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Starset - Ricochet (360 Lyric Video) -
Published: 3 months ago By: starsetonline

By: starsetonlinePublished: 3 months ago

1, 182, 094 views

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From the album VESSELS - available now
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Directed by Denver Cavins and Dustin Bates

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And we were bold
Over the world
We were flying through the satellites
We had ahold
of the lightning strikes
When we should have been afraid of heights
And I was trying just to get you
And now I'm dying to forget you
cause I knew I couldn't catch you
so I left the sky
and I fell behind

We were one in the same
Running like moths to the flame
You'd hang on every word I'd say
But now they only ricochet
We were falling away
You left me with a bittersweet taste
but when I send my heart your way
It bounces off the walls you made

If I was whole
I'd turn right now
I'd forget it and just walk away
Cause I've been told
That I'm dragging it out
But I've been dying just to see your face
And all I wanted was to say goodbye
into the fortress and you're stuck behind
And in the silence now I realize
That after all
That I built the wall

All these broken souls
They never make me whole
They don't know my heart

All these broken souls
Each one more beautiful
They don't know my heart

I'll send out my soul
To worlds more beautiful
But they won't know my heart
It's the darkest part

'WolfRider67' 16 hours ago
Scrolled down to wonder why the hell this "lyric video" is just a guy in a hospital and read the comments and OMG how is this even possible
Sword of Darkness
Ayrton G Dieguez
'Ayrton G Dieguez' 2 days ago
Teemo on Drugz
'Teemo on Drugz' 2 days ago
who the hell is disliking this?!
Desiree Latisnere-Blosser
The part when the girl wakes up 😰
'OmegaMax' 3 days ago
It's funny because I was listening to this song with my iPad and I didn't even look at the video, but for my surprise when I took my iPad to go to the kitchen while I was listening to the song I realized that starset is not just amazing music, now they surprise me with an interactive 360 video, could they be more amazing?
Febuary Lewis
'Febuary Lewis' 3 days ago
Pause the video at 2:45. KEEP IT THAT WAY.

See those curtains? Swipe it to the left side then press the play button. Now, JUST WHO THE FVCK IS THAT GUY?! THEN DISAPPEARS IN MILLISECONDS ? Am I the only one notices?
Rick Grimes
'Rick Grimes' 4 days ago
la chica que aparecia era la de Halo (cancion) xxdxd
Matthew Goodwin
'Matthew Goodwin' 4 days ago
I love you starset, your music is like drugs to me every time I listen I get a high.
'SaiyanUnleashed' 4 days ago
"BUt when my heart your way, It bounces of the walls you made" <3
'Rose' 6 days ago
this fucking amazes me. what the fuck. an interactive music video
Darrence End Of Hiorn
damm this is awesome
'animexgirlxflames' 1 week ago
I've replayed this video at least 1000 times and only just now noticed the interactive feature! I didn't even know you could do this with videos! Mind = Blown!!
Jacob Lombardi
'Jacob Lombardi' 1 week ago
Freaking amazing
'xHellyys' 1 week ago
Oh. My. God. 360 lyric video. What a time to be alive!
COD Master
'COD Master' 2 weeks ago
this is okay this is amazing
Lone Wolf
'Lone Wolf' 2 weeks ago
you can move the camera!!!
Symum Ansari
'Symum Ansari' 2 weeks ago
anyone else thought that their screen glitched when was trying to minimize the video but the video was moving?
Little Miss Listless
Can we just appreciate for a second that we really just watched a doctor do (presumably) normal doctor things for about five minutes?
Chris the Gamer
'Chris the Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Anyone see the person 2:36
'WinterKnight' 2 weeks ago
it's crazy how they did this but it's cool
Firebolt 66
'Firebolt 66' 2 weeks ago
1 million views at last!!!
Camila Marcon
'Camila Marcon' 2 weeks ago
Shadow phoenix
'Shadow phoenix' 2 weeks ago
This is the best Song from vessels 🕵
Ryan Stone
'Ryan Stone' 2 weeks ago
Who else caught the video on the curtain at 2:05?
Ryan Stone
'Ryan Stone' 2 weeks ago
Who else loved the way that you could look at everything? Like if you agree
Jensi Oquendo
'Jensi Oquendo' 2 weeks ago
If you guys are confused about the monolith at the end, try watching this on YouTube TV.
Turin Mormegil
'Turin Mormegil' 2 weeks ago
'Sihaam' 2 weeks ago
"ricochet.... pick a shaade"
Yoli Ruiz
'Yoli Ruiz' 2 weeks ago
lmao you can literally move the video with your thumb starset cant get any better 10/10
Can Yakar
'Can Yakar' 2 weeks ago
legendary part of vessels
Clear As Day
'Clear As Day' 2 weeks ago
I hope I can go to their concert this year. They will be my first concert I ever went to! I've been wanting to go to one for 7 years now x.x
Hello im the SKY
'Hello im the SKY' 3 weeks ago
Landen Schmidt
'Landen Schmidt' 3 weeks ago
What is this about?
'JEFF TWEEDY' 3 weeks ago
Hey, everyone I am a huge fan of these guys, been to 12 demonstrations !!
I have this little group we just started and welcome all fans of what we think is one MONSTER of a band !! Request to join our group lets make these guys the biggest rock band in the world !!
Rashinka Zlj
'Rashinka Zlj' 3 weeks ago
OMG 2:45 that's Dustin sitting on the counter!!!
Joel Cruz
'Joel Cruz' 3 weeks ago
alguien que me explique cómo es que podemos mover la pantalla ósea el vídeo ése

