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Honest Trailers - The Princess Bride -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Screen Junkies

By: Screen JunkiesPublished: 2 weeks ago

2, 225, 318 views

50, 342 Likes   642 Dislikes

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Prepare yourself for the classic action-romance-comedy-drama kids movie for adults. As you wish...The Princess Bride!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Fan Appreciation Month Honest Trailers, we hope you enjoy this month's extra special Honest Trailers!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey:
Title design by Robert Holtby
Series Created by Andy Signore - & Brett Weiner
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by TJ Nordaker & Bruce Guido

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Iris Red
'Iris Red' 48 minutes ago
Please do stranger things!
David Rogers
'David Rogers' 1 hour ago
Great movie. Amongst the best ever.
ronald beyers
'ronald beyers' 4 hours ago
Yo you guys should do "the room" at some point.
'only1icon' 6 hours ago
starring "hi, my name is..." literally crying with laughter

thank you 😂😂
Rene Russell
'Rene Russell' 8 hours ago
do Moana!!
'DioSundoro' 8 hours ago
Honest Trailer to Moana, please
'DioSundoro' 8 hours ago
please say, "Om Telolet Om"
Alejandra Lopez
'Alejandra Lopez' 9 hours ago
do My Best Friend's Wedding!
Zach Stevens
'Zach Stevens' 9 hours ago
say "Screen junkies owes me a new contract or else I'm taking my talents to south beach!"
Banana Head
'Banana Head' 10 hours ago
You guys should make a trailer for that 14 minute r rated power rangers short it was awesome
Samus Metroid
'Samus Metroid' 10 hours ago
Do the Simpsons
Mc. Swagamuffin
'Mc. Swagamuffin' 11 hours ago
say: yoloswagamuffin
'strwrsjosh' 12 hours ago
Say "wonder woman because wolverine is a little..... the b word"
Black Nerd JR
'Black Nerd JR' 12 hours ago
a princess bride honest trailer? INCONCEIVABLE!
'BLACJ S' 13 hours ago
Claire underwood in an alternate universe
'Cathie.L' 13 hours ago
Andre the Giant in this movies was so amazing.
Claire Yang T.Y.
'Claire Yang T.Y.' 13 hours ago
Do sing! And lala land!!!!! Please!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michael David
'Michael David' 13 hours ago
do spartucus from starz
Luke Sittenauer
'Luke Sittenauer' 13 hours ago
do arrow
markymark markmark
'markymark markmark' 14 hours ago
do Hardcore Henry!!!!
'theunwelcome' 14 hours ago
this only got 4th place? top three better be fucking EPIC
Sage B.
'Sage B.' 15 hours ago
say: you smell like the rear-end of a horse... I kinda dig it.
7 or 7
'7 or 7' 17 hours ago
My sister hates this movie and she's 12 while I'm 15 and still love it lol
'thisguy8' 17 hours ago
do Central Intelligence
mrchicken x11
'mrchicken x11' 20 hours ago
'bigemugamer' 20 hours ago
I have actually never seen this movie in all my years on this planet.... Please don't be to mean in the comments.
OneTwo Three
'OneTwo Three' 21 hours ago
Do the inauguration.
Eli Lehn
'Eli Lehn' 22 hours ago
holy grail?
Nicole Benjamin
'Nicole Benjamin' 22 hours ago
let's not forget the amazingness that was Billy Crystal.
Michael Cole
'Michael Cole' 24 hours ago
Mighty morphin power rangers the movie
Overwatch DTC
'Overwatch DTC' 1 day ago
Never seen that movie, but I know all the memes !
'jackie0o0hhh' 1 day ago
Do Donnie Darko
Lukasz Blek
'Lukasz Blek' 1 day ago
Why not He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?
Ian Dave Manguira
adventure time xD
DO CHAPPIE (2015)!!!!!
alex sahi
'alex sahi' 2 days ago
Honest trailer for THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Please!!
That Guy
'That Guy' 2 days ago
'Bloggerboy1000' 2 days ago
No Columbo jokes?
Isaac Tidwell
'Isaac Tidwell' 2 days ago
Andy Anderson
'Andy Anderson' 2 days ago
this was great
'Trashokahn' 2 days ago
please do a Stranger Things Honest Trailer ...please
Connor Brennan
'Connor Brennan' 2 days ago
For Kong: Skull Island, do an honest trailer for the Peter Jackson King Kong movie...or the 1976 King Kong movie with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. Take your pick.
Breadcrumb Puppy
'Breadcrumb Puppy' 2 days ago
Please do honest trailer of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!
Maddox 121
'Maddox 121' 2 days ago
Bee Movie!
'ComaAlpha' 2 days ago
so it's about made up-ception?
Cathryn Martin
'Cathryn Martin' 2 days ago
Since you did this, now I wish you guys would do some other 70s/80s classic fantasy films like Wizards, Willow, Legend, The Last Unicorn, and/or Ladyhawke. Especially so someone can comment on the Ladyhawke soundtrack.
'jplamont1' 2 days ago
it's inconceivable that this was #4 in the list.
Jordan Link
'Jordan Link' 2 days ago
Marvel's Daredevil plz!!
'Tayo' 2 days ago
