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The Handmaid's Tale First-Look Teaser (Official) • The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu -
Published: 4 months ago By: Hulu

By: HuluPublished: 4 months ago

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I had another name, but it’s forbidden now. The Handmaid's Tale premieres April 26th, only on Hulu.

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Adapted from the classic novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale is the story of life in the dystopia of Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly the United States. Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birthrate, Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalism in its militarized ‘return to traditional values'. As one of the few remaining fertile women, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is a Handmaid in the Commander’s household, one of the caste of women forced into sexual servitude as a last desperate attempt to repopulate the world. In this terrifying society, Offred must navigate between Commanders, their cruel Wives, domestic Marthas, and her fellow Handmaids – where anyone could be a spy for Gilead – all with one goal: to survive and find the daughter that was taken from her.

Galileo Galilei
'Galileo Galilei' 3 hours ago
It's a good show.
Galileo Galilei
'Galileo Galilei' 3 hours ago
Considering this show was announced years before I think people are only placing emphasis because of who the president is.
Brian Garrigan
'Brian Garrigan' 3 hours ago
Looks really boring and hackneyed.
'fuck' 2 weeks ago
Now this is my kind of oppression.
Kevin Mann
'Kevin Mann' 3 weeks ago
This dystopia isn't even the slightest bit plausible.
Mark Lanzarotta
'Mark Lanzarotta' 1 month ago
Great chilling book. I'm seeing this!
Mark Lanzarotta
'Mark Lanzarotta' 1 month ago
Appomattox Refresher Course time! Trump means War!
Mark Lanzarotta
'Mark Lanzarotta' 1 month ago
Kill the Far Right Pigs! Death!
Mark Lanzarotta
'Mark Lanzarotta' 1 month ago
The Donald Trump fascist state, this is it. Death to the Pigs, death to phony not-conservatism!
Hyper Pixel
'Hyper Pixel' 1 month ago
1000 people did not learn from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
Yummi Gummi
'Yummi Gummi' 1 month ago
Sounds like a third-wave feminist's wet dream.
Michael Allred
'Michael Allred' 1 month ago
I didn't think I could want to see this even more, but I do.
Cozmic Mojo
'Cozmic Mojo' 1 month ago
I can't believe Hulu is peddling this misandrist and anti-Christian garbage. Will not be supporting Hulu in the future.
Landen Schmidt
'Landen Schmidt' 1 month ago
This looks like the first series book by marie lu Legend...
Graf Vladumir
'Graf Vladumir' 1 month ago
Seems like another bad movie based on another bad book where a female writer puts up a bullshit story. And ofc it gets hyped by a lot of women, because now they can feel oppresed and fight for feminism based on problems from a fictional world.
Cool Smiley
'Cool Smiley' 1 month ago
Nice, where's the "Dystopian" thriller of the Sharia Dictatorship?
'nishiki' 1 month ago
Seems interesting about its message on censorship,let's hope they don't fuck it up with PC messages and ruin the book.
'audreyhorne' 2 months ago
Where is Shelly Miscavige?
No Name
'No Name' 2 months ago
Written by a Canadian, shot in Canada. Available in the US only...guess they're leaving Canadians with only bad options to watch this.
'Scarlet123' 2 months ago
can't fucking wait
S Wang
'S Wang' 2 months ago
There is a podcast available of this story
Felice Piero Iovino
'Felice Piero Iovino' 2 months ago
Rory Gilmore
'kaareaksel' 2 months ago
Mike Pence approves of this trailer
Bec Smith
'Bec Smith' 3 months ago
Just read the book! I hope this show will do it justice.
Steven Lovejoy
'Steven Lovejoy' 3 months ago
If Mike Pence ever becomes president, whether because Trump was impeached or a coup took place, this is what would happen to America.
'akiljanas' 3 months ago
omg, margaret atwood <3 there could not be a more perfect time to put this out
'andrewia' 3 months ago
I just finished the book and lol @ half the comments. The point of this novel and show isn't to make Christianity look bad, it's to depict a dystopia whose government decided to use religion as their excuse to control everything. And trending status on YouTube isn't decided by just views, it's views per time, so if a lot of views rush in, a video will jump up trending while still having relatively low views.
'ShoeShark' 3 months ago
Just replace the extreme fundamentalist Christian ideology with modern Sharia law and this would be even more relevant (and accurate.)
'pnp6408' 3 months ago
This is happening now. It will be the Islamic and not the Christians. They already oppress and abuse women horribly. Take a look at the "No go zones" in America. Perhaps the population will be controlled through forced abortions in the future. Just saying. Not impossible and the stage is already set just different characters.
John Lohr
'John Lohr' 3 months ago
what is the song
Karely Villarreal
'Karely Villarreal' 3 months ago
omg I'm so ready!! yes!! I loved the novel yes!!
'WhitMcMo' 3 months ago
perfect timing! RESIST
Ethereal Cajun
'Ethereal Cajun' 3 months ago
What is that song in the back
Jenna Denjern
'Jenna Denjern' 3 months ago
Damn why so many dislikes?
jenny misteqq
'jenny misteqq' 3 months ago
Everybody is talking about the timing of this and President Trump. But everyone is missing the similarities between The Handmaid's Tale and Middle Eastern Muslim communities. I thought this pre-911. Think about how women are treated by men there. It's pretty much the same, but with more violence.
Kåre Jensen
'Kåre Jensen' 3 months ago
Donald Trump calls this "the feel good" tv event of the year
Alex Parkinson
'Alex Parkinson' 3 months ago
wtf why so many dislikes...
'Devektra' 3 months ago
why all the dislikes?
'NightAngelx13' 3 months ago
Just finished the book for my Language Arts class, hoping the show is as good as the book by Margaret Atwood.
Feel The Music
'Feel The Music' 3 months ago
very good trailer
'Ellis' 3 months ago
this looks really good but i don't know if I can stand to watch it. A bit too real and maybe upsetting for me I think
'erm_ll' 3 months ago
Can't wait!!
Dudley Balrog
'Dudley Balrog' 3 months ago
Be careful, as spoilers for this series start January 20th on the evening news, and in reality all around you.
Reece Bredenkamp
'Reece Bredenkamp' 3 months ago
Joseph Simpson
'Joseph Simpson' 3 months ago
I really like this Aunt Lydia. I just look at that one second and see Aunt Lydia. It's weird because, when I read the book (as I'm doing now for my English Lit and Lang A-Level), I picture one of the nuns from Call The Midwife with a wily grin, particularly with "Love is not the point." Here, I just see Lydia, way more than I do in my own mental image, and that's really filled me with hope for this series.

