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Thank You Notes: Santa Claus, 2017 New Year's Glasses -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

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Jimmy pens thank you notes to menorahs, ugly Christmas sweaters and other things.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.

Thank You Notes: Santa Claus, 2017 New Year's Glasses

Deasia Jefferies
'Deasia Jefferies' 1 month ago
CBC add DC seen gf In the username kg Jung in unhung NGB
'SunShine3299' 2 months ago
"For not complaining that your birthday falls on Christmas??" What do you think CHRISTmas even means? Do people even know what we celebrate on Christmas?
Igor Aguiar Pavao
'Igor Aguiar Pavao' 3 months ago
eu nao entendo nd oq eles falam mas parece q e engracado
Nudel Suppe
'Nudel Suppe' 3 months ago
Man he sucks, what happened to him over the past years...
Pepe Kaiser
'Pepe Kaiser' 3 months ago
Retire occasion baby fan development possess general stupid
Galo Sego
'Galo Sego' 3 months ago
Can you put subtitle in your videos?
Because I am a brazilian and I don't understand some words without subtitle
Josh Fong
'Josh Fong' 3 months ago
Are they done for awhile? They haven't posted in a week
jordan kendall
'jordan kendall' 3 months ago
thank you jesus, for coming here so we can celebrate christmas
Skanda Narayan
'Skanda Narayan' 3 months ago
not only Americans , us indians too😂
Alfred Barrera
'Alfred Barrera' 3 months ago
limited thank computer gogkc hill proposal financial instead tie.
Lila Schmitt
'Lila Schmitt' 3 months ago
Glance idea another welcome regional ready oil.
sonia P
'sonia P' 3 months ago
Gosh I hate Fallon
'MOHAMED ALI Khlifi' 3 months ago
The Jesus joke is the best!
Xander Diesel
'Xander Diesel' 3 months ago
Black lives matter n ur mom's shithole matter Jimmy
Xander Diesel
'Xander Diesel' 3 months ago
Jimmy's showzz r getting shittier every year..Every show is gettin shitty Datz cuz ur an asshole Jew ur a Jew hole producerzz
'Teknibaal' 3 months ago
Anyone knows what song plays at the end of every of these videos ?
'TheWarrior1256' 3 months ago
Can anyone please tell me the Roots outro song at the end?
Gloriousclothes Clothes
12.26 new arrivals; free presents and exposed sexy
Fredrik Jensen
'Fredrik Jensen' 3 months ago
Pretty roof due xqbngs equally connection doubt.
Hiba Sobh
'Hiba Sobh' 3 months ago
I love that girl in the crowd who keeps randomly going "yeah!!!" in this video, :D she is an awesome, enthusiastic and happy spirit! 😊
Brent Bartelt
'Brent Bartelt' 3 months ago
I like the background music they play. So relaxing
Tirth Patel
'Tirth Patel' 3 months ago
Apple could use the tagline of 2017 glasses!
'kXngToker' 3 months ago
Why didn't they tease James this week?
oreo nightshade.v
'oreo nightshade.v' 3 months ago
ive been wondering this for more 13 years but how does santa get into your house without a chimeny or what if you live in an apartment XD what do the parents tell their children?
Desperado 666
'Desperado 666' 3 months ago
That was really useful 👍
Queen of Hearts Baby
'Queen of Hearts Baby' 3 months ago
PEACE on Earth. 2017 ✝✝✝
Timothy McSwain
'Timothy McSwain' 3 months ago
Jesus almost certainly wasn't born on December 25th, Jimmy.
'SSJ4 GOGETA' 3 months ago
I remember when New Years glasses made sense. Like the last one I had that made sense was 2010
iahn tajonera
'iahn tajonera' 3 months ago
Higgins is not funny at all why is he even there
sy play tochips
'sy play tochips' 3 months ago
he literally gives the same excuse for writing thank you notes every time
Spencer List
'Spencer List' 3 months ago
Om telolet om
Hannah Beachboard
'Hannah Beachboard' 3 months ago
What is the outro song???
'Shankor' 3 months ago
Last one was preatty shitty!
Sandeep Donepudi
'Sandeep Donepudi' 3 months ago
"Ugly Christmas swaters.." LOL Jimmy, like the ones you give out for 12 days of Christmas?
Yati Sanghvi
'Yati Sanghvi' 3 months ago
1:12 - Did anyone else think of Victor Nikiforov? Any Yuri!!! on Ice fans here?
'Lauracp00' 3 months ago
merry christmas people 🎄
'Drakonator' 3 months ago
1:37 internally Higgins is like "shit i got jimmy wine..."
Becky Ryan
'Becky Ryan' 3 months ago
Endris Clemems
'Endris Clemems' 3 months ago
Anshal Majmudar
'Anshal Majmudar' 3 months ago
Did anyone notice his HP laptop instead of his MacBook?
Drone -AZ.
'Drone -AZ.' 3 months ago
I always look forward to them thank you notes.....
'Wade' 3 months ago
Thank you,
For all you americans for electing Trump
Many funny stuff to laugh about in 2017
Shrimpy Plays
'Shrimpy Plays' 3 months ago
whoa Jimmy, what happened to your hair!
Ivanhoe Sanchez
'Ivanhoe Sanchez' 3 months ago
'vcarter0723' 3 months ago
Those are the 2017 New Years glasses!?!?! That says 2007 with a piece sticking out of the second 0.....
Vincent Le
'Vincent Le' 3 months ago
are these actually "weekly"
Chibi Wolfie
'Chibi Wolfie' 3 months ago
I wonder is he actually writes the notes or he just scribbles
Nguyen Minh Hoang
'Nguyen Minh Hoang' 3 months ago
if you see my comment, have a great Christmas and happy new year !!
LeLe Skoob
'LeLe Skoob' 3 months ago
for the glasses I was expecting him to say, thank you; 2017 new Years glasses... for making us feel like its 2007 again 😂
Ky Rich2003
'Ky Rich2003' 3 months ago
1:38 Higgins is giving the face like "YOU got me wine!!!"
Damian Anderson
'Damian Anderson' 3 months ago
Santa is the most wanted criminal cause he has over a trillion cases of breaking and entering
Charlie McMillan
'Charlie McMillan' 3 months ago
Those glasses. You could have made the hole between the 1 and the 7 because you can already basically look out of it just fine, but sure, make the 1 look like a 0. Happy 2007 I guess!
'RecklessVector' 3 months ago
0:48 Don't forget your porn!
'R1' 3 months ago
Looked like Tina Fey in the ugly Christmas sweaters picture.
'Swagmonster' 3 months ago
the fact you can tell that jimmy isn't writing 😂😂

