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We Tried the Best $1 Chai in NYC -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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“Very comfortable tea, I could drink it all day."

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Asma Haque
'Asma Haque' 3 hours ago
pakistanis never give free food in Pakistan. -.-
Zainab mpgs
'Zainab mpgs' 11 hours ago
my name is also Zainab😍😘
Chatty Cherry
'Chatty Cherry' 1 day ago
❤️proud pakistani
Anla Bonune
'Anla Bonune' 2 days ago
i live in Pakistan (family) and am a Canadian i can never find a good chai shop in tornto
Junaid Malik
'Junaid Malik' 2 days ago
a desi wedding in winter is not complete without green tea
moyera agarwal
'moyera agarwal' 2 days ago
For those of you who don't know what chai is, it's tea drunk in India at least twice a day. An common man/women from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh will start their day by drinking it. It's like a drug for us.
moyera agarwal
'moyera agarwal' 2 days ago
That pink tea is made commonly in Lucknow.
John Cena
'John Cena' 3 days ago
chai has nothing to do with Muslims.. it's an Indian-Pakistani thing...
Foxx 13
'Foxx 13' 3 days ago
dont even like tea, but this looks amazing.
'Doodipatooti' 4 days ago
Just make tea at home
red label tea is the absolute best idk what kind of lives people are leading with yellow and blue label
'SHOCKWAVEi' 5 days ago
lol I would have thought they would have stereotyped by have indians in host the video
simran kaur
'simran kaur' 5 days ago
chaaa ahhh😍😍
Zahraa Goolam- Hussain
chai a hug in a cup. It warms your soul
Starbucks 's Chai Latte is pumped with so much sugar and no real chai spices. In short Starbucks's chai is sweetened milk thats it. I will give 4/10 for starbucks.
Deepak Kumar
'Deepak Kumar' 1 week ago
Loved it. Ahmed and Zamil Uncle ... You guys rock.. I will try all these Chai wala's in my next NYC visit..
'TheDragonofLime' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else tragically hungry after watching that deliciousness?!?
Patrice Farmer
'Patrice Farmer' 2 weeks ago
I want to try authentic chai. I am pretty sure I'm not drinking the real stuff at the coffee houses, lol.
'FamilyTube' 2 weeks ago
I wish Handii gives me free food with chai tea like you guys got. Thank you al 3 of you.
'KingoftheJungle' 2 weeks ago
Ahmed Ali Akbar is my new favorite online personality! So great to have a decent Pakistani doing amazing things! God bless!
Riana Malik
'Riana Malik' 2 weeks ago
As a Pakistani American, I appreciate the debunking of Starbuck's 'chai'
Crusch Karsten
'Crusch Karsten' 2 weeks ago
krishnakant shahani
'krishnakant shahani' 2 weeks ago
punjabi deli is the best place for indian food in new york..
Jungshook NoChu Come thru
Omg when i saw the kashmeri chai i want kasmeri chai so bad rn since i live in Germany and there are not so many desi culture as America or England
Ammar Maritimus
'Ammar Maritimus' 2 weeks ago
Teh Tarik !
zara Khan
'zara Khan' 2 weeks ago
Syed Shah
'Syed Shah' 3 weeks ago
There's a Bangladeshi bakery in Jackson heights near by TD bank they have the best chai ever and its only $1 LOL!!
Salmon Latte
'Salmon Latte' 3 weeks ago
I knew chai from starbucks and only ever got chai from starbucks and I love it so much. I wonder how amazing the true taste of chai actually, i hope someday I get a chance to try it!
Nazifa Ahmed
'Nazifa Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Nothing beats authentic Desi Cha. Not Chai. Cha
'subhanhasan990' 3 weeks ago
lmao they translated "desi" as "tasty"
Catherine C
'Catherine C' 3 weeks ago
this was such a nice warm video
Euphoria Plays
'Euphoria Plays' 3 weeks ago
chai is life life is chai
1.4M vies Million views
"Really cold" snorts
Hemant Bhatia
'Hemant Bhatia' 3 weeks ago
you've gotta try "Chaai Point" and "Chaayos" outlets here in India..
Shahzaib Rasgeed
'Shahzaib Rasgeed' 4 weeks ago
Guyz who choose their restaurant gave full marks
Mingjian Zhang
'Mingjian Zhang' 4 weeks ago
hhhh I know so little of chai as one working in starbucks...
Noor Gill
'Noor Gill' 4 weeks ago
'Quigus' 4 weeks ago
Anyone know where to get this in Toronto?
Kira Nightray
'Kira Nightray' 4 weeks ago
Modi needs to go there.
Aqsa Tahir
'Aqsa Tahir' 4 weeks ago
am i the only one who hates tea
Aqsa Tahir
'Aqsa Tahir' 4 weeks ago
kashmri tea is love
W Esam
'W Esam' 4 weeks ago
shai not chai
Kanzah R
'Kanzah R' 4 weeks ago
come to chicago and do this!
Hillary Clintons Cliterous
Was anyone else waiting for the taxi to blow up
Satbir Bhaurla
'Satbir Bhaurla' 4 weeks ago
i love his scarf!!@ 😍😍😍
Snehjot Saini
'Snehjot Saini' 4 weeks ago
Yo much love to my 🇵🇰 peeps! Desi swag!
'DARK WOLF' 4 weeks ago
:O my dad knows kulwinder singh, he used to stop by a store near where i live.
The HummerMeister
'The HummerMeister' 4 weeks ago
Ahmed allahu akhbar. I thought my pc would explode tbh
apoorva 30
'apoorva 30' 4 weeks ago
Pink tea we have in Jammu also. My fav.
Hobo Van Camp
'Hobo Van Camp' 4 weeks ago
3:05 Holy smokes, Manmohan Singh is also a chaiwallah..
Enigma White
'Enigma White' 4 weeks ago
'Darren' 4 weeks ago
car full of muslims  in new York, not suspicious at all
Navu Kumar
'Navu Kumar' 4 weeks ago
I bet 90% likes came from Indians
cybil jutt
'cybil jutt' 4 weeks ago
in Pakistan chain is so famous ...even we have a famous chai wala..
'BunnyFett' 1 month ago
I could go for some chai right now.
Isaac Vuong
'Isaac Vuong' 1 month ago
Ahmed: Im ahmed!
Cashier: ok....
'shr' 1 month ago
What a weird way to spell чай
Minu Vyas
'Minu Vyas' 1 month ago
Watching this while drinking hot chai :D
Abhisek Das
'Abhisek Das' 1 month ago
Actually in Kolkata u can get 3 Rs Cha.. that means in 1 dollar you will get more than 20 cups of Tea
Hassaan M
'Hassaan M' 1 month ago
This guy looks like Sal from the Impractical Jokers.
syarifah sadiyah
'syarifah sadiyah' 1 month ago
he's cute
Sir. BalbaZaur
'Sir. BalbaZaur' 1 month ago
Ahmed Ali Akbar...................ALLAHU AKBAR
'J K' 1 month ago
My gosh... gotta go those three places so soon to check the chai out.... Yum
Thank you for posting this awesome video!!!
Ayman Zaman
'Ayman Zaman' 1 month ago
We got Masala Chai every corner in London I just had the best Breakfast chai today, remember we got more Desi here than in America combined!

