The Unstoppable
Never heard about him, but now I think is a great character.
Samuel John
'Samuel John' 3 months ago
Guys, He's basically a mix of "Blinky and the Brain".

He wants to take over the World like Brain. But he's neither evil nor smart just like Blinky. He basically just wants to be the ruler of earth but has no desire to enslave or oppress anyone. He just wants to be ruler and that's it lol
reymart christian Cruz
Never heard of this one.
Sergio Speed
'Sergio Speed' 3 months ago
nice :D
Comic boy67
'Comic boy67' 3 months ago
Orrgo was a dog during Avengers Standoff storyline.
gastonrex 19
'gastonrex 19' 3 months ago
Junn Tan
'Junn Tan' 3 months ago
Junn Tan
'Junn Tan' 3 months ago
Jamón Cocio
'Jamón Cocio' 3 months ago
Ae Walker
'Ae Walker' 3 months ago
Or 8th?
Ae Walker
'Ae Walker' 3 months ago
'RJ ESTUDIOS' 3 months ago
Peter Hooks
'Peter Hooks' 3 months ago
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
I've never heard of this character, in the thumbnail I thought it was a mutant toad.
Jonas Engvoldsen
'Jonas Engvoldsen' 3 months ago
First like and comment
That One Guy
'That One Guy' 3 months ago
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