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I Have A Condition That Makes Sex Painful -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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The condition VVS is a type of vulvodynia, which can cause incredibly painful sex. Surprisingly, the condition may affect up to 15% of women.

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Corey Flaspoehler

Nia Mcqueen
'Nia Mcqueen' 2 days ago
At least she is not hiding it.
Shaynials Simson
'Shaynials Simson' 3 days ago
Why do people act like sex is what is supposed to hold a relationship together or that's what the relationship should be about?
'kittycatnya~' 1 week ago
If you're underage of having sex, how do you know is you have VVS?
Debonay Joseph
'Debonay Joseph' 1 week ago
Awww the love between these two is beautiful
gamila rizk
'gamila rizk' 1 week ago
why would someone brake another's heart just becuz she has a condition and she doesnt get to have sex with her that's a horrible person and even after you found this vibrator thing whatever is that the only reason he came back to you? if was this poor woman i would never get back with him just sayin'
victoria hale
'victoria hale' 2 weeks ago
There is to much wrong with her. Her hair issues now her vagina is acting up. Good lord
Prince Blake
'Prince Blake' 2 weeks ago
I'm not really sold on that relationship. I mean I hope the chic gets better with proper medical treatment and support, but for the guy, It's not like she developed cancer after 20 years of a stable loving marriage. Sex is a big deal in relationships. Just as big as trust, love and honesty

 I think he should have cut his loses and found a woman whom he could share the full spectrum of intimacy with. And he's a young man too. Not a priest.
Mia A
'Mia A' 2 weeks ago
Corey's mind: "she's hott, aw man she losing her hair! That's fine she still hot with that wig! Aw man no fun times in the bed! ok no more! But she so hot! dat body! Ok I back in and man up for that!"
Mia A
'Mia A' 2 weeks ago
Ok let's talk about how hot she is... She's always been my favourite buzzfeed person, I still watch the vids cause of her before I knew she had several conditions. Learning about her health issues had me realising no ones perfect ^^
'Andrea' 2 weeks ago
I have the same condition as you, and it took me years to feel comfortable with it--let alone how long it took me to explain the condition to my partners. Luckily, I'm now with someone who loves me and understands that we have to make changes to physical intimacy and the ways we think about sex. I also struggled with the "broken" feeling. The person I was involved with when I was diagnosed at around 18-19, was very much in the strain of "if we ignore it, it will go away". That didn't work. And I realized that if he wasn't going to help me and support me, that he wasn't a good person to be with. (There were also other factors going on at the same time.) Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your story, for talking about it, and for making one less person feel alone in their diagnosis. You're awesome!
Ametaf Johora
'Ametaf Johora' 2 weeks ago
i just want to help becky
Sidra Tauqeer
'Sidra Tauqeer' 3 weeks ago
o my god I feel the same pain during intercourse but it happened after my c-section, so I wasn't really serious about it
I read a few articles saying this usually happens after c-section
but then now it's been a year nd m still not comfortable having sex
I have an appointment with my doctor because I really really feel the same pain she explained in the video
I hope everything goes well for u dear, and for me too
m scared.....
Deb bie
'Deb bie' 3 weeks ago
wow!! I think I've just diagnosed what I had suffered with for 7 years that no Dr could. Just read about it and same symptoms. Now, it's gone. weird thing is, I went on a 90 day juice fast and the pain and swelling lessened
'LoverWitch' 3 weeks ago
OMG. This is incredible. Buzzfeed, thank you so much for posting this. I have vaginismus and vulvodynia. My pelvic muscles are in a constant spasm. My vagina is constantly aching, hurting or like you said it feels like I'm being penetrated with a serrated knife. The unusual part is that most women only feel it when it's touched, but mine comes on its own and hits me like a ton of bricks. I use aromatherapy, meditation, prayer, masturbation to ease the pain. If I masturbate every few days I can keep the pain at bay. I feel like a defective woman. What man wants a woman he can't have sex with? I dream of romance, but how am I supposed to think about being in a relationship when I can't even satisfy him and give him what he needs? My heart goes out to you. You have wonderful friends to be so supportive! And discovering this curse while being in a relationship? Ouch. I am so glad to hear you're making it work out. It's so inspiring.
