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We Tried the Best $1 Chai in NYC -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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“Very comfortable tea, I could drink it all day."

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Mustafa Malikzada
'Mustafa Malikzada' 8 hours ago
In Afghanistan we call it Sheer-Chai
Brain Chod
'Brain Chod' 2 days ago
if any Nepali is reading my comment? please tell me I heard u cook rice in chai? don't u?
Uzair Trains
'Uzair Trains' 2 days ago
Ahmed looks like a Pakistani Sal from Impractical Jokers.
Yessenia Mendoza
'Yessenia Mendoza' 3 days ago
I love this video, so real, sincere IDK it has something so down to earth! love this, learned something new!
Isabella Corail
'Isabella Corail' 4 days ago
wow! i didnt know that you could turn green tea into pink tea. does it work if i manually stir it? does it need a specific type of greentea or any green tea will do?
'missmads27' 5 days ago
loved this
'ALEE PAKI' 6 days ago
in Pakistan without chai breakfast is not breakfast..
I'm so torn, between wanting my favorite place to eat to get the business, and NOT wanting to have to deal with bajillions of hipsters.
Vithursan B
'Vithursan B' 1 week ago
im desi and I dont like chai lol..
Muggleborn Hufflepuff
I really like the Driver's personality. I feel safe with such kinda people driving.
Brittany Carey
'Brittany Carey' 2 weeks ago
I just have to say I love this!!!
'jalyn' 2 weeks ago
Ugh I wanna try chai!
Ash Joseph
'Ash Joseph' 2 weeks ago
garam garam chai....anytime bhai
Rokaash Warraich
'Rokaash Warraich' 2 weeks ago
I'm just sitting here watching them drink some awesome chai while drinking chai
muslim ahmad
'muslim ahmad' 2 weeks ago
Lipton is a cheap tea brand in Malaysia..
muslim ahmad
'muslim ahmad' 2 weeks ago
Lipton is a cheap tea brand in Malaysia..
Tsetan Namdol
'Tsetan Namdol' 2 weeks ago
They should have gone to jackson heights lmao
Films De Dèche
'Films De Dèche' 2 weeks ago
3:22 to 3:26 close your eyes lol
Wolf Knight
'Wolf Knight' 2 weeks ago
In India, Chai like this costs about Rs. 15 (1/6th of 1$)! Well, can't blame it! NY is quite expensive.
'iJamie8467x' 2 weeks ago
You cant beat British in making Tea, Amateur Tea
Sharjeel A.
'Sharjeel A.' 2 weeks ago
Well. I now want chai.
Asad Vora
'Asad Vora' 2 weeks ago
there's this one thing that i don't understand... why do Muslims in America act so fancy...
'CaLiB3r' 2 weeks ago
Just Spread love n peace . Amen
'clairebyrnelive' 2 weeks ago
Did you guys make any more videos for the series ? I cant find any sadly
'Fluffy' 2 weeks ago
Why does he say his name so "white"?
c ram
'c ram' 3 weeks ago
ONE DOLLAR?!!!!1!1??
Ahmed Shahzad
'Ahmed Shahzad' 3 weeks ago
Dudh patti is urdu for pink tea, the literal translation is milk tea bags.
Priya P
'Priya P' 3 weeks ago
The chef's are probably confused about being interviewed about their chai hahahaha!
Aqsa Khaliq
'Aqsa Khaliq' 3 weeks ago
All i'm thinking is 100rs ki chai #toomuch
Bob Butt Butter
'Bob Butt Butter' 3 weeks ago
"Great color!" Camera doesn't even show it.
Bob Butt Butter
'Bob Butt Butter' 3 weeks ago
thanks for this video. was wondering where you could get indian chai in nyc. not the hipster version.
Josie Myers
'Josie Myers' 3 weeks ago
Chai 😍
Hrishi Amravatkar
'Hrishi Amravatkar' 3 weeks ago
I hate when "Muslim Americans" or "Pakistani Americans", Intentionally show "Pakistani or Muslim" places for best "Chai" which is for gods sake "INDIAN". And talking in "URDU"? Seriously? The restaurant Haandi says "Indian & Pakistani" , so obviously they know Hindi, which i am sure the reporter knows too (bollywood). Cmon.. stop politicizing even a simple Chai reporting.