Here's the link below (come to London):
'ValtronW' 1 month ago
I just got back from a trip to NYC and we totally got some chai at that Punjabi place!! We had just eaten at Katz's deli and it was snowing outside, so we wanted something hot to sip on. It was the best chai we ever had! And the man was so nice :)
'Jomanjo4Ever' 1 month ago
i live in brooklyn, ny . now i wanna go to those three places and try their chai <3
Warren Longmire
'Warren Longmire' 1 month ago
Yo, I went to that last place. The samosas were UNREAL.
Shan Sikandar
'Shan Sikandar' 1 month ago
chai is an Indian name. desi means "land" meaning people of the subcontinent of india
Donna S
'Donna S' 1 month ago
The Ukrainian word for tea is also chai (чай)
Kaneki Ken
'Kaneki Ken' 1 month ago
As a Desi I'm so disappointed in Starbucks XD
Namratha Sri
'Namratha Sri' 1 month ago
ahahah when i learnt that white people also drank tea i was all like "wooooaaaahhhhh" so i was like "how do you like your tea?" and they were like "oh i like peppermint, oolong, earl grey... etc. what about you?" and i was like ".....brown???"
'Lalin' 1 month ago
Allison G
'Allison G' 1 month ago
I want it all!
The Notorious TicTac
His last name is Akbar?? I hope he's an Admiral
'ITTCOMEDY' 1 month ago
ahmed allahu akbar
'MadPain' 1 month ago
Burn it ! Burn it all !
Pro Gamer
'Pro Gamer' 1 month ago
chai lelo chai
5 ka 10 5 ka 10😂😂😂
Pro Gamer
'Pro Gamer' 1 month ago
chai tea
tea tea
'Haris' 1 month ago
dislikes at 911....people need to grow up.
'Adaamn' 1 month ago
i died when i saw lipton lololol
Aaron Davis
'Aaron Davis' 1 month ago
Give us more see something say something videos!!!!!
'Fenrisaconite' 1 month ago
That is a really nice scarf.
Rizwana Inam
'Rizwana Inam' 1 month ago
Rizwana Inam
'Rizwana Inam' 1 month ago
Loung is cloves???? i never knew that

then again i don't know the english for alot of spicies/veg/fruit lol #desiprobs
Sharstar G
'Sharstar G' 1 month ago
jimin knows sOMETHING
I'm like chai tea just like chai tea
(where my kpop fans @)
rumman jannat
'rumman jannat' 1 month ago
is chai is a tea
'ShamelessBroadway' 1 month ago
Wow! so it's the same thing how at Starbucks they call a single sandwich a panini when Panini is plural. My professor who is italian told me and my mind was blown. It's actually supposed to be panino! Dammit America lol
'SenpaiCry' 1 month ago
Wait. Ahmed Ali Akbar? The guy who made the smash bros list? Etika where are you my guy
'HAMZA RASHID' 1 month ago
that's my uncle
'Fastskull' 1 month ago
Even though I know it's wrong, Starbucks Chai is still tasty.
'20killershot' 1 month ago
Funny I actually never called it a chai tea latte i always said chai latte im glad that now i know why now
Shivam Bhatt
'Shivam Bhatt' 1 month ago
Any other Desi that prefers coffee and gets judged big time?
Divija Mohan
'Divija Mohan' 1 month ago
Love Punjab Grocery and Deli, amazing food
'SomeZ' 1 month ago
oh you have NO idea of what cold is
'Abobi' 1 month ago
Abdulrahman Al Zaid
'Abdulrahman Al Zaid' 1 month ago
Nice move buzzfeed
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