Alexis Sims
'Alexis Sims' 3 weeks ago
That's great that your friends supported you and tried really hard to get you feeling better and just being your friends.
Emily hancock
'Emily hancock' 3 weeks ago
thank you for making a video about this - I had no idea it was so prevalent and so excruciating :(
Kiki Thor
'Kiki Thor' 3 weeks ago
I wish they would stop letting this girl make videos
Farah Abdoh
'Farah Abdoh' 3 weeks ago
omg how does this girl have all that diseases
Kay Howell
'Kay Howell' 3 weeks ago
See, if anything else, Becky reminds us that we can be stronger.
llama poop
'llama poop' 3 weeks ago
u also have anorexia and ur ugky
Retarded Artist
'Retarded Artist' 3 weeks ago
She has a very nice husband! Some men would divorce as soon as a sexual problem was mentioned.
Gekio F
'Gekio F' 3 weeks ago
Your boyfriend seems like a jerk.
'bonesrbeautyful' 3 weeks ago
I would love to know what this numbing product she uses is ?
Jessica Nexo
'Jessica Nexo' 3 weeks ago
She is amazing and strong and all of that But I really just want to say that she should turn down a bit for the Mascara Jesus...
Tanya bey
'Tanya bey' 3 weeks ago
shes so cute 😄
Kit Savastani
'Kit Savastani' 3 weeks ago
I like how the guy dumps her because he can't have sex. If it means that much to him than he doesn't deserve her.
'Christina' 3 weeks ago
I know this is unrelated to the video but she looks like Princess Diana with that hair
Sandra Ponycheese
'Sandra Ponycheese' 3 weeks ago
becky can just not catch a break.
Morgan Jones
'Morgan Jones' 4 weeks ago
I don't have alopecia, but I do have moderate hair loss and VVS. My relationship and outlook on life is not so good. Would love to sit down and chat with this girl.
nashy bearh
'nashy bearh' 4 weeks ago
i love her so much. my god.
Brenno Rubegni
'Brenno Rubegni' 4 weeks ago
just take her from the back
Blaze P
'Blaze P' 4 weeks ago
I'm not a doctor, but it does make sense. The pain and pleasure nerve centers of the brain are supposed to be close - which explains why some people get off on things like BDSM. Her story is a bittersweet one: she's lucky to have an understanding BF like Corey.

Could you imagine having a BF/GF that has sex for/gets off on the sole purpose of causing you pain?? She is so strong, and this is a guy said this!
Rocky Pop 101
'Rocky Pop 101' 4 weeks ago
ahhhh im crying cause im scared Ahhhhhhhhh omg kill meee plslslslsll
Janiah Jones
'Janiah Jones' 4 weeks ago
Corey && Becky are literally goals i'm so happy for her she's literally blessed even if she goes through a lot of things I am so happy for her i hope you all find this . bless you all
owlsquish 1601
'owlsquish 1601' 4 weeks ago
i thought there still together
'Potteto' 4 weeks ago
i need a man like corey.
'Hazz' 1 month ago
He shouldn't have broken up with you , like if he really loves you then he wouldn't leave you cause you can't have sex 😑
Deplorable Geo
'Deplorable Geo' 1 month ago
Lol sucks for you
Layla aka editing queen Dragneel
VVS, do you have something pink sticking out of your vagina?
