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Connie Britton Talks 'Nashville's' Return to TV -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The "Nashville" star told Ellen about her hit show's anticipated return to television, and revealed the most exciting part of her musical role!

Wolf Dog
'Wolf Dog' 5 days ago
to bad i can't watch the new season. i refuse to pay to watch tv
Ace 1o7
'Ace 1o7' 2 weeks ago
i stopped watching after season 2 as it somehow wasn't the same anymore. maybe now I will give it a go!
eren luin
'eren luin' 2 weeks ago
This woman was in American horror story.season 1
Melanie Rodriguez
'Melanie Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
Pizza Cat
'Pizza Cat' 2 weeks ago
I love you Ellen an I'm 12
ThE D & G FaMiLy
'ThE D & G FaMiLy' 2 weeks ago
Here’s your campaign link:
Someone Like You
'Someone Like You' 2 weeks ago
Ahs anyone?
'mia' 2 weeks ago
Brains. I will always see her eating brains.
Daniella Jo
'Daniella Jo' 2 weeks ago
i actually can't wait :D also love Connie Britton
miss trish
'miss trish' 2 weeks ago
so glad the show is back. It really was a terrific show. Connie looks great.
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Burrell spoke the truth to you but in the uncomfort of your own uncontrolled emotions you denied her voice but you see GOD gave her a different voice away from your show. Your damnation is for you to deal with you cannot run nor hide from your judgement day. There is not one person you can block out that can keep you from your eternity in the lake of fire if you choose not to change your ways. What you feel is not emotions but the love of the Lord wanting you to turn from your sinful ways. Only being born again and turning from your ways will bring you salvation & save your soul. The pressure from the Lord be upon you Ellen.
Clish FX
'Clish FX' 2 weeks ago
rest in peace Carrie Fisher
Girl Online
'Girl Online' 2 weeks ago
If you love Nashville please please please check it out!! I post so many Nashville videos <3
'M K' 2 weeks ago
YES! The best thing about Nashville is Connie Britton!
jade rain
'jade rain' 2 weeks ago
Tammy Tammy Tammy Taylor
Zainab Salah
'Zainab Salah' 2 weeks ago
Where's Shawn Mendes performance Ellen?!!!
'holousek8221' 2 weeks ago
Oh I really hope for better writing... more about music!
Meagan Shelton
'Meagan Shelton' 2 weeks ago
Did she say, "I'm very, very, very young"? Lol
260n boo
'260n boo' 2 weeks ago
my auntie was so happy because Nashville came back but she was so angry and was because it was cancelled at first
Zach “Ned_the_potato” Jensen
No bad connie you have to go back to American horror story
mohamed almarzooqi
'mohamed almarzooqi' 2 weeks ago
get the kids from stranger thing to your show
Michelle O
'Michelle O' 2 weeks ago
do any of the other stars of the show go on talk shows though?! XD!
Watch Oasis
'Watch Oasis' 2 weeks ago
She needs to return to AHS
Opus Dei
'Opus Dei' 2 weeks ago
She's an idiot.
'AhmadoyGamerYT' 2 weeks ago
xd lol
Joleigh Karah MacDonald
love you and Portia SO much it would be a dream to meet you
heyitscristiand Vlogz
What is her channel in Spectrum?
'Seph' 2 weeks ago
She should back to AHS :(
Archie Bostock
'Archie Bostock' 2 weeks ago
200 subscribers Xboxone S giveaway make sure to subscribe!
Curtis Martin
'Curtis Martin' 2 weeks ago
Jennifer and Connie was the only reason I watched Spin City. Beautiful Queens.💜💜💜
Saif Shaikh
'Saif Shaikh' 2 weeks ago
check out bhosdamon......this channel is so amazing
Travis Owles
'Travis Owles' 2 weeks ago
help get me to 300?
'rosekilledjack' 2 weeks ago
I love Nashville the TV Show! ❤
Arthur Dorr
'Arthur Dorr' 2 weeks ago
So the rumors of her leaving were false? Did she just confirm that? Or is she just being coy?
Megan Noon
'Megan Noon' 2 weeks ago
Yaaaaaaassssss I love Nashville ❤️
dar melow
'dar melow' 2 weeks ago
'tMariEll' 2 weeks ago
'TheSuperRayRay1' 2 weeks ago
Yaela Imladris
'Yaela Imladris' 2 weeks ago
not funny at all. bring back carrie fisher. :(
KingBut NotKylie
'KingBut NotKylie' 2 weeks ago
Ekaterina Popova
'Ekaterina Popova' 2 weeks ago
Hani Games
'Hani Games' 2 weeks ago
1like=your crush will love you&1like=save my life
'lovermusic' 2 weeks ago
YASSSSSSS!!! Nashville IS INCREDIBLE and i am super excited for the start if the new season!!!
Anyone onboard with me? <3
'PABLETE' 2 weeks ago
I like Connie but I preffer Hayden on the show.
Jün André
'Jün André' 2 weeks ago
I want her to be back on American Horror Story...
Ayman Un nafi
'Ayman Un nafi' 2 weeks ago
Hey boyz and girls i love ellen
S show very much its awsome as elen is so cool and smart
Raff 400
'Raff 400' 2 weeks ago
Ellen pls comments my channel my channels name is Raff phantom Karman Arman please I am 10 years old I get bullied because I only have 30 subscribers if you Will comment my channel and subscribe I won't get bullied pls pls pls ...
Aheadalec Thebeast
'Aheadalec Thebeast' 2 weeks ago
Dereck Müller
'Dereck Müller' 2 weeks ago
Hannah Eisa
'Hannah Eisa' 2 weeks ago
Lol everyone is just like first! second! and i am over here like 500 and sixty something!
Zac K
'Zac K' 2 weeks ago
Kaveesha Mistry
'Kaveesha Mistry' 2 weeks ago
Why is there like 48104810 people saying they're first??
Rali L
'Rali L' 2 weeks ago
love ellen so muchhhh
Logan Hopper
'Logan Hopper' 2 weeks ago
'Mathew' 2 weeks ago
Layla Brown
'Layla Brown' 2 weeks ago
Firsty 😀😀😀😀😀
Lesly Frausto
'Lesly Frausto' 2 weeks ago
i love
Dereck Müller
'Dereck Müller' 2 weeks ago
MissCookieLover Sienna
Whoop only 28 comments
'LivingLifeAsDavida' 2 weeks ago
lili-jade reinthaler
Edward Sanchez Productions
Connie is so beautiful
mobile games
'mobile games' 2 weeks ago
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'Stal_Ka4' 2 weeks ago
reviewsby aa&mm
'reviewsby aa&mm' 2 weeks ago
Roxana Ruby
'Roxana Ruby' 2 weeks ago
Who ever is scrolling through the comments HAVE A NICE DAY 💙
Nehal Ali
'Nehal Ali' 2 weeks ago
I love u so much ellen
Pierce McCarthy
'Pierce McCarthy' 2 weeks ago
Hi ellen
Tee 19
'Tee 19' 2 weeks ago
Hasna al hawas
'Hasna al hawas' 2 weeks ago
loool lave you
Maša Vlahović
'Maša Vlahović' 2 weeks ago
daaamn u look so beautiful
Bert Nilsson
'Bert Nilsson' 2 weeks ago
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 2 weeks ago
Rahmah Eriba
'Rahmah Eriba' 2 weeks ago
'Stephxx' 2 weeks ago
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