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Its 2017 on THWIP! The Big Marvel Show! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Mark up your Marvel calendars as Lorraine and Ryan break down all things TV, Films, Games, Comics and more coming in 2017! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

Send in questions to Twitter at #MarvelTHWIP or let us know in the comments below! Or email us at

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THWIP! The Big Marvel Show is a variety talk show hosted by Lorraine Cink and Ryan Penagos AKA Agent M discussing Marvel's biggest stories from movies, TV, news, games, and of course comics. Get the inside scoop on all things Marvel from Marvel HQ in New York City. THWIP! will be there to provide all Marvel fans with special guests, games, variety segments, and lots of audience interaction using the hashtag #MarvelTHWIP. The show will be your weekly one stop shop for all things Marvel and also leave you excited to continue diving deeper into the Marvel Universe!

Host & Writer: Lorraine Cink
Co-Host: Ryan Penagos
Director, Camera and Editor: Jason Latorre
Producer: Judy Stephens
Art Direction & Graphics: Laura Kammermann
Production Designer: Samantha Shoffner
Executive Producers: John Cerilli, Ryan Penagos, & Harry Go

Matthew Moore
'Matthew Moore' 2 months ago
PLEASE tell me where I can get that Iron Man on the sofa.
'34nramirez' 2 months ago
I want a new hulk game with a bomb and red hulk and she hulk
The Webslinger
'The Webslinger' 2 months ago
who's the character on Lorraine's shirt? I forgot her name
'Eggo' 2 months ago
I want those hand puppet movies
Ricardo Martinez
'Ricardo Martinez' 2 months ago
you forgot logan the new wolverine movie
_PyroD _
'_PyroD _' 2 months ago
You forgot about The Punisher on netflix
'Agrest4269' 3 months ago
That was the question. Since Inhumans are're made as a television series what appears instead as a movie? Personally, I would be very well filmed Ghost Rider.
Theron Mitchell
'Theron Mitchell' 3 months ago
Logan Ruiz
'Logan Ruiz' 3 months ago
why don't you talk about the new wolverine movie coming march
opel pan
'opel pan' 3 months ago
Don't mind me here, just a nerdy guy enjoying watching nerdy people talking about nerdy stuff in a very nerdy video :v
Alain Smith
'Alain Smith' 3 months ago
so exited about this whole stuff
r.ruban Raja
'r.ruban Raja' 3 months ago
can't exited about upcoming marvel films.
Web Slinger 007
'Web Slinger 007' 3 months ago
hey when will the ps4 spiderman game release
alien dude
'alien dude' 3 months ago
that laugh from backroundmade me cringe🤓
Shivayou Pandey
'Shivayou Pandey' 3 months ago
They didn't mention The Punisher. Isn't it coming out this year.
Amy Meeks
'Amy Meeks' 3 months ago
feminist and a cuck cant watch this
angry persona
'angry persona' 3 months ago
i love those mugs
'SHUBHAM PAULIAN' 3 months ago
Instert Name
'Instert Name' 3 months ago
Danial DK Khaliq
'Danial DK Khaliq' 3 months ago
GotG Vol. 2
Iron Fist
GotG Telltale
Spidey PS4
MvC 4
Francis Yu
'Francis Yu' 3 months ago
Omg AoS latest episode blew my mind! Next episode please!!!
дима терновский
'RJ ESTUDIOS' 3 months ago
When will thor raknaro leave the trailer?
'RJ ESTUDIOS' 3 months ago
Spiderman will emerge in avengers infinity war
josue Fuentes
'josue Fuentes' 3 months ago
Your clearly giving hints about the new world order, I dispise those organizations.
Blade Wilson
'Blade Wilson' 3 months ago
monsters unleashed was the movie title for the Scooby Doo sequel! why didn't Marvel think twice before publishing the comic.😒
'JeffreyGamingYT' 3 months ago
wtf yt started in 2006 and marvel joined in 2005:/
'Steven M ATTRELL' 3 months ago
These hosts are so cringe worthy it's insane
Hadeks Marow
'Hadeks Marow' 3 months ago
Is it wrong that I feel like these hosts don't feel like comic people more then they do hired news reporters who may or may not even know about some of the stuff they are talking about?
'Chilltrillgangtx' 3 months ago
2:46 who? What channel?
ethan fernando
'ethan fernando' 3 months ago
pls so house of m on tl:dr
'Katalabix' 3 months ago
I AM GROOT baby!!!! 😀:-)
Holbein Cis
'Holbein Cis' 3 months ago
hola y si crean un héroe que pueda crear dragones de energia
Vietnam Bleach
'Vietnam Bleach' 3 months ago
I'm most excited for:
Justice league
Spider-Man homecoming
Guardians 2
Wonder Woman
Thor ragnarok
Episode 8
( in that order)2017 is hyppee
Normal Adolescent
'Normal Adolescent' 3 months ago
When will the defenders premiere?
Chotitho 209
'Chotitho 209' 3 months ago
soooo deadpool 2?
Lysergic Diethylamide
Marvel, savior of 2017
Nothing 8262
'Nothing 8262' 3 months ago
I can't wait for Spider-Man homecoming and Logan there is so many good things coming out