'Pokefnafcraft' 1 month ago
And the Christmas tree is like "OH MY GOD!!!" I could not stop laughing
Abnormal is pretty
'Abnormal is pretty' 1 month ago
This was such a humbling video. It made me so emotional I cried. I don't even have this! But I am dealing with another issue and I'm just like wow, if they can get through that together, my little problem seems so minuscule. What a fantastic story 💖 I hope they get married! Then it will be even more intimate and special 💖
Abnormal is pretty
'Abnormal is pretty' 1 month ago
This was such a humbling video. It made me so emotional I cried. I don't even have this! But I am dealing with another issue and I'm just like wow, if they can get through that together, my little problem seems so minuscule. What a fantastic story 💖 I hope they get married! Then it will be even more intimate and special 💖
Alisson Tafur
'Alisson Tafur' 1 month ago
I feel really bad for her she has so much health conditions, but she's still smiles thought it all she's so strong funny and very sweet. Wish you the best ❤️❤️❤️
Bitesize Baconator
'Bitesize Baconator' 1 month ago
I have been having painful sex since I started to have it in my late teen years. It DOES feel like a piece of glass up there, but the best explanation I can give is, it feels like a knife stabbing into my stomach and the pain is still here at least half an hour after sex. I have gone to doctors but they just check for stds or STI's(they always think that is the cause) but when nothing comes up than they don't know what to do, except tell me to use more lube or take it more easy during sex. Which I have taken that advice so not sure what to do.
Kaylia Marie Solares
Omg I feel bad for women with this syndrome
sex shouldn't be excruciating painful
Sakina Fletcher
'Sakina Fletcher' 1 month ago
'snowy-lobi' 1 month ago
i love these two
Ashtin Stano
'Ashtin Stano' 1 month ago
My new biggest fear of developing. Jesus.
dat boi
'dat boi' 1 month ago
she has a poopy face
Jordan Marie
'Jordan Marie' 1 month ago
you're relationship should not be characterized by intercourse so i'm glad that you guys got through it
Barbara Danley
'Barbara Danley' 1 month ago
That is exactly how love is supposed to work. Good for them.
Elizabeth Gonley
'Elizabeth Gonley' 1 month ago
how did watching videos about pitbull puppys get to this.... and isnt i suppose 2 b panefull ... but ... liket i would know.... sad sad vergen questions
I'm terrified I might have this.
Tori ._.
'Tori ._.' 1 month ago
Oh my lord. God bless this girl...she's been thru enough ♡
Yellow Blanket
'Yellow Blanket' 1 month ago
Wait, so are they together or not? They said they broke up but people are saying they're an amazing couple?? I'm so confused???
Scarlett Richards
'Scarlett Richards' 1 month ago
You're not lacking in a relationship just bc you can't have sex. stop being so shallow.
'user21' 1 month ago
I know the struggle, especially when you feel like you are just waiting for it to go away. Somehow my boyfriend and I made it through that, and I've just finished a course of therapy that's helped me relearn intimacy. And actually, that better connection has made some of the pain go away too! ☺️ (I have vaginismus not vvs though) Keep on fighting babes, we won't let this define us 🌼
Amina Alamin
'Amina Alamin' 1 month ago
Im sad about what she's going through but I'm glad she has such great people in her life
Yakov Gal
'Yakov Gal' 1 month ago
Omg that's kinda weird gotta admit that's we'red as crap
Tyrena Cunningham
'Tyrena Cunningham' 1 month ago
shes so cute
Jessica Wilson
'Jessica Wilson' 1 month ago
Ellie Alexander
'Ellie Alexander' 1 month ago
Poor thing........
Im Not Jamie
'Im Not Jamie' 1 month ago
Damn it must be even more painful for these women to give birth, unless they do it cesarean.
Ainsley Grace
'Ainsley Grace' 1 month ago
are they back together?
Georgia Gray
'Georgia Gray' 1 month ago
I've had the same problem for quite some time now and after seeing this video, I feel like a whole weight has been lifted off me. Thank you so much for making this video.
'angelstouch92' 1 month ago
Omg I was literally talking about this pain today and that the people I have seen so far don't know what is causing it. I might mention this and see what they say.
Madhad Ali
'Madhad Ali' 1 month ago
relationship goals
georgia teamlogic
'georgia teamlogic' 1 month ago
that is horrible
I am sorry to any woman that can't have sex
I can't imagine that
'luvr381' 1 month ago
Does your mouth and anus also have VVS? Then you can still be useful.
'Lolliepopper' 1 month ago
But... How do you... Tampons?