omg i read this book it was hillarious. an sarcastic and witty. had no idea they made it into a movie forgot the name b4 i watched this
Damarla Bala vadan
Wow....the book (abridged) feels so much more awesome than this movie (atleast looked like it)
Nayeem Yusuf
'Nayeem Yusuf' 2 days ago
Do An honest trailer for JOHN WICK, just because Chapter2 is coming out
Arianna White
'Arianna White' 2 days ago
Thank you for finally doing The Princess Bride!
Xavier Hannan-Moon
Do daredevil season 1-2
Jamieson Shelton
'Jamieson Shelton' 2 days ago
adventure time. im crying 😂😂😂
Broden Plays
'Broden Plays' 2 days ago
hey random person scrolling in the comments hope you have an amazing day from a small youtuber who dream is to have 1k subs
Mexie Mex
'Mexie Mex' 2 days ago
An 'honest' trailer by somebody who clearly doesn't quite get the movie ;^<
HipLawyerCat 26 (Valak)
please can you do the new Cult of Chucky film or Alien Covenant? please
Colorless Man
'Colorless Man' 2 days ago
do taking chance
Kyle DeLeon
'Kyle DeLeon' 2 days ago
Do shrek!!!!
Meagan Patterson
'Meagan Patterson' 3 days ago
why can't I just get the Pokémon show
user antonella
'user antonella' 3 days ago
is that young Misses Underwood?? if not, they look very alike...
Silver Saiyan God
'Silver Saiyan God' 3 days ago
please do the Resident Evil movies before the new movie
Katy Harrelson
'Katy Harrelson' 3 days ago
Did y'all do Shrek yet??
Nikola Nikolic
'Nikola Nikolic' 3 days ago
Honest trailer Westworld
'julipmerler' 3 days ago
OMG! do shrek!!
Rotem Tamir
'Rotem Tamir' 3 days ago
i wish you would do a dostor who honest trailer
Francesca Spadafore
Say: "Have you ever think Pickle?"
Isaac Kopstein
'Isaac Kopstein' 3 days ago
Oh my god the Eminem reference. i fell out of my chair.
Monolith Preacher
'Monolith Preacher' 3 days ago
Should've called him "little Wonder" for the subtle Bowie reference.
'FlashakaViolet' 3 days ago
oha dros (ohadros)
Bob Loblaw
'Bob Loblaw' 3 days ago
Now you have to make an audio track for TPB that is just Peter Falk reading all the lines
'BoostaBoo' 3 days ago
"Anyone want a peanut?"
'KnightofDuroch' 3 days ago
"His fingers go to eleven."
I died
KRA Z monkey man
'KRA Z monkey man' 3 days ago
id love to see one for stand by me
michelle angela lumanta
is it really worth it ? haven't watched it yet...
Sazzo Debronair
'Sazzo Debronair' 3 days ago
do frankerhooker(1990)
Amber Yarrish
'Amber Yarrish' 3 days ago
This was a good one
'JPzCentral' 3 days ago
I am curious, what is the title, artist and album of that instrumental porn song played after "fetch me that pitcher"?
'Huckleberry87' 3 days ago
Has Screen Junkies done Totoro? If not they should.
'Huckleberry87' 3 days ago
They could probably make 2 more of these for Princess Bride and still not fit everything we love about it in.
Brannen Sundell
'Brannen Sundell' 3 days ago
Y'all gotta do a trailer for clue
Kate Bastings
'Kate Bastings' 3 days ago
Omg you guys should do a honest trailer Shrek!
'Moze9116899' 3 days ago
Love this Movie
Tom F Park
'Tom F Park' 3 days ago
Never saw this movie either.
'theblocksays' 3 days ago
When he said at the end about "why don't they make movies like this anymore" I was expecting James Franco in Your Highness to pop up and be like, "oh yeah".
Asher Flanagan
'Asher Flanagan' 4 days ago
To any Achievement Hunter fans, Gavin Free at one point said that this movie is "terrible." I have no idea which video he said it in, but I remember him saying it.
Asher Flanagan
'Asher Flanagan' 4 days ago
1:33 At that point in the film, he still believed that she had immediately forgotten him after getting word that his ship had been attacked by a pirate that left no survivors. He returned from his pirate apprenticeship to find out she was engaged to a prince, and those kinds of things don't happen overnight. The second part about her being abusive was only true for before she realized she loved him.
Josean Zhao
'Josean Zhao' 4 days ago
Y U NO DO "The Three Amigos" HONEST TRAILER?!
MQ _237
'MQ _237' 4 days ago
Please Please Please Please Please Please make one for Mulan!!!!
Anna Nestor
'Anna Nestor' 4 days ago
DO FLIPPING LA LA LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'janoDX' 4 days ago
'skylx08' 4 days ago
Haaaay!! forgot Billy Crystal
Kieran Loves You
'Kieran Loves You' 4 days ago
When it came to the starring part and "Inigo Montoya", I was kind expecting "Oberyn Martell" or is that too easy? I'll chalk it up to too easy.
Nancy M
'Nancy M' 4 days ago
"His fingers go to eleven" Genius!
Neo Virz
'Neo Virz' 4 days ago
i only know this movie as a walking meme
'Zzarcon1' 4 days ago
Now you're going to have everyone requesting Shrek.
'Frosteria' 4 days ago
when they said adventure time I couldn't stop laughing
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