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Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had -
Published: 6 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 6 years ago

262, 733, 439 views

842, 665 Likes   35, 721 Dislikes

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What goes around comes back around...

There was a time
I thought, that you did everything right
No lies, no wrong
Boy I must've been out of my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
I thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
So baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with that
'Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
You turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
And I'm gonna' always be the (best thing you never had)
Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now

Nurse911 X
'Nurse911 X' 3 hours ago
Omg that dress is fire 💞💞💞💞
Sinner Clique
'Sinner Clique' 4 hours ago
Is that her or her sister as the younger version of her in this video?
Christiana Coleman
'Christiana Coleman' 6 hours ago
im still listening to this song its so lit 🔥💦 u are truely my favorite singer❣💋👑💍💕
100% Jay
'100% Jay' 7 hours ago
2017 ppl???
Money Marco
'Money Marco' 9 hours ago
Jay Z is the luckiest man alive😍
Genesis Gomez
'Genesis Gomez' 9 hours ago
Can someone tell me the name of the guy that plays her husband in this video. He's fuckingggggg sexxxxyyyyy! 😍
Jerry Kenny
'Jerry Kenny' 10 hours ago
Queen Parker
'Queen Parker' 10 hours ago
Yo Beyonce is the best thing I ever had, I might be the only one but I am so serious. Like I love her I hope she starts doing things again and more. She is worth it. Beyonce in my eyes has not aged but has matured into a perfectly fine woman.
'Shamsul1738' 10 hours ago
Beyonce - my favourite female singer!
'LaProfetesse' 11 hours ago
The guy playing the groom is so hot.
Scarlet S
'Scarlet S' 12 hours ago
That sassy walk at the end makes my life😍😍
maryjo pecson
'maryjo pecson' 12 hours ago
that wedding dresss boooooyyeee!
Geoffrey Trivett
'Geoffrey Trivett' 13 hours ago
Hello Natalie Bennett may I be your Valentine and date me please ? :-)
Gabriel almeida
'Gabriel almeida' 13 hours ago
4 album was so fucking amazing!!!
Victoria Moore
'Victoria Moore' 16 hours ago
Rodrigo Andrade
'Rodrigo Andrade' 17 hours ago
La Linda
'La Linda' 18 hours ago
Cat walk at the end 👏👏😊😂😊
Julie Okako
'Julie Okako' 22 hours ago
so romantik 😘😘😘
daiana robasto
'daiana robasto' 23 hours ago
Bernillon Leonaldine
j'adore reveko tiko
Delila Diaz
'Delila Diaz' 1 day ago
Kishawna Walker
'Kishawna Walker' 1 day ago
l like your singing
sal Costa
'sal Costa' 1 day ago
Muito linda 😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏
Emily Mccrohon
'Emily Mccrohon' 2 days ago
break ups eh
alexandra nobles
'alexandra nobles' 2 days ago
ppl who dislike this aong are just hatera becuz Beyoncésvoice is beautiful
O Leão
'O Leão' 2 days ago
otimo .só tem eu de brasileiro nos comentarios
Lucylle Lantier
'Lucylle Lantier' 2 days ago
Lucylle Lantier
'Lucylle Lantier' 2 days ago
trop belle moi aussi bientôt je me marier avec l'amour de ma vie je t'aime Denis Saciri
Crisangelis Pagan
'Crisangelis Pagan' 2 days ago
I love your video
Tamia “Mia_that_awsome_gamer” Shorter
anyone watching in 2017?
Keela xx
'Keela xx' 2 days ago
who's watching in 2k17
Jaylen Eskridge
'Jaylen Eskridge' 2 days ago
Who will every cheat on beyonce you already got every thing you need
Christiana A
'Christiana A' 2 days ago
who else noticed the aaliyah pic in da background
Kelly Harris
'Kelly Harris' 3 days ago
👆 current situation
grace icantrightnow
I go back and watch this after every breakup am I the only one? yep okie bye now
Franck Gbadamassi
'Franck Gbadamassi' 3 days ago
Love you Bebe
Avery Fleming
'Avery Fleming' 3 days ago
Who else ie here January 2017?
Quannetta Gaddy
'Quannetta Gaddy' 3 days ago
Omg that my song
Davis Manivanh
'Davis Manivanh' 3 days ago
Leo Roseblade
'Leo Roseblade' 3 days ago