primera vez que veo ésto de la pantalla
Nathan Throckmorton
'Nathan Throckmorton' 3 weeks ago
4:00 Watch the back corner of the room. That freaked me out the first time I watched it.
Ella Lesy
'Ella Lesy' 3 weeks ago
Both video and song fuckin scare me.
JKRzCrown AMViez
'JKRzCrown AMViez' 3 weeks ago
still waiting for a bad song from starset
FaZe Rez
'FaZe Rez' 3 weeks ago
Was that Dustin sitting on the counter at 4:02? (Appears for only a split second)
'Shadso' 3 weeks ago
NDE( Near Death Experience )
'Im868' 3 weeks ago
This 360° video is definitely better than the Doris one
Roberto garcia
'Roberto garcia' 3 weeks ago
it's interative
Joshua Whaley
'Joshua Whaley' 3 weeks ago
i spent the whole video just trying to figure out where the lyrics were
Antoniaa Vanilla
'Antoniaa Vanilla' 3 weeks ago
This one has to be my favourite
PinkStar Gaming
'PinkStar Gaming' 3 weeks ago
this reminds me when I was 8 years old and I nearly died because my appendix burst inside me
Daniele Bernocco
'Daniele Bernocco' 3 weeks ago
1mln views!
lighting niova
'lighting niova' 4 weeks ago
1mil lets go
'Mochriadhemiach' 4 weeks ago
OMFG I never realised the video was interactive! I was leaving it as it was and felt confused by the lack of lyrics.
'AMinecrafterBacon' 4 weeks ago
Looking at the video when it clips around to the other views.. Is this the same girl from Halo ( Possibly monster)? When looking at the computers, the scene seems to be similar to the end of Halos video.
'Deity1' 4 weeks ago
Once you've seen it the first time play it again and don't follow the lyrics around the room there's stuff in the background you have to look for.
Hannah Dobler
'Hannah Dobler' 4 weeks ago
When I saw the end I was like woahhhhhh they got the 3D album cover!!!
Silent.l l.Nøise
'Silent.l l.Nøise' 4 weeks ago
how does the 360 work?
Megan McCann
'Megan McCann' 4 weeks ago
this is a masterpiece!!
'TheHistoryTurtle' 4 weeks ago
Dark souls type song here.
Arbaal II
'Arbaal II' 4 weeks ago
Just found out when you move your phone or the video it moves around lmao
Frozen Heart
'Frozen Heart' 4 weeks ago
sahil soren
'sahil soren' 4 weeks ago
Though Starset do not make a good video but their songs touches the heart! :)
'Vincent' 4 weeks ago
OMG THIS IS AWESOME, bravo Starset
Digital Witness
'Digital Witness' 4 weeks ago
When you finally find the lyrics and they fucking move again.
'Rachelygo' 4 weeks ago
Watching this whilst navigating by spinning around on an office chair sure is fun
'DreamEagle' 4 weeks ago
That moment when you realize,

this is not one of those shallow love songs <3
Beta Croft
'Beta Croft' 1 month ago
super cool :)
Rek Grims
'Rek Grims' 1 month ago
this became a game of find the lyrics lol
'FinalFantasy7Freak6' 1 month ago
That's IT!! I love technology!!!
Kay Oh
'Kay Oh' 1 month ago
Wow! Absolutely the most incredible MV I have seen in a long while!!! O: Besides that the song is utter brilliance. XD
'SIKK CHIKK' 1 month ago
Just as Amazzing Live! =)
Schneider Joachim
'Schneider Joachim' 1 month ago
This is just too good. Wow, just wow
'Gamer7766' 1 month ago
If you watch the back cabinets really closely at around 4:02 A guy will show up for just a few frames and then disappear, don't know if it was a mistake or intentional xD.
'Sarubotai' 1 month ago
Holy shit you can drag and see around INSIDE the video. I thought i was going crazy
Cillian Farrell
'Cillian Farrell' 1 month ago
If you're doing a Sci-Fi movie, and looking for music, just come to Starset and you're set.
Kara Sume
'Kara Sume' 1 month ago
Wait wait wait wait WHAT? THIS IS A 2017 SONG??
Sergeant_ Chris
'Sergeant_ Chris' 1 month ago
I was sitting on the fucking toilet and I was trying to find those damn lyrics while pooping XDD
Keltorian Valengard
'Keltorian Valengard' 1 month ago
And again an amazing album guys!
Anyone noticed that this is the same girl like in the halo music video? There can also be seen scenes from halo on the monitors at 4:27.
Timo Nunes
'Timo Nunes' 1 month ago
love it
Cleo Shaddick
'Cleo Shaddick' 1 month ago
i really like that its interactive, it gives me a challenge to find the lyrics lol.
this will be liked by me
Maria clara Camargo
'Maria clara Camargo' 1 month ago
Hanna Martins
'Hanna Martins' 1 month ago
Mds q música boa😍
'Armezea' 1 month ago
4k quality of music and video....
francis hosey
'francis hosey' 1 month ago
What brand of 360 camera are they using???? I need one for a trip to Switzerland!!!
Ijiura Z
'Ijiura Z' 1 month ago
I can so imagine this being in a movie trailer...
Manny Diaz
'Manny Diaz' 1 month ago
360 doesn't work?
SchweinKiller Lol
'SchweinKiller Lol' 1 month ago
Carlos Moreno González
'Googlebrains' 1 month ago
2015 wasn't really anything unless I'm not looking hard enough.
2016 was the year of metalcore. (TDWP, ADTR, ETID)
2017 is going to be the year of alt metal. (Starset, Linkin Park, maybe SOAD)
If we're going to be following this pattern:
2018 - Nothing much
2019 - Metalcore
2020 - Alt metal
Ikeda Cripps
'Ikeda Cripps' 1 month ago
abeg what is this?
'SavageNinja' 1 month ago
2:01 don't bring politics into here :(
Eman Eshiet
'Eman Eshiet' 1 month ago
433 people couldn't find the running lyrics 😭😭
josh nalepa
'josh nalepa' 1 month ago
you can sense the emotion in his voice. even after a month since this came out, I still watch it and listen to it. it's so damn good. I hope it gets nominated for a award, it's complex but amazing. to me starset has their own style, they sound like no other band/music but in a awsome way. one reason why I like them
XxFlower CrxwnxX
'XxFlower CrxwnxX' 1 month ago
What is the story behind with this? like with their songs? Because,i can see that the girl in the videos from the projector is the girl lying on the table. I can connect this with Let It Die.
RedHawk TV
'RedHawk TV' 1 month ago
'Gunter' 1 month ago
Christopher Fassih
'Christopher Fassih' 1 month ago
LCK Army, Stand at attention
'LUKY GAMES-BR' 1 month ago
é normal viciar nessa música ?
Ankur Rai
'Ankur Rai' 1 month ago
starset is just too perfect
'FlusherCheese' 1 month ago
So good
eL 4ster1sK
'eL 4ster1sK' 1 month ago
good time
'good time' 1 month ago
Wtf.I can move screen of clip
Sofía Agüero
'Sofía Agüero' 1 month ago
This is the best lyric video I've ever seen, good job Starset you have surprise once again
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