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Wolfdog Scent Roll -
Published: 10 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 10 months ago

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Forrest is a mid content wolfdog. Very little is known about his background, but we believe he is roughly 7 years old. He won't allow any human contact, however he is extremely curious about people. In this video, he is scent rolling a stick I rubbed on my hair. Scent rolling is a behavior wolves exhibit when encountering new scents. Wolves have scent glands all over their body, and have a very strong sense of smell, up to 100 times stronger than that of a human! When they scent roll on an item they are both putting their scent on it to claim it as their own, and bringing the scent with them to share with their pack. Forrest isn't quite ready for belly rubs, but the fact that he is interested enough in me to scent roll on my scent, and is willing to show his belly to me while doing so (a sign of vulnerability) is a major sign of progress and growth :)

'RoadRunner' 7 months ago
Haha the reaction of the wolf "awww yeeaah right th- oh hey hooman... you did not record this, right? ..."
Sebas Cervantes
'Sebas Cervantes' 9 months ago
Ha funny
Zachary Riggs
'Zachary Riggs' 10 months ago
I want a wolf
reese Totty
'reese Totty' 10 months ago
we need more videos please UPLOAD MORE VIDEOS ITS SO CUTE
Johnny Blaze
'Johnny Blaze' 10 months ago
do they howl at the full moon
'YourBrother' 10 months ago
are these hybrids? must cost you a packet if your feeding raw! my corso's are forcing me to consider remortgaging
'TheDennisShow' 10 months ago
The fur is just so beautiful!
JuniorLee Gaming
'JuniorLee Gaming' 10 months ago
Can u tame wolf instead of a wolf dog ?
Wolf Gamer guy
'Wolf Gamer guy' 10 months ago
Aww so cute
'si2foo' 10 months ago
i could watch your videos all day
Roman Holiday
'Roman Holiday' 10 months ago
Your videos make me so happy :)
Gavin Schriber
'Gavin Schriber' 10 months ago
'DaniDonut' 10 months ago
This made my back itchy haha
'DaniDonut' 10 months ago
This made my back itchy haha
Luke Weise
'Luke Weise' 10 months ago
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 10 months ago
The color of this video is stunning,,,
'729Drew' 10 months ago
At least he didnt poop there first then roll in it
Steve Walck
'Steve Walck' 10 months ago
awww, he wants a back scratchy
Magatards Life
'Magatards Life' 10 months ago
Can u make a hour or like 10 mins of u playing with Wolves u are a really lucky girl
Sonie Renberg
'Sonie Renberg' 10 months ago
This really brightens my day.
'Bhanshee' 10 months ago
We have a Finnish Spitz who does this to me in the morning. She jumps up on my bed and starts rolling around right on my face. What a way to be woken up. lol
Karen Presley
'Karen Presley' 10 months ago
He's beautiful. 🌹
Chloe Arthur
'Chloe Arthur' 10 months ago
Hi, I'm just wondering what mid content means? I've seen them on all of the descriptions of each wolfdog
'Crazy10 GAMING RBLX' 10 months ago
Jaime Flores
'Jaime Flores' 10 months ago
what a beautiful evening
Luis Angel Vazquez
'Luis Angel Vazquez' 10 months ago
'RememberTheDeadHD' 10 months ago
I love your videos!!
'AveryDaBomb' 10 months ago
#early and first
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