'RamsTheNameCom' 3 months ago
I find it funny how Moon Knight is not in the Marvel Monsters Unlesh comics. Considering that Moon Knight actually IS a monster hunter though he mostly only hunts werewolves.
Zac Gabriadze
'Zac Gabriadze' 3 months ago
I can't wait to read the Deadpool the Duck story
It is going to be epic
'Blackwing2040' 3 months ago
Your guys are a hilarious comedy duo, seems like 2017 is gonna be a year for Spider-Man
BK gamer
'BK gamer' 3 months ago
I would love to be in the MCU if I was I would be the son of scarlet witch and vision called Ben Maximoff and would feature first in a scarlet witch and vision tv series featuring the return of...CROSSBONES to try and kill scarlet witch and the vision and me featuring in the final episode of the series after crossbones is finally crossed out and then appear in the final episode of the series before infinity war part 1and feature in that learning about my mixed powers of Quicksilver, scarlet witch and quicksilver then revealing my true hero identity my hero name:Adam Warlock #marvelthwip
'Denicko' 3 months ago
what about spider man ps4?
Art Pajazitaj
'Art Pajazitaj' 3 months ago
They forgot to mention Jack Kirby's 100th birthday...
Ronny Shama
'Ronny Shama' 3 months ago
january 20th the is the start of ragnorok
'SpencerLee97' 3 months ago
awesome thumbnail
Noor Ahmed
'Noor Ahmed' 3 months ago
2017 is gonna be epic!!! starting today! bring on LMDs!!!!!
the pokemon master
'the pokemon master' 3 months ago
wait I'm confused do Marvel Owen spiderman or what?
CrazyAlex 17
'CrazyAlex 17' 3 months ago
Spiderman homecoming
Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2
Thor ragnorak
Justice LEAUGE
War for the planet of the apes
Power rangers movie
King skull island
Despicable me 3
Iron fist
Punisher series
Strangers things season 2!!!!
Saw legacy
Cult of chucky
New Michael Myers movie
New Jason movie
World war z 2!!!!!!
'Fangzthewolf' 3 months ago
Wait, what about D23, which is a week before SDCC?
'DarkShiner' 3 months ago
I just wanted to know if we gonna have a defenders/avengers crossover in the mcu?
'ShadowLarvitar' 3 months ago
Who watches this garbage?
Adonis Fiend
'Adonis Fiend' 3 months ago
If Sigourney Weaver doesn't use a flamethrower at some point ill be disappointed
'DIEGO OLIVEIRA' 3 months ago
brasileiros ai??
Mason McGuire
'Mason McGuire' 3 months ago
I wish you guys made a cameo like Stan in every MCU movies!! :D #MarvelTHWIP
'LOL MAN' 3 months ago
2017 full of amazing spidey stuff
Karate Chicken
'Karate Chicken' 3 months ago
Lorraine is so hilarious. she's awesome.
Shellyman Vol.2
'Shellyman Vol.2' 3 months ago
2017 is going to be the year of Hydra! HAIL HYDRA!
Ditto Used Transform on Magikarp
what about Legion???
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
Yes 2017 is here! Finally...
Quick Brix
'Quick Brix' 3 months ago
I hope the new Spiderman game comes out soon...
ponyta master
'ponyta master' 3 months ago
i thought marvel vs capcom infinit came out in march
Kyle William Livingston
Agents of SHIELD TONIGHT :).
'Rafy614' 3 months ago
I'm so blown away with all these news, that I'm speechless!!! 2017, year of the MARVEL!!! 👊🏼😎
Crybaby Jimins twenty one bellion phantastic jams
I can't wait for homecoming and guardians of the galaxy 2, and ragnorak, and the infinity war mwah ha ha
The Marvel Maniac
'The Marvel Maniac' 3 months ago
I am really excited for the movie selection that you guys have put up!! Can't wait to see them on the big screen!!
Julian Rucker
'Julian Rucker' 3 months ago
Instict Thunderbird
'Instict Thunderbird' 3 months ago
the like is only for you cink
Devin Colson
'Devin Colson' 3 months ago
This gonna be an epic year for Marvel !
Fillipo q
'Fillipo q' 3 months ago
Dear Marvel,
You guys probably don't read the comments that often, so I'm hoping someone somewhere is reading this right now. I ask you to please give proper releases for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 and Agent Carter Season 1 for Blu-Ray in stores. I know that there is probably not a lot of demand for this, but I know that there are a lot of people who would want to own this, especially for people who live in Canada because as of right now, the only way to buy them is to get them internationally, and that costs extra money because of imports and stuff. So I ask you again, and I will not stop posting this until it happens. Please give proper releases for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 and Agent Carter Season 1 for Blu-Ray in stores. Thank you in advance. #MarvelThwip
Sabiha Ferdousi
'Sabiha Ferdousi' 3 months ago
'ocrumen' 3 months ago
hi :v
'Godlike' 3 months ago
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