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I Can't - Saturday Night Live -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 190, 003 views

17, 488 Likes   1, 058 Dislikes

Three coworkers (Bobby Moynihan, Dakota Johnson, Cecily Strong) just can't even when it comes to their coworker Margo (Aidy Bryant) and her two broken arms.

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'Wassim' 1 day ago
I watch this like once a week
Mach Dude
'Mach Dude' 3 days ago
As a former Brooklynite, I can vouch that literally is a standard in our vocabulary.
zandile Ngumbela
'zandile Ngumbela' 4 days ago
is so can because I literally can
'emilioguzmanor' 5 days ago
Jesus F*cking Christ this was infurating
SketchMaster The Art
When u actually understand how their talking and you realize how my generation is a huge step in an unknown direction😂
'Inmehmeh' 1 week ago
This isn't funny as much as it is frustrating
'OdaKa' 1 week ago
Hello Sam Tabor o/
Mary Rayme
'Mary Rayme' 2 weeks ago
An apt Millenial commentary...
Flambetiger7248 ,
'Flambetiger7248 ,' 2 weeks ago
Describes the teen agers of this era.
'ModernPlague' 2 weeks ago
Fuckin' trendy Millenials, ugh...
DeAnna Hundley
'DeAnna Hundley' 2 weeks ago
this was hilarious!!
'LadyVibeke87' 3 weeks ago
Those are Liam's casts, I'm sure.
Alexander Hamilton
'Alexander Hamilton' 3 weeks ago
poor margo
'artichokes13' 4 weeks ago
it's funny because it's true.
'Pope' 4 weeks ago
There is no god there can't be
Weston Rogers
'Weston Rogers' 4 weeks ago
can't skip shit anymore, well looks like youtube ran its course, youtube like blockbuster, gonna get replaced soon. fuck you
666 swaraj
'666 swaraj' 4 weeks ago
Why she even came to office with those broken hands?
Prophocy 18
'Prophocy 18' 4 weeks ago
Tintswalo Maluleke
'Tintswalo Maluleke' 1 month ago
'I literally can't' stand people who talk like this... but this is hilarious
'TheAaronmcmahon11' 1 month ago
How does she go to the bathroom?
'mfree234' 1 month ago
This is soooo funny to me 😹😹😹
'vivandav67' 1 month ago
I work with annoying af millennials like that..I may snap soon...
'Mona' 1 month ago
I dunno but I think Dakota Johnson might actually talk like that.
'MichaelWilliamH' 1 month ago
Stop White girls.
'Dustie1984' 1 month ago
It's like the Kardashians talk...
'janine' 1 month ago
Bailey Zenner
'Bailey Zenner' 1 month ago
Did anyone else notice the guy spit on his shirt at 2:34 lol 😂
Charles Michael
'Charles Michael' 2 months ago
I saw someone watching this before I knew what snl was and I have been trying to find this ever since. I am so happy right now you don't even know
Chels T
'Chels T' 2 months ago
My last job, the people were like that so I left. lol
'SuperGameHero' 2 months ago
meanwhile inside leafy's head
'wtfkendrick' 2 months ago
I can't even with this video it's so funny that I just literally can't even.
Angelina Alms
'Angelina Alms' 2 months ago
this what video was so stupid and cruel
'fsffsa5325324' 2 months ago
I'd be laughing my ass off if this was even slightly amusing.
Tart And Spoon Gaming
There are very special people in this world
yordan aleksandrov
'yordan aleksandrov' 2 months ago
we have to kill every english speaking person talking like this.
Henry Shi
'Henry Shi' 2 months ago
"I'm trying to can but literally can't " ROFL
The Fandomlady
'The Fandomlady' 2 months ago
Holy crap, I'm pretty sure I've seen millennials actually talk and say these exact lines.
pearl mokgatlhe
'pearl mokgatlhe' 2 months ago
Oh My God like listening to this....i cant evennnnnnnnnnn
Dan Brew
'Dan Brew' 2 months ago
they're too convincing at this, better kill them just to be safe.
joy themonster (mia pet)
i cant even watch this
key crum
'key crum' 2 months ago
Mother F-er!!!!
Hayley montanero
'Hayley montanero' 2 months ago
sadly these people remind me of my sister.
Michael Paliden
'Michael Paliden' 2 months ago
Not one person is working
Szecret Szlushie
'Szecret Szlushie' 2 months ago
Sad... but true.
'MiCKi914' 2 months ago
I "can't even" make it through this video! UGH
'ColdSlaus' 2 months ago
Do these current cast members even learn their lines? They're all reading from cards, which hosts usually get a pass for. This show has become a huge joke. They're not only terrible performers, they can't even bother to learn lines. It's not like the writing is so sophisticated as to be hard to memorize.
Jonida Sanço
'Jonida Sanço' 2 months ago
This is literally like me now, I can't even
Jarrel Brannon
'Jarrel Brannon' 2 months ago
Cade Del Rey
'Cade Del Rey' 2 months ago
"Margo. Just do this."
'peekaboots01' 2 months ago
Why do millennials say literally?
Da Raven
'Da Raven' 2 months ago
