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Marvel NOW! Titles for December 28th -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Marvel NOW! continues this winter. Check out all the NEW Marvel titles arriving in stores December 28th. Tune in each week to see the new books! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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Gary Eakin
'Gary Eakin' 3 months ago
Civil war 2 is absolute bullshit killing the hulk and you totally ruining Captain Marvel
Devil of Hell
Black Panther
Niklas !!
'Niklas !!' 3 months ago
what is prowler?
Esme Smith
'Esme Smith' 3 months ago
Shall exercise pattern barrel stupid rush publish self
Leon Cheng
'Leon Cheng' 3 months ago
When will Jane Foster die?
Ty Fire
'Ty Fire' 3 months ago
Unworthy Thor and Prowler are like the only good series here
Ultimate SkyFather
'Ultimate SkyFather' 3 months ago
List I want for x-mas are Stephen Strange and the sorcerers supreme - Black Panther - Infamous Iron man - X men 92 - Extraordinary X-men and maybe Captain America Steven Rogers and Ghost raider
Official Kanye West Channel
Finally my god
Bill Wilson
'Bill Wilson' 3 months ago
Only carnage is worth buying
Herman Abrego
'Herman Abrego' 3 months ago
Getting me that Ghost Rider and Spider-Man/Deadpool comic
'SuperChiko4000' 3 months ago
amazing stuff Marvel comics
Black Heart
'Black Heart' 3 months ago
Civil War 2 #8, Inhumans vs XMen Tie-In , Agents of SHIELD , Uncanny Inhumans me likey..
Savage C.F
'Savage C.F' 3 months ago
I take it that Spider Man title isn't part of the main timeline?
Erik Hernandez
'Erik Hernandez' 3 months ago
'Kneel2ThaCrown' 3 months ago
0:07... Yes it FINALLY ends!! Been ready for this train wreck of a comic book to be over for a while
agu borda
'agu borda' 3 months ago
Is steve rogers still being a hydra agent?? Captain?
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
Civil war II ends good, but ends like the first one? with the boss of the good side death.
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
0:38 Finally my childhood!!! :)
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
0:27 Marvel and Star wars all are owned by Disney.
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
0:26 Finally a real holiday special.
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
0:21 You see a reference? :)
'Blackwing2040' 3 months ago
Finally Civil War II will end, I'm looking forward to the new Hulk title
nintendo plaza
'nintendo plaza' 3 months ago
Spider-man #11 looks sad :(
Jennifer Walters
'Jennifer Walters' 3 months ago
I've been waiting so long for She hulk 😍💚
'TheLegend27' 3 months ago
"Star Wars". Good title for Marvel m8.
The Guy
'The Guy' 3 months ago
Dec 28th is my birthday!
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
A Ghost Rider comic should suffice for me.
Zeal Ren
'Zeal Ren' 3 months ago
My body is ready for She-Hulk
Jack Parkson
'Jack Parkson' 3 months ago
0:24 Is that Miles Morales' father?
Danang Yulianto
'Danang Yulianto' 3 months ago
Slim Shadow
'Slim Shadow' 3 months ago
All of these look AMAZING!!!
'Gotham's Finest' 3 months ago
The covers are so attractive 😂
xXSSSXx King
'xXSSSXx King' 3 months ago
reymart christian Cruz
I love this covers,
Robert Smithson
'Robert Smithson' 3 months ago
Marvel Now, All-New All-Different Marvel, and Marvel Now again. Why can't it just be called Marvel?
'andrew1407' 3 months ago
yes finally more ghost rider and the ending of civil war 2
'Gotham's Finest' 3 months ago
Infamous Iron Man!!! :)
'xJAYTEGx' 3 months ago
Lol i tried first comment 😂😂😭😭
Xavier Graham
'Xavier Graham' 3 months ago
4th nig
Geek forlife
'Geek forlife' 3 months ago
Joswin Lobo
'Joswin Lobo' 3 months ago
so close. second.
'iWeb4Lego' 3 months ago
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