Ratnadeep Saksena
'Ratnadeep Saksena' 3 weeks ago
he looks like sal from impractical jokers
'Rahmanooooo' 3 weeks ago
1$ for chai thats a rep off dude xD
Harshit Pant
'Harshit Pant' 3 weeks ago
Dude, what he spoke was not urdu but punjabi
Masum Chowdhury
'Masum Chowdhury' 3 weeks ago
Haandi is my go to restaurant! 👌👌👌
Harpreet Singh
'Harpreet Singh' 3 weeks ago
Where the scarf from doe?
Singh Sukhdeep
'Singh Sukhdeep' 3 weeks ago
'Jubeer' 3 weeks ago
'beyondallcontrol' 3 weeks ago
Is it just me or did Jamil uncle's urdu sounded a lot more like Punjabi?
Nidhi Agarwal
'Nidhi Agarwal' 3 weeks ago
it's only chai! not chai tea.
'lilacfunk' 3 weeks ago
Ahmed is such a cutie. Just my type.
'KittyC.' 3 weeks ago
The best chai is in Jackson Heights no matter what 😂
Jos K
'Jos K' 3 weeks ago
So if he didn't like it, would he blow the car up?
aryan tiwari
'aryan tiwari' 3 weeks ago
lipton is so meh
'thegirlwithglasses' 3 weeks ago
this video feels home!!!!!!!!
'shadyguy6600' 3 weeks ago
Indian Ben Clymer ?
Jaweria Waqar
'Jaweria Waqar' 4 weeks ago
it made me so happy aahhh i am bursting with happiness right now. have no idea why
'VisualiseTheFun' 4 weeks ago
5:50 - milk tea with extra milk?
'Aisha' 4 weeks ago
Ooooooo. Gonna make some chai now, for me and the fam. Thanks for the inspo lol.
Soumyadeep Bag
'Soumyadeep Bag' 4 weeks ago
Chai for two...

Crush two cloves of cardamom. Crush quarter inch of ginger. Put it in a pan. 3 teaspoons of sugar. 2.5 teaspoons of good quality granulated tea (not tea bags. Not leaf tea.) put 1.5 cups of hot water. Boil for 3-5 mins until water is reduced to 1 cup. You will get better with more practice. In the mean time microwave 1 cup of milk for 1 min. Pour it into the pan. Bring whole thing to a boil. Careful so that the milk tea does not foam over. Stir it with a spoon. Strain into two cups.. Enjoy.. Total time needed around 7 to 10 mins.

Love from an Indian in Toronto..
Scott Paton- Levin
'Scott Paton- Levin' 4 weeks ago
He can't pronounce his own name
'Anaïs~JK' 4 weeks ago
Thank you, Buzzfeed, for doing this!! US is about so many other cultures. And Chai is such a big part of our lives.
Sunny shah
'Sunny shah' 4 weeks ago
Tea is neither Indian, paki, or bagladesi
it came from China
so stop behaving like you invented tea
but yes, we altered tea to our own taste preference
Chai is a Chinese word derived from Mandarin Chinese chá
so that very desi thing that every South Asian thinks is an ancient South Asian tradition, is actually from China
Sunny shah
'Sunny shah' 4 weeks ago
If this was a show about being Christian in Middle East
that person would have had his head chopped off
and Muslims all around the world would have protested against him

just sayin
Shrimathi Ravikumar
'Shrimathi Ravikumar' 4 weeks ago
omg i need to be in nyc!!
'xxthehuskycaboosexx' 4 weeks ago
As a desi I pronounce chai like Cha, not chi like pie.
'tasfiaxbeauty' 4 weeks ago
now I'm craving cha & i rarely drink it lol
'Obsolentbutcool' 4 weeks ago
very nice pakistani drink
Imani S. H.
'Imani S. H.' 4 weeks ago
Chai does not mean tea... Chai means milk.
Amna R
'Amna R' 4 weeks ago
simple tea has no spices in it....It has only tea,milk sugar and water..
Shubhankar Gupta
'Shubhankar Gupta' 4 weeks ago
You must try authentic Indian will forget your paki chai for sure
Satya Banerji
'Satya Banerji' 4 weeks ago
A Hot Cup of Chai in Mumbai Rains ! is Life ! :)
Carla Narce
'Carla Narce' 4 weeks ago
I wish I liked chai! Those cloves are just so strong to me! Loved the video!
