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I Can't - Saturday Night Live -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 552, 189 views

20, 146 Likes   1, 195 Dislikes

Three coworkers (Bobby Moynihan, Dakota Johnson, Cecily Strong) just can't even when it comes to their coworker Margo (Aidy Bryant) and her two broken arms.

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Karen B.
'Karen B.' 13 hours ago
Okay, us Millennials are literally not that bad
Adam Lacy
'Adam Lacy' 17 hours ago
Who CAN even? I'ts litterally impossible to *can. I can't. That should have been the obituary for that crap just like they had a funeral for the 'N' word. Wait... Oh, we're still using it??? But Al Sharpton said... Never mind.
Hash Slinger
'Hash Slinger' 2 days ago
Dakota is so cute
David Galvin
'David Galvin' 6 days ago
Portland, ME at the beginning.
クリムゾン Quaid
This is literally how I speak like only on the internet, but irl I don't speak at all!
Zhenya Townley
'Zhenya Townley' 1 week ago
Umm can we talk about how brilliant this actually is.
'cocopunk1486' 2 weeks ago
Aidy Bryant's characters are always me, always. But this one really hits the nail on the head.
this is so funny i can't even
'BMoney8600' 2 weeks ago
I would just like to apologize for everyone of my race. Please accept this apology.
jane lane
'jane lane' 2 weeks ago
so this is where morgan from girlfriend talk show work at after high school
'mauigio' 2 weeks ago
so effen true and good....great canned response
'MsLoredana34' 2 weeks ago
Andrea Stars Vlogs
'Andrea Stars Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
Dakota Johnson is so cute here
Lance Baker
'Lance Baker' 3 weeks ago
"I'm so hahngry reet now."
Lance Baker
'Lance Baker' 3 weeks ago
"...your excuse for ahvrything" This is perfect. They speak with all the vowel shifts of todays millennials. "Hahnd me a bet of peeper." (Hand me a bit of paper)
Lance Baker
'Lance Baker' 3 weeks ago
Literally, this is literally just too literally dull... literally. Thumbs literally down, I mean literally.
sosn w9djs
'sosn w9djs' 1 month ago
Loki Owl
'Loki Owl' 1 month ago
I really need to just stop watching SNL videos. More often than not, they just aren't funny. Maybe I torture myself like this because I'm a horror fan that knows you have have to slog through a ton of shit to get to the good stuff.
'AllyourBase3' 1 month ago
who finds this shit funny
Catherine Concina Barrientos
I literally can't stop watching this over and over again. Like, I tried but I can't... even.
'meghanruby91' 1 month ago
This reminds me of my past job. That's why I quit and moved on.
'acacacac4' 1 month ago
Hey, that's portland maine at the end
Jack Libal
'Jack Libal' 1 month ago
hilarious. the spider part was really funny. ya never know when ya might wind up with a creepy crawla on ya hehehe and hey, where'd her 'lunch' go? one minute it was there, next it wasn't. that was the last straw teehee
S Doyle
'S Doyle' 1 month ago
Most of this dialogue is what I hear at school and the misuse of "literally" reeeeeeaaaallly gets on my nerves
Scott Sargeant
'Scott Sargeant' 1 month ago
Like literally the second time SNL had dropped Aidy Bryant out a window for like laughs.
Kierra Belgrave
'Kierra Belgrave' 1 month ago
watching this and reading comments realizing I've said "like I literally can't even" lol smh
Mya Fagerhaug
'Mya Fagerhaug' 1 month ago
friken margo
Jonathan Veal
'Jonathan Veal' 1 month ago
Mathy Don
'Mathy Don' 1 month ago
Ugh, interns. The only thing missing is outrageous abuse of the ping-pong table. We're all doomed
Maciej Pawłowski
'Maciej Pawłowski' 2 months ago
I just... I can't even...
Jennifer Jackson
'Jennifer Jackson' 2 months ago
I had two bitch roommates during the months that I was incredibly ill they said all of this same shit, especially fun was "doing it for attention" and "bulimic". Ended with me in intensive care and major surgery. Id lost all but 2 units of the blood in my body from an ulcer. I was within four hours of death, and those people made my life a living hell. I was so scared to say anything I let myself almost die, to avoid two evil nasty bitches.
'FlametheSeraph' 2 months ago
I have to actually deal with these people ever day ugh lol
Linds L
'Linds L' 2 months ago
Oh my God, like, I literally can't even right now, because this is like literally how everyone at my university talks. I just can't, it literally drives me nuts.
Omar Rubio
'Omar Rubio' 2 months ago
Dakota stinks
adam mac
'adam mac' 2 months ago
Literally the comment section on every Cameron Dallas video.
Pool Guy
'Pool Guy' 2 months ago
The Literally Syndrome
5 Minute Lunch Break
'5 Minute Lunch Break' 2 months ago
Is this how Millennials speak?
Rafid hassan oney
'Rafid hassan oney' 2 months ago
This is so true! Interns and potential high school dropouts really talk like this !!!!
