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Game Grumps Animated - My Dick's Fallin' Off - by Shoocharu -
Published: 3 months ago By: GameGrumps

By: GameGrumpsPublished: 3 months ago

1, 742, 236 views

52, 853 Likes   400 Dislikes

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Joey Meyer
'Joey Meyer' 2 hours ago
this was. my favorite GG animated
Studio Yami
'Studio Yami' 15 hours ago
This makes that episode go from comedy gold to fucking comedy platinum.
Dark Wolfeh77
'Dark Wolfeh77' 21 hours ago
we he held up his fingers to the number 30 I was drinking water and I laughed so hard it came out of my nose 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yoshi clan
'Yoshi clan' 22 hours ago
This is amazing
Donovan Smith
'Donovan Smith' 1 day ago
Dumb ass video
Koala Bear
'Koala Bear' 1 day ago
By far my favourite game grump animated
'HyruleAssassin197' 2 days ago
Arin: 'Aight.

(Game over)

Arin: AAH!
'Coolgaming' 2 days ago
Thaila Drawing Disaster
Keep in mind that Arin is Dan's boss XD
'Amaster' 2 days ago
did anyone else think Arin sounded like markiplier when he said look at my eye resume
Bowser gaming
'Bowser gaming' 3 days ago
1:02 is my favaroute
Mr. Bannana
'Mr. Bannana' 3 days ago
Why is arin always a god damn quintuple chinned monster in game grumps animated?
Adherent ostrich
'Adherent ostrich' 4 days ago
0:32 reminds me of a show i used to watch as a kid
Over Suga
'Over Suga' 5 days ago
this is my favourite gg animation of all time
'GruesomeGrin' 5 days ago
I love the way you handle Arin getting further and/or closer to the mic. It's so perfect XD
ShadowsInTheDeep _
This is my favorite video.
'RushFanatic87' 6 days ago
What episode did the opening part come from???
NiCiStHeK !
'NiCiStHeK !' 7 days ago
30 years experience in JACKIN OOOOFFFFF
'Deltana' 7 days ago
Anyone know what Mario Galaxy episode the opening was from?
Super Hank
'Super Hank' 7 days ago
Danny: Alright, alright, let's say four left.
Arin: Am I right?😎... AH!... Haaah!
'xXG3N3TALIAXx' 1 week ago
Hey Shooch, tell me what drugs you're currently doing. It looks like fun ;)
Brooke K.
'Brooke K.' 1 week ago
Arin's eye résumé:
Name: Arin Hanson
Age: 42
Interests: I enjoy walking fast whilest scooping icecream from my kneecaps. I do it every week with my boyfriend Dan.
Skills: Chins for days. 30 years of [jacking off]
Mar the Bored Emo Kid
this guy needs to make a full animated video for nsp
'Tasbard' 1 week ago
Anyone know what the opening is from?
Shemy Djent
'Shemy Djent' 1 week ago
What episode did "did we start the episode already" come from, again?
John Laird
'John Laird' 1 week ago
Still my favorite.
roboninja saur
'roboninja saur' 1 week ago
1:09 i just noticed the wolfjob painting lol
Charlie Matthews
'Charlie Matthews' 1 week ago
the animation makes this so much funnier
head ass
'head ass' 1 week ago
ooohhh ohh
Bruce Wayne
'Bruce Wayne' 1 week ago
This is by far, my favorite gamegrumps moment
Nue Houjuu
'Nue Houjuu' 2 weeks ago
Don't fucking question my shit. -Arin Hanson
Kaylem Tyler
'Kaylem Tyler' 2 weeks ago
this is the best visual comedy ive ever seen
'Slagomancer' 2 weeks ago
Actually my favorite moment and animated
Halo Husky Rider
'Halo Husky Rider' 2 weeks ago
'princepippa' 2 weeks ago
i can't believe this has dislikes it's so great
doot howell
'doot howell' 2 weeks ago