My class was also a bit split over whether making Moira black is a mistake or not. I'd argue not, because although Gilead exiled the "Children of Ham" in the book, I only remember that being mentioned once. It's just not significant at all. Yeah, it's something big for the characters and the world, but not for us. It's mentioned once, and has absolutely no impact on the book. In fact, if Gilead is so desperate to use every fertile woman to make the population rise back up, wouldn't they just use every women in good health that they could find? This isn't changing something significant and/or consistent for the sake of diversity, like making Batman a black guy or something, this is changing something for the sake of diversity that has every right to be changed because it just doesn't matter.

Yeah, the resettlement shows that Gilead's racist, but (and I know this last part will piss off a lot of people) so what? There's far more interesting stuff know about Gilead's regime. If you want to know about racist societies, read a British history textbook for our and America's history (I say British because I've heard that American children aren't taught the full extent of how cruel America was to black people).
Tommy Tho
'Tommy Tho' 3 months ago
'wolflover1213' 3 months ago
I won't lie, this trailer made me look for the book by Margaret Atwood, and I absolutely loved it! though now I'm nervous to watch this in April, since I'll know what's what.
'Bex' 3 months ago
I feel like I might have enjoyed this book if I wasn't forced to study it at school 😬
Herod Nut
'Herod Nut' 3 months ago
Come on guys, live free, enjoy your life, drink the Kool-Aid. It will make you a happy.
'YVNG CHI3T' 3 months ago
this is gay u faggots
'RAY RAY' 3 months ago
the theme of both book and film were fine...but the execution was fuckin awful. theres soo many flaws and inaccurate representations of what a "post apocalyptic" world should be. I did enjoy reading disect the errors XD
'kazoosc' 3 months ago
didn't I see this movie a couple decades ago?
Liz O
'Liz O' 3 months ago
Melvin Serrano Arevalo
Nawreen Juthi
'Nawreen Juthi' 3 months ago
poussey lives
Alyssa M
'Alyssa M' 3 months ago
This show is based on the book by Margaret Atwood. WHY DIDN'T THEY INCLUDE THAT IN THE TRAILER? also, only Hulu?? really?
'hidingfromsomeone' 3 months ago
Atwood's own words on 'The Handmaid's Tale': "I would not include anything [in the story] that human beings had not already done in some other place or time, or for which the technology did not already exist."
I think that's partly why this story has always struck me as so horrifying. Many of these things happened to real women.
'Pantherbob100' 3 months ago
this again?
'kschmadeka' 3 months ago
Handmaids?  What the hell are we paying the welfare class for?
Tomorrow We Live
'Tomorrow We Live' 3 months ago
So apparently the Amish are evil know? I mean, I thought those ISIS guys who crucified people and burned them alive were bad, but I guess it's those goddamn Christians we need to watch out for..
Jose Calderon
'Jose Calderon' 4 months ago
0:00 "A girl has no name."
'Nokomisclub' 4 months ago
Does HULU have the GUTS to adapt this to the REAL threat:  Radical Islam.  Of course not.  They are in thrall to PC madness and afraid of getting killed by Islamists.
'Daisy' 4 months ago
Loved the book and by the look of this trailer, the series may be pretty darn good too.
Mari Ko
'Mari Ko' 4 months ago
They better let Samira Wiley survive this series, I swear
'captainKaP' 4 months ago
looks kinda trash not gonna lie
Travis Rabble
'Travis Rabble' 4 months ago
The Handjobs Tale.
'TheJileyProduction' 4 months ago
Reading this book in English Lit right now so this is perfect timing!
Nel Nel
'Nel Nel' 4 months ago
Looks interesting but teaser tells me nothing about what this is about?
Fleur Janssens
'Fleur Janssens' 4 months ago
Omfg explanation i like mightil| expansion . . .
Davis Dang
'Davis Dang' 4 months ago
The Governor
'The Governor' 4 months ago
Commisar Irad
'Commisar Irad' 4 months ago
I read this in college am looking forward to it.
'Toad' 4 months ago
Ape Town
'Ape Town' 4 months ago
Weird, Ps Checkout My Channel 'Click On My Display Picture'
Jon Teriini
'Jon Teriini' 4 months ago
A Woman's Tale in Trump's America.
Looking forward to the fictional series at least.
'Gangerworld' 4 months ago
Otherwise known as the Republican ideal America.
'zenlyfly1915' 4 months ago
Booooooooooooo IBenglish says booooooooooooo
Jameson The Revanchist
Yes, because women in the West are so oppressed...