Helen Hernandez
'Helen Hernandez' 2 months ago
There is no God, there can't be 😂
patricio rodriguez
'patricio rodriguez' 2 months ago
so this is a kardashian company meeting...
Brigid Kissane
'Brigid Kissane' 2 months ago
literally everyone at my school😂😂
Deadly Rainbows
'Deadly Rainbows' 2 months ago
This accurately describes middle school girls
'K L' 2 months ago
I didnt find this very funny ...the line between reality and entertainment was nonexistent.
Lily Broad
'Lily Broad' 2 months ago
Ok eww no stop don't do or say that stay away
'bjmessex' 2 months ago
its too good so i literally can't watch it.
Constantine Karadenizlis
"It's literally impossible to can. I can't." LMAO
'ΚΛΣ' 2 months ago
also known as keeping up with the kardashians
Elaina M
'Elaina M' 2 months ago
"It's literally impossible to 'can' ".....LAHHHHL... too much, lol.
Jilly Bucci
'Jilly Bucci' 2 months ago
Dammit it Margo get your shit together
'C B' 2 months ago
Kids talk like this for real lol.
Carlos Chambers
'Carlos Chambers' 2 months ago
Its literally impossible to can...I can't.
Cyn Lazaro
'Cyn Lazaro' 2 months ago
It took me a moment to realize it was Dakota Johnson 😂😂
Kaitlyn Peters
'Kaitlyn Peters' 2 months ago
Kill it! Or kill me!😂
'XtinaLucia' 2 months ago
Girl in back was like Kourtney!
Jkeaira Loveaira
'Jkeaira Loveaira' 2 months ago
omg just do this....go like this.....ctfu!
Lizt Garcia
'Lizt Garcia' 2 months ago
I talk like this because its honestly like the funniest thing in the entire world there is nothing else literally no other humor exists
jack chan
'jack chan' 2 months ago
This is like literally so true, like, I cant even
'Purpleninja' 3 months ago
Kylie jenner & her squad
C.H. Carnahan
'C.H. Carnahan' 3 months ago
hhkkkmkkkkp0o 66777u6777uuuuu8u0,
Dima Elagha
'Dima Elagha' 3 months ago
did anyone else see the scenery out the window move when she fell out of it?
@ 3:02
Tray Harris
'Tray Harris' 3 months ago
They stole this from @lexitelevison
sanjaykumar Gupta
'sanjaykumar Gupta' 3 months ago
Html And Animal Jam
'Html And Animal Jam' 3 months ago
Why do mean people walk in odd numbers? Because they can't even.
Chailuv Gidwani
'Chailuv Gidwani' 3 months ago
Where did her drink go at 2:09
Kyle W
'Kyle W' 3 months ago
Fucking millennials.
'Budman5000' 3 months ago
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...
Harsharaj Bhattacharya
these 3= today's gen.😂😂
'LameNch33zy' 3 months ago
I hate how accurate this is.
News To Astonish
'News To Astonish' 3 months ago
This is cringey
'vfarias89' 3 months ago
OMG this takes be back to working at F21 and listening to a few corporate stylist speak.
lauren shankle
'lauren shankle' 3 months ago
I love this😂😂 I tend to exaggerate myself
ali ahmadi
'ali ahmadi' 3 months ago
is that the valley girl accent?
'Wassim' 3 months ago
I watch this like once a week
Mach Dude
'Mach Dude' 3 months ago
As a former Brooklynite, I can vouch that literally is a standard in our vocabulary.
zandile Ngumbela
'zandile Ngumbela' 3 months ago
is so can because I literally can
'emilioguzmanor' 3 months ago
Jesus F*cking Christ this was infurating
Erik Dubbs
'Erik Dubbs' 4 months ago
When u actually understand how their talking and you realize how my generation is a huge step in an unknown direction😂
'Inmehmeh' 4 months ago
This isn't funny as much as it is frustrating
'OdaKa' 4 months ago
Hello Sam Tabor o/
Mary Rayme
'Mary Rayme' 4 months ago
An apt Millenial commentary...
Flambetiger7248 ,
'Flambetiger7248 ,' 4 months ago
Describes the teen agers of this era.
'ModernPlague' 4 months ago
Fuckin' trendy Millenials, ugh...
DeAnna Hundley
'DeAnna Hundley' 4 months ago
this was hilarious!!
'LadyVibeke87' 4 months ago
Those are Liam's casts, I'm sure.
Alexander Hamilton
'Alexander Hamilton' 4 months ago
poor margo
'artichokes13' 4 months ago
it's funny because it's true.
'Pope' 4 months ago
There is no god there can't be
Weston Rogers
'Weston Rogers' 4 months ago
can't skip shit anymore, well looks like youtube ran its course, youtube like blockbuster, gonna get replaced soon. fuck you
666 swaraj
'666 swaraj' 4 months ago
Why she even came to office with those broken hands?
Prophocy 18
'Prophocy 18' 4 months ago
Melony M
'Melony M' 4 months ago
'I literally can't' stand people who talk like this... but this is hilarious
'TheAaronmcmahon11' 4 months ago
How does she go to the bathroom?
'mfree234' 4 months ago
This is soooo funny to me 😹😹😹
'vivandav67' 4 months ago
I work with annoying af millennials like that..I may snap soon...
'Sharbani' 5 months ago
I dunno but I think Dakota Johnson might actually talk like that.
'MichaelWilliamH' 5 months ago
Stop White girls.
'Dustie1984' 5 months ago
It's like the Kardashians talk...
'janine' 5 months ago
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