but have a good christmas everybody ;)
'Jilisa' 3 months ago
Thank You: Jimmy Fallon for always making my day with tweets, # and thank you notes.

P.S Shout out to the Roots :-)
'miggidymark' 3 months ago
Santa has the same letters as Satan, ha....Also god and Dog.
'Michelle' 3 months ago
om telolet om
'shafta99' 3 months ago
would like to hear an extended slow jam of the music at the end, that is my christmas wish.
Brianna Gordy
'Brianna Gordy' 3 months ago
Don't be fooled! Santa is Satan, and was created by dyslexic satanists! (Yes, that's something I've actually been told this year)
Daveo S
'Daveo S' 3 months ago
boooo to the ones that not liked this. thank you Jimmy
Esther E
'Esther E' 3 months ago
Whenever he put the pen down to right and the music came on I couldn't stop laughing.
Nintendo freak
'Nintendo freak' 3 months ago
Happy Holidays everyone ! It does´n´t even matter , what culture you have or which color your skin has !
Just have a nice day and keep friendly and peacefull !
'Jack1234567890' 3 months ago
1:17, talks about Jesus, shows a picture of some white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Buckysstevie B
'Buckysstevie B' 3 months ago
Merry Christmas! from Aus x
'MaximMate' 3 months ago
Hairs lookin a little rough today jimmy
'SwaggerChiick1' 3 months ago
1:38....seems like Higgins once gave Jimmy wine for Christmas now he's Jimmy?
Nitai Anand
'Nitai Anand' 3 months ago
Does anyone notice he doesn't actually write anything on those cards
Peter Donato
'Peter Donato' 3 months ago
teacher betty
'teacher betty' 3 months ago
♥♥Merry Christmas Jimmy ♥♥
New Message
'New Message' 3 months ago
Thank you, Rudolph, for being the one reindeer with the integrity not to be a brown nose.
Just Me
'Just Me' 3 months ago
Every time the James' scene makes me die laughing, i don't now why...
Abigail Kontorovsky
'Abigail Kontorovsky' 3 months ago
jaja funny thing, most people don't know Jesus wasn't even born in Christmas.
Floppy Bird
'Floppy Bird' 3 months ago
1:12 - FUN FACT:
'brandonMC' 3 months ago
please like this commet lets get 1k likes
Link Ryan
'Link Ryan' 3 months ago
99% percent won't see this😪 but the 1% that do have a merry Christmas
'Theophilus' 3 months ago
One of few late-show hosts willing to do a show in the holiday - Respect. CBS didn't do much :/
Sōsukè Aizen
'Sōsukè Aizen' 3 months ago
Thank you Jimmy ...
Angela Gallo
'Angela Gallo' 3 months ago
love Jimmy fallon
'Keeyran' 3 months ago
om telolet om
James's suit was very nice !! Great style !! Please, ladies and gentlemen, I did a cover of AVE MARIA , vocal and piano, can you watch it please ? thanks a lot. I wish everyone wonderful and magic moments during these holidays. Happiness, Joy, Smile and everything, make all your dreams come true !! Julen
Viet Phan
'Viet Phan' 3 months ago
Thank you Santa, for annoying the crap out of people with OCD by having 9 and not 10 reindeer.
'Butterfly' 3 months ago
These thank you notes are hilarious! 😂
'DETEK_GNSK559 GeNiuS' 3 months ago
my boy Jimmy baseball
Johnny Goodman
'Johnny Goodman' 3 months ago
James looks like he's running for prez.
Gomace, The Dirt 5 Rengar
This is the last christmas this year D:
SkankHunt 42
'SkankHunt 42' 3 months ago
I dont think Bill Cosby is happy about that sweater joke
Crazy Devo
'Crazy Devo' 3 months ago
wHY DOES NOBODY ACTUALLY SAY nO i DO NOT mIND instead OF screaming!!!
'mayathon' 3 months ago
'KristianKeenan' 3 months ago
'KilimitiFrriuuu' 3 months ago
0:25 like the rest of the world*
Sabah Dz
'Sabah Dz' 3 months ago
with the first time
oscar dart
'oscar dart' 3 months ago
When you're so early that you have nobody to talk to
SkankHunt 42
'SkankHunt 42' 3 months ago
Enjoy your last Chrismas
'oxiev' 3 months ago
TheWrightGaming 19
'TheWrightGaming 19' 3 months ago
Diego Azocar
'Diego Azocar' 3 months ago
1 comment ! Whooo
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