Japnoor Sandhu
'Japnoor Sandhu' 4 weeks ago
Let this comment be popular if you want Buzzfeed India to have its own channel !!
Maliha Intikhab
'Maliha Intikhab' 4 weeks ago
I could drink Kashmiri Chai for my whole life and still never get sick of it!
Maliha Intikhab
'Maliha Intikhab' 4 weeks ago
Well Jamil didn't speak Urdu, he spoke Punjabi.
Krakra Kranich
'Krakra Kranich' 4 weeks ago
get me any black tea and ill drink it.
raneem waddah
'raneem waddah' 4 weeks ago
I loveeeeee chai so much (i am an arab living in dubai) for us chai is just the normal tea and karak is the chai with spices and milk aka your chai.. nice video
Aimar Productions
'Aimar Productions' 4 weeks ago
Really good vid, I enjoyed watching the authentic side to this.
'SHARVANI MISRA' 4 weeks ago
this guy Ahmed is so cute man. <3
Alina Anwar
'Alina Anwar' 1 month ago
I can make so chai go you
Lulu Herrera
'Lulu Herrera' 1 month ago
Can i join you guys next time yous guys go for chai? 😍 i love chai.
Asma Haque
'Asma Haque' 1 month ago
pakistanis never give free food in Pakistan. -.-
Zainab mpgs
'Zainab mpgs' 1 month ago
my name is also Zainab😍😘
Chatty Cherry
'Chatty Cherry' 1 month ago
❤️proud pakistani
Anla Bonune
'Anla Bonune' 1 month ago
i live in Pakistan (family) and am a Canadian i can never find a good chai shop in tornto
Junaid Malik
'Junaid Malik' 1 month ago
a desi wedding in winter is not complete without green tea
moyera agarwal
'moyera agarwal' 1 month ago
For those of you who don't know what chai is, it's tea drunk in India at least twice a day. An common man/women from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh will start their day by drinking it. It's like a drug for us.
moyera agarwal
'moyera agarwal' 1 month ago
That pink tea is made commonly in Lucknow.
John Cena
'John Cena' 1 month ago
chai has nothing to do with Muslims.. it's an Indian-Pakistani thing...
Foxx 13
'Foxx 13' 1 month ago
dont even like tea, but this looks amazing.
'Doodipatooti' 1 month ago
Just make tea at home
red label tea is the absolute best idk what kind of lives people are leading with yellow and blue label
'SHOCKWAVEi' 1 month ago
lol I would have thought they would have stereotyped by have indians in host the video
simran kaur
'simran kaur' 1 month ago
chaaa ahhh😍😍
Zahraa Goolam- Hussain
chai a hug in a cup. It warms your soul
'TheBeAuTiFuLsOuL85' 1 month ago
Starbucks 's Chai Latte is pumped with so much sugar and no real chai spices. In short Starbucks's chai is sweetened milk thats it. I will give 4/10 for starbucks.
Deepak Kumar
'Deepak Kumar' 1 month ago
Loved it. Ahmed and Zamil Uncle ... You guys rock.. I will try all these Chai wala's in my next NYC visit..
'TheDragonofLime' 1 month ago
Anyone else tragically hungry after watching that deliciousness?!?
Patrice Farmer
'Patrice Farmer' 1 month ago
I want to try authentic chai. I am pretty sure I'm not drinking the real stuff at the coffee houses, lol.
'FamilyTube' 1 month ago
I wish Handii gives me free food with chai tea like you guys got. Thank you al 3 of you.
'KingoftheJungle' 1 month ago
Ahmed Ali Akbar is my new favorite online personality! So great to have a decent Pakistani doing amazing things! God bless!
Riana Malik
'Riana Malik' 1 month ago
As a Pakistani American, I appreciate the debunking of Starbuck's 'chai'
Crusch Karsten
'Crusch Karsten' 2 months ago
krishnakant shahani
'krishnakant shahani' 2 months ago
punjabi deli is the best place for indian food in new york..
Jungshook NoChu Come thru
Omg when i saw the kashmeri chai i want kasmeri chai so bad rn since i live in Germany and there are not so many desi culture as America or England
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