'ALPHYS' 2 weeks ago
arin's face at 1:00 kills me every time
'Tasman' 2 weeks ago
So, while at work, i've been binge watching these animated game grumps. TRYING SO HARD not to laugh and not get caught, this fucking one though. This one, broke me. I was literally crying!!
'OGMasterWest' 2 weeks ago
Hey bub. Play Lisa. Or did y'all already. Play Lisa
Abad Torres
'Abad Torres' 2 weeks ago
wtf did I watch
A Person
'A Person' 2 weeks ago
0:41 Arin-'sexy, seductive voice' "allright"
'ToxicTV' 2 weeks ago
Arin have no neck. It's just chins.
I'm alright
Noah Christner
'Noah Christner' 2 weeks ago
god that face when his sunglasses fell off killed me
IPlaySuperNes u?
'IPlaySuperNes u?' 2 weeks ago
That neck should be a wonder of the world
Steve Brown
'Steve Brown' 2 weeks ago
that bit with the sunglasses!! 😂😂😂
Marcelo Couto
'Marcelo Couto' 2 weeks ago
0:02 - 0:07
When you nut but she keeps sucking
Killer Cobra101
'Killer Cobra101' 2 weeks ago
oh my god, this guy is SUPER good at drawing Arin's rage, I love it
Fucking Productions
'Fucking Productions' 2 weeks ago
Watching the playlist and dying
Taylor Chambers
'Taylor Chambers' 2 weeks ago
-Arin Hanson 2016
Benjiro Nagamori
'Benjiro Nagamori' 2 weeks ago
wtf is this animation
'TheCbrown146' 2 weeks ago
Can we get Game Grumps on adult tv?
'Nour' 2 weeks ago
So many fucking CHINS
'UG24H' 2 weeks ago
The Trash Man
'The Trash Man' 2 weeks ago
"My dick's fallen off!" I'm gonna hang that over my child's crib.
Charlie Camper//SharkPunchGaming
0:55 is hilarious!
Fandomfreak Gamer
'Fandomfreak Gamer' 3 weeks ago
Wtf is this video
'guilmon182' 3 weeks ago
This is probably my favorite GG Animated.
I7sniPes 104
'I7sniPes 104' 3 weeks ago
Did steam train get discontinued or something
Some guy and his games
Which ep of mario galaxy is the first clip from???
Belle Rusin
'Belle Rusin' 3 weeks ago
Lucinda Pimm
'Lucinda Pimm' 3 weeks ago
ive watched this about 50 times and i laugh out loud every time
Travis Rogers
'Travis Rogers' 3 weeks ago
I have never laughed while being traumatised...
Dehrich Chya
'Dehrich Chya' 3 weeks ago
Arins's Eye Resume:
He enjoys walking fast whilest scooping ice cream from his kneecaps. He does it every week with his boyfriend Dan.

Skills: Chins for days; 30 years of (presumably) jacking off
Dehrich Chya
'Dehrich Chya' 3 weeks ago
"Look at my [eye] resume!" Omg I love that
Petter Blakstad
'Petter Blakstad' 3 weeks ago
But it didn't count.
Jonathon Gordon
'Jonathon Gordon' 3 weeks ago
Shoocharu will forget make the best gg animated, he's truly a god
'EBsessed' 3 weeks ago
Arin's disgusting dirty-ass feet when he takes the Megaman cover off is fucking brilliant, lmfao.
Belle Rusin
'Belle Rusin' 3 weeks ago
i fucking dying the whole time omg
Blaze37X Gaming
'Blaze37X Gaming' 3 weeks ago
This guy makes the best animated grumps
Zombies Caffeine
'Zombies Caffeine' 3 weeks ago
This video makes me nauseous for some reason.
Zazo Beck
'Zazo Beck' 3 weeks ago
0:32 is literally the best part 😂😂😂😂😂
keep the blue flag flying high
I'm alright.
Sun Wukong
'Sun Wukong' 3 weeks ago
I LOVE IT! !!!!!!!!!!!!
'dabomber1111' 3 weeks ago
And it says he has chins for days and it actually does say 30 years of jacking off wow
'dabomber1111' 3 weeks ago
How the hell does that neck go so far
'Gallzatron' 3 weeks ago
...I'm alright......AHH!
James Howlett
'James Howlett' 3 weeks ago
1:00 "Don't fucking question my shit"
The Padawan Jedi
'The Padawan Jedi' 3 weeks ago
Me: 30 years? Very impressive.
Sebastian Rasor
'Sebastian Rasor' 3 weeks ago
'isuckatdrawing' 3 weeks ago
That wasn't weed...
_Meme Child_ THE Random Noodle
I cant with this animation.
'RagingLogicVlog' 3 weeks ago
This is my fav animation by him, and I think in general
Raceraddictted Plays
Never before has an animation so perfectly captured Arin's rage.
'AlduinGaming' 4 weeks ago
probably the best gg animated also 0:55 lol
Maximus Mejia
'Maximus Mejia' 4 weeks ago
The heads coming out of Arin's mouth had me dying.
Tyler Gray
'Tyler Gray' 4 weeks ago
49k likes and only like 300 dislikes. I can see why...
'Jawunleashed' 4 weeks ago
1:00 kills me every time. XD
Rache Tanz
'Rache Tanz' 4 weeks ago
How fuckin dirty are the bottoms of Arin's feet? (Around 1:11)
This animation is fuckin awesome by the way. Probably the best GG Animated I've ever seen.
Paint Splattered Planet
this is the greatest thing in the history of things
'DapperSkelington' 4 weeks ago
This is so dumb I love it
'pikachu' 4 weeks ago
Mythical Machine
'Mythical Machine' 4 weeks ago
I've watched this so many times and it keeps getting funnier every time XD
datboigamin 5
'datboigamin 5' 4 weeks ago
i will not laugh
Perry Sexton
'Perry Sexton' 4 weeks ago
Arin u crazy 😜
'Bacxaber' 4 weeks ago
Arin's "b'alright" at 0:40 always kills me. He goes from manic rage to inner-peace in an instant.
'Ω' 4 weeks ago
NAME: Arin Hans
AGE: 42
I enjoy walking fast whilst scooping (Idk) from my kneecap.
I do it every week with my boyfriend Dan
Chins for days
30 years of... jackin off
'woteveruk1' 4 weeks ago
i know they're suppsoed to be chins,but arin always ends up looking like a penis in these animations lmao
Chris Langley
'Chris Langley' 4 weeks ago
he actually animated in the thirty fingers
Dinosaur Popato
'Dinosaur Popato' 4 weeks ago
Arin is a thumb this time.
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