Oh my god this video!!!!! like I can't evan!!!!
Daria Wells
'Daria Wells' 2 months ago
I've been watching a lot of sketch comedy - Kids in the Hall, Whitest Kids, Baroness von Sketch, Monty Python - and I thought maybe I'd try watching SNL again. Bad decision. It still sucks and should just be cancelled already.
'NoyNoy' 2 months ago
with all the times they said literally it sounds like a leafyishere video.
'nystagmus' 2 months ago
one of the worst group of people on the planet.
Amy Brokamp
'Amy Brokamp' 2 months ago
I actually can't with how accurate this is
'meltsarap' 2 months ago
ive seen people talk and actually act this way. self centeredness and all
So What
'So What' 2 months ago
Bruh your arms are broken yet you're still going to work? How you even get to work? How you even put on your clothes tho?
Dolores Zamora
'Dolores Zamora' 2 months ago
They sound like the Kardashians, LOL!
Anthony Larson
'Anthony Larson' 2 months ago
I literally can't even count how many people do this. I see it like a million times a day.
Erik Lerström
'Erik Lerström' 2 months ago
millennials, Am I right? Kappa
YouTube Binge
'YouTube Binge' 2 months ago
I literally can't put up with people who talk like this, I can't. 🙄😒🙄
Alberto Guzman
'Alberto Guzman' 2 months ago
Lol I can't even
'Mysterious_Me' 2 months ago
Oh wow cancer in the form of an SNL skit. I didn't think it possible. Like, I can't even.
Steven Turner
'Steven Turner' 2 months ago
Everyone in Brooklyn is literally just like this
kc lynch
'kc lynch' 2 months ago
I hate ppl like that
Alieyah Smith
'Alieyah Smith' 2 months ago
Literally Millennials
Peter Wulf
'Peter Wulf' 2 months ago
John Belushi would stick himself with his samurai sword...that skit wasn't funny
Roma Jerzycka
'Roma Jerzycka' 2 months ago
i have to admit, dakota is great here. LITERALLY
'saurabh' 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂 I can't... like literally..
'skankhunt' 3 months ago
Nicole Bell
'Nicole Bell' 3 months ago
My coworkers do this all the time. I have bad joints and they tell me to pick things up from the floor all the time and I'm like "Do you see the brace?"
Shravani Dasari
'Shravani Dasari' 3 months ago
snl showing real life situations !! finally!
Sam Tucek
'Sam Tucek' 3 months ago
Her lunch is a fucking Ensure.
Also they work at Preti Flaherty? They don't have interns at law firms!
Mina Del Cali
'Mina Del Cali' 3 months ago
millennials in a nutshell this is coming from a millennial myself..
'obj799' 3 months ago
Don't like that Johnson chick, AS IF, soon she be like her mother monster
Christina Hill
'Christina Hill' 3 months ago
Sad. I get the skit and the message. What little assholes those three were.
Jade Shepherd
'Jade Shepherd' 3 months ago
I loved Dakota in this XD
Schwinn D.
'Schwinn D.' 3 months ago
i hate this sketch just because it makes me hate people.
'TheSoloFrenzy' 3 months ago
Just call me Stank Breath Margot With 2 Broken Arms
'OMAIS DAWSON' 3 months ago
Cecily Strong is so attractive but them arms be so hairy
Green Gal
'Green Gal' 3 months ago
The Kardashians..." Literally" haha
Fiona H.
'Fiona H.' 3 months ago
My sister talks like this. Help me.
angie muema
'angie muema' 3 months ago
OMG!I'm so hungry I can't even
Ethan Hopper
'Ethan Hopper' 3 months ago
This is accurate to you generation. I don't like my generation.
Zoe Cole
'Zoe Cole' 3 months ago
Live from the buzzfeed offices
Vincent, Ash
'Vincent, Ash' 3 months ago
Sweet baby Jesus Margo is So selfish all she cares about is her self So inconsiderate..........
'Hitz1001' 3 months ago
This comment section is literally.......... Ahhhhhhhhh......... I can't even!
Gábor Vág
'Gábor Vág' 3 months ago
Dakota is amazing in this. I can't even.
'roadhouse699' 3 months ago
"All my equations are coming out odd, because I've lost the ability to even." -Former US Marine Max Uriarte
NomadicBlackRegent 1789
This generation is unhealthy asf,low blood circulation having MFRS.
'bnirtlepmc' 3 months ago
I love when Americans talk like this 😂
Brina Rambles
'Brina Rambles' 3 months ago
Original 100 layers challenge lmao
Tommy O
'Tommy O' 3 months ago
this skit was so bad - i can't even
Linda Ann Forrester
'Linda Ann Forrester' 3 months ago
I love lil baby aidy! Come to Scotland snl please!
Delta Dragon Guard
'Delta Dragon Guard' 3 months ago
Captain Literally needs to come correct these guys.

Jack Agee
'Jack Agee' 3 months ago
"I can't even"
'chigozie123' 3 months ago
Oh the flaws of the English language. RIP
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 3 months ago
Baby Aidy kills it again! :)
Kolby Rios
'Kolby Rios' 3 months ago
This is My Sister.... To a T.
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