Not one of you would last a week in the war-torn Middle East. As youth gather around heavy metal to find outlet for anti-Islamic rage against the worship of a corpse of a theocratic pedophile warlord, you are masturbating with the wearing pleasure center recessed into your skulls under room temperature funded by every unearned privilege and pleasure granted.

As Western men kill themselves trying to find roles as men and not hamstrung thoughtslaves, remember that. When the Muslims violently invading Europe finally cross that last line, who will you go begging to save you?
Jameson The Revanchist
Yes, because women in the West are so oppressed...

Not one of you would last a week in the war-torn Middle East. As youth gather around heavy metal to find outlet for anti-Islamic rage against the worship of a corpse of a theocratic pedophile warlord, you are masturbating with the wearing pleasure center recessed into your skulls under room temperature funded by every unearned privilege and pleasure granted.

As Western men kill themselves trying to find roles as men and not hamstrung thoughtslaves, remember that. When the Muslims violently invading Europe finally cross that last line, who will you go begging to save you?
Laura Klinglesmith
'Laura Klinglesmith' 4 months ago
My favorite book of all time. Hope this is better than the movie they made many years ago.
'frank613' 4 months ago
I remember reading the book in high school. It was an amazing read. Can't wait to see this
Igor Davis
'Igor Davis' 4 months ago
I don't see where this is going to be better than the original movie. That was pretty chilling as is.
'tpamel' 4 months ago
Oh. Fuck. No.
The image in my head of Offred having sex with Fred while she's laying on his wife's lap while jewelry rips into Offred's skin is just shuttering. A disturbing ritual. Among other things I cannot stomach.
Meal ruined
James Barry
'James Barry' 4 months ago
Can we get 1000 subs by march???
Marie Therese
'Marie Therese' 4 months ago
I read this book!!!!
-_- -_-
'-_- -_-' 4 months ago
Fix the issues with Hulu first and then advertise the shit! 😡 It has been a few weeks and Hulu doesn't work.
'AidanofVT' 4 months ago
*eagerly anticipates
Cat Wurdack
'Cat Wurdack' 4 months ago
Based on dystopian feminist novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood
'Ciel' 4 months ago
I read this book like 4 years ago in Gender in Literature elective xD
Mariam Assaf
'Mariam Assaf' 4 months ago
Please someone explain why the hate? The novel was amazingly written and I'm excited to see the series adaptation, if your pissed because they paid YouTube to be on the trending page, then you gotta get over it ever since last year people have been complaining about YouTube not being the same as in 2007 and forget that it's still a fucking company and companies do business, after all they don't give a shit if we're happy while they make money lol complaining in the comments won't help besides I'm happy this video is on trending it's a reminder of a series im waiting for PLUS Samira Wiley as Moira... that's a bonus.
White Rabbit
'White Rabbit' 4 months ago
"when amish take over the world..."
delving deeper74
'delving deeper74' 4 months ago
More feminist propaganda by one of the all time biggest feminist cunts Margret Atwood. " When men walk into a room with other men they worry about being embarrassed, when women walk into a room with other men, they worry about being killed." This is an actual quote by Margret Atwood. New flash, the West isn't Islam or this might actually make sense. Feminism is cancer.
The little red haired girl from across the street
Looks good, would probably be better as a Netflix series.
Donald J Trump
'Donald J Trump' 4 months ago
If I get another term...
'LoveOverlord' 4 months ago
Don't fuck up this book, Hulu.
usoanews now
'usoanews now' 4 months ago
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