Well done
Unicorn Cave
'Unicorn Cave' 3 days ago
Why is she so pretty
tanijah callahan
'tanijah callahan' 3 days ago
i love beyonce
Jada Jada
'Jada Jada' 3 days ago
whos listening in 2017?
Chaundra Marshall
'Chaundra Marshall' 3 days ago
she saying good
Asiya Faulkner
'Asiya Faulkner' 3 days ago
I swear Beyonce is a QUEEEN
Ursula_Smith _Channel
like they say black dont crack
'Marcelo '-'' 4 days ago
2017 ?
Jessica Dias
'Jessica Dias' 4 days ago
A melhor <3
Brandy Robinson
'Brandy Robinson' 4 days ago
I like it
kyra luv
'kyra luv' 4 days ago
I love this song 💛💜💚💜💛💚💜💛💚💗💗💖💓
Humba Jor
'Humba Jor' 4 days ago
haters hate!
Yong L
'Yong L' 5 days ago
I'm disappointed after seeing bts for making this video half of the shots was not included it
Yong L
'Yong L' 5 days ago
Beyonce looks so hot in this video 😍
I don't get it how come in the end beyonce married her high school bf who treated her carelessly - try it on with other girls?
Ana Clara Rodrigues
Essa música ❤
kulkarni tejas
'kulkarni tejas' 5 days ago
Her vocals , looks and her presence slay
Micky Richard
'Micky Richard' 5 days ago
love you baby. Michael
Mays Ameen
'Mays Ameen' 5 days ago
2017 ❤️
Uche Precious
'Uche Precious' 5 days ago
who else is doing Beyoncé marathon in January 2017
Eduardo Branco
'Eduardo Branco' 5 days ago
I must confess that I've been watching this video once a week in the past 6 years.
diogo gomes
'diogo gomes' 5 days ago
Jean-Frantz Jean
'Jean-Frantz Jean' 5 days ago
who is watching in january 2017
Byron Hyde
'Byron Hyde' 5 days ago
this song was for Lyndall
Jakyla Lynn
'Jakyla Lynn' 5 days ago
I want to live in your closet
Jakyla Lynn
'Jakyla Lynn' 5 days ago
you my fan
Amina Williams
'Amina Williams' 6 days ago
I like how you sing in all of your videos and do you lip sing to some of your videos while they are recording
Shaniya Rhone
'Shaniya Rhone' 6 days ago
I've beeen through hthat oto😢
Deja Harris
'Deja Harris' 6 days ago
best thing I ever hade love u
Tia Tia
'Tia Tia' 6 days ago
this song is so touching
Tia Tia
'Tia Tia' 6 days ago
this song is so touching
Anusjka Stenhuys
'Anusjka Stenhuys' 6 days ago
Beth Galloway
'Beth Galloway' 6 days ago
Who's watching in 2017
You call her Stephine
I wish you see this JAYCE that's right I'm exposing you,sue me babe
Camrinne Bowen
'Camrinne Bowen' 6 days ago
Nicole Tara
'Nicole Tara' 6 days ago
Jan 2017 anyone?
Miamigirl122 wzw
'Miamigirl122 wzw' 6 days ago
who's watching in 2017?
My Stuff
'My Stuff' 6 days ago
Looking like liquid gold!
Jolynn Mysnyk
'Jolynn Mysnyk' 7 days ago
good singing
Ariana Grande
'Ariana Grande' 7 days ago
who watching this in 2017
Tianna Payton
'Tianna Payton' 7 days ago
Who is watching in 2017
'Débora' 7 days ago
Esculachando e dando tapas na cara do boy logo no inicio do ano...
Fardoos Asker
'Fardoos Asker' 7 days ago
whos watching this on january 2017
Max Aguilera
'Max Aguilera' 7 days ago
I came here to look at her titties turned out liking her song lol
the power of Beyonce lmao
Ben Nash
'Ben Nash' 1 week ago
Strange question that I doubt anyone will know the answer to: Is the guy dressed in black with the glasses at 3:24 and 3:48 her ex? Just curious...
Nouf H (NH)
'Nouf H (NH)' 1 week ago
yasss bey rock that princess leia look
'ItsJackie12' 1 week ago
Majesti Williams
'Majesti Williams' 1 week ago
I love this vid😉
Shanta Jones
'Shanta Jones' 1 week ago
who listening in 2017 (like)
grande lyrics
'grande lyrics' 1 week ago
uploaded on my birthday HELP
dayan brown
'dayan brown' 1 week ago
I like all of beyonce song. she is good. love you b your the best!
Mier Garz
'Mier Garz' 1 week ago
I'm still surprised this song was the best selling song on "4" I thought Love On Top was
Petra Biró
'Petra Biró' 1 week ago
'NATANE SMITH' 1 week ago
Who's still listening to this in 2017?
Brook-lyn Stouffer
im awsome
julia Lundgren
'julia Lundgren' 1 week ago
you can't just listen to one beyonce song you have to have entire marathon
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