'Hamilton.Is.Life' 1 month ago
i thought it always hurt lol what do i know
okay, i feel great for both of them but I feel like they're kinda giving off the vibe the asexuals are broken? I'm not asexual but it feels like they're giving off the vibe that sex is necessary to have a healthy relationship and it feels kinda wrong.
Ramla Dalmar
'Ramla Dalmar' 1 month ago
Damn this girl got 99 problems
- Arias
'- Arias' 1 month ago
Damn!! 15% of women??? I had never heard of this!!!
Nicole Batenhorst
'Nicole Batenhorst' 1 month ago
this is actually quite common. pelvic floor pain happens to many. more generalized types of vulvodynia or vaginismus are even more painful then what this girl has, causing severe knife like spasms, burning muscle sensations, etc. all up and down the outside and inside of the vag/vulva, even when you are not trying to have sex. just trying to sit, lay still, or walk can be so difficult. there are lots of support groups and books out there! check Facebook and Meetup in your area and join up. don't be shamed, no need to be shy. don't accept defeat. as this YouTuber explains, you have many options out there. :)
hi you
'hi you' 1 month ago
There is all ways the booty hole
Sunwhisker Eagle Clan
Why isn't she in the regular videos anymore?
Priscilla Jacobs
'Priscilla Jacobs' 1 month ago
I feel bad for her but damn those eyelashes need help
'MostlyHarmless' 1 month ago
using papaya for a sex ed book cover is not a good idea in my opinion
'Dementos' 1 month ago
Breaking up with your significant other because you have trouble with sex is low.
It just goes to show how much you were involved with the relationship if sex is the only thing keeping you there.
Sarah Squared
'Sarah Squared' 1 month ago
I love how everyone is in the same boat about Becky's life lol Like "GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK MAN." Always think though, that someone has things worse off than you, and you don't even know it. Doesn't mean you can't acknowledge your own problems, but also be grateful for the things you have.
Coconut Sharks In The Water
Daniel Sampson
'Daniel Sampson' 1 month ago
'WindyWitchHazel' 1 month ago
Thank you for talking about this BuzzFeed! I've had vulvodynia since I was 14! I'm 20 now, still haven't found a cure. There's not a moment I'm not in pain. It's there 24/7.

I'll never be able to have sex unless it's cured.
Josephine Kava
'Josephine Kava' 1 month ago
Pisstrooper #6969
'Pisstrooper #6969' 1 month ago
That's what she gets for working at Buzzfeed.
Pink Llama
'Pink Llama' 1 month ago
Wait I have a question for all the people who have this condition:does it hurt to pee?do you still have your periods?
junghope willrise
'junghope willrise' 1 month ago
I can't believe men like Corey actually exist. I hope our generation of guys grow up and be like this.
The Jenna Pearl
'The Jenna Pearl' 1 month ago
We all have SO MANY ways we can potentially feel pleasure, and I'm really glad you and your boyfriend are exploring your options as a couple! :)
Selina Kyle
'Selina Kyle' 1 month ago
I've never really heard of anyone else having vulvodynia, and it makes me feel less alone. I mean, in the sense that no one I know deals with any pain like that. I have generalized vulvodynia.
B. Kween
'B. Kween' 1 month ago
Tom McA
'Tom McA' 1 month ago
If that's your biggest issue i think you have a good life
'HunterBow1' 1 month ago
oral + bootyhole
'DustinAllen1994' 1 month ago
I'm looking for a book or books to help me better understand and deal with my fiancé not wanting or being able to have sex. Sex is physically painful for her due to VVS and she has no sex drive due to the prior mentioned and some traumatic events that occurred in the past. I... we need help with this.
Dat Monsieur
'Dat Monsieur' 1 month ago
Omg I had been wondering what was wrong with me!!
marialejandra oseguera
He is amazing! He supported her through this and alopecia. You are blessed❤️❤️❤️
'TekViper' 1 month ago
She put glass in her vagina? xD
'iLikeKandy' 1 month ago
how did I get here I was watching music videos
'singhrais' 1 month ago
Poor Becky, she seems to